Swaragini 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini and Swara couldn’t seeing any marks on Laksh’s hand. Ragini says she had a doubt on him when he refused to show the hand. Swara says he is out of our list now, he didn’t do your kidnapping. In the hall, Laksh throws his jacket and removes the fake skin from his hand which he applied on his hand,. He recalls kidnapping Ragini and all the incidents. Swara is tensed thinking about the kidnapping. Laksh comes to her and says I didn’t do anything. Swara says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you. Laksh says I was joking, and says this case is closed as ……….Swara asks what? Laksh says same drugs was used which Ragini used to give you, and says Annapurna got the blanket in your room so easily. Swara asks what did you want to say? Laksh says Ragini is acting

and had feigned to be kidnapped. Swara says but we have seen that red blanket woman in the video.

Laksh says when Ragini can lock herself in Sanskar’s room, when she can push you in the river, when she can kidnap Sumi etc, then she can kidnap herself too. Swara says Ragini is not acting and tells that she didn’t tell about the nail marks to the police. Laksh tells if she had phone then why did she go to PCO, to get herself kidnapped. He asks her to talk to Sanskar about it. Swara says I can’t as Sanskar is not speaking to me and is angry. Sanskar hears them. Laksh gives a light smile, and asks her to stay away from Ragini else she will trap her again. Swara gets thinking. He asks her to open eyes and everything will be clear.

Swara comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini asks Swara to sleep in her room as Dadi went to Baadi. She shows the clothes which she was wearing when she was kidnapped, and tells about her horrific experience. She asks will the kidnapper be caught. Swara says yes and says she will catch him red handed. She goes to keep the clothes for washing. Laksh thinks I have manipulated Swara and now she will hate her face. He says I hate Ragini’s face and have kept shawl in your room so that everyone doubts Swara. He wonders who has attacked Ragini in the store room and then thinks it might be Ragini’s trick. He says Ragini will be blamed even though she is innocent. He says you have played many games, and now it is my turn. Your game is finished and thinks to end his relations with Ragini.

Swara tells Ragini that no one has done her kidnapping and doubts her. Ragini says you are doubting me. I thought you are with me, and says I will help myself. Swara says if you will blame others. Ragini says I am not lying and everything happened with me. Swara asks how to trust you and says you have done this before also. She says you have lost everyone’s trust. You have broken my trust and have separated Swaragini. Ragini says I am saying the truth. Swara says time will tell…………She gives the clothes to laundry man. Laksh says it is good that you didn’t get trap in Ragini’s trap. He says she gave same drug to herself as there was no danger. Laksh gets a call and he leaves. Swara gets Uttara’s hairs extention and doubts her.

She shows hairs extention to Uttara and asks if it is hers. Durga Prasad asks what she wants to say. Sujata says it can’t be someone else. Swara says it is found in Ragini’s clothes. She says she went to Uttara’s room and found same hairs extention in her room. She says it is exactly same as found on the clothes. She asks how did these hairs extentions made me to Ragini’s clothes. Laksh is shocked as well. Swara says you can’t do this alone and asks who has helped you. Uttara looks at Laksh. Laksh is about to confess, but just then Uttara agrees to have kidnapped Ragini. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini gets a make over and wears stylish saree without pallu. She says she will write Maheshwari family destiny and will rule on the house. Swara shouts Ragini. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Saba

    Ohhh!! Now they drag this promo almost 1 to 2 weeks but ragini really looks stunning and beautiful in this new attire, lets see what drama will happen in this big drastic drama. Well no swasan scene but uttara know about lucky and main thing is that lucky is about to tell the truth but uttara confessed his crime! Now eagerly waiting for next segment, what will happen And how Ragini become the head of Maheshwari’s and one more thing I love the scene, when he slaps lucky, he wants more than one slap and lucky is looking so cute in this evil avatar!! But at the want swasan unite soon and ragini turns into positive!! But I’ve feeling that all four characters turn into positive but lets see!! Just wait and watch guys! And seriously ragini looks really gorgeous

  2. angel

    Yar ye ragini Ko kya hone wala hai???why is she gonna change???will she be same devil ragini????why will she rule the house???can anyone tell???

  3. kashis

    laksh u r such a hypocrite.. how can u hide the shawl in swara’s room?? are you actually saying that it is love.. feeling sorry for sanskar.. eager to know how ragini will take over the MM and its company???

