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The Episode starts with Laksh and Ragini are talking about the baby. Sujata comes. They get shocked. Sujata asks if you both have seen ghost and asks if I am looking good. She goes to check herself in mirror. She checks herself and says I am not looking bad. Ragini says you are looking beautiful as usual. Sujata says Annapurna called you both for evening aarti. Laksh says we will come and asks her to go. Annapurna does the aarti while everyone stands and sings the bhajan with her. Laksh asks Sanskar to sing in Kissan’s voice. Ragini compliments Swara for making Sanskar learn music and song. Swara smiles. Parineeta comes home. Sujata says you came at the right time and asks her to come. Parineeta looks at Swara. Swara recalls Rajat telling her that Parineeta hates her and had planned all this game against

her. Swara goes towards Parineeta while Ragini tries to stop her. Parineeta asks Swara, if she wants to throw someone out now. Swara slaps her hard. Everyone is shocked.

Swara says everything had happened because of her. She says whatever wrong has happened till now is because of her. Adarsh says Swara. Durga Prasad says Swara….what you have done. Swara apologizes to him and says she has to raise hand on elder today. She says you have crossed the limits and have ruined the relations. She says this is my family and I won’t bear anything against my family. Adarsh asks what you are saying Swara? Why did you slap her? Durga Prasad asks Swara to tell the reason. Swara apologizes to Adarsh and says when you know what she had done then you will not forgive her. She says everyone will feel bad, and says Parineeta is responsible for my condition, the sufferings which we have bear is because of her. She says Parineeta is responsible with Rajat. Adarsh asks have you gone mad? Swara says you got mad when you tried to ruin utara’s life even after knowing Rajat’s truth. Sujata asks Parineeta. Parineeta says she is lying and is a liar. Swara asks until when you will hide.

Adarsh asks what she will get? Swara says that is what I thought too. She says I met Rajat first and convinced the family for marriage. Parineeta tried to lower me and Ragini in everyone’s eyes. Sujata says Utara always loved you as your sister and you have done this. Adarsh says I don’t believe this. Swara says this is truth and I can understand your feelings. She asks him to trust her. Parineeta says she was accusing Sanskar before and now me. Swara says you should be in jail and says she will get the truth out of Rajat’s parents mouth. Parineeta says I was kidnapped by Rajat. Swara says Rajat kidnapped you on your sayings. Parineeta says why I will get myself kidnapped and asks why you are making false stories. Swara asks why you didn’t stopped Rajat and helped me when he was taking me from here. Parineeta says he was holding gun and I didn’t know that he will betray me. Everyone is shocked to hear her truth from her mouth. Swara says she has confessed with her mouth. She says Parineeta had planned this with Rajat, but he has betrayed him. Adarsh gets angry. Parineeta tells Durga Prasad that she didn’t do any mistake.

Durga Prasad asks her to accept the truth. Parineeta confesses that she wants to make Swara fall down in everyone’s eyes, but doesn’t want Utara to marry him. She says she gave money to him. She says Ragini and Swara are adarsh bahu for you all, you people had never give me an opportunity to prove myself as adarsh bahu. Sujata asks how you would have stopped the wedding, and says Rajat was targeting on Utara’s head. Parineeta apologizes to everyone. Adarsh brings the suitcase. Parineeta apologizes to him and says she don’t want to hurt anyone. She asks him not to go. Adarsh says I am not going anywhere, but you are going for forever. He asks her to leave. She asks everyone to stop Adarsh. Adarsh says you tried to ruin my sister’s life who have been tying rakhi on my hand since childhood. Parineeta says what is this justice. She says Ragini has done so much bad with everyone and had insulted everyone, but they forgot everything and got her back. Durga Prasad says Ragini did bad, but she has done good works and is now at home. He says you don’t have repentance on your face and will be punished. Parineeta asks if everyone is punished whoever have done wrong, or if some truth is still hidden. Ragini is shocked.

