Swaragini 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini and Shekhar trying to stop Dadi from committing suicide, but in vain. Sanskar breaks the window glass and gets inside Dadi’s house, blows the match stick. Dadi asks what you are doing here? Sanskar asks her to think an answer as Police will question her. Dadi says she is not scared of Police and can do anything inside the house. Sanskar says you can’t commit suicide as it is against the law and you will get double punishment this time. Dadi says I can do anything and tries to light match stick again. Sanskar says you are so mean. He asks her to see Baadi people who is celebrating the festival happily, but she is busy with dramas. Shekhar and Ragini come inside. Sanskar tells Dadi that if her drama ends in Baadi then people lives will be busy.

Sujata asks Sanskar,

why did you save her. Ragini asks Dadi, what is this? Dadi asks her to ask her father. She says Shekhar had promised me that he will not have any relations with Bengalis, but he was doing puja with Sumi. Ragini tells her that she took Shekhar there to do Durga puja and says she wanted to make Bengalis know that they can do Durga puja too. Dadi asks Shekhar, if he haven’t went there with his wish. Shekhar nods. Dadi asks him to go to shop. Sumi looks at Shekhar with teary eyes.

Ragini asks Dadi to sit. She tells Dadi that Swara came today to meet Adarsh and Parineeta. Dadi asks why? Ragini says she heard them talking and heard their conversation too. She says Swara was talking about some property papers and told that it is with you. Dadi wonders why did Swara come to know about property papers. Ragini asks what are those papers? Dadi says Swara must be lying. Ragini says then why did Adarsh agree to give 10 crores to her. Dadi is shocked and surprised. Ragini tells her that Swara asked them to give excuse that they came to make Bengalis jealous. Just then Adarsh calls Dadi, informing her that they will come to her house to have food and will do Durga Maa’s darshan.

Dadi asks him to come. Ragini asks with whom she is talking to? Dadi says nobody. Ragini asks if you are hiding something from me? Dadi says no. Ragini says okay…I will call Laksh then. You can inform him. Dadi asks her not to bother Laksh and says I don’t have Adarsh’s property papers. Ragini asks when did I say that you have Adarsh’s property papers. Dadi says I don’t have papers, and says I can never hurt you. Ragini says I know, you can hurt others for my happiness. She tells her that Swara was speaking about the keys. Dadi asks Ragini not to tell anyone. Ragini thinks everything is happening according to her plan. Dadi thinks about the keys and thinks she will keep the keys with her.

Swara calls Sumi and makes her eat sweets. She says our problems will end today, and takes her home. Dadi peeps in their house. Swara tells Sumi that they will show Ragini and laksh’s place to them and says they will become rich today. She tells that she saw Dadi hiding the keys and made its duplicate. She says we will give papers to Adarsh, and he will give us 10 crores Rs. Sumi says it is a good news. Swara says I will bring the papers. They see Dadi hearing. Sumi blesses her. Swara sees Dadi leaving in a hurry. She seeks God’s blessings and pray for their plan success.

Dadi sits in taxi and asks driver to take her to Victoria street. Swara comes there. Ragini comes in her car. Swara tells Ragini that she is hopeful that Dadi takes them to papers. Ragini says this will happen and asks driver to followthe taxi. Swaragini plays………….They see Dadi getting down the taxi. Dadi senses someone is following her and turns. Swara and Ragini hide just in time. Dadi goes inside the house. Some goons are waiting for her there. Swara and Ragini also come there. Ragini prays to God to help them succeed.

Goon asks why did you come here. Dadi says she has to come, and asks them to scare Swara. She opens the drawer with the keys and gets the papers. She thinks that girl will not get these papers even by mistake. Swara calls her Dadi. Dadi is shocked and turns to look at her. Swara says you did a mistake, as I wasn’t aware that the papers are here. She snatches papers from her hand and runs away. Dadi asks the goons to follow Swara. Ragini is hiding there. Goons and Dadi run after Swara. Ragini looks on shocked.

