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The Episode starts with Dadi taunting at Sumi and says Ragini is not her daughter. Swara sits at Ragini’s side and asks her to rest. Ragini asks her to go home and says Sanskar is also wounded and needs you. Swara says no. Swaragini plays…………….Ragini convince her. Swara takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs Sumi. She asks Sumi to keep her informed about Ragini’s condition. Swara reaches home. Sujata tells Swara that Sanskar is not eating medicine. Sanskar eats when Swara asks him. Sujata asks her about Ragini and says she will be fine soon. Sanskar says I didn’t want to take tablet, but eaten it seeing you tensed. He asks what to do to bring smile on your face. Swara asks him to be with her always. She rests her head on his shoulder. Laksh comes there. Seeing them sitting, he says he will

come later. Swara says you should have taken rest. Laksh says I came here to ask about Ragini. Swara says she is still having fever. Laksh thinks it is all his mistake, and he should be with her now. Shekhar blames himself for allowing Ragini to help Swara. Sumi says Ragini have saved Laksh’s life.

Sumi asks Dadi to have food. Dadi refuses. Shekhar takes her forcibly to have food. Laksh enters their house secretly and hides. Sumi goes to kitchen. Laksh manages to enter Ragini’s room. He holds her hand and says I will not leave you alone and go. I promise that I will stay with you and fight with all the problems. Dadi tells Shekhar that nobody came to see Ragini, and says she have rescued Laksh. Shekhar says we don’t need any outsiders here. Dadi says I will not let anyone come near my Lado. She tells Shekhar that she is going to Ragini’s room. Laksh hears her and tries to free his hands.

Dadi comes to Ragini’s room and sees her sleeping. She asks Ragini to get well and promises that she won’t let anything happen to her. Sumi asks her to have food. Dadi says no. Laksh is seen hiding. Sumi convinces her to have food and takes her from there. Laksh comes out and sits at Ragini’s bed side again. He says I will not thank you for saving me life as Thank word is smaller infront of your doings. He ties the holy thread on her hand….Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………..He recalls Kavya stabbing her. He says I thought I am going to die and just got a thought about you. He says I thought of you as I miss you and love you. Sanskar hugs Swara and says I love you very much. He says Ragini have done a big favor on me by saving you. I can’t stay without you. You are my everything. Swara smiles. Sanskar says Ragini will be fine.

Laksh takes care of Ragini while the son Saiyya plays…He recalls the moments between them and sleeps all night there itself. Next morning Sumi wakes up and finds Laksh sleeping.

Shekhar slaps Laksh. Laksh calls him Papa and asks for a chance. Shekhar says I can’t give you a chance. Swara comes and says she came to asked for Ragini’s alliance for her brother in law. Dadi refuses. Swara asks her to ask Ragini. Ragini is silent and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Mam I have posted today epi also in vishkanya !! Thnx mam pls join our family there.. In vishkanya page!!

  2. Awwwwwww? Raglak scenes were lovable… Loved the bg music ? Raglak just rocked today episode.. Laksh recalling his past moments with Ragini ? Waiting for their marriage… This dadi kebab me haddi..

  3. Heyyyyy Best Part of the Swaragini Episode…
    soon Raglak and Swasan will be united and no problem will occurs anymore I think

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…. i hope ragini says yes but i know she will not as she wants happiness of family more than her now….

    1. yes you are correct ragini will not say yes for her family but there family will soon agree for raglaks wedding….i have seen their wedding videos . hope after this wedding swasan and raglak would get some peace for some days…..

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Is that true???

  5. Thank you Very Much

  6. Best moment of This Episode

  7. Happy to see raglak and swasan moments together

  8. RagLak will not be united, Ragini will refuse the alliance and Laksh will become obsessed with her. Ragini will marry Karthik and there will be a leap.

    1. no no no there is no love triangle or karthiks wedding with ragini . you are right that ragini will refuse the alliance for her family… but soon shegar will understand that her daughter is totally heart broken and agree for raglaks wedding . we can see their wedding soon without any drama in their wedding……

      1. shekhar will realise …??
        that was funny …
        he himself went through so much still he dint understand swara n her tears I doubt about ragini

  9. SwaSan AndRagLak

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the raglak moment


    itha mudla senjurukalamala???? enada muka sothi thondringa???? idiots…. anyways happy that the track is going right…… soon to see the family united…

