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The Episode starts with Ragini and Swara couldn’t seeing any marks on Laksh’s hand. Ragini says she had a doubt on him when he refused to show the hand. Swara says he is out of our list now, he didn’t do your kidnapping. In the hall, Laksh throws his jacket and removes the fake skin from his hand which he applied on his hand,. He recalls kidnapping Ragini and all the incidents. Swara is tensed thinking about the kidnapping. Laksh comes to her and says I didn’t do anything. Swara says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you. Laksh says I was joking, and says this case is closed as ……….Swara asks what? Laksh says same drugs was used which Ragini used to give you, and says Annapurna got the blanket in your room so easily. Swara asks what did you want to say? Laksh says Ragini is acting

and had feigned to be kidnapped. Swara says but we have seen that red blanket woman in the video.

Laksh says when Ragini can lock herself in Sanskar’s room, when she can push you in the river, when she can kidnap Sumi etc, then she can kidnap herself too. Swara says Ragini is not acting and tells that she didn’t tell about the nail marks to the police. Laksh tells if she had phone then why did she go to PCO, to get herself kidnapped. He asks her to talk to Sanskar about it. Swara says I can’t as Sanskar is not speaking to me and is angry. Sanskar hears them. Laksh gives a light smile, and asks her to stay away from Ragini else she will trap her again. Swara gets thinking. He asks her to open eyes and everything will be clear.

Swara comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini asks Swara to sleep in her room as Dadi went to Baadi. She shows the clothes which she was wearing when she was kidnapped, and tells about her horrific experience. She asks will the kidnapper be caught. Swara says yes and says she will catch him red handed. She goes to keep the clothes for washing. Laksh thinks I have manipulated Swara and now she will hate her face. He says I hate Ragini’s face and have kept shawl in your room so that everyone doubts Swara. He wonders who has attacked Ragini in the store room and then thinks it might be Ragini’s trick. He says Ragini will be blamed even though she is innocent. He says you have played many games, and now it is my turn. Your game is finished and thinks to end his relations with Ragini.

Swara tells Ragini that no one has done her kidnapping and doubts her. Ragini says you are doubting me. I thought you are with me, and says I will help myself. Swara says if you will blame others. Ragini says I am not lying and everything happened with me. Swara asks how to trust you and says you have done this before also. She says you have lost everyone’s trust. You have broken my trust and have separated Swaragini. Ragini says I am saying the truth. Swara says time will tell…………She gives the clothes to laundry man. Laksh says it is good that you didn’t get trap in Ragini’s trap. He says she gave same drug to herself as there was no danger. Laksh gets a call and he leaves. Swara gets Uttara’s hairs extention and doubts her.

She shows hairs extention to Uttara and asks if it is hers. Durga Prasad asks what she wants to say. Sujata says it can’t be someone else. Swara says it is found in Ragini’s clothes. She says she went to Uttara’s room and found same hairs extention in her room. She says it is exactly same as found on the clothes. She asks how did these hairs extentions made me to Ragini’s clothes. Laksh is shocked as well. Swara says you can’t do this alone and asks who has helped you. Uttara looks at Laksh. Laksh is about to confess, but just then Uttara agrees to have kidnapped Ragini. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini gets a make over and wears stylish saree without pallu. She says she will write Maheshwari family destiny and will rule on the house. Swara shouts Ragini. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. N now all of us can see that swara cares for sanskar more than laksh. For hr sanskar cms first nt laksh. When hr own sis ragini said that swara lvs sanskar then what else proof do we need.

  2. Well I don’t want to indulge in a debate whether swasan or swalak coz I know it will b swasan.

  3. Agn a news n that’s good 1 fr swasan fan its lv to bloom between swara n sanskar post the kdnpng incident n also they will gt romantically closer to each other. Wowww!!! I m so happy bt hope this tm it really turns to b the sm not like that bomb blast sgmnt. God n ofcrse the writers plzzz this tm do mk it hpn. Writers plz visit this pg atleast once n see our reqsts .From months we r reqstng u to Mk swasan hpn soon BT very tm u brk our hrt . plzzzzzzz don’t mk it a habbit .

  4. Oops !!!! This pj is full of my cmnts. What to do cnt control my thoughts n they r exprsd on this pj.

  5. Hii guyzz….m new joining u….plZzz keep on Sharing the future stories….specially u Nik…!!

  6. Hiii guyzz…m new….
    I juzz wnt u all to post the updates of the future stories of swaragini…specially u Nil…..!!!!

  7. Hey nik u r ri8 n i think dat writers ko khud ko hi nhi pta k kya karna hai n dats y hum logo ko buri tarah se confuse kr rhe hain
    Muje lagta hai k swasan union kahin 2016 ke end mein na ho ya fir 2017 ke start mein
    Yaar isse acha toh ff hi read kro kam se kam mazaa toh aata hai n headache se bhi chutkara mil jata hai

  8. yipee for swasan

  9. Hiii kirti , how r u. Ya I totally agree with u. These days I m also reading ff’s.

  10. Ha yaar u r right kirti.writers are dragging story too much.

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