Swaragini 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dida slaps Ragini and asks what did she do with Swara. She asks why did you betrayed Swara. Sumi asks when did you come out of coma? Dadi asks Dida why she is blaming Ragini. Ragini asks Dida to sit down and rest, and acts innocent. Dida says she is not weak and maa Durga will protect her. She asks her to think about herself as she will tell her truth. Dida tells Dadi that her upbringing was good, but Ragini’s love has blinded her. Dadi asks why you are saying nonsense. She tells Sumi that she wanted to tell her something that day. She tells in a flashback about Sanskar and Ragini’s tie up in the conspiracy about the MMS of Laksh and Swara. Everyone is shocked. Ragini cries and acts innocent. Dida asks Dadi to believe her, and says Swara is innocent.

Sanskar asks Swara to get up. Doctor

says you can’t take him. Sanskar calls Laksh, but he disconnects the call hearing his voice. Sanskar calls Durga Prasad, but Laksh asks him not to pick his call. Sanskar calls Sujata and she tells him that Dida gained consciousness and exposed Ragini. She asks him to bring Swara fast. Doctor tells Sanskar that he can’t take Swara from there. Swara says it is okay and she will manage. She says she has to go and have to question her sister. She says she wants to know since when she has become her enemy, and wants to know since when she has become selfish.

Sanskar asks her to come with him, and asks her to step her feet down. Doctor says she is still weak. Sanskar asks her to come on, get up. The nurse informs her that car is ready. Sanskar says he will drive it. The doctor asks nurse to change her dress, and asks Sanskar to give her tablet after 10 mins. Swara tells Sanskar that her head is paining and she can’t walk. Sanskar lifts her in his arms and starts walking. He tells that she has to reach home at the moment. He tries to get in lift, but it is not working. He gets down through the stairs and gets hurt, but stays silent.

Swara sees his wound and asks him to go back to hospital to get his wound dressing. Sanskar refuses and says he will take her to baadi. He starts driving the car. Dadi tells that it is all lie. Ragini tells that I was taught to agree to elders’ sayings. If you think I am wrong, then I am wrong. She says if you think that I am guilty then I am ready to accept it. She asks her to sit and says if you think this is my mistake then it is okay. I am ready to take the blame on myself, if Swara’s mistake are shadowed under it. Sumi asks Ragini, why did you do this with Swara? Dadi asks Sumi, what you are doing? Sumi says my Ragini would take 100’s blame on her, but will never show favor for it. She says she is making Nani feel that she is hiding Swara’s mistakes. She says Ragini is guilty and she is not my Ragini.

Shekhar asks her to shut up and asks how can you blame Ragini for Swara’s doings. Sumi says Swara can’t do this. Shekhar says my Ragini will die before doing this. Sumi asks do you want to say that my mum is lying. Dadi says your mum is lying and raising a question on my upbringing. Swara and Sanskar are in the car. Swara wonders about the happenings at the marriage function. Sanskar asks her to drink tablet. He tells we will reach there fast. Dida says why would I blame Ragini without any reason. Dadi says you can go to any extent to save Swara. Dida says no. Dadi blames Sumi and Dida for blaming Ragini and trying to prove Swara innocent. Sumi asks her to open up and see. Shekhar asks Sumi to stop it, and talk with respect.

Ragini acts to commit suicide and says her death body will come out from the room. Everyone asks her to open the door. Swara comes to the marriage altar and is shocked to see something( most probably Laksh and Ragini’s marriage).

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  1. Honey

    Kya bakwass horahae yaar.. Ragini again made a big drama. She want to get Laksh that she don’t care about her Maa dad separation. Creating a big drama. So cheep Ragini. Swasan scenes were good.

  2. gracy

    ohh helo haters of ragini. what evr rags did was with the brainwash of sanskaar. she alone wuld not have done this. but now u all like sanskaar soooooo much just bcos he helps swara. remember he was thw one who is responsible for the evilness of ragini.

    • Sindhu

      But gracy ..! Atleast sanskar was wise enough to accept d truth n to overcome his evils at the ryt tym .. Unlike rags.. Plus ragini is using her feminine teary attitude almost everywher now !! She s doin high baazi drama.. Writers d storyline s really lame !!

      • Anjali

        Whats even more irritating is she keeps her innocent face all the time. I mean if u r a neg character then act like one.