Precap: Swara runs to save the papers. Goons follow and surround her. Swara throws the papers in the water. Dadi calls Adarsh and asks him to stop Swara, else she will go to Durga Prasad with the papers. Adarsh is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. today episode is great…precap also…yet i know that swara and ragini will save the papers…hopfully Adarsh and Parinita gets caught and sent to jail…cz i saw a precap where Adarsh is holding gun and threatening Swara ana Ragini to kill Bd and Bm and sanskaar or Laksh…
    hope Dadi too goes to Jail…and Swasan and Raglak can focus on their future as couple

  2. Thanks Hasan madam for update.
    Iam fed up with this property drama. i hope they will end it soon.

  3. God! I love it but I hope something more interesting happens keep up witj great updates

  4. Mica

    i literally laughing to watch Ragini&dadi convo, not because it’s so funny.. but because i don’t understand what did they say.. OMG!!! 😀 😀
    actually it’s so funny… Ragini&Dadi nailed it..
    and my Swara…igniting another fire…
    swaragini on tracks.. but huh! they will facing failure again….totally suck..
    ty H.Hasan mam for update…

  5. Today ragini and swara both are very beautiful.and they both got equal space,the only thing better than this track.when they will complete this track.instead of making villains from maheshwari family,an outsider can make the things well ,I mean to say negativity.

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Thnx hasan mam for fast update and about today’s episode swara was looking like an angel as usual . And ragini ‘s expression was superb when she was talking with dadi ….. and thank god swara dropped that paper in river ….. this means the property is neither of maheshwaris nor of dadi …. now the property is of river ??????

    1. Heltej

      No no sanju…. Twist is property paper is WATERPROOF… Then will get back the paper… Or ragini will fly and catch the PP.. This is swaragini!

      1. Sanjanaagrawal

        Or the river will become a fairy and hand over the papers back to swara or ragini ??????

    2. Heltej

      No no swara will punch the guys… ???

  7. Well now da episodes r gng really good…ng rlly lobed how rags amd swara were makng dadi fool by their talks.. Hope the drama end soon..i hav also seen dat swaragini will tkae da property papers nd will b happy nd den thy will go to maheshwari mamsion but there aadarsh will point gun towards dp nd ap nd den thy will ask da papers frm dem nd will give some sindoor thaal nd throw infront of swaragini wch make dem shock..nd even parish threatened dem dat either of laksh or sanskar will die..but soon thy will b in jail nd dadi will realise her mistake nd turns to be positive…
    Nd i hav seen dis also dat there will b leap of 7 years??is dis rumour is true??swara nd sanskar will die nd den leap will take place??is dis really true pls somebody say me…

  8. Heltej

    I saw laughing when ragini n swara fooled MY DEVIL FAMILY BREAKER dadimaa…. Poor dadima…
    Hope tomorrow we will see waterproof property paper!
    When ragini was making fool of dadima… I felt it like child is asking for chocolate! Teju nailed it! Swara…. My chubby girl… Aku cinta kamu(mica thank u ???)… Laksh where are u….? ???
    Sanskar baba saved dadima… ??? yyyy?

    1. Mica

      aaawwww Heltej….uufft i imagining your expression kinda ragini.. aheem.. aheem..
      love you too ummaahh…

      1. Heltej

        Haha…**%= Puppy face *%=* meee
        Mica mostly i will write letter to cv part 2??

  9. hai epi was full of drama and draged it very much i love the way how ragini was manupulating dadi and the way she said hum ne kya kiya dadi maa was soo cute love u cuteipie i think leap whould be there but swasan death not possible hnmmm lets wait and watch

  10. Kakali

    Swaragini !!! swaragini !!! loved d moment when it tuned… DAADII AMMA.!! i pitty u ,,, i pitty u …

    Swara Ragini u both proved if swaragini is together anything can happen… i love it soooo much …. thnk u H.Hasan Mam..

  11. is there really a leap of 7 years???really swara and sanskaar will.die????does anyone know about this????

    1. Heltej

      Noo… I dont think so… Rumors… Fake

      1. Kakali

        Leap ?¿¿¿¿¿¿ SWASAN die¿¿¿¿
        omggggg !!!! what kind of a news it is ???

      2. thank you for your reply…i sure hope so and to see Adarsh Parineeta and Dadi in prison….

  12. today’s episode and precap was good to see

  13. Ragini n swara were superb today.Love u a lot swaragini.

  14. Jit to swara ki hi honi chahiye.

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