Swaragini 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rajat’s fake dad identifying Sanskar. Swara hides the pendrive. Rajat’s dad says so you are Swara and Sanskar. Rajat’s fake dad takes pendrive from Swara’s hand and throws it in room. Ragini asks Rajat to buy footwear with Sherwani and dupatta. Rajat says I got late, and need to reach home. He leaves. Ragini asks Laksh to call Sanskar. He calls her and says his bluetooth is out of range. Rajat’s fake mum takes out knife and says do you think we are fools. Rajat’s dad tries to call him. Rajat’s mum keeps knife on Swara’s neck and says you are doing this for money, but you people are not bad at heart. She says Rajat have made Utara’s MMS and is blackmailing us because of it. Rajat’s fake mum and dad are shocked. Swara says may be your sins gets lowered by helping

us. Rajat’s fake mum melts down. Rajat’s fake dad says it is their trick. Sanskar says I would have stabbed you if it was my trick. Swara requests them to give pendrive. Rajat’s fake mum tells Swara and Sanskar that once Rajat said that he has Utara’s pics in his laptop. Swara checks the laptop and says there is a folder with his name which needs password to open. Swara asks them what would be his passwd. Sanskar says Utara…Swara checks Utara and says it is wrong password. Sanskar says may be password is Rajat.

Swara writes Rajat and says it is not right. She says one last chance and then folder will not open. Rajat’s mum and dad asks her to put marriage date. Swara puts the date and deletes the folder. Swara thanks them and asks to tell where is Parineeta. Rajat’s fake mum says she is not here. Rajat’s dad takes pendrive hearing Rajat coming home. Swara says pendrive is with him, we have to stay here. Rajat’s fake dad and mum come out of his room. Rajat sees pendrive in his hand and takes it. He says once I marry, you will get your money and can leave. Swara and Sanskar are hiding. Swara sees pendrive fallen on floor. Rajat gets a call, but disconnects the call as he couldn’t hear anything. He puts his feet on Swara’s hand. Swara writhles in pain. Sanskar goes out and breaks the pot. Rajat goes out and scolds his fake parents for breaking the pot. Ragini and Laksh wait for Swara and Sanskar. Swara tells Sanskar that they shall leave through window. Ragini gets Annapurna’s call and she informs her that Shekhar and Sumi are not coming even today. Laksh asks her to go and see them.

Sumi and Shekhar are Dadi’s house. Dadi looks on. Neighbor asks what happened? Why you are leaving your old parents in this age? Shekhar says it is our house matter and asks her not to interfere. He opens Dida’s house door, and asks Sumi to get inside. Sumi looks at Dadi. Swara and Sanskar come to Laksh. Swara gives pendrive to Laksh. Laksh says we shall break it before anyone else know about it. He breaks the pendrive. Sanskar says but where to search Parineeta bhabhi. Swara asks him about Ragini. Ragini comes to the baadi and sees neighbors looking at her. She knocks on the door. Dadi opens the door. Ragini asks how is Maa’s health?

Ragini goes inside calling Sumi and Shekhar. She asks Dadi, what happened? She asks if Sumi is very much unwell? Dadi is silent. Just then she hears some noise coming from Dida’s house, and sees Shekhar and Sumi there. She asks why they are there? Dadi asks her to ask them. Ragini is clueless and shocked. She goes there and knocks on the door. Shekhar opens the door. Ragini asks what you both are doing here? Ragini asks Sumi about her health. Sumi says I am fine. Ragini asks why you both are here? She says even Dadi is silent. Shekhar says nothing important. Everything will be fine soon. Ragini asks what happened? Dadi asks Ragini not to do drama and ask bengalis, and not to drag her in their matter. Ragini says bengali…when you are starting bengali/marwadi fight? What happened? Neighbor says you will know after 9 months. Ragini looks surprised. She asks what I don’t know. Neighbor says your mum is pregnant and you are unaware. Neighbor says your mum should play with your children and is gearing up to give you siblings. She says bengalis people are shameless and taunts her. Ragini is shocked. She goes to Sumi and asks her….if this is true? Sumi with her eyes low says it is truth.

Parineeta’s mum cries and asks Swara to promise and bring Parineeta home. Swara promises her. Parineeta asks Rajat to let her go. Rajat says you will never return to Maheshwari family irrespective of Swara’s try to search you. Parineeta is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. whaaaaat?
    i hope ragini will be happy with sumi having a child

    1. Yes!! Ragini will b very happy..

  2. Raglak are the best. They are so cute. Sanskar acting really too good.

  3. hey guys i jst heard tht therez goinna b a new guy casting opposite to swara aftr d memory loss.. so good luck wud tht to all d swasan fans

  4. raglak r bcoming slaves of swasan -_-

  5. new entry ki news suni against swara…aur sanskar ka kya?? swasan fans ka kya??

