Swaragini 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sumi locking the door. Her saree pallu gets stuck on to the door bolt. Ragini tells Sumi that their house don’t want them to go. Shekhar says but I want, taxi have come, takes the bags and leave. Sumi and Ragini cry and look at the door. Dadi looks at Dida’s house and recalls the memories. Sumi and Ragini look at the door while leaving. Kavya asks Swara, if she liked her Oscar’s performance. Swara says it was good, but I will take off the cloth from his eyes. Kavya says you don’t know what I can do to keep Laksh trapped in my love. She says you can’t take Laksh on your side. Swara says I don’t have any interest to see your face. Kavya says I came to warn you and asks her to stop her acting to be good bahu. Swara asks why? So that you can trouble mey family? Kavya says

you doesn’t know what I can do in madness. Swara says I can seen your depth, and tells about wig incident. She says I won’t back off. Kavya says you are bahu as I am letting you stay here. She says your baba’s hand was broken that day and that’s why you haven’t suffered any promise thing. She asks her to think if anything happened to him. Swara raised her hand to slap Kavya, but she stops her hand. Swara asks her to leave from her room before she does something.

Swara recalls Dadi accusing Swara for Shekhar’s accident. She calls Ragini. Ragini hears the ringtone and says her phone is left in the house. She says she will take her phone, but Shekhar asks her not to make excuse and get inside the house. They leave from the house. Swara calls Sumi, but her phone fails to connect. Swara calls Shekhar. Ragini picks the call and says hello Swara. Swara says I am calling you since long. She says I called you to inform that baba’s accident was done by Kavya. Ragini is shocked and asks how? Shekhar looks for his phone and sees Ragini talking. He asks Ragini with whom she is talking? He says atlast you told her. Ragini says your accident haven’t happened because of promise break, and says your accident was planned by Kavya. She asks him to talk to her once. Shekhar says I am not angry with her because of accident, but because she has broken my promise. He asks her to come. Swara says Dadi saying Bikaner, and runs out.

Sumi tells Ragini if Kavya did Shekhar’s accident? Ragini says yes and sayI thought baba will forgive Swara hearing this, but…..Swara informs Annapurna that she is going to bus stand and asks her to inform Sanskar. Shekhar, Ragini, Sumi, Dadi and Dada ji board the bus. Swara comes in her car and sees the Bikaner bus leaving. She shouts asking driver to stop the bus and runs behind the bus. She cries and sees the bus going. Just then she sees Shekhar’s voice speaking to Dadi that he will bring something for them to eat. Swara goes near him, apologizes to him and says you are upset with me as I have broken your promise. She says you have taught me to help the enemies in their trouble, and says this family is my inlaws. She says your daughter is not stubborn to take such step. She says I know whatever happened with Ragini was wrong, and asks him to trust her and says Annapurna is repenting for Laksh’s doings and felt Ragini’s pain. She says you have taught us that nobody can be happy if we promotes hatredness.

She says I have done a mistake by not following your words, apologizes, and requests him. She says I can’t choose any 1 family among my two families, and asks him not to go far from her. Everyone looks on. Bus Conductor asks them to come if they are done with crying, and asks them to get Swara’s ticket. Shekhar says she is not coming with us and leave her hand. They leave. Swara cries and bends down on the road. She sees the bus left. Shekhar keeps hand on her shoulder. Swara cries looking at him, says baba and asks if you have forgiven me. Shekhar hugs her and says I am not upset with you, but with the circumstances. He asks her not to ask him to have relation with that family, which he can’t do. Swara hugs her family members. Dadi and Dada also forgive her. Ragini hugs Swara and says I am with you, you are not alone. Swaragini plays………….Swara thanks her and says I can now fight with more strength. Swara and Ragini hug Shekhar while Swaragini plays………..

Swara comes home and hugs Annapurna and Sujata happily. Swara says I am very happy today. Sujata asks if kavya is dead? Swara says baba have forgiven me. Sujata says Swara is very lucky and convinces everyone. She asks Swara to call her family to Mahashivratri function. Swara smiles. Annapurna says let it be, it takes time to fill the wounds. Sujata says I have good news too, and says did you know why am I happy? She says black cat is not at home. Swara asks if she went somewhere, and says she will search for proofs in the room. Annapurna takes Sujata with her. Swara goes to Kavya’s room and searches in her cupboard. Sujata brings the guitar and says we will make Swara sing bhajan in the mahashivratri function. Just then Kavya comes. Annapurna asks Sujata to do something as Swara is in Kavya’s room.

Sujata calls Kavya and asks her to sing bhajan in the function. Kavya says she can do party all night and not aarti all night. Swara searches for the proofs in the room and hears Sujata’s voice. Sujata asks Kavya to sing as well. Swara leaves from the room. Sujata sings bhajan and forces her to sing as well. Swara comes. Sujata asks her to go. Kavya says thank god, you are done, else Shiv ji will come and curse you. Kavya asks Swara to go and practice. Swara asks her to do planning being bad bahu. Sujata asks if I sing badly. Annapurna says no. Swara smiles.