  4. Honey

    Not at all a good episode. So Sankey did all this to save his sister. Please reveal this soon. Y this much of stretching. Anyway what is the precap again new drama by the great Ragini…

  5. anu

    swaragini spoiler:
    ragini has slapped laksh and shouts on him angrily. she says i will write maheshwari family’s destiny and takes the locker keys in her hand. she used to wear traditional sarees before also, but now she has a make over. she has changed and she will be going to be head of the family. she slaps laksh hard and says you have seen love till now, and now you will see my hatred. one thing has not changed and grew even more is ragini’s hatred. laksh wanted to kill ragini to get rid of her and also trap sanskaar in the plan. laksh wanted to win swara. ragini says her slap is justified. swara and ragini’s equation have changed, and the owner of the house is changed. all the property and house keys came in ragini’s hand. ragini and laksh fighting over divorce. ragini tears the divorce papers, ragini has given tough slap to laksh. she has decided to give him an angry answer. she says she will not give him divorce. ragini’s hatred will punish laksh now. she told him she wont sign on divorce papers and burns the divorce papers. ragini’s hatred will bring a new twist in swara, sanskaar and laksh’s life.

  6. sanju

    sanskaar is her them conversation what happend now.. when she apolizes him.. waiting for that episode monday dadi and annapurna will slap uttara and laksh defends her.. they somewhat got doubt after uttara confession again attack on ragini… which swara comes and utaara clashes but she see there is no sign of scratch marks on her hand.. and now if she again doubt sanskaar its bad for her as he already hurt so much and angry with her. hope she apolizes him soon and the mu between them clear soon..

  7. nik

    Is utara saving laksh?????? I think they both hv planned it together. In store room who attacked on ragini ????? May b utara coz laksh said he didn’t attacked ragini in store room. Well it will b intrstng to watch how ragini will bcm the suprm of MM. I think now it will b a open gm between laksh n ragini. N swasan will dfntly suffer coz of them.

  8. Sabasa

    Dis serial going worse day by day……again evil ragini come n make swara’s life hell…….what kind of sis c is
    Worse story by worse writer

  9. nik

    I think ragini looks more pretty in hr earlier look. N this new avtr will mk hr look even more dngrs. The show hd alrdy a vmp now it also includes a vmpr. Now lts see what did vmp n vmpr will do???????

  10. ammu

    nice I m enjoying finally revaling behind of kindap uttara n laksh☺ laksh Ragini pe revenge karere so sweet… now her realized useke mistakes n wrong behavior with family members… good laksh u done good job to day I see swalksh ka photos very very nice n good chemistry ofscren n onscren love u guys keep rocking guys love swaralaksh n swarasanker

  11. Vinu

    What the hell??? Making it sooo boring.. how come she gets angry on laksh she got the same blow from laksh which she used on swara. . If she become against laksh then she is selfie for selfish… its high time to leave the show.. There would be no more love affection in this show… always only revenge plots… fed up totally… my feeling for this show now is this serial was once upon a time was good but not any more… okay thanks bye…

  12. arch

    by seeing precap it seems swara unaware about that laksh is the kidnapper and ragini slaps laksh and swara shouts her name evryone is shocked they showed only dp, ap, swara, laksh, ragini. all are shocked .. think only ragini comes to know about laksh is kidnapper… hope mu b/w swasan cleared.. and all is well be them.. what is exactly upcoming track waiting for that..

  13. Prena


    Ragini appears stylish.She has keys of maheswari house and says that she will write destiny of maheswari house..Durgaprasad ,Annapurna and Swara looks shocked.
    She says Laksh that He saw her love but now he will see her wrath and slaps Laksh..Swara shouts Ragini.

    Thanks for ur updates Hasan,and u missed some parts in precap ,so i wrote it again..Hope u dont mind…

  14. Wht d hell is this now!!! No swasan moments. Now I understand that y laksh kidnap ragini, cuz he challenged swara that if ragini didn’t hav memory loss then he will marry swara. Now he wants to prove ragini wrong to swara in order to reunite wid swara. Really he is such a shameless. He stoop so low to get swara. Actually he don’t love swara. If he do then he should trust and support her is her bad times bt he didn’t. And sanskar is loving swara unconditionally. Luv swasan. They will unite soon.