    1. Don’t worry it’ll fun to see sanky jealous and a new love story of swasan??

      1. I hope aap Jo keh rahe ho wo sahi nikle

  6. Isn’t it useless to have a sibling of swaragini. And what. D. Need of it

  7. Pregnancy at this too much, raglak have got equal importance along with swasan all four r helping each other , please don’t separate swasan n raglak even in memory loss track

  8. m finding it funny dat that sumi n shekhar r still wishng to hav their baby…n it has becm fixd that ragini vl b solvng her maykas problms n swara vl solving her sasurals problms…

  9. New love story of swasan yipeeeeeeeee?????????
    Socho pehli baar me itni fan following then second time toh dey will burst the stage.????

  10. Nice episode hope tis pregnancy drama ill ovr soon

  11. swara to find a new guy, post her memory loss in swaragini!!
    the auditions for the new face is still going on..
    readers, brace yourself for a high intense drama to unfold in swaragini.
    with ongoing track, swara along with sanskar, lakshya and ragini is trying hard to find parineeta, who has been kidnapped. whereas all other members of maheshwari family are busy with uttara’s andrajat’s marriage preparations.
    now in the upcoming track, uttara and rajat marriage will be called off with the help of swara. though rajat has threatened swara, by kidnapping parineeta, she will choose a safer way to inform uttara about rajat’s real identity.
    swara will leave a note mentioning about rajat motives behind his marriage in uttara’s room. learing whih, uttara will confront rajat and the entire fmily will come across his true face. they will call the cops and get him arrested. but before arresting him, rajat will snatch gun frompolice and point at swara. he will then run off from there, holding swara as a hostage.
    well.. well.well the drama doesnot stops here..!!
    rajat in a complete revenge mode, will then take swara to a cliff. and after a lot of arguments, out of vegenance, rajat will push her down from the cliff. resulting to swara’s temporary memory loss.
    omg! but what next! swara will find a new guy in her life. the auditions for the new guy is still going on.
    hmm. too much drama masala cooking up in the show. but what about the new guy? who do you think would fit right with swara on the show? do share your views.

  12. i dont think the new guy is positive or negative but swasan and raglak are end game in swaragini.. like same as ssk roli lossed her memory and with new guy but he is villan she got memory back and return home with simar but no one paired sid some one claim but the mariage called of by premar but dont think same as it is.. rs never change leads at in the show if they quit she changes are else no.. she think and mohith died in sarojini but afterr that show trp so low due to that no show ended.. now will not take that risk.. in ssk shoaib quit soo new prem aka dheeraj came. and roli quit so her charcter died because no one fit the roli like avika . so her charcter died, jia in sns quit so devolenna replace but she didnt change any leads of the show till now except sarojini. which results her as wrap up the show endind with low trp.. she again didnt took the risk.. but shows full drama in all her shows…..

  13. Well I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming track. I don’t mind swara losing her memory but some other guy entering the show for her, I’m not liking it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the writers these days why can’t they just write something better for this show. And that nagin dadi what’s her problem, What’s done is done regarding sumi’s pregnancy. Why would she want to kill the unborn baby? I think what’s that nagin dadi is trying to do is pure evil. Anyways Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    1. hey enemy ji .. long time no see… I missed ur comments… n yea I hope yeh sab sirf rumor ho n swara ko new guy na mile

      1. Hi there stoneheart how are you? Well I was really busy that’s why I didn’t comment.

  14. good serial maza aa gaya

  15. Really bringing new guy fr swara I don’t like…fr tis swalak again ill b better wr v can both t pairs pain cme love

  16. krishnai aka ww

    A Note to all colors Serial’s fans:

    I had made a poll for colors serials to vote for the best serial and Jodi…. Pls do vote for your favorite Jodi and serial.

    Thank you.

  17. This is d upcuming track guyz
    Rajat comes with his fake parents along with baraat. Sujata welcomes him with aarti and tilak. Suddenly Utara faints during marriage as she comes to know about his truth. Rajat takes her to room. Swaragini exposes Rajat. Rajat takes Swara with him while keeping gun on her neck. He was sure that they will do something and that’s why brings goons along with baraatis. He kidnaps Swara and hgoes. Everyone is shocked and go behind Rajat to save Swara. Ragini promises her mum that she will not let anything happen to Swara. There will be twist leading to Swara’s kidnapping.

  18. hi this is crystal here
    i have recently started an fb page swaragini fanfictions
    if any of u wants ur work to be posted in fb so as it can reach larger audiances pls msg in the page
    it can be ff or os or ss and the pairs also doesnt matter
    also those who are also good at editing can send me ur editz i would be happy to post it in the page
    this is the link to my page

  19. Sumi hvg child at this age sounds so funny & new guy in Swara’s life also sound funny let us see

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