Swaragini.. 5 years later (Episode 2)

Swasan Ragini Amaya and surya reach MM
DP AP and all the Mashwaris are shocked to see Ragini AP cries when see sees Laksh features in the twins
AP: come beta
Surya: hello Aunty Uncle
AP no beta I’m ur…
Ragini panicks and yells beta she’s just like ur grandma
Pari beta u 2 play with my kids they are ur your age their room is towardss the left (Parish have 2 kids pooja and Preet)
Swara Ragini what the hell why don’t the kids know anything about us did u not tell them about Laksh or any of us
Ragini swara please they are only my children and we will return to London right after my business deal
AP no beta forget what happened in the past
Ragini Aunty I’m sorry but I don’t want my kids to know about their real father and besides I have. Already moved on I’m engaged to londons heartthrob Rahul Kappor ab please let me leave .. Ragini stormed off along with surya and Amaya
Outside Raginis bodyguards pa and stuff were waiting for her she left in 2016 imported Dodge

Everyone was shocked just than Laksh entered Sujata blurted out the past events concerning ragini Laksh angerily left in his red Ferrari at a fast speed and went into his office
@ Laksh office
Laksh how dare she take my kids how dare she not tell me about their exitance I swear I will kill her
I hate you Ragini I swear on god that I will take my kids and leave you weeping for their sight
Laksh starts throwing things off his desk

Raginis POV
Omg what did I do I’m sorry maa Swara I can’t be around Laksh I hate him so much Ragini remembers how he faked love and throw her out out
Laksh Mashwari I will never let u near me or my kids

Pre cap Laksh and Ragini confrontation

Credit to: Hargill


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