  15. harsha

    First of all I have no words to scold this CVs such a dragging they told that uttara was the kidnapper before one month today only they gave hint about it I think sanskar car accident should be happen by next year.and one imp thing y this swara shouts at ragini while she slapping laksh .oh miss swara ur hubby was sanskar not laksh.ragini might heard laksh confession today so only this sudden makeover

  16. nik

    Hiiiii veena di plzzzzzzz na wrt 1 mr swasan ff . The prsnt trk of the show lks swasan mmnts n if u wrts 1 mr ff atleast we can enjoy it from yr fiction which is fr btr from the orgnl one I mean the show.

  17. rosy

    Uffff!!!! Im fed up with this nonsense drama by rags…..how can she becum the owner of the maheshwari house and DP will be tolerating this….wat a nonsense plot….how is it possible….plz dont show all this nonsense..in one night or im taking more days how can a kal ki aayi chori cud fool Dp in matter of business dealings and property…she is not worth such a character….and where are others???? n sanskar,adarsh,ram do they have any role or not….directors actually im not getting why to keep such character who only spoke 5 to 6 lines till date(talking about RAM)

    if you continue to show all these bullsh*t plot and not swasan you will definitely lose the most important thing for you and thats trp

  18. angel chaurasia

    Omg such a foolish show real show se bttr to fan fiction hote h… f**k off to d show… I used to wtch d show jzt cz of swasan bt they don’t hve mch scenes…

  19. kauser

    Hey guys,now rags gets a makeover.she blackmails laksh n takes property n locker keys frm him.it all gvn on net.chk it.

  20. neha

    I didn’t get today’s pi first laksh tried to fill swara’s ears against sanskar and now against ragini what type of person he is he is trying to separate swasan becoz he smiled when swara said that sanskar is not talking with her why the hell this swara doubted sanskar he is so nice
    swara doesn’t cares for sanskar I am feeling so atleast she should try to talk with him not just let go of him pls give sanskar his happiness

  21. heer

    in a promo it said that ragini ko pata chala maheswari khandan ka raaz so she won’t have property but raaz ki wajah se woh raj karegi.

  22. Deepa

    O god, everyone is bad in this serial except sanskar. Laksh always rejects Ragini, Ragini always cheats on swara and the swara has zero percent trust on sanskar. Only sanskar is suffering due to them.
    And their family they are too great. Sujatha is mad, Ap has eyes but can’t see the truth always doubts on swara and unknowingly helps ragini by showering her love on ragini.

  23. hetal

    I m just confused abt all dis stuff…once ragini wants laksh, once she want to rule his house…gawd wat d hell is happenin in d serial

  24. Hi guys
    How are you all?
    So In the precap it showed that ragini slapping Laksh and taking over the key of Maheshwari family. What is this nonsense, why are the writers dragging this show and when the hell are they going to blo*dy unite Swasan.
    I got the feeling that ragini will turn even more evil because I read somewhere that she will make uttara to turn against swara. First the kidnapping track and next we will see more drama of that ragini.

  25. Anam

    Ye to kumkum bhagya ki Pragya ki tarah ho gai…bs fraq itna h wo to phle bhi achi thi or ab bhi acha hi kr rhi hai bt ye ragini to phle bhi buri thi or ab bhi..
    I hate ragini nd Laksh
    both are sooo selfish..

  26. Reeta

    Loved Tejaswi in new look,let all others do whatever they want but writers,we are tolerating all the stupid stuff u r showing only for our swasan so please show their scenes daily and no use of requesting you ,you will do what you want and trp will jump up and down ,u all won’t bother but kindly take into consideration one request of swasan fans,start Swasan track,at least let Swara start feeling for Sanskar.

  27. Reshmi

    Swara will realise Sanskar’s importance in her life when he drifts away from her,then their love-hate-missing may start and can’t wait to see Swara realising her love for Sanskar.Now whatever obstacles may come up,there won’t be Swalak ,it will be Swasan in the end ,because Swasan chemistry is magical,Swalak was good,but every serial lead pair type but Swasan is the bestest and if we swasan fans can make out that then won’t the director and behind the camera team make out the difference ,and I feel,apart from number if swasan fans ,this chemistry made them separate Swalak and unite Swasan,Varun has a good range than Namish.Varun and Tejaswi are best, if we had not seen Swasan ,then definitely,majority would have accepted Ragsan and would got to see awesome acting,but now,Swasan Swasan Swasan n Swasan.Swasan is the bestest pair on TV right now.Nia Dharma,Srithi jha,Dhrashti ,Sanaya ,Divyanka are also good female stars but pair,one and only Swasan.Swasan rules.

