Swaragini 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Adarsh looking at the divorce papers. Sanskar and Swara come to him. Adarsh says I thought to give divorce to her and end everything, but now….he says where is she gone? Sanskar says she will be found soon….Swara thinks to find out if Parineeta went missing or is acting. Dadi gets nurse call blackmailing her and asking about her wound. Dadi says I remember you and ends the call. Swara gives aarti to Annapurna. Annapurna asks Swara to give aarti to Durga Prasad. Swara tells that they shall search for Parineeta. Ragini says no need. Swara says you wanted her to be back at home. Ragini says yes, but I have realized my mistake. She says even Adarsh don’t want her back in his life. Annapurna says Ragini is right. Sujata says we don’t want her, and you both are enough. Swara

says mom. Sujata asks Ragini what she made in breakfast. Swara thinks to find out if Ragini is hiding something from her. She gets Sulekha’s call asking her to come out of house.

Ragini hears them and thinks why did she call her. Swara comes out and meets Sulekha. Sulekha shows her Parineeta’s purse and says Police got it under the bridge. Swara is shocked. Sulekha says this purse can’t go by itself and says she is sure that something happened with her. Ragini hears them and rushes inside. Sulekha asks Swara to help her. Annapurna, Sujata and Ragini come out. Annapurna asks Swara, why you are going against our wish. She says we are also worried about Parineeta, but….Sulekha says she is your bahu…Sujata says she was our bahu and says she must have hidden somewhere and tells about Rajat’s incident. Annapurna asks Sulekha to go from there. Swara tells Annapurna that Police found her purse. Ragini says they are elders and know what is right and wrong. Annapurna asks Sulekha to leave from there.

Sujata says it was good that Ragini have seen you with Sulekha and informed us. Ragini tells Swara that it is our duty to accept elders’ sayings. Swara says you saw me with Sulekha and informed Annapurna and Sujata. Ragini says sometimes it is not same as it appears. Swara says you also went to that place where Parineeta’s purse was found. Ragini turns and asks what do you mean? Swara says nothing. Ragini goes to her room and sees envelope. She sees torn pics of hers with Parineeta on the bridge…and gets shocked. She says no…..Swara is coming there. All the pics pieces fall on the floor. Ragini sits down and picks all.

Swara comes and says Ragini….Ragini keeps it in the dustbin and says it is good that you came. Swara holds her hand and asks why did you do this? Why did you inform Annapurna and Sujata? Ragini says they saw you with her, and I was with them. Swara says mom said something else. Ragini says if you are doubting about me. Swara says no, and says we shall search her. Ragini says it is enough and says I feel even Sanskar is tired of your spy mind. Swara looks on. Ragini says I was joking and says I will bring clothes for laundry. Swara goes. Ragini thinks I have handle somehow. Swara thinks something is wrong for sure. Dadi thinks Sumi told that Swara saw me in the temple, and thinks what to do? She calls Swara. Swara picks the call and asks how are you? Dadi says yes. She says Sumi told that you was asking about me, and says I went to temple, but didn’t go to that temple and takes its name. Swara gets up shockingly and asks how did you know?

Ragini finds blackmailer going out from Maheshwari house. Just then she sees Laksh wearing same hooded tshirt, and gets shocked. Swara tells Dadi that she will be exposed soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Farru shaikh

    I guess lucky id getting negative again.
    Maybe he is the blacjmailer bcoz who can enter mahashwri house and that too direct in ragini’s room poor ragu feelig sad for her.
    But why will laksh spy ragu he was with her when everyone was against her want raglak together

  2. jay

    how dare that nagini can spoke to swara like that..dumbo coward nagini..stupid..hate her..wht where she saying..i m just joking..i want to give a tight slap on dat fatty cheeks..bldy naginiii..

    • sanji

      hey jay u talk about my heart……sometimes i also think to give tight slap to that ragini the blo*dy liar…….
      plz guys I’m talking about ragini not tejaswe…………im fed up with her over acting

    • Joy

      Ragini is doing this for her little brother who is kidnapped( I saw that in a video). Both Ragini and swara are right on their part. So stop Bashing!!!

  3. pari

    love swara.she is looking soo cute and beautifull.sometime i feel like swara is younger to ragini.but swara is the only sensible person in SR..