Swara tells Dadi that she is happy as two babies will be born. Dadi says only Ragini is pregnant. Parineeta calls Ragini and threatens to tell her secret to everyone. Ragini gets tensed and cuts the call. Parineeta says lets see what I will do Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yipeee Pari truth is out finallyyyyyy

  2. Sriranjani

    Ragini no fear baby evala samalikkartu romba sullabam and I welcome this Thapad Tradition 😛
    from Swaragini Team 😛 ??

  3. Again swara devi mahanta start it’s really annoying

  4. Oh no nw pari will blackmail rags..jst .hate dis pari..?…well moreover nyc episode bt wnt cvs to make ragini’s charector more lyk a main lead…

  5. Breaking news – adharsh and dp n monvrt todda ? lol… Parineeta.. ? ?

  6. Good thing is that Pari’s truth is out.. But she make use of Ragini’s truth to blackmail her.. Now again swara should help Ragini to get out of this problem.. Anyways atlast swasan rocks..

  7. god, someone save swaragini from parineeta and that stupid sahil. i wish parineeta turns good soon and sahil dies.

  8. Hi guys..how are yo all?? .. N today was like bhoooooommmm. .splendid acting…conversation was btwn swapari only but everyone expresser their acting through expression.. N sanskar …omg varun showed different expression in single episode Happy while singing, shy wen praising in name of kissan ,shock wen SWA slapping pari,anger wen pari scolding swara ,pain wen swara saying how she escaped from death,discust wen pari reminding ragini bad deeds…sanskar showed these many expressions in single episode… Today first time my eyes were glued to sanskar ..only ..onlyhis expressions. Varun is proved once again that he is the best…

  9. What da hell…. After long time swasan United. Giv more chemistry nd romantic episodes I’m getting annoyed! Always problem ??

  10. wow nice precap but we want raglak track cvs feeling to kill u people i know raglak has not got that huge fandom as swasan because of this u cant hurt us please yaar give us raglak trak its a humble request i dont y u people accept our request y do u ignore us kaha kaha request nahe keya bolo haa fb twitter etc but u people are really deaf and dum

  11. Boring episode but good slap

  12. I hope ragini actually get pregnant

  13. Today episode was awesome, I’m a South Indian but swaragini serial was popular in south also. I like the character sanskar an became a big fan to him

  14. Wow.. Nice episode.. Happy to see swarasans together

  15. Pls arrange to provide repeat telecast of swaragini in evening also.

  16. CVS r mad or wt???
    Raglak scene toh 2 min hota hai…. aren’t they the main lead
    n sawasan adhi epi se bhi jyada unki hoti hai

  17. Mica

    awww ty for update h hasan, sorry i have called you mr hasan, i didn’t know that you are a girl.
    sometime i hate swara’s overreact, omg….she break maheswary’s serenity.
    but parineeta’s provoked her, and i know that swara will do everything to reveal the truth. she can’t let anyone harm her’s family. how much pain will gain, how much bitter it will be, the truth must revealed. and the sin will rectified the mistake.
    and DP, omg.. what are you saying.. i know that ragini did good work already, and its because of the chance you’ll give to her (include parineeta),
    first time ragini’s truth revealed, maheswary accepted ragini on humanity’s sake (ragini’s fake memory loss),
    and yet, maheswary still prefer to believing ragini than swara (swara played their 2 boys?), and it’s provoked laksh to do crime toward ragini(he can’t tolerate ragini’s bad deed anymore).
    Ragini insulted all of maheswary, blackmailing dp, ALMOST send Dp to jail, ruining maheswary’s respect…and we all can see how easy they all gave ragini forgiveness (did ragini apologize to them ? NO)
    kavita entry, sujata prefer to choose kavita as bahu than swara (both bengalis), the reason was : kavita will suitable for ragini than swara (swaragini will create world war everyday) mean, sujata prefer to keep ragini than swara, disregarding her own son’s love to swara.
    maheswary is too biased on their bahu.
    swara should do everything, prove everything to get their acceptance, and trust
    ragini always get forgiveness, acceptance again and again for along before she finally rectified her mistake.
    parineeta sent out without get any chance to rectify her mistake.
    (my pov is based to storyline, no else)
    poor ragini..wish this situation (parineeta’s blackmail), will make raglak more closer and finally get proper track as swasan (on romance scene of course ) :3 .
    as my view, even swasan get more closer when they got problem to solve .hehehe
    poor parineeta, her jealousy trapped her already, and being frustation that she won’t be able to become a perfect woman (can’t be a mother is the worst nightmare for women) guide her to take wrong path.
    wish the truth revealed soon,

