Swaragini 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh tells Swara that if he proves Ragini wrong then she has to help him kick Ragini out of his life and then she has to return in his life. He promises that he will accept Ragini and give her wifey rights if he couldn’t prove her wrong. He forwards her hand asking Swara to promise. Swara looks on. Laksh says it is easy to tell that we trust somebody, but difficult to show faith. Swara holds his hand and says I can accept your first condition, but I don’t agree to return to your life again. She says this is your childishness. Laksh says I will always try to bring you back in my life. Swara says sorry and says my sister needs me. Laksh shouts asking her to return to his life when her believe breaks regarding Ragini. Just then some goons come in car and kidnaps Swara. Laksh is shocked and

runs behind the kidnappers’s car. He shouts Swara.

In the house, sindoor bottle falls from Ragini’s hand. Ragini tells Annapurna that she will pick the sindoor. Annapurna stops her and says it is very inauspicious. Ragini says it is very inauspicious sign and says she is worried for Laksh. Annapurna says nothing will happen to him. The goons stops the car somewhere. Laksh comes in his car. Swara bites the goon hand and calls Laksh. Laksh gets down from his car and beats the goons. Swara cries being scared. Laksh continues to fight with the goons. When all the goons fell down. Laksh comes to Swara and hugs her asking her to relax. He says if anyone touches you then I will take his life. He kisses on her forehead asking her to relax. Swara cries.

Sujata talks to the neighbor and tells that she gets strength to keep up the fast. Ragini tells Annapurna that Laksh didn’t come till now. Annapurna asks her not to worry and says Swara is also not here. Swara comes just then. Ragini acts and asks Annapurna if Swara went out. Annapurna says I didn’t know. Sanskar looks at Swara. He asks what happened? Swara says she felt relieved seeing him. He asks what happened? Swara says when I went outside, then…..just then Sumi calls Swara. Swara hugs her. Sumi gives her something and asks if she is fine? Swara says yes. Dadi says Swara has kept fast for first time.

Annapurna asks where did you go, and asks her to get ready. Swara gives gift to Sujata and Annapurna. Sujata blesses her. Swara goes to get ready. She is relieved to see Ragini and is about to tell her about kidnapping, but Ragini says she don’t want to talk to her. Sanskar asks Swara if she want to talk to him. Just then Durga Prasad calls Sanskar. Swara asks him to go. Ragini asks Sumi where are her gifts, to be given to Sujata and Annapurna.

Dadi hesitantly gives her gifts. Laksh comes home. Annapurna asks where did you go? Before Laksh can say anything. Annapurna says you left her and went, and asks where did he go. Ragini gets tensed and thinks Laksh might tell Annapurna that she went missing. She comes and asks Laksh to get ready. Laksh says okay. Ragini tells him that she lied to Annapurna about their fight.

Annapurna makes arrangements and waits for Swara. Ragini looks at the door as she is waiting for someone. Laksh and Swara come downstairs after getting ready. Sanskar looks at Swara. Laksh asks Swara, why did you stop here? Annapurna asks Swara to come fast as they need to start the puja. Laksh notices Sanskar staring Swara. All the married women do the puja. Someone comes and handsover the envelope to the servant. He gives the envelope to Annapurna. Annapurna is shocked to see the photos of Laksh and Swara. Annapurna looks on shockingly.

Ragini asks Annapurna where they are going? Annapurna says just 2 mins. Ragini says photos will take more than 2 mins. Durga Prasad sees the photos and questions Laksh and Swara. They are shocked. Sanskar asks Swara to become his love and not break their marriage. Swara and Laksh are shocked.

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  1. thank god,sanskar full trust swara

  2. They will make Sanskar and Swara a couple. This story will drag for a bit. Sanskar will keep an eye on both sisters, every time Ragini tries something it will fail.

  3. Stupid serial

  4. New_Spoiler

    ‬The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara gets ready to leave Maheswari house.She takes blessing from family members while Sanskaar is sad seeing Swara leaving.Suddenly, Ragini shoutsand tells everyone about Lakshya.Everyone runs to see Lakshya and is shocked seeing he cut his wrist.Swara does bandage of Lakshya angrily while Ragini is upset to see this.Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and Lakshya fight for SwaraSwara knows that Lakshya did this to get her back in his life.Swara finally nods to accept Lakshya but she is still confused.On the other hand, Lakshya blames Sanskaar that he did brainwashes of Swara as now she accepts him but later she can leave him.Swara goes to temple getting the solution of her complicated life.There Salman tell swara to choose the right person who makes her happy.Here swara realizes her love for sanskar and she accepts him.

    swasan fans ko diwali n swaralak cant do anythng…personally i lyk both pairs bt asper d stry sanskar deservs swara….bt still laksh deservs bettr than tat evil ragini…i juz luv swara♥♥♥ helly rockx..