    • Iamsofianeak

      |Registered Member

      In fact , helly is younger than ragini 🙂
      Helly must focus on jhalak rather than swaragini , she was in the bootom 3 twice bc she didn’t take much time for rehearsals 🙂

  4. Iamsofianeak

    |Registered Member

    Ragini is pretending to be a villain because the kidnappers have kidnapped his brother. She wants to tell everything to swara but fears if something wrong happens with his bro. I feel so bad for her 💔

    • sharnellee

      So the blackmailer told rags to fight pari for the video and accidently push her into the water and leave her to die…
      The blackmailer also told rags to hide fone and go back for ur mangulsutra ….
      if the kidnapper kidnapped the baby why is rags so aof losing everything if the family sees the video.rags didnt kidnapped the child or pay someone to kidnap the child so why she so scared of the video if it is about the child

  5. Amrutha

    |Registered Member

    Really haters got a chance to blame ragini again.but definitely there will be something big In that video,related to ragini ‘s past deeds I guess.one thing is really makes to stick with this serial that swara ‘s love towards ragini,even I am die hatred fan of ragini. Blackmailer demanding ragini to slap swara in front of family to make ragini negative in their eyes,you all people also knows that.really doing always is some what easy than doing all kinds of characters.love u teju .u rocks.love swaragini.

    • Pavani

      |Registered Member

      I agree with u badhers need a chance to bash her nd ofcourse no one cares we love teju nd no need to ans for those who didn’t value her acting its ok let them tell wt they want .I too love rag

      • Amrutha

        |Registered Member

        Hai pavani thanku so much dear for ur sweet comment.and one thing can I ask u that u are also prabhas and anushka fan ?I love their pair anyway i am very happy when I read your comment and that pic.gd ngt.

    • TARA

      Are you ragini’s guard its our wish whatever we comment u have no right to stop us until coz e didn’t say anything about you !!!!SO MIND UR OWN BUSINESS

      • XXXXXXX

        Freedom of Expression article 19 of Indian Constitution right! You’d been talking about this.. This implies on everyone if you guyz can bark than we also have a right to defend.

    • Pavani

      |Registered Member

      Yep iam a big fan of prabhas nd I like that moviee a lot nd ofcourse they look good as pair r u also prabha fan

  6. Muskaan

    despite this nonsense track I m happy coz after so many days we got to see the bonding of swaragini…like ragini slapped swara and in that guilt she slappef herself 20 times and now swara will find the truth and help her sister out..true swaragini bonding…atlast the title is justified..good luck HelTej

  7. unknown

    5th august it is day when first time sansker lift swara in his arm and swara sansker become swasan. missing old days vary much one more thing where are all swaragini fan swasan fan who used to chit chating here miss u guys

    • juhi

      Swasan ke fans isiliye comment nhi kar rahi hoge kyoki ab swasan ke scenes nhi dikha rahe hai ye log
      I am also mising old moments of swasan their cuteness love scenes cute fights and etc i am big fan of swasan their chemistry is awesome

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      i came to know bout swaragini 3 month ago, but you know what, 5th august 2015 of swaragini episode was the first episode i choose to watch,
      just want to know bout swasan’s love journey….

  8. Astra

    |Registered Member

    This is just my guessing….

    It Ragini who has hidden baby brother. She does so to protect him from dadi and others. So, parinitha gets the video where Ragini is hiding the baby in some place, so Ragini tries to take video and all that happens….
    She doesn’t want to revel that baby is alive bcz, dadi and society taunts again, and try to kill that baby….. So, this was recorded by some blackmailer and he was blackmailing her, we don’t know who’s that….

    I think it will be like this…don’t know whether it is correct or not….

    • Joy

      In one of the videos it is shown that her brother is kidnapped by someone else. That person is blackmailing Ragini saying that he/she will kill the baby if maybe she tells this to anyone(a guess)

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys iam the new one here but iam huge fan of ragini and raglak pair and very gud aftn to al ragini and raglak fans

  10. arushi

    well tz tym swaragini and shakti will have a merger episode n ragini will be seen supporting soumya.good tat tz tym is ragini otherwise always swara wud get this chance…seems cvs have decided to do justice to the title.good. nyways luv u teju.u rocks.

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        no Tara….i don’t have any objection toward ragini, she is suffer enaf for the blackmailing case..
        i just want to know the ragini’s fanfreak biased reaction…
        they always barking toward swara being mahaan…
        and now ragini doing the same, did they say ragini as maahan ? hahhaha
        NO ,they begging other not to bashed ragini, or become hypocrite people by licking cvs s a*s
        karma is a bit*h
        (note :it’s for ragini’s fanfreaks, not for ragini’s true fan)

  11. Fairy

    Omg wts going on here….i m nt gettng it…..r dey makng rags negatve again???plz cvs plzzzz dnt do dis….n if rags is hidng somethng for good den reveal it sooonnnnn…

    N bashers plz stop bashng ma ragini/teju..

    Love u tejas 🙂 🙂 :)keep rockng ma priencesss..love u a lotzzzzz 😉

    • TARA

      You only c ragini huh? Can’t u c swara is also being bashed ? really now m fed up you r not a real fairy so stop overacting and ur .Every day u comment the same thing

      • Fairy

        Dear tara frst of all m a huge fan of ragini/tejas…n so i always supports her..

