Swaragini 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Ragini, why did she lie to Swara. Even they have right to know. Ragini says Annapurna and Durga Prasad are living with hope of Laksh’s return, and tells that Swara and Sanskar will separate for forever if they come to know about Laksh’s death. She says I don’t want them to separate. She asks Nikhil not to tell this truth to anyone. Nikhil promises her. Ragini sees Laksh’s pic and asks why did you leave me and went Laksh…..She cries badly. Just then A man is shown…A girl comes running to him and calls him baba. She asks him to play badminton with her. He hugs her. Girl smiles. His face is shown, and he resembles Laksh or may be Laksh himself. Ragini cries recalling their marriage and the moments thereafter. A song plays……Noore Khuda plays……Ragini

and Laksh’s moments are shown. Sujata gives 50 Lakhs rupees to Gayatri and says I have kept in bag. Gayatri assures her that Uttara will rule in her house. Swara is about to go there, but Sanskar comes and takes her to his room. Swara asks what you are doing? She says Maa and Papa are giving dowry to Uttara’s inlaws.

Sanskar asks if you have weak memory, and says you have nothing to do with us. Swara says Uttara is your sister, and how can you see Uttara’s life ruined like this. Sanskar says I can’t go and we don’t have a perfect marriage. Whenever I try to tell Mum that she tells me that I don’t have right to speak when I couldn’t handle my own marriage. He says he is worried about Sujata. Swara says relations can’t be brought by money. Sanskar says he says I loved you immensely, but my love….He asks her to handle her work and leave, and says now you have to plan your new life.

Swara says if our relation is weak, then we can’t risk other’s relations. She says you can keep silent, but I will speak. Sanskar asks her not to say. Swara says I will. Sanskar holds her hand and they fall on bed. They have an eye lock. Sujata takes Gayatri to Sanskar’s room to keep the money and stuff. They see Sanskar and Swara sitting romantically and having an eye lock. Sujata says sanskar and is shocked. Gayatri’s husband asks what is happening here? Gayatri scolds Swara and asks about her greedy stomach. She says you are so much greedy for money and asks why did you do this bad work to earn money. She says what do you think that you will trap Sanskar, and says he is a man, but you are a girl, don’t you have any respect. Swara is teary eyes.

Gayatri says I know girls like you, don’t show me fake tears. She says first girls like you dance infront of men, and then do all this stuff. She says you people are dirty insects of gutter. Sanskar shouts asking Gayatri to stop it and asks her to know that Swara is his wife, and whatever she is thinking haven’t happened here. Gayatri looks on shocked.

Nikhil tells Ragini that he can’t face her family after knowing a deep truth. Ragini says if this is the case, then you can’t stay with us or might tell about it unknowingly. Nikhil leaves in car. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna, if Swara told anything about Laksh. Annapurna says no, and says she will ask Ragini. Ragini steps inside Maheshwari house, recalling Laksh’s death and Swara’s oath. Annapurna asks Ragini if she comes to know anything about laksh. Ragini says no, and says he was in that hospital, but left somewhere. Durga Prasad says where he could go. Annapurna cries. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna to take care of herself. Gayatri comes there with her husband and announces to stop the engagement.

Gayatri’s husband demand more money. Uttara refuses to get engaged and breaks the alliance. Ragini asks them to go and tells that she is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Swara also asks them to go. Sanskar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Deeksha

    |Registered Member

    Loved today’s episode….!!!!!!! It was truly awesome….!!!!!! First swasan scenes….!!!!!!! Loved that painful Sanskaar….!!!!!! And the way he stopped gayatri was awesome…..!!!!!!!

    Next at last got a glimpse of laksh…..!!!!!!! And don’t what is the mystery…???????

    And then loved ragini….!!!!!! I loved the way she thought about everyone…..!!!!!! Love you ragini….!!!!!!!

    And waiting for the next episode….!!!!! When uttara says I don’t wanna do the sagayi….!!!!!! Wanted to see the face gayatri…..!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway overall loved today’s episode….!!!!!!!

  2. louna

    finally finally we will get rid of this freedy family i hate…finally sanskar tells about swara finally uttar spoke…
    too much finally im glad i wish i can slap Cruella and her husband and thT ugly boy called his son

  3. Innovative

    Tq u for fast update. In a dilemma whether he is really Laksh and have lost his memory and is thinking himself as abhimanyu or Laksh has died and he is abhimanyu a look alike of Laksh😵

  4. Navi

    |Registered Member

    Really cvz u hv rocked today..
    1. U given perfect role for ragini and im amazed by her skill waah waah itna pyaar on her sis and dont worry ragini i will take u to laksh.. stop crying..
    2.my swasan no words.. swara dr ur awesome…
    3.sanskar u did ur husband and bro role perfectly…
    4.precap – to whom rags and swara are telling that thy r maheswaris??
    @mica if u hv watched today epi do tell me answr for 4.question.