        Ragini character is actually getting in the nerves. She get away with everything so easily with all her drama. example DIda’s incident

  3. ar

    One thing i must commit that an innocent girl who is still innocent and some time feel guilty about her doings but still ploting…… A girl who was ready to sacrifice her love for her father what happend to that girl now……..nyc plot rashmi sharma…..hats off to u…..u cant use ur mind in any of urs serials

    • Anjali

      I agree . Firstly she was ready to sacrifice her love for Swara. Now even she wants to kill her.
      Portraying Women so wrongly

  4. varshini

    its not cuz of sans its Cuz of Laksh only.he s d one who agree to marry rags.he cheat rags twise. n i like d 3sum

  5. sonal

    But sanskar didnt plan to kill someone.. Unlike ragani… And laksh too didnt trusted swara he deserves that melodrama queen only

  6. gracy
    if sanskar tell ragini to kill herself or tell her to jump will she do that too?
    Is she kid or toddler to tell?
    it was her decision to choose and she chose evil instead of good.
    and sanskar didn’t tell her to do black magic,fake voice recording,fake video, to do drama and more important to kill swara . and more important he chose to change in ragini case she is mad ,psycho obsessed with lakshya didn’t choose to change and of course ragini crossed all her limit.
    sanskar just wanted to destroy durga pprasad and lakshya he didn’t kill them
    and gracy if some stranger tell you to eat candy or chocolate will you eat??

    • gracy

      why did u not blame laksh for the confusn in rags mind!! if you are an innocent girl and is not aware of any bad things, and then some one enters in ur life, he gets engaged to u, u consider him as everythng to you. is it calle obsession or love?

    • gracy

      but i agree rags shuld not have taken the wrong path. but swara and laksh are responsible for it.

  7. I would love to watch the pairing of swara and sanskar. Both the actors look cute together. I love sanskar from his days of humse hai life and saraswatichandra. Whereas Ragini and laksh looks mature..more than the other duo..so they both make a good pair.
    Characterwise I think if laksh doesn’t know and can’t trust swara this much,and can marry Ragini without any feelings just for the sake of her tears, then he doesn’t deserve swara at all. This will be a good pair of moral less girl and spineless guy. Live a happy married life ? go on swarakar!

  8. annie

    oh and i think swara and laksh should get back together but the thing is that he doesnt even trust her and how did ragini become this wild beast after being so quiet and humble

  9. before blaming characters think twice put yourself in that position would you have done that and then blame
    sanskar was wrong but he never crossed his limit and at the right time he accepted what he did but ragini well she going on on ..

  10. rini

    Kuch bhi karke laksh aur swara ko ek karne do.. pls.
    Swara ne hamesh dusrom such sabith karne ke liye avas udaya aur aj uske liye koi nahi. Durga ma kuch bhi karke sach samne dikana hoga

  11. god ! stop it rag inaff y r u acting so innocent how u do this evil thing to u Sis .y r u insulting ur family and ur sisters respect in front if every one. r u shame less… I hate u … and laksh how can u believe d fake vedio if u truly love swara then how can u dought her u don’t deserve swara
    but sanskar and swara pair also gud .

  12. Dhanu

    Rags u decerve to be punished .laksh u r idiot. Dp still in confushion.i think he trust swara still.san only u decerve swara

  13. god ! stop it rag I hate u … and laksh how can u believe d fake vedio if u truly love swara then how can u dought her u don’t deserve swara
    but sanskar and swara pair also gud .

  14. ☆Twinkle05★

    Laksh swara is missing if swara dont luv u she is brave to tell u and u should searching swara but u dont u trust that stupid video if u lost ur trust dont do anything with swara just marri that ragini and happy with her :@

  15. Anew sha

    i think the serial needs to pair Sanskar and Swara. The new pair looks good and fresh. This would give the serial a new storyline. Whereas Ragini deserves Laksh as it is her first love.

  16. saisha

    Now i start to hate this serial disgusting serial ever seen before how can sum1 b so cheap in love that they sacrify all relation if laksh love was true for swara how can he b sum1else

  17. Jhunu

    sairf ragini drama or kuch nehi is serial mai…. pls ragini ka sach bahar lao & swalak ek koro….
    fill bad 4 sumi & dida…..

  18. Ahana

    dramedaz ragini bandh kro upni drama… har din rk new drama suru kr deti……
    I think if raglok marriade happen then ragini sach bahar ane k bad sanskar SWALAK ko ek krega….

  19. rosy

    Laksh is nt mature enuf to deal wid swara n her reasonings…whereas swara needs sum1 who undrstnds her goals n her mentality which sanskar hav…
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz swara n sanskar shd b paird up de form an awesum jodi….its true dat sanskar brain washd ragini bt rags bcam a greater villain by actng good to reveal sanskar’s truth…aftr all those she s stl actng innocent nd evn while talkng to her own dadi she was busy sending da fake video of swara…generaly good gals turning vamps lyk rags accept der mistake aftr being caught bt rags hav crossd dat limit….aftr cold minded murder of swara she so normal n stl nw plottng….laksh believd dat video bt nt his love he doesnt trust swara…so it wud b gud to pair up swara n sanskar….

  20. ipsita

    So…cheep ragini.and this story is nonsense I hate that story.Durga maa plz swara air laksh ko ek kijie jesevi karke sachko samne laiye ragini ka sach plz…..

