Swaragini.. 5 years later (Episode 1)


The setting is 5 years after Laksh throws ragini out of the house after she signs the papers. She moves to London and takes over Her real moms family business and takes it to new heights. She has to twins Amaya and Surya ( the episode starts with Ragini and her kids coming to Kolkata)
A woman gets out of a black Mercedes in black heels and a plaid black and white dress with her two adorable 5 year olds (Ragini) she enters a temple and gets testy remembering pushing Swara off the bridge and her moments with Laksh.
Amaya: Mama mama I’m hungry I wanna eat French fries
Ragini gets out of her flashbacks and faces her kids: beta let’s try Indian food trust me you’ll love it
Surya : okay mama
She takes them to a 5 star restaurant…
Swasan POV:
They enter with their little baby boy Rohit in sankars arms and Swara and Ragini both feel something

Ragini and Swasan orders get mixed and Swara runs towards Ragini
Swara OMG Ragini I missed you so much where were u I was missing you so much why didn’t contact anyone??
Ragini Swara Swara calm down I’m fine I just abit busy and I wanted to get from all this and I went to London
Ragini was wandering alone at night in a middle of the road and suddenly some gunday tease her and she runs and clashes into Sid (Yuvraj from Tashan e ishq) she falls on top of him and beats up the gunday and takes her to a chai stall. She cries and tells him everything she did and what happened and how guilty she felt for what she did to her own sister. They come friends and he offers her to come to London with him.
Yuvraj hey it’s okay what u did was in the past why don’t u start life on a new page
Ragini you don’t understand what I’m feeling I mean I wanna die how can every face them
Yuvraj I have an idea come to London with me I mean give yourself and ur family time to cope
Ragini I don’t know if it’s right but yeah sure i will because I honestly feel so guilty here I think I need a break

In London Ragini meets an old grandma and she turns out be her real Nani and than gradually Ragini starts getting more and more involed in work
3 weeks later: Ragini faints
Doctor: congratulations she’s gonna be a mother
9months later Ragini gives birth to twins
Swara you went through so much and u didn’t even inform us Swara sobbed
Ragini it’s okay I’m fine and so our my babies and my work is also great bit how’s everyone their??
Sankar Ragini plz come with us rite now Laksh has the right to know
Ragini but I …
Amaya surya mama!! They shouted as they Came running from the candy station
Swara his sweetie pies I’m ur Swara massi and this Rohit ur brother
Amaya hi massi ??

Surya hi..??
They all chat and Amaya insists on going with Swasan Ragini seems stressed through out the entire ride to MM

Pre cap Laksh have their first eye lock

Credit to: Hargill

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  12. It’s quite interesting I must say that 🙂

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