  5. Silent_writer

    |Registered Member

    Woooooow its an awsmeeeeee nailingggg epiiiii wanna knw i hope its laksh onlyyy💐💐💐💐 sanskar today love uuu u said corrct hate gaytriii

  6. myna

    totally loved this episode my guess is that there was a look alike of laksh in the hospital who died andcwho was the father of the girl shown laksh lost his memory and that dead man’s family came and took him it is my guess and it might even be true as it is a very common concept loved to see ragini thinking about swsan and sanskar standing up for swara

  7. A.xx

    |Registered Member

    He’s back but hope this doesn’t create a misunderstanding between Ragini and Lakshya but Ragini told Swara that she doesn’t want to think about Lakshya and wants to move on …
    Waiting for them to meet and thank God Uttara broke the Sagai from those lalchi people…..
    Can’t wait for the next episodes
    Glad Naomi’s back .xx

  8. Ranasharma

    Thank you H.Hasan very much.I like this episode…Sanskar was great…Swara was great too…..
    The intense was high….e everything was perfect.

    Still…Swara is so mean in showing her emotions…we don’t know if she loves Sanskar….even we don’t know why does she have this attitude towards sanskar.

  9. Divya

    Definitely he would be Laksh. He’s not Laksh look like at all cozz if he is Abhimanyu or someone that time we can’t expect Raglak. I am sure that Raglak gonna be there after some episodes.

  10. srivani

    Todays episode was awesome.swasan scenes are so cute.arey plz swasan ko mila dho.create a scene where swara is met with accident or her life is in danger.i want to see sanskar feelings when swara is suffering from life and death.

  11. Aditi Singh

    o my god….
    today’s part is commentlesss…. totally loved it….
    love you swasan n swaragini….
    I’m sooooo happpyyyyyy…..
    love you all….

  12. Aditi Singh

    now after watching the episode…
    my love for my swasan increased like the unending solar system… the solar system whose end is never known to anyone n would never be….
    I love you swasan alottttt…..

  13. Mica

    |Registered Member

    Sweet bitter conversation of my swasan…
    they assuming that there is no more love feeling left between them from each other….

    Sanskar assumed Swara love him nomore, that Swara live happily with Nikhil, how happy she is when Nikhil proposed her or how she said not to threat her as wife by his anger, until he forgot that Swara’s caring to his family is her love…

    Swara assumed that Sanskar love her nomore, when she heard ex-wife word from his mouth, when she heard that he want separate their name..and mostly, when he ready give her to another man, asked her to marry to another man,…


    • Aditi Singh

      any doubt mica…
      after today’s episode…
      today I mean yesterday they both indirectly confessed that they love each other to the core… n will always do…

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        yeah Aditi..that why i said they assumed..they trust with their love feeling to others,..and for their love feeling, they did sacrifice for each other..for Sanskar, he thought how happy Swara with Nkhil than with him, made him to demand Swara marry Nikhil, since it mixed with jealousy pain, he did it rudely…
        meanwhile, Swara thought that Sanskar didn’t love her anymore by Sanskar’s act, her guilty feeling (bout her decision), Sanskar’s words made her believe that she doesn’t deserve Sanskar anymore,her mistake made her Sanskar doesn’t love her anymore, that why she said..that their relation is weak..
        so, they trust their own feeling to each other, but…not from each others

      • Aditi Singh

        yes mica u r right…
        I really can’t describe how much I love swasan… they really gave me happiness… n the most important thing they gave me true friends which I never had in my life…
        I know no one will believe that I don’t had friends in my life… but it’s true I don’t have any friends in school… but now you all become my friends who really understand me….

  14. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Today i m dedicatng a song which”ll suit each charecters situation(hopefully)…..

    RAGINI-bahe naina bahe more naina ,jhare more naina(song from ra-one) *for laksh

    LAKSH-mujhko pehchan lo, jaaan lo ,keh bhi do hi kon…aaagya haaan aaagya don 😛 (song from DON SHAHRUKH KHAN VALA) * for eryone

    SWARA-aaj tujhko na main choorungi(song from mardaani) * for gaytri devi n her family 😛

    SANSKAAR-kaho na kaho yeh aankhe bolti hai o sanam o sanam(song from murder) *for swara

    Dp ap n ram-hum to bhai jaise hai vaise rahenge ab koi khush ho ya ho khafa hum nahi badlenge apni ada (song from veer zara)

    Sujata-main ghani bawaree hogai(from movie tanu weds manu 2)

    Uttara-mujhe kuch kehna hai….