    poor ragini, bur i really hope that in this

    1. Agree with u…all mm people can easily forgive ragini only what she did….

      Hope cvs give raglak scenes….

      I’m swasan fan but want to see some gud raglak scenes also…

  18. Mica

    omggggg…… why namish is soo cute when he staring ragini with his full love’s eyes…. huaaaaaaaaa (i’m not raglak fans)

  19. Mica

    for telly team, please can you give me “search result’s bar” link? mine not working…pleeease thank you sooo much

  20. Wow…our sherni shona is back….she just wasted zero time n slapped pari…. n again all will swara mahaan devi n all….she not at all acted as mahaanm…if she acted as she will forgive pari but she revealed paris truth to everyone…

    N y the hell cvs r giving those dialogues to pari n dp…

    All already forget raginis -ve character….n y again cvs r making everyone think pari is rightn…rags didnt get any repentance….pls cvs dont give these dialogues….

    N swara is too cute in pink saree….pls give good dress to sanskar also….

    N hoping atleast some romantic moments b/w swasan…

    1. Mica

      sheebu….what is mahan?
      revealed the truth is swara’s character, her’s nature….. she always straight toward those issue, no bad intention on it, yet wishing any regard or any complaiments.
      she just did what she should do toward a wrong thing happened.
      somehow, it will be good for everyone, the sinner expected will rectify their mistake, asking apologize, give repentance, the others will know the truth, take it as lesson of life, more appreaciate to others, give forgiveness.
      swara is fortright type.

  21. Raglak rockzzzzz

  22. Vyshu10

    sherni swara is back with a bang…..swasan r united after a long time, wish cvs could have shown their cute scenes

  23. I wish that sahil soon die. ???and pari gets good and they will live a happy life ????? Sweet Home ✨

  24. toi spoilers of the week:
    epi354: after seeing parineeta, swara recalls her past and slaps her and reveals her truth to everyone. adarsh asks parineeta to leave the maheshwari house immediately.
    epi355:in an attempt to prove her innocence, parineeta tries to expose ragini’s fake pregnancy. however, ragini pretends to feel unwell and diverts everyone’s attention.
    epi356: when sanskar goes to his room to check his phone, someone tries to poison him with toxic fumes.later, swara gets a call from sahil who says that he doesn’t want to see her with sanskar.
    epi357: with the help of police,maheshwaris make plan to nab sahil at maya’s place. maya organised puja on the occasion of the birth anniversary of sahil’s father.
    epi358: a woman who works for an ngo invites swara to perform in their charity show. she reaches the venue and is shocked to see sahil being made her partner for the performance.

  25. guys this week also no raglak scenes according to spoiler

    1. Mica

      i think this week is raglak’s time

  26. VIKOR FAN..................

    Oh God!!!!
    i think swara should talk to ragini before telling pari’s truth & ragini also should have told the truth of her fake pregnancy to swara
    but want more & more romance of swasan & raglak

  27. I’m back after a long time, but still the same boring storyline. Why the hell they can’t add some romantic things to the drama? There is almost two couples. ???

  28. Please give proper track to raglak….please please….we wish to see raglak scenes….please cvs we want raglak scenes

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