    • Rids

      Actually swasan might be good. But oly because of sanskaar. Best pair for me always vil be roshini sid. Swara is acting too smart right now. I am not liking her. Roshini also sometimes acts rude but she never tries to be over smart. She melts of in front of sid. Swara sanskaar tat kind of chemistry is still not started. God knows how long it vil take.. Now with all twists I don’t think so .

  28. Amlan

    I have already stopped watching it… to keep it interesting and exciting,, the writers are making it boring…

    • Hi amlan
      I agree with you the writers are very good at dragging this serial, it’s so annoying. And yeh just imagine Swasan not uniting in the middle of 2016 but when they are middle aged just like Sumi and shekar.

      • Neha

        Hey shuva ur comment just made me laugh swasan uniting at their midage wow literally the way they r dragging it I think ur words are coming out to be true but seriously I am dieing to see swasan love track fingers crossed for it

  29. Rids

    Did you guys see the upcoming track.. I think we all will very soon stop watching this serial… I think one of the worst creations. How many of you feel what lakshya and uttara did is worser then what ragini has done till now…

    The family comes to know that both uttara and lakshya are involved. And guess what.. The nagaan ragini s daadi she tels durga prasad to hand over his house to ragini else she will send both of them to jail. That is how ragini becomes the Malkin. And now she vil rule maheshwari family

    At this point if time I hate swara cause she is acting too smart. She could have let it go. But she did not. And daadi has no rights to blame anyone cause her grand daughter is worser than anyone else. Swara and family can actually black mail ragini and daadi by showing the video where she confesses trying to kill swara. Attempt to murder is bigger crime than kidnapping.

  30. Rids

    But they will not do that. So in short no matter how many times ragini is exposed she vil not be punished and others vil be punished more than required. So in short this serial is like a roller coaster ride. No meaning . oly twists and turns.

    • And yeh rids thanks for the information regarding dadi black mailing dp. So that means dadi is evil and will influence that ragini to become even more evil. Why do I have the feeling that dadi’s intention was to marry of ragini and Laksh so that she gets her hands on the Maheshwari family’s property. Oh my what a dragg.

      • Rids

        M good. Shuva… Had exam today.. I know this daadi is evil. This serial s not worth it. They hv spoilt it.. My examsss overrr yaaayyy.. M freee free free. Happy … But hate swaragini writers

  31. tusa jay

    okay, am not Indian but I love watching this show, till date, this is what I think: *1- too many bull….t in this film, why? … the producers and directors are only advocating what is not wanted in our societies,,,, lies, accusing others of what they didn’t do, mischievous, blaming others in the
    family, well at times, justice has to be justified.
    *2- why can’t make th e show short and sweet, now with all the viewers’ comments and all, the makers of the show plan their next step in making the show, I feel bad that whatever is happening in this show is encouraging the viewers to fall into it, lying, accusing other family members ( which is not alright ) etc.???? PLEASE, END THE SHOW AND STOP BITTING AROUND THE BUSH !!!!?????

  32. anu

    in olv they showed dadi who asks dp to give property to and keys to ragini he gives her but sujata try to stop her and swara also some what try to stop her but no trace of ap, laksh and uttara where they went .. dadi tells sujatha something when she try to stop dp. its looks like they comes to know laksh did this.. dont know exact what but dadi is there she asks her ladoo wants safe if she is malkin dp agrees .. and gives keys to ragini.. like this she became owner of mm family… she slaps him as she comes to know about laksh is trying to kill her.. but she reveals it or not we have to see.. swara reaction when laksh is culprit and waiting to see swasan scenes and hope there mu clears soon..

    • Rids

      They know lakshya has done it. He s sent to jail too… Tat s why all drama. If uttara goes to jail her name vil get spoilt . so blackmailing.

  33. How Durgaprasad become weak in front of Ragini where she says she become head of the Maheshwari family and would rule the family ad she wants. How funny ! Pragya öf Kumkum Bhagya was a highly educated wise girl and always did good to others… where as Ragini is neither educated or intelligent. Her ability was always to decide others and never could win hearts of people in the story nor the viewers. Showing such a twist where evil wins goodness cannot be interesting . Pragya’s change in avatar was nice as it was for goodness but Ragini’s change in avatar to show more evil side of her would make serial uninteresting ad people always would wish to see goodness winning the evil and never vice versa !