  12. Today’s episode was really awesome .I loved laksh’s care for ragini.waiting for raglak reunion

  13. Yr i know it will happen..m
    now this bloidy cvs cincentrated only on raglak now what about swasan yrrr plzzzzz show swasan scene …..
    Plzzzz cvs show swasan romance…
    Hey raglak fan dont get.angry on me plzzzzz..its not i hate raglak but its just that i luv swasan like anything…no offence plzzzzz…i persinally lije teju’ s acting but u knows swasan have that spark…
    I know u all are might be cursing me ..but what to do i luv swasan….
    Plzzzz show swasan scene…
    Ha about holi…plzzzzz show holi on swaragini
    Swasan i luv u….
    Plzzzz show

    1. Hi there Lee How are you? Yeah these days they are showing Swasan scenes less. At least we get to see Swasan’s hug today. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    2. Now u would feel Raglaks fans pain..wen d writers were concentrating on swasan raglak was like side characters for us..nw let they finish with Raglak romance nd den Swasan..no offece…i knw sme might b cursing me but what to do i luv raglak …plz shw more Raglak scene.. i like hellys acting but u knows Raglak have that spark..i hope u understand…

      1. Well what about us Swalak fans, what about our pains. Sorry to say this raglak fans but I don’t see any spark in raglak the way I saw spark in Swalak. I will never forget or forgive ragini for what she did. Because of her Swalak couldn’t became 1. Hate her for that, hate her for what she did. I’m sorry if I did hurt anyone’s feeling but I just had to say all this. And 1 more thing I don’t have any issue with tejaswi but I don’t ragini.

      2. But I don’t like ragini

  14. Hey I had said once raglak starts we wld luv it. Treat to both raglak n swasan fans. Ache din has come at least in serial

  15. Love u raglak aab shaadi hogi maza aiga
    Love u raglak….

  16. It was really a nice episode…Thnx. to H Hassan mam for the updates..???

  17. Ragini is so shameless b*t*h .after everything she still wants laksh.her obssession for laksh is betond comprehension.Raglak is such a fake disgusting couple

    1. Hey sandy don’t call ragini as a shameless b*t*h understand?
      You may not like ragini doesn’t means you can writer such words?
      Don’t bash her okay????

      1. Repeatedly using b..word for Ragini and provoking Ragini fans,pity on you Sandy,pity on that mind of yours which doesn’t respect others feelings,go to hell than destroying the harmony between Swara and Ragini fans,just grow up,get a life.

    2. Sandy ,Iam a daily reader of written updates. I saw so many comments from u before. Y do u use such bad language to express ur views? And y u always write bad comments about Tejaswi? U can critisise her character but y her? Y u always try tp provoke Teju/ ragini/Raglak fans. If u don’t like them just ignore it. Pls friend don’t use such bad language to express ur feelings. Iam a Tejaswi fan. After read ur comments I couldn’t control my self.that’s y I reply u. May be all other tejaswi fans have same feelings when they read ur comments. So pls stop it frnd.it is a request.u can express ur feelings through ur comments in good language.it is ur right. I can understand that. But don’t forgot that every one have feelings & opinion like u. So respect others right also.

    3. Sandy, check the replies to your comments under previous episodes,many have responded,you seriously need treatment for your mind,sorry to say,being a psychology student,forced to say this as I read all your comments.

    4. Sandy u hate ragini right I will give one idea for u … Go to police station and compliant again for ragini bcs u said she is a criminal ect.. Kkk and ya police they cont arrest ragini bcs she is imagine crctr of writtees….

      1. Hey Sandy..i also love swasan alot n I knw u don’t lyk ragini juzz bcz wat she did in past..bt she is positive nw..move on..lyk we all did wid swalak..after Swasan Union.. At least don’t use dis b..word fr her..I dnt understand y u hate teju..she is such a sweetheart..pls try to make diff betn reel n real..don’t hurt anyone..n sorry if I hurt u..

  18. Hey guys..superb episode..i think today both raglak and swasan fans are happy..no arguements..no fights..precap is interesting…anyways i’m happy that they are not dragging anymore…loved raglak..

  19. Omg..wat an epi..lved it totally.. Swasan scene after ages..raglak scene?perfectly balanced epi..aaj toh saare fandoms khush hai..Swasan raglak fans sb happy fr todays epi..u Guyz noticed y todays epi is awesome bcz dey showed SWARAGINI Bond..Swasan bonding n scenes.. Raglak confession..its beyond awesome.. Precap lolzzz..1st time m lvng dat dey r repeating same precap kage raho??

    1. Hi there angel how are you? Yeah you’re right today’s eppi was good. I read somewhere that kartik will cause trouble between Swasan, he will create misunderstanding between Swasan. And sanskar might start doubting swara he will think that they are having affair. Well I just hope that this news is untrue.