    Gayetri n family-cash meri aankhon mein ,cash meri saanson m, cash meri dil m bhi (song from movie cash)

    Nikhil-bol do na zara dil m jo hai chipa main kise se kahunga nahi(song from azhar) *for ragini

    Wohoooo!!!!dekho kaun aagya😄😄😄yeyy!!!laksh ops sry abhimanyu is back wid specs lol 😛 n a cute lill grl…m sooo happy to see him back…oh yaaar rags pain is reallly unbearable to me…jaldi raglak ko mildo na plz cvss!!! Lets see how rag-abhi wl meet????… Curiosity is on d peek!!!😊😊😊😊

    • Kakali

      |Registered Member

      Waaaaa sweety u r such a wonderful singer*dreaming in ur voice…

      it’s for swaragini n Sanlak… ::::***:::::
      1 2 3 4 – get on the dance floor
      Booty shake, booty shake
      Dappan koothu hard core
      Shoulder hichak michik
      Body hichak michik
      Gimme, gimme, gimme
      gimme, gimme, gimme somemore
      1 2 3 4 get on d dance floor

      (four is on d floor,,they just shake their body n we gonna enjoy with straw in coconut…)*

      • Fairy

        |Registered Member

        Wohooooo hahahahha😁😁😁😀😀😀😂😂😂 m imagining dem 😄😄😄😄*kya baat h dialouge queeen😄😄😄 yey!!! Njoyng coconut water😇😆😆yummmm!!!😉

  15. Kakali

    |Registered Member

    Thnk u H.Hasan Mam for d breath taking update….

    ¤They were store room… hmmmm !! but why d light was on…. goshhh….

    ¤Raginiiii waaaa!!!! love u dear… u have became pride of my eye balls…

    ¤Nikhillll where did u elope hahh !!! u can’t face huhhh see we gurlzzz r more strong in these matter than u boyz… waa CVs love it… *Girlz Rock..

    ¤Swaraaaaa my full gaze was on ur eyeliner n shaky lips…*Sanskar soul is in me…

    ¤Sanskarrrr my full gaze was on ur gaze… haaaa !!! don’t try to full us…she is Swara Sanskar Maheswari only… ur love ur life ur wife…
    humming-“i was thinking about u,,thinking about me thinking about us..
    where we gonna be..
    open my eyes it was only just a dream…haaa !!!! ”

    ¤Sanskar hair is sooo oily… why r using soo much of gel? now i can’t even imagine to mess ur hairs… urghhh*chip chip..

    ¤ Uttara dear ur statement was sooo damn needed… u did correct… love u…

    ¤Lakshhhh!!!! Namishhh u r looking like awwwwww .. but u were somehow pale…

    ¤ Dp Ap… hope u both soon recover from ur sufferings… huhhh it’s not gonna easy for u both..

    ¤Gayetri jiiii,,, i have completed digging ur grave…

    ¤EYELOCK-still having effects… *safe landing in my private rocket…

    ¤Kakali now go back to ur ICU bed…^_^..
    Teww teww,,tannn tann tannnnnn…
    gd mrng to all…

  16. Dipu

    100% he is laksh how they show when ragini asking the laksh(seeing photo) why u left me then they show laksh(like I’m here I didn’t left u I will come back)

  17. Heymapriya

    wonderful episode- swasan scenes thought men to be responsble for their wives and a daughter in law responsibilities.

  18. asha

    Nikhil going to fall for swara.and he also will stop ragini’s attempts to unite swasan.why cvs do this i want raglak love triangle swasan already got happened.also there is no logic for nikhil to fall with swara.after he knows about sanskar’s consideration fo her.

  19. sonakshi

    wow……………. today’s episode was really to …………………..gud
    sankar finally said dat swara is his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in front of gayatri……………
    bt so ………………… sad fr ragini……



  21. Mica

    |Registered Member

    well Ragini dear.. hatt off you to be selfless person now, hide your pain for others happiness.. .. but then.. i dunno why i feel it will lead to something wrong, ..
    Gosshhh wish it won’t happen…since somehow maheswary family have habitual to blame everything to others
    i don’t wanna talk about Laksh, since i hate it, i hate the abimanyu scenario..