  21. Ahana

    pls swalak ko ek kr do….
    laksh ne ragini se sadi is liye nehi kiya ki swara ne usse chor diya barki isliye kari kuiki wo ragini k bato mai agaya… ragini try to suicide & bola ki ab mujhe kon sadi krega bar bar mera sagai tut gaya, dida ne bhi galat injam lagaya… so laksh realise that usine ragini k sagai bar bat tora so usne decide kra ragini se sadi krne ka…..

  22. Survi

    Swara and Sanskar are the perfect for each other! They understand each other and are matured to lead a married life.

  23. Sorry. But please don’t mind my saying. But are the viewer’s crazy??? I mean look at the comments. Some are hard core haters of raagini . While others worship swara as a goddess. But hellooooooo guys… Specially the ones hating ragini and abusing her all the time. Ragini is only going on and on and on with this evil character (and the stupid show) only because the writers are making her do it. The producers, directors and most important the dumb writers are writing a whole lot of crap and shit. So before blaming an on screen chatacter please think atleast once. And if really want to hate someone please hate the writers for spoiling the nice character of a girl. Please do get some common sense before you put any comments….

    Comment edited.

  24. gft

    Please directors and writers!!do somethng about ragn,i hate her eval doings!it gvs me pressure!make her b caught by her doings.

  25. ADELE( Anu)

    Oh god ragaini!!! So much of drama??!! U r getting irritating day by day……….?
    N ragini n laksh’s marriage????!!!! Noooooo yarrrrrr!! Laksh it will be the biggest mistake of ur lyf Yarr! PLEASE REVEAL THAT PSHYCO’S TRUTH SOON!

  26. hom

    Am not gonnna watch this show any more…. ragini is getting irritating day by day…. too much drama…. if she love laksh.. so much then why did she supported swara to commit that swara love laksh too…. (asa behen kisiko na mile….)

  27. ADELE( Anu)

    Yes…..now even I m feeling that sanskar deserves swara…….n laksh deserves that pshyco!!!!!!
    A man, who came to take revenge, after understanding that wat he did was wrong………….trusts the girl whom he wanted to take revenge on…….AND a man, who loved a girl more than anything else…….easily believed in d fake proofs against his beloved!!
    Laksh!! This wasn’t expected from u!!!

  28. Rosy

    I would like to say something. The writers and d team of swaragini r giving us wrong msg. A girl can do any thing for a guy who doesn’t even love her. She can go to any length to get her love.. Even play with her sister n kill her if needed.. Dat very girl who sacrificed her love for her parents sake, now when dey both r blaming each other jus bcoz her evil doings..she is still acting innocent n doesn’t want to reveal herself… Dis is a total wrong msg.. U r giving a wrong note to d present generation.. Plz change d plot for Gods sake. Give some gud n useful msg to d present generation. After all family z more important than anything else. N why should d gud suffer all d tym.. Dis s d only msg given by rashmi dharma in all her serials.. Gud ones suffering.. She rarely shows any happy times..

  29. Shweta

    ohh God..! Ragini again made a big drama…really she is a drama queen..i’m irritate for seeing her innocent face all the time.i’m hating Ragini u r so cheap.how can u do this evil thing to ur sis ?? i think u deserve to be punished…&plzzz yr atleast ab to Ragini ka sach sbko pta hi chlna chahiye..otherwise ye serial ek dam bakwass ho jayga..

  30. I just hate rag…….laksh is also dumb..
    I don’t think that he luvs swara but i want swalak…..
    And rag is drama Queen ….she is worst sister of world……
    Writers r also dumb ….they have no story line …rag is also main chrcter of show …then y she is in negative ……this is not fair ….tittle is swaragini na..means swara and ragini both shud be in positive… But now show had Change in swara only…..worst show…..

  31. Sunny

    hey what’s going on in this show … I think writer have forgot that after swara________ there is ragni also in the title… but they have made her a villain of the show.. I toh just started hating this show…

  32. jaz

    thanks writers I just wanted this only that swara with sanskar and ragni with laksh…
    sanswara or swakar ….and raksh or lakshni….

  33. diya

    Same like uttaran…. Veer and iccha loves each other… BT after some drama tapasya well Mary veer… Then iccha well marry veer’s brother….. Swara and make loves each other… Bt rag s going to marry laksh… Swara going to marry laksh’s brother

  34. sreepriya nath

    no…in my opinion ragini is so cruel….she cant marry laksh..she is bad….she is selfish….and she betrayed her own blood….poor swara she blindly beleive raginiiii…..

  35. Teja

    wt nonsense raagini, wt thehell r u doing, don’t separate laksh&swara, make lets raagini has to agree her mistake infront of everyone, she is ready to anything for her love(saadism) she cheated dadi also(she only brought up her) do justice for swara, ..

  36. nsb

    heights of going down ragini..shame on u..sanskar u rock now making us forget what all u did earlier to separate swara n laksh..pls punish rags

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