      1. M fine dear..Yeaaa..abt dis news ws from unrealible source wch previously said abt car blast,ragthik mrg..bt dnt know wat will happen can’t trust cvs..let’s see wat happens.. I dnt wan any mu mistrust hppn betn swasan n sanky charac shud nt get spoiled by mkng him doubting swara lyk lksh did..dey can bring any twist bt nt dis..mistrust will be d worst thing..if it ll hppn den no diff betn Swasan n other couples.. It shud nt happen..

  20. Sry *lage raho..awesome precap?

  21. Lovely episode.

  22. Colors Swaragini which ranking the TRP with its amazing twists and turns is going to bring another twists which never been expected by the fans of the show. As the headline says, this is going to happy post marriage of Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja).

    As per our sources, Post marriage of “RagLak”, Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Swara (Helly Shah) will have a very heated argument which leads to a big fight and rift starts appearing in their relation.

    Taking this as chance Karthik (Mayur Verma) who is brother of Tanya (Roop Durgpal) starts favoring Swara. The closeness of Swara and Karthik doesn’t go well with Sanskar and he feels they both having an affair which makes Swara and Sanskar to part away.

    Well is this a plan of Swara and Sanskar to get to know about Tanya? Or is it really going to happen?

    Well I just hope it turns out to be fake news and it really doesn’t happen.

    1. if this is true, i will really end up in killing writers. we love sanskar for his pure,intense and true love. how can they make him doudt swara? i hpe it is a plan. i dont even feel that bad if swara doudts him but not sanskar..hard core sanskarian#sanskarholic

    2. enemy ji I thought u were a swasan fan.. pls aisa mat bolo.. sanskar will never doubt or leave swara she is his life n same for swara as well… I hope u saw yesterday’s episode ..!

      1. Hey I love Swasan and I’m just giving out the news that’s all. I also hope that the news turns out to be fake. And if that really happens then I will blo*dy curse the writers to the core. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  23. Nc episode lve u both raglak and swasan

  24. Honestopinion

    Ok.. When laksh slapped Shekhar…. Wasn’t he under the influence of some drugs that kavya’s was giving him??? Shouldn’t that fact make it a little easier for Shekhar to forgive him???

  25. Ragini will accept karthick (hope karthick will come n another avatar wid another name) and on d marriage day laksh will interfere saying that karthick s Tanya’s bro…….and so d marriage will stop.

    Today’s epi was a gud one. luv u raglak??????
    Hate dat dadi always opposing for each and everything.

    1. i dont think so the newses also says that there will be no drama in raglaks wedding like what happened in swasans wedding … may be karthik will trobule them but not on their wedding day… shegar will accept laksh for ragini

  26. Love to see ralak momemts……

  27. what is it necessery to separate swasan again . after a long war they became one and once again they are separating swasan….. why they always on wedding cant they make another problems . i dont like this track . i also wish that this news should be untrue

  28. For the 1st tym i cmt here usually i used to comment only in ff… i was sooo happy seeing this épisode… i was on 9th cloud… it was the best epi till now for raglak n they both were acted it so well specially namish he made me cry… i just luved the way he took care of ragini… i just hope to get more raglak scenes in upcoming episodes… luv u raglak luv u temish..♡♡♡

  29. what is the sencs in showing see today and again showing seeing tomorrow

  30. hello everyone..shuva,rids,anjum,lee,anjel,ammu and all..sorry these are the most common names presently.
    reading comments is my stress burster and today,i just took a glance on previous episodes..and really felt bad yaar. we all are swaragini family but firstly, there used to be fight between swalak and raglak fans then swalak and swasan and now swasan and raglak. will these fights ever end? and the main concept of this fight is true love. generally sanskar and ragini are the one to receive bashing. sanskar’s love is so true and intense that made him determined to take revenge from his own but later, when he has realised, he proved his love to family and same is the case with ragini. she too became blind in love and determined to get it,now when she realised,she is proving herself. so according to me swasan and raglak share a pure bond of love.
    yesterday’s episode is so good and if we are really enough mature, we will enjoy it as a swragini treat rather than swasan and raglak. i am not here to offend anyone. its just my view. sorry if i hurt anyone.

    1. Hi there Sree harini how are you? Well I totally agree with you I think we should forget ragini’s past and move on and stop arguing and bitting eachothers head of over fictional characters.

      1. Fine, thank-you..I totally agree with you dear..sometimes I feel like laughing at how silly they think.

  31. hiiii shree di …. i totally agree with u

  32. Where can I find the song saiyya?

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