    • Fairy

      |Registered Member

      Wohooooo !!!from where d sun hs risen today??? Hahahahah MICA d gr8 antagonist of ragini is appreciatng her…wohoooo!!!!its call for celebration yaaar!!!hehhehehe😂😂😂😂 …bt on a serious note!!!yes dear even i hope dat nthng went wrong wid rags decision of hidng d truth about laksh!!!lets see wt wl happen nxt!!!!!?????

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        HUH! don’t mocking me…. appreciate ragini is killing me.. CVS ruined my fun time to bashing Ragini,,, huhuhu.. but what to say i can’t keep mum..she is awesome person now.. aaaaaattgghhhh…
        i hate abimanyu as i hate kissan…..

      • Fairy

        |Registered Member

        Hahahahah awww!!! Micu is missng her fun tym 😂😂 wohooo so much appreciation for rags…m on cloud 9 😛 lol *crazzy fan me 😂😂😄😄

      • kee

        even me omg my heart skiped a beat after seeing ur comment yar mica my heart is very week yar ragini she rocked today loved tejasswi today

    • kee

      no its not conformed in the spoiler they had written that nikil will fall in love swara will stop ragini from uniting ur swasan so don’t no nikil will fall fr whom

  22. shringu

    I think that the person who died may be the one whose place laksh has taken coz he died in the accident caused by laksh n in regret laksh is staying n compensating…

  23. Amrutha

    |Registered Member

    Hai everyone,Finally laksh is back and swara also back as sanskar patni .
    I think story is again getting it’s charm and also plz writers give some space to my ragini in that charms.
    And dear cutie Nikhil,a small suggestion for you don’t fall for swara, sanskar is there. Your entire life will be wasted like sahil, I am telling this as a senior fan of swaragini, just try for uttara may be u can succeed.
    My dear teju, u made me cry with ur expressions. I like, not like, I love you acting skills.
    You are my fav actress after my sweety darling anushka shetty.
    Anyway my cute angel anushka bday on coming Monday.😘Advance happy birthday anushka🎂.this time something expecting from prabhas.
    Very excited with swasan union and my ragini ‘s alone fightings.😋

    • Sumeeta

      |Registered Member

      This track is for both pair.nd i really like this ragini.i am not a rag fan nd tej fan but i can relate this ragini.after long time i have felt her sisterly love so genuine.usk liye pahli bar bura laga.
      So i think there is more for raglak fan

  24. MAHIRA

    |Registered Member

    late comment… was mourning on an other SS drama^^
    So… by what to start?
    Ragini… your brave behavior deserves to be first mentionned, I love this Ragini, she is the one i kept waiting for to really complete the “Swaragini” item… like an other face of her sister, she’s for the first time thinking about everyone before herself… and it’s about Laksh’!!!
    For Laksh, she did so much especially toward her sister, today for her sister, she’s keeping Laksh’ death secret … trying to preserve swara’s marriage!
    The problem is that i think that when Maheshwari parivaar will know about it, they’ll surely not understand, may be accusing her to hide the truth just to not become widow (i can already hear pagli-suju bash her )… hope i’m wrong.

    Then, Swasan… finally a real conversation between both of them, ok it was more a Sanskar open heart conversation than other thing, but it’s just so both of them… all she’s worrying about is HIS FAMILY… all he’s worrying about is HER…
    Gayathri-snake-tongue-ji…. THANK YOU SO MUCH… your villeness set the fire in the volcano named Sanskar Maheshwari and you have to make a thank God pooja for surviving the irruption :p
    The repeating subject about Nikhil even while he’s opening about his heart broken is for me his manner to push Swara to react, as her passive attitude while he’s fuming rage is making him go mad… may be he wants her to yell at him, to shout at his face her feelings…
    i cried along the whole episode, about Laksh death, about Ragini, about Swasan…
    Abhi… hum… Laksh lost weight and didn’t expose to sun for long time (may be because he was hospitalized?)…. but i really think he’s Laksh’… or else, Sanskar will never forgive himself (let’s not imagine Swara’s reaction)
    *crossing fingers*