    1. Wow shazna, thank you for the information. I new it will be swasan, I just new it. I’m so happy thank you, swasan forever they rock.

  5. Oh I m a SWASAN fan but 2day when I watched swalak I remembered their scenes (don’t get me wrong I’m still a SWASAN fan once i used be a swalak fan )

    1. same here dr evn me lso earlier swaralak fan thn i used to lyk swarasan n i support swarasan unite bcz thy deservs ech othr n swasan z true love..i juz love swara’s charactr in ths shw n nw i lyk sanskar lso bt hate ragini..i don hate laksh n hopin 4 he ll lso get his true love in future(i mean nt ragini n swara)som1 lse nw entry 😉 😀

      Bt m damm sure tat d nxt writer gonna make laksh negative role lyk rag who wanna seperate swarasan n make trouble in thr lyff…

  6. Ty shazna for a hopeful spoiler

    1. wlcm itz 100% sure swrasan oly…n bhaijan gonna help swara to realise her true love 4 sanskar…

  7. Started hating swara

  8. sanskar is true and better than laksh pls swara accept sanskar
    swasan is the best

  9. helly shah posted a video on instagram dancin wid salman bhai…swara rockxx ♥♥☆★♥

  10. guys see when shomi comes and calls shona she goes to her mom and hug while hug shomi suspect something wrong and she also asks her “sab theak haina beta?? ” sanskar also sees this she is distubed when she wants to say something to him at the sametima anyone comes and stoping them to talk… but she only got relifed when she saw him she said that.. but seeing precap i am so much confusing why he askd her to dont break marriage?confusion over precap that’s it… and ap and dp questioned them….

  11. in one iv swara said now she has only angry on him thats it… and he is becoming like ragini.. by seeing he comit sucide she only geting angry on him….

  12. Spoiled hot news

  13. Salman Khan vil make swara realise whom to choose. Actually m also confused hw poor swara vil decide. Common frst love s hard to forget. But sanskaar s hard to resist wth all the sweetness
    .. Ragini.. God .. I think she s very clueless in life. She has no one aim. She s lik a lost hen. She oly doesn’t wat she wants. Lakshya o swara s tears. Or simply destroy peace lik all saas bahu drama

  14. I hate swara the most.she s forcing everyone to trust tat ragini. Ways her problem. Who s she to force lakshya to accept her. If she s going down by trusting her so called sister. Y s she taking everyone down wth her.


    i just watch this show only for swasan. don’t seperate them. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i like swasan the most

  16. hey guys I just loved the way swara said to sanskar ki tumhe dekhke mein kitna relax feel kar rahi hun
    I think when she entered home she was searching for sanskar to tell him what she had gone through
    I just love their bonding

  17. hey guys I just loved the way swara said to sanskar ki tumhe dekhke mein kitna relax feel kar rahi hun
    I think when she entered home she was searching for sanskar to tell him what she had gone through
    I just love their unknown bonding

  18. in new olv its lakshya ragini and swara going outside in car and ap, sujatha folloing them, in another car… and swara wear pink dress ragini green lehanga and lakshya blue suite.. rags ask swara to sit front but she refuse and sat back. raglak sat front and ap sujatha following them.. its after hand cutting episode and in that the continuation after wrist cut episode shown where sanskar comes and tells laksh to swara wants to give him one chance it depends on her lakshya saya to sanky that he brain washed swara thats why she is ready to give him one chance after that she can leave him.. is this ragini playing another card or whats going in swaragini.. totally confusing.. confusing.. who is exact pair its swasan or swalak? then what is salman tell her if she realize true love then again she is going with laksh.. it means is she realized that lakshya is her true love and not sanskar what this… ??

    1. i think sanskar deserve better partner than swara….
      humne lag raha ki ek ff likhu jisme new entry ho kisi girl ki sanskar k liye…
      love story of sanskar..
      bdw relax dear…
      it’s serial….
      truly speaking i also want sanswa…..

