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Union Leader Ramesh comes out and tells the workers to calm down. He says I have talked to Durga Prasad and he said that he needs time to think about our proposal. The worker says that we were telling you the same thing and you said strike is essential. Laksh says you will stop the strike, just like you started agreeing to him. He asks don’t you people care about yourself. He asks why did you end this strike. The worker says because of Ramesh dada. Laksh says Ramesh is intelligent man and thinks about others. When we told him that we will be at loss with the strike, he didn’t agree. We gave him money to stop this strike. Everyone gets angry on Ramesh and apologizes to Durga Prasad. Sujata gets tensed. Laksh asks who asked you to do this strike.

Ramesh says someone called and asked me to do the

strike. The worker picks the money and gives it to Laksh. Laksh asks him to return the money to Durga Prasad. Laksh goes to office. Adarsh and Durga Prasad are happy. Sanskar gets happy as his plan backfired. Sujata says she can’t understand how can Laksh be so clever and intelligent. Sanskar says it is love strength, which makes a good person bad and bad person good. He takes out someone’s photo from the frame. Sujata asks can’t you forget her? Sanskar says he can’t forget her and promises to give same pain to Laksh.

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that Laksh has become matured. Annapurna says he is alone and pretending to be happy. She says I have seen his eyes’s loneliness. Durga Prasad says he can’t let Swara come home. Annapurna tells that Sanskar was lively and jovial, but tha one incident changed him. Sanskar recalls his happy moments with his girlfriend and her death. He wipes his tears.

Laksh looks at Swara’s photo on his mobile. Someone calls him and he says he is coming. It is shown that he came to meet Swara. He tells her hi. Swara turns and is shocked seeing him. Laksh says you called me here. He says your friend called me here. Swara says I came here to meet Ragini. Laksh says he didn’t asks anyone call her. Ragini comes and tells her that Laksh is not lying. Laksh says hi and asks how are you? Ragini asks how can I be fine? He says I don’t want to hear anyone, just wants to speak my heart out. You both have hurt my feelings. Swara says she didn’t do anything. Ragini says no one asks me about my preference. She says Laksh s the only man whom she loves all her life. She says Laksh betrayed me.

Laksh apologizes to her and says he didn’t want to hurt her. Ragini says you said it easily, but always used me, I could forgives you, but the truth will remain the same. You have used me for your advantage. She says she is tired of accepting people’s decisions. She takes out poison bottle and says it is enough for we three. She says she will die for sure, and asks who will come with me. She asks them to prove their love for her. She asks them to prove if she means anything to them. Swara cries. Ragini says she will drink and opens the bottle.

Swara says she hates Laksh and says Ragini is my family. I will drink this poison and asks her to throw her poison bottle. Laksh snatches bottle from her hand and says he will drink this poison. He blames himself for Ragini’s troubles. Swara takes the bottles. She blames herself. Laksh says I can’t see you dying. Swara says she can’t see him dying and tries to snatch the bottle. Ragini laughs and drinks the poison. Laksh and Swara are shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 1st comment!!!
    this episod is very good…. specially the last part…
    now I am sure that swara also love laksh….
    l just waiting 4 next episod…..

  2. Noooooo….ragini cant die so fast….???

    1. she isnt dying its an act to make swara realize her love for lucky thats why she laughed before drinking it….no1 is dyiny

  3. Dont worry guys ragini is acting to make lakshswara togefher and swara is also loving laksh and in nxt epis..i saw that ragini will kidnaped when laksh and swara will meet togheether and i think that sanskaar is only there for this kidnapping…

  4. its all an act by ragini to bring swalkshy together ………….but sanskar is still vengeful

  5. i think cvs r planning to make ragini negative for sometime so dat sangini plot against swarya n bring dem together n in d process sangini will becum frnds n ragini will get to know about sanskar isn’t mad n his past n den dey will becum positive again as they both r good at heart

  6. Very nice episode.

  7. Hope this epoisde will bring swalak close

  8. Don’t make ragini negative

    1. She will not be negative

  9. chill she wont be negative.. she z 1 of d leads

  10. Woowww!!!! Lovely episode !!! Luv swaluk!!_ last part was amazing….I think it must b some cold drink or juice…haha

    1. evn I think so

    2. I also think that. It was really good to watch laksh and swara fighting to save each other!!!!

      1. yah bit funny too lyk she snatches d bottle & says I vl die den he snatches & says I vl die den she snatches & dieectly drinks.. I m sure ragini z nt so selfish or coward dat fr her own sake she vl seperate swalaksh its juice or smthng I m damn sure

      2. Well some times all of them are noble idiots!!!!??

      3. lol ?

  11. Intllgnt Ragini/Tejaswi

  12. Rajkumari Irina

    nice episode at lst ma lovely cute couplw will be togethr but m worried abt that son of b*t*h sanskaar..wht he’s nxt plan!!

  13. oh no pls!! y s sanskar doing dis! by doing these he can’t get tht which he has lost! pls stop these all sanskar

  14. The best part
    Swara tells i hate u laksh but ragini is my sister u will die . Laksh tells i can’t see u dying and even swra tells tye same to laksh like almost confessing shr loves laksh
    Swalak♡♡♡ amazing

  15. Today’s episode was awsum especially the last part of swalak

    Hope that sanskaar dint do anything

  16. Can. Some one tell the precap because I’m sure it came

    1. the precap was ragini falls down when laksh ans swara hold her and asks her to get up

  17. thats not poison at all ….

    nice episode…..

  18. None of those three should die… Those who are supposed to die are Sanskar, dadi and Sujata.

  19. Remya krishna

    Dont make ragini negative please……..she is the lead character in the serial…how can the cvs make such an innocent and lovable person to be immediately negative?……but loved the last part of the episode….what ever it may be laksh and swara both look great with each other and definetly they will be the couple at the end…….till that lets watch this unexpected twist…….too hope that sanskaar will be positive soon……

    1. Who told they r making her negative not only ragini but swara is also the lead infact main lead and everyone here knows they r good couple and will be together soon.

  20. Hey kat which std r u in??

    1. Hey what do u mean????

      1. Any way, this epi was awsome!!!!!

      2. I mean u r in vich standard?

      3. I’m still a student. Hw abt u??? Ar u a student too????

  21. Ragini to get kidnapped on swara’s birthday n swara n laksh get a cl that if they want to see ragini alive they have to dance n kiss eashother n confess their feelings in front of everyone

  22. India forum says that ragini wil join sanskar n become -ve to seperate laksh n swara

  23. Hope this doesnot happen
    she does not turn -ve

  24. Thanks aliya for d update

  25. no no noooooo I dnt wabt rag to bcm -ve

  26. Yep kat m also a student…vich std do u study?? 8th 9th or 10th or 11th??

    1. Now I’m waiting for my uni entrance. Which grade ar u in???

  27. M still in 9th….kat…..shall I call u di?? Do u have mail id di?

  28. It’s totally ok!!! U cn cl me di??. Yup, I’ve gt a mail id.

    1. Di, can u plz send ur mail I’d… Wanna b frnz wid me???

  29. I would luv to. Bt gotta sml prob. I mean this web site is a public web site. Sooo, i don’t think it will be a good idea to post my mail id here. Sorry!!!!!!!??

  30. its tooo late yaar ma….i m waiting for todays update…pls update fast ma….pls yaar

  31. Today’s episode was Really awsum and the Precap was super awsum it was ragini tells laksh that tmrw is swaras birthday do something to impress her sanskaar watches them later laksh and swara r talking then they see ragini going into van asking for help

  32. Iam waiting for todays update pls make it fast

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