  25. MAHIRA

    |Registered Member

    Swasan moment…
    So, Oh God…
    Sanskar, one can’t manhandle a stranger woman like you give youreself the right to do if she’s not his wife. So you can keep asking Swara to just do her job and go, it’s not credible when you past the whole sagay function of your sister eying her from unknown corner like a stalker and irrupt at her face from nowhere.
    so you know her so well that you knew exactly what she was about doing with the dowry issue and you drag her to the store room (wish you had some more neurons to lock the door behind you… but ok, it was inexpected moment, and the news Sanskar wouldn’t really care if if someone surprise him in an intimate moment with his wife)
    How it must be difficult for Swara to hear her decisions’ repecutions on his life, his place in the house… may be you can now understand why is he sooo angry (if the simple fact that you’re not in his life is not enough)
    Then all of sudden, time is suspended, no anger, no accusations, no world around… just both of you so close… appreciating an instant of what you’ve waited so much to have before…
    Swara real poof of love dear Sanskar is that she was eager to go and stop the sagay afraid about your sister’s future even she knew she’ll be bashed by pagli-suju like never before… but she’s here quite, crying like hell and listening to that snake accusing her of the worst things just to preserve your family… your dignity…. accepting that she’s a besharam woman and you’re a prince she’s charming for money (grrrrrrrrrr)
    Sanskar real proof of love dear Swara is that he was just telling you how he’s afraid about what can happen to his mother if the marriage is cancelled, but he can’t handle to see you like that, affirming what he’s claiming “not” for the past 6 months… you’re his wife and even if by that statue no one can judge your acts, he defends you saying that nothing from what they’re imagining was going on (this is to protect you from his family future accusations…)
    ufff… why don’t they finish trapped in a storm in the middle of nowhere and without a blanket?… *like when he kidnapped her night*

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      yeahh.. Sanskar was too careless not to lock the door, but somehow when he just slowly close the door with his two hand made him kinda in romantic mode, made Swara startled with his behavior and his sudden changed after he dragged her angrily turn to calmly.

      • MAHIRA

        |Registered Member

        to her reaction and how he looked to her just after closing the door, it’s like if it’s not the 1st time they did this (Mr Maheshwari dragging his wife forcefuly to the store room)… and it’s like if when they did it, it wasn’t to fight at all… :p

  26. Ranasharma

    Hi..I ‘ve heard that’s no swaragini on Monday.
    I don’t know what happened?
    Some fans…say that it appears that they will shut the show

  27. MAHIRA

    |Registered Member

    it’s shedulon Colors TV website:
    NOVEMBER 7TH,2016

    NOVEMBER 8TH,2016

    NOVEMBER 9TH,2016

  28. Aasthu

    |Registered Member

    I’m very happy that finally some sense has popped in cv’s mind……..finally they made Ragini the way she was……….she hid her pain for Swara…………swasan scene was really nyc………I liked swaragini’s final dialogue………….that they both are Swara Sanskar Maheshwari and Ragini Laksh Maheswari…………………Uttara……….I loved her decision………..anyways that Chirag was no good for her……………..I’m dancing in happiness coz that ****** Gayathri and family is going to go away…………………I hate Namish’s new look…………I don’t like it………..Mica is it gonna be like Jaggi in SNS???????? why is he married??????? now think memory loss was better than this………..anyways I hope it will be raglak…………..and not Ragmanyu or something else…………is Nihkil’s role over????????????

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      Aasthuuu…. i dunno dear… from the next segment, it’s kinda this Abimanyu avoid Swasan, seem he os laksh himself, not abimanyu, if only he don’t know Swasan, he will surely come to Swasan to say thank as they are saving his daughter…

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        so, he doesn’t suffer from memory loss either, but something happen to the paralyzed wife and the family which made laksh did kinda stunt.

      • Aasthu

        |Registered Member

        Mica can you be more clear??????? Are you telling that it is Laksh himself but he is acting as Abhimanyu bcoz the circumstances demand it of him??????? Do you know anything about Nikhil’s role??????

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      hehehehehe.. i dunno about Nikhil, seem his role not much mentioned after swaragini back to MM, but laksh..it was just my silly thought, i dunno the exact as it isn’t airing yet…

  29. MAHIRA

    |Registered Member

    I felt it like that to that he is somehow obliged to help this cuty little girl, because when he smiled to her it is like if he is very sad
    Don’t known but at least I’ll be really happy if he is laksh himself (but then poor ragini)

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      mahiraaaa.. are we twin ? ahem ahem :3
      even me, i’m very happy by his gesture and big wosh that he is Laksh..
      about Ragini..well she is destined as fighter in her love story, but at least there is problem between Raglak in their love life, it will make their love stronger…

      • MAHIRA

        |Registered Member

        hehe… i think that so!!! swasanians twins :3
        in the spoilers they say Ragini will act like she’s in love with Nikhil !!!
        can’t wait for Swasan reaction to the new Laksh^^oops.. abhi

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