Later Swara tells Sanskar that she came to know that Kavya is from Delhi, and became actress. She says Kavya refuses to talk about her past, and tells about her future. Kavya tells Laksh that she was at home all day, and the family behaved like she is untouchable. Laksh cheers her up and sees the wind chime. Kavya says I brought it and says she wanted to bring it for Swara and Sanskar, but they think her wrong. Laksh says if you are getting many negative vibes here, then we will shift to flat. Kavya says no and says she don’t want to take the blame of separating him with his family. She asks him to sleep. Sanskar tells Swara that they will get something against her.

Sanskar says even Kavya has slept, may be she is tired up after making plans all day. Kavya wakes up and switches on and off the wind chime light. Swara and Sanskar see her switching on and off the lights. Sanskar says she must be signalling someone. Swara says we shall hide and see. Kavya comes out of house and sits in her car. Swara says we shall follow her. Laksh comes out and sits in the car also. Swara asks Sanskar to come. Sanskar says Laksh went with her, what is the point to follow them. Swara insists. They leave in their car. Swara and Sanskar stop the car and looks on.

Ragini asks Swara about Kavya. Swara says Laksh is blinded by Kavya badly and he trusts her. Swara tells Sanskar that Kavya will do something wrong when the chat wala turns to sell icecream the next day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. whwhens ragini gonna get a proper role in it

    1. Exactly!!

  2. CVs want more SwaSan scenes plzz. And plzz don’t turn Ragini into negative again. Plzz always keep her role positive otherwise the tagline “Swaragini-Jodein Rishto K Sur” won’t have any meaning. Plzz let Swara and Ragini stay always together fr each other and let Ragini find her love again. And this Kavya!! I just hate her!!! >_<

  3. i luv sujata nowadays
    otherwise love swasan swasan forever .
    only watching 4 swasan bt i missed sanskar today in the epi..

  4. Very nice episode.

  5. Shekhar accepted swara.. Nice.. But the story line is very weak.. Getting bored day by day..

  6. This Kavya is crossing here limit… Sujatha wat a timing “Kavya margi ki”… Wat is happening… Y they both went out late night… Dnt knw wat the cvs these r planning to do in the serial… Feel like killing this Kavya…

  7. Not to offend anyone or anything, but is there a way of having different pages of fan fiction and written updates to be different. Bcoz one has to go through alot of fan fiction to look for a written update. And I personally almost give up. Coz I don’t read fan fiction. No offense to anyone

    Msg from Team: Click on “Written Episodes Only” filter on Swaragini page.

    1. Sss ur right CKM
      We have to search many pages and for searching only it losing my patience
      Plzzzz Telly Team provide another page for FF’s
      A humble request ?

    2. You can directly click on written updates only at the top left below telly updates font ☺

  8. swara and sanskar’s panipuri romance.
    swara to kiss sanskar having spicy panipuri..
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that much awaited moments between newly weds.
    swara is happy that she managed to patch up with her father. sanskar also gets happy seeing his love swara happy.
    and to add happiness he brings her favourite panipuri for her. she is happy to see panipuri and kisses sanskar. swasan love moments.
    swasan gets close to each other and hugs each other. swasan romance begins and they cherish the moments.
    swasan romance will definetely bring happiness for the audience.
    stay tuned for more updates.

  9. swaragini latest news: swara sanskar romance over spicy panipuri
    the upcoming episode of colors daily tv show swaragini will witness some hot romance between swara and sanskar.
    swara seems to be very happy and relaxed after her father forgives her and drops idea of leaving the city.
    sanskar will try to celebrate the moment with her by getting some spicy and delicious puchukas (panipuri).
    she will enjoy having spicy panipuri and in her excitement kisses sanskar on his cheek hence the duo is seen in the romantic mood getting intimate.
    it seems that swara wants to take her marriage with sanskar to the nezxt level.
    it will be intresting to see what is going to happen next in the show.

    1. Its a request to fanfiction writers pls make a separate page its really difficult n torturous to find the original update… we r not interested in your writing

  10. I am watching dis serial oly for swasan….

  11. I cant understand does swara have to push her nose in everything she can easily solve kavya problem firstly injection problem backfired her. And then she is troubling kavya and so the maheswaries have to suffer



  14. What is ragini’s focus on her too eniku ee shoeil etavum ishtam ragsne anu

  15. Sujata was the show stealer today ! What comic timing !! Kali billi margai ke ? She and swasan are best!

  16. if article:
    romance to brew between “swasan” in swaragini!!
    the duo will plan to take their relationship to the next level…
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini on colors will bring in some peace in the maheshwari family as swara and sanskar will finally share some comforting moments together.
    swara and sanskar will soon be seen relishing some mouth-watering street food where she will plot a kiss on his cheek, declaring her love. the dup will then plan to take their relationship to the next level.
    a source infroms, :the viewers will finally witness some romantic moments between swara and sanskar. as they now plan to take there relationship a notch higher, it will be intresting to see how they materalize their thoughts”,.
    keep reading this space for more updates.