        Bt as u said about swara,den i must tell u dat in one of my preveious comments u cn see dat i hve even scolded dose people who bashed swara..

        Dear m always against bashng ny celeb.n i always protest towards it..
        N i also know dat m nt a real fairy,so u dnt need to tell me dat..n if u dnt lyk ma comments den plz jst ignore dem bcoz i”ll nver stop commentng n supportng ma tejas 😉

    • Ujika

      Fairy dear none is asking u to stop praising ur fav …..SWARAGINI r just too amazing although I like my princess helly more than teja that doesn’t means teja not beautiful both r nice at their own place but I can understand the point of Tara and Sarina too……sometimes it becomes little irritating but that doesn’t means they r stopping u to support teja sometimes I also become frustrated and its not that we don’t want u to praise her ….otherwise no offence u always rock
      Be cool yaar !

      • Fairy

        Dear ujika dnt wry m alwayz cool n very calm person 🙂 ..n u really made me understand ur point…bt dear y dnt u get my views…i jst represent my feelng n love towards tejaswi dats it..n if u dnt lyk my comment den simply ignore it na…i nver objected on nyone’s comment den y u all r objectng in mine.??moreover u also keep rockng dear n take care :);)

      • Fairy

        I think u n ujika r same….i m nt understng nythng..so its better to leave ds matter here nly… take care 🙂

    • S priya

      Welcome back fairy dr…nd those u bashed her ask tat ques to urself …u seen oly swara got bashed…fairy never bashed swara infact she defended sometimes..so stay out of her comment…wt if she praises teju if u want u praise helly y poking into her comment…she s really a fairy k…

      • Sarina

        Hey fairy u didn’t understood anything of course me and ujika r same and as I said I was joking with name of ujika so pls don’t expect something (which I wrote in ujika’s comment)like that that was just a joke …..bad sense of humour u got!

      • Fairy

        O dear thnku so much for d support…bt some people r jst interested in pokng into others comment only,dont know wt to do wid dem 😉 :p …hope dat god give dem some brain to understand thngs clearly.. 😉 😀

      • Fairy

        Thnku so much for d support s priya dear.. 🙂

        N #sarina…yes u r r8 ..i dnt have sense lyk u..nor cn i ever have dat..u r jst impossible..n plz stop all dese nonsense n start dng somethng creative…n plz dnt waste urs as well as mine time on replyng back..m really very tired after all ds..m jst nt lykng it.
        At last i jst wanna say dat today is frndshp day…so plz lets stop ds ..hope u understand.#HAPPY FRNDSHP DAY EVERYONE 🙂 :)..

  12. ayishanej

    Bashers go hell whatever u say we love our ragini and teja always.some body using really bad words against her but atlast saying like a saint we only bashing rags not teja.really i hate that kind of people.

  13. Nira

    All of u who are asking swara or swasan fans to stop bashing ragini or raglak then we will stop bashing don’t worry but only when ragini raglak fans will stop bashing our swara or swasan

  14. noni

    LOVE OUR PRINCESS HELLY FROM THE CORE OF OUR HEART she is the queen of the …..at this young age also she is managing her work perfectly ! EAST OR WEST HELLY IS THE BEST

      • divya

        Tejaswi prakash is the most beautiful girl on the world Angel on the earth.and she knows both acting singing and dancing.love u ragini love u ragini love u ragini.ragini is the best.EAST OR WEST MY RAGINI ALWAYS REMAIN BEST.MANASILAYODI VIVARAMKETA BUDHIYILATA MANDABUDHI AMMAYEEE

  15. ashi

    for ua kindest info,none of tm bashed swara/swasan here.its swasan fans who bashed ragini.stop giving too much importance to uaself n learn how to behave in public.sm hw u ppl want to bash ragini n ragini fans tats it…comeon guys dont be so rude…

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      i wasn’t bashing ragini for sure, i was bashing Ragini’s fanfreak, YAY !
      the people who bashed swara mahaan, but when the same case hit their ragini,
      they begged swara’s fans not to bashing ragini…hypocrite people ever…
      still karma is a b*itch ! eat that!

      • divya

        If ragini fans who bashing swara are ragini’s fanfreak then ragini bashers are also not a true swara fan they are also swara’s fanfreak.ragini basher or swara basher ioing

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        ragini’s fanfreaks will support whatever ragini did, killed her sister, kidnaping, and any other crime, support her and blamed swara for everything,
        bashed swara being maahan for being kind.
        now, ragini do the same as swara,
        but ragini’s true fans, they won’t support ragini’s crime,.
        so, which one are you divya ? weeewwww.