  34. archana

    gus major twist in swaragini as how the ragini becomes malkin.. if iv they said and helly iv given:
    they showed as laksh is the culprit and he went to jail and annapurna got minor heart attack and she is taking laksh’s name only. every time.. dadi put sharat if they want laksh come to out of jail so they have to give house keys to ragini(as every bahu has in her sasural ssare haq, tis is sharat). so dp agress and gives keys to ragini.. and she becomes malkin of the house. now after dp agrees ll dadi sharat infront of god in home and just because of laksh is in jail as police arrested him to want him out of jail as ap is ill.. and mask wala aadmi aur koi nahi hai laksh who is behind ragini. they all comes to know that laksh is trying to kill ragini.
    and she tells that “kyunki ragini ab ghar ki malkin banu chuki hai so malkin wala role jatayegi and pure ghar walo ko samne and being bahu of the maheshwari family my (swara) stands for family apne parivaar ko bachane ke liye. so i think again there is a rift tiff between swara and ragini.son’t know about the rift but you have to wait and watch.. .

  35. ammu

    I have one doubt writters y r u giveng impertence always Ragini..no one on der wt abt swara ???dis serial name is swaragini not Ragini ?love means sacrific, affectation mechuval understand if u love some one he can do anything keep for happy dat person but Ragini allways useka happy is most impertent but writters also Ragini said two much yar I can stop watching dis serial.. I m just becoz of swrlaks n swasan chemistry n D.p sir affectation of dougher in law.. love u guys all D team members.. plz writters change srift we can’t see NAGINI impertence of D show always… love swara☺

  36. dhanu

    Plz… Unite swalak i don’t like sanskar bcz… He has too much mahaan behavior…. I think laksh is perfect for swara…. Bcz… He’s not serious. Sanskar is very Serious all the time…… Swarya perfect with each other…..swara always smiling with laksh she had smiling a lot with laksh???????????

  37. Sandy

    What nonsense what the meaning of this, that means she can do anything in the show ragini has committed more crimes than laksh then why can’t u arrest her writers, u arrested laksh for kidnapping,now she got authority of the house how can it happen if it to be proved of all her Crimea her lifetime is less for all the punishment, the committed all crimes which no one can commit in a single life kidnapping, attemptive murder, wrong molestation, creating rifts, giving drugs and she has created swara as a criminal for all this ragini has to be punished severely, indeed ur giving her more imp in show what nonsense of this plz don’t drag too much unite swalak as soon as possible plz we just watch the for this only y r u making ragini mahan instead of all the deada

  38. MANU

    metro masti:
    swaragini: laksh is the real kidnapper, turns negative.
    the upcoming track of the show will have major revelation that will leave the audiences completely shocked.currently , it is seen that uttara is accused of kidnapping ragini.
    however, the truth will soon surface and it will get revealed that the culprit behind the crime is none other than lakshya. uttara will get accused falsely, as lakshya will be the mastermind of the kidnapping.
    this will be quite surprising since ragini had earlier turned negative from positive just for lakshya and now viewers will get to see lakshya in negative avatar.
    to save himself. he had also tried to trap sanskaar but his crime will not be hidden any longer.
    the maheshwari house will be completely shocked to know’s lakshya truth.

  39. MANU

    swaragini: ragini to slap laksh & will rule maheshwari house.
    the kidnapping drama of colors show swaragini has increased the intensity to the roof top level now as none other than laksh is ragini’s kidnapper. the upcoming episodes will finally confirm that ragini’s own husband is involved in her kidnapping. she will be completely shocked to know this and feel betrayed. she will feel bad for accusing swara and sanskaar for kidnapping as lakshya tried to pass the blame on them.
    she will now turn in to strong character and will be seen punishing him for his deeds. she also will be seen becoming the owner of the entire maheshwari property.
    being fierce she will slap laksh and will assure him hell for the rest of his life.
    swarawill be stunned with turn of events and will ask sanskaar to forgive her for accusing him for ragini’s kidnapping.

  40. MANU

    swragini: ragini to rule over maheshwari house in new avatar.
    swaragini has some intresting drama lined up and the track will move to a completely new direction in the upcoming episoes.
    it is already known that ragini will soon sport a new modern look and will also have a bold attitude.
    very soon, it will be known that lakshya is the one who kidnapped ragini and this will enrage ragini and she will slap him.
    after this revelation, she will somehow take over the property of the maheshwari house and will become the new head of the family.
    after being a obsessive lover, she will now start hating him and will create problems for him.
    she will create difficult situations in the house but swara and sanskaar will come closer amid these situations.