  17. Want a new entry for rags

  18. Missed swasan today.. But happy to know Swasan romantic scenes gonna gear up in upcoming episodes.. Love this serial only bcs of Swasan..
    Then need to say that i have a feeling like kavya has some past revenge link with maheswari family or may b even someone related to Kavitha.. Thats y her past is not revealed by her.. Anyways she is such a evil crap nd may b she gave signal to some outsider to come inside MH house after she leave room with Laksh.. Swasan need to stay there and keep an eye to knw abt kavya and her partner in crime..

  19. Thiz drama is in de same pos everyday. When will swasan be able to stay peacefully?!?! When will laksh be able to see de truth??? Swara is de one who suffer eveyday whatever happens in anyones lives. Why cant other membrs also be responsible???

  20. Nice epi..sujju ws hilarious..I lved it..though der ws only jasusi of our sherlock holmes couple ..I liked d epi..bcz of sujju
    N roop villain role kafi achha kr rahi hai..Nikita se toh 100 times better hai..she is full nautanki dramaqueen..n liked d way she said d dialogue- party all night nt aarti all night n sujju bhajan..kitne pyaar se boli wo maari bindani..baadme swara aane ke baad ja ab tu..meri toh hasi hi nai ruk rahi thi..full entertaining epi it ws..n tharki bhi maan gaya ab sab thik hai..bs bhoosewale luxji kb sudhrenge yahi dekhna hai..
    Trp bhi bdh gayi hai 3.0 gd going cvs..SR is top 5 excluding naagin..

  21. I liked today’s episode very much and I love both the sisters but why you all are complaining about this serial and what ever happens in a serial is not our will then why are you all complaining I don’t like a person who complain always .

    And just a humble request
    don’t complain

  22. I think kavya is kavitha’s younger sister.

  23. Yana Pradhan

    I loved swaragini,all characters r awesome, specially swasan

  24. Plzz introduce new pair for Ragini. Kyun ki itne dhoke ke baad phir se pyaar nahi Ho sakta. So,
    Plz new one for ragini

  25. I just loved sujata… She was too good?!!! Kaali billi Mar gai ke.. Lol!!!

  26. Atlast laksh will realize his mistake and divorce kavya. And laksh will rejoin with ragini realizing her true love for him.

    But this will happen only with in one year.

  27. Patha nahi ab kya hoga
    Har serial ki thara is me b kavya’s parents will be there but she us pretending to b an orphan and swara will find the truth and in ragini’s life another person will come and he tries to cheer up ragini so that she could forget her past and fall in love with him and this makes lakksh jealous after knowing kavyas truth and ragininis true love for him….

    Please CV’s don drag the story like this

  28. I love raglak . I want to see again romantic scenes of ragini&lucky

  29. Swasan won????

  30. Sree harini(Divya)

    Hello everyone… Had just saw the news that varun and helly won the major awards of GPA. But I personally felt that tejaswi must have banged best actress trophy because swara is a charecter which is positive from the first episode and so everyone will like her but ragini is the one who turned from positive to negative and tried to show multiple personalities with a innocent mask on her face. For me, best thing for a actress is to make the charecters feel to the auidence watching and I think she got successful because everyone started hating tejaswi for that. Being positive is common but showing different shades is something an actress must be capable of. I don’t say that helly is not capable but for the serial SWARAGINI, teju must win it…please don’t offend or bash guys as this is completely my opinion. Last but not least, varun kapoor deserves best actor not for the one sanskar who was after raglak marriage but the previous one( mentally disabled one)

    1. Agree with u dear.

  31. I agree with u sreeharini

  32. Yess u r right dear sreeharini Bt dnt knw y sme raglak fans rags,rivanya fans.. started bashing dem on Insta Twitter fb..swalak fans toh always bash dem..sme r saying helly is overacting girl..she cannot even match teja mouni..aree awards r given based on votes given by audiance..dey got max votes dats y dey won..if dey want der fvts to win vote dem..if dey cnt appreciate ok at least dnt say dat..I too like teju..she played diff shades beautifully.. N she was d first vamp character I like d most..I like her since her show 2612..bt may be she got less votes dan helly..dats y helly won..she is nice actress yr.. both r deserving..n m really happy fr dem dey gt best actor actress best Jodi n yeah best fandom too..grt work guys

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