  16. Mishthi

    Don no why but ragini suits more in negative she was also nominated for best negative role…and the moment she turned neg the trp suddenly increased..don think me wrong guys sorry if I hurted you …I too love teja but she is a bit overreacting these days otherwise love her

  17. Reethi

    Whyvcant that ragini show some courage and tell mm that park fell from bridge and she didn’t pushed her? She herself never tells anyone and then say none believe her!bl***y fool. Laksh is asking her then also she isn’t telling and then when there will be a fight between her and laksh then she is only to blame why doesn’t she believe her family that they will trust her!??

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      sometime their past haunting them more, it’s kinda a stone on their way.
      i can understand ragini ‘s feeling, but i can’t understand that she choose her frightened over her humanity, it’s about someone life. even thought it’s parineetha ‘s life.
      see, it ‘s giving more trouble at least. poor ragini.

    • suhani

      Over react tho swara karthi he hamesha to the vakth ithna overact karthi he ki puchna math hamesha ragini k upar zooti pyar dikathi pagal chudail air had vakth sanskar k sath romance karthi rahthi he b***h Sharan nam ki cheez hi nai he pahle we b usme BL**y girl

      • Sarina

        Everything u said was right but only there should be ur name instead of swara’s. U r also a b****y b*t*h like that ragini!

      • suhani

        Jis tharah thum log ragini ko bash karthe ho usi tharah ham b swara ko bol sakthe thumari permission nai chahiye muje aur better thum swara k jjagah apne nam likho

  18. Reethi

    How dare that stupid ragini slap swara actually she deservs a tight slap looks like she forgot that how much swara has done for her and she always hurts swara I think only swara loves ragini and she doesn’t ……OK. AGREED THAT SHE DID IT UNDER BLACKMAILERS PRESSURE BUT THEN ALSO IF BLACKMAILER WILL ASK HER TO KILL SOMEONE THEN WILL SHE ?

  19. nia

    If u people r done with bashing can anyone pls help me actually I don’t get time to c swaragini at night and m only free after 3 at day earlier when repeat used to come at 3:30 or 4:00 pm then it was OK but now they changed time so pls tell me where can I c full episodes of swaragini?

  20. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    yes ragini is look like a diamond what a beautiful face she has i love u ragini i love u love u

    • S priya

      Hi dr welcome to swaragini family..I saw u commenting in shakti but unless ter her ter s no union….u ill get nice entertainment here ha ha…

  21. Babi

    If the writer of swaragini want to potray only swara goodness….. Den the serial name should be swara…..sometime I don’t want to watch swaragini becoz of dis…..ragini u rock!!!!!

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      ragini’s character is good nowadays, but still you didn’t see it, how come ?
      as your comment, you are ragini’s fans. you support her in her past crime,
      and now when she turn to be good one, you misunderstood her kindness .
      why u didn’t support her instead of bashing her ?

  22. Babi

    Ragini character is kinna shy n she doesn’ t have courage to face….dis is her role …..
    N don’t worry ragini u r far more beautiful n a good actor than……

  23. Babi

    Ragini I like u very much BT I hate wen the serial give mor goodness to swara….so bye bye ragini….. N al my fren r now hating swaragini serial so they are not going to watch it….luv u ragini n hate…..

  24. Mica

    |Registered Member

    here some people bashing ragini on the swaragini serial, but the ragini’s fan took it as bashing in the name of Teju, so funny hahahaha.

    • Heltej

      |Registered Member

      Welcome to most wonderful bashing site in the tellyupdates….!
      Tight competition going on…. Its hard to decide winner…!

  25. Yashal

    |Registered Member

    Happy friendship day guys just forget the past and enjoy the present and don’t bash anyone both are gud
    There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

  26. Hersheys

    I read in so many spoilers that ragini is turning negative again. To boost the show’s TRP? OMG is this troo.

  27. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Friends now a days in swaragini updates only 88 or 90 comments are there .. We need to make it 100+ otherwise it will go off-air soon.. just look at tpk updates.. its more then 130+ .. so I think swaragini should be more then 100.. what do u all think?? Agrer with me or not??

  28. shivani

    i agree with u dea.bt tats nt possible cz ppl here jz wants to bash each other n at tat tym u cn see the coments crossing 60-80.other than tat the coments will be less.

  29. Nuszoya

    This serial s getting out of my nerves…. always showing ragini as negative character or any mistake done by her…. y always ragini…. pls give equal importance to her also… its not like I don’t like swara…of course I m great fan of swara than ragini… but I want to see even ragini as good one and it’s moreover sisters story… if any problem comes it should be solved by both not only swara….. pls writers take the track to two sisters bond… not only one…..

  30. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    N guys u r no one to bash teju or helly. . Assume that u r a teja fan n a helly fan bashes her. … how would u feel? Very bad ..right?? So u can’t bash someone like this …. Sorry If I hurt anyone. . My reason of writing this commenti s d juz to make u understand. !!


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