  19. So much confusions for Swara. Yes Yes Yes it’s going to be SwaSan and as every SwaLaksh fan I’m also disappointed and definitely will stop watching nd reading Swaragini as there is no point in watching this(for me ). SwaSan can never be cute like how SwaLaksh was. No offence to SwaSan fans. What’s next ? Uniting Ragini & Laksh ? Ufff!! Ragini-Laksh and Sanskar- Swara don’t have chemistry as Sanskar-Ragini and Swara-Laksh once had. I know TRP won’t fall but if it falls it will be only bcs of this “chemistry factor”. As someone said here , I was a SwaLaksh fan , I’m and will quit watching Swaragini as SwaLaksh fan only because of this SwaSan factor. Not ignoring Ragini. She’s also important. After all name of this show is Swaragini though somehow changed the entire track. No problems with Sanskar as well but I personally feel this show’s charm is lost somewhere. Dear director and other creatives , if you guys have paired SwaLaksh nd RagSan long ago this situation wouldn’t have happened. You could have made a lovely story. Now when I compare old Swaragini with new….Old Swaragini was much better.
    Thank You all !!!!

  20. Yeah…i lve swasan n plz don’t seperate them…

  21. Hope that it will b swasan coz rt man fr SWA… Is ovi… Sanskar.

  22. I’m sorry to say this but in my view swara and sanskar looks good together. They will make a good couple. And about ragini and sanskar they won’t look good together. Even laksh and ragini they also don’t look good together because ragini looks older then laksh, even she looks older then sanskar. Sorry it’s just my opinion.

    1. exactly i too agree to your opinion

  23. Swasan forever, they rock.?

  24. I think ragini is polluting lakshya’s mind and provoking him towards negative thinking. so that he can understand her and accept her.

  25. swara is doing too much extra of my sister my sister ragini, pls open your eyes..how many chances to give ragini who doesnt look will improve..sly n evil minded always..can understand laksh position but now swasan pair should go ahead..

  26. plz upload ff…

  27. Laksh maried rag bcos he knew swara wont be hapy wen she returns hearin of her sis demise. He doubtd swara bcos she didnt giv him gud reason to trust her. It dosnt mean he stopd trustin her everybd would have done same wen wit a maniplator lyk rag. Remember Sanskar’s intention neva changd as his lov died. Laksh neva confesd to Swara after mariage bcos he loves her alot nd respects her. I SERIOUSLY DISAGREE WITH SWAsan.

    1. I’m sorry to say this idea, but I disagree with you. I really think that swasan will make a good couple, they look good together.

  28. guys in tdy segmnt they showed ragini memory back they all in kc dresses and they showed she askng swara to accept laksh and get married him in helly iv she saying use lux ke paas nahi jana hai.. after that they showed helly in temple and dancing with salman and sonam but vo said they are tring to “swara and laksh” means what? is salman going to help her find true love about swara. and laksh… confusing..

  29. I am bit confused. Ragini is acting like she lost her memory. As per her nobody knows her truth except swara and sanskar. How can she call swara to park and take laksh and swara photo and send home. She should not allow laksh meeting swara right. More confusing one how ragini can advice laksya to cut his wrist sothat swara will not go from home. How lakshy the fool can follow her advice without thinking. I am not getting this serial at all

  30. barc ratig this week swaragini 2.8 postion 6th yaar aise hi karte toh trp decreases its already decresed from 4 to 2.8 if you people show like this and drags again trp decreses…

  31. Trp will surely fall if they keep dragging the plot and confuses us regarding the pairs,I m a swasan fan but nowadays don’t feel like watching cos f this dragging, I will watch it if swasan happens and if not, adieu to Swaragini.

  32. Agree wid u Guest..n one thing is dat 1st laksh loved ragini n later he found swara..on diz Rag became jealous n try to break their relation n threw swara in river..n Laksh who alwz trusted swara melted with d words of Ragini n marry her in anguish..at lst swara n sanky also became a married couple..so why should swara go to laksh??who even don’t trust her..but sanskar didn’t left swara’s side..so if marriage is nt a joke dan every1 should accept their lyf as it is..even she loved a guy in d past bt she should nt go to him again after her marriage..i like swasan..don’t seperate them plz

  33. N i know laksh swara se bht pyar krti h but wo swara ko kvi v trust nhi kya…wo to 2nd chnce v deserve nhi krta

  34. Oh…. Laksh respects swara….. Really….!!!!!

    That’s y he insulted her nd called characterless nd ya he also said to her that she dsnt dsrvs anybody’s love ( tum kisike pyar k lyk hi nahi ho swara )…..

    Wow !!!! What a respect for a girl from his beloved…… No one can respects like this….

    No offence to anyone……it’s only my opinion… I said what I felt…..

    1. Well jhanvi, what ever you felt and said is right. I also agree with you.

  35. Exactly rupshikha, why should swara take him back. I mean the way he treated her, like a dirt. He didn’t believed her nor did he trusted her. He also insulted her and called her characterless. And even if she does goes back with him it will look wrong because she is still married to sanskar. I think she is better of with sanskar because he was always there for her. He is her shoulder to cry on.

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