  41. nik

    Hiiiii Shuva , Saba , Rids, Rupsikha n all others . Hope swasan hppns soon . As u all r saying that it will hppn in 2016 well I also thinks sm ,may b on 2016’s vlntn’s day . That will b good fr swasan only to unite on VD bt we viewers cnt wt up to VD.

    • Rids

      Thanks nik. Tat s very sweet. I hope your prayers for my seat pay off… I can’t study again for entrances

  42. nik

    Is this true that its dadis plan to mk ragini spoilt to such an extent????? If so thn Hts off dadi u hv also hidn tlnt lk yr grand daughter .

  43. nik

    Hey Shuva, saba , rids, rupsikha n all… Others one mr news fr u all I cm to know that laksh will bring ragini to a place , swara n sanskar also follow thm n laksh will tm rag…. to wt there n he will cm after sm tm n after that ragini see laksh cr cmng to hr . laksh tries to kill ragini while doing that he falls in his own trap n falls from a cliff , swara n ragini tries to help laksh n sanskar cms in tm n svs laksh. I hv seen this scene pics also. Sanskar in yellow coat n swara in pink suit.

  44. nik

    Whatever twist cms in this show I don’t bother I only want swasan to unite n clr their mu. N fr ragini its high tm that she should understand that swara is hr sis not enmy. She should now realize that fr laksh who wants to kill hr she tried to kill hr sis who dearly lvs hr. I hope that ragini realized hr mstk this tm n unites swara n sanskar n most imprtntly she should tch laksh a lsn which he rmmbrs all his life.

  45. Shwetha

    Again Swalak won’t happen but when will they unite swasan?we want swasan scenes daily,can’t wait to see Swara is in love with Sanskar.Writers,show any nonsense but keep our Swasan united,ever.

  46. nik

    Hey guys,u know what I was thnkng that why did SRK n Kajol invited swara n laksh as a couple in telebrations orgnsd by ABP news, they should hv invited swasan as couple. After wtng fr so lng it was lil bit clr that it will b swasan n this invitation of telebration agn md me confuse.Is their plan is to unite swalak at at lst. Noooo…..I nvr want swalak nvr ever. This is merely a thought of mine n I nvr want it to b crct.

  47. nik

    Hiii everyone 1mr news from my side, when all cms to know that laksh kdnpd ragini n tried to kill hr then dadi says she will call the cops n gt laksh arrested bt ragini refuses n says that she will frgv laksh bt dadi says ragini not to do so. Dadi tells DP that my granddaughter will not call the police only if u will hndovr all the property of maheswaris to hr n to sv hs sn dp agrees to it n that’s how ragini bcms owner of MM n tks place of dp.

  48. Sandy

    Its the sharukh and kajol who selected six pairs who love each other, we wish swalak to happen soon, happy to see hemish together…. As swalak

  49. nik

    Noooo… not swalak bt it is going to b swasan n may b SRK invtd swara n laksh coz till now swara has not cnfsd hr feelings fr sanskar. N ya swara told very that now she don’t lv laksh. So its jst a invite fr telebration .It was just a thought of mine that may b they unite swalak bt now I can cnfrm it that swalak are lmtd to telebration only n in the show swasan will rock. N swasan rocks , swasan forever n ever.

  50. nik

    N now all of us can see that swara cares for sanskar more than laksh. For hr sanskar cms first nt laksh. When hr own sis ragini said that swara lvs sanskar then what else proof do we need.

  51. nik

    Agn a news n that’s good 1 fr swasan fan its lv to bloom between swara n sanskar post the kdnpng incident n also they will gt romantically closer to each other. Wowww!!! I m so happy bt hope this tm it really turns to b the sm not like that bomb blast sgmnt. God n ofcrse the writers plzzz this tm do mk it hpn. Writers plz visit this pg atleast once n see our reqsts .From months we r reqstng u to Mk swasan hpn soon BT very tm u brk our hrt . plzzzzzzz don’t mk it a habbit .

  52. kirti

    Hey nik u r ri8 n i think dat writers ko khud ko hi nhi pta k kya karna hai n dats y hum logo ko buri tarah se confuse kr rhe hain
    Muje lagta hai k swasan union kahin 2016 ke end mein na ho ya fir 2017 ke start mein
    Yaar isse acha toh ff hi read kro kam se kam mazaa toh aata hai n headache se bhi chutkara mil jata hai

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