Swaragini 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh and everyone see Swara’s video. Swara apologizes to Ragini in the video and says only she (Ragini) can be good marwadi bahu. She tells Laksh that she used to take drugs and have conspired herself. She asks him to believe that her freedom is utmost important to her, and asks them not to search her. She says she loves him, but can’t marry him. Everyone is shocked to see the compromised recording. Actually it is conspiracy by Ragini against Swara. Dadi says what she has done? Laksh tells that he wants to stay alone for sometime, and is devastated. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that Swara made them feel insulted infront of everyone, and also ditched Laksh and gave him tears. Sumi tells that it is not Swara in the video. Laksh recalls the fake recording, and the recent happenings. Sumi tells that

she is not my Swara, and not my upbringing. Annapurna tells Sumi that it is her independence, which is responsible. She asks Durga Prasad to speak up, who is also in shock. Sumi asks Annapurna not to blame Swara, and says it is not truth. Shekhar says she is Swara, and she said that she don’t want to marry.

Sumi tells Shekhar that she don’t accept it. Dadi tells that it is truth and tells your daughter have insulted us. She is behind every conspiracy. She wanted to break this relation and left betraying Laksh. Evil, Psycho Ragini comes to Laksh to pacify him with her fake love. Sumi tells that Swara can’t do this, and prays to Devimaa to save Swara’s marriage and truth. She asks Devimaa to bring Swara back home. Sanskar is searching Swara near the temple. Annapurna argues with them, which is muted. One lady tells Sanskar that she saw Swara near the river coast and took her to hospital. Sanskar thanks her. Sumi tells Annapurna and Dadi that it is enough now, and asks not to say anything. Dadi says your daughter have did this. Sumi says until Swara comes back, I won’t believe on the recording. I will kill her, if she says the same. Annapurna tells that they are taking the baraat back.

Sanskar reaches the hospital and sees Swara( well done Sanskar). The doctor informs him that she has a head injury and the water entered inside her liver. Sanskar asks him to treat her right now, and asks Swara to wake up. Annapurna asks Laksh to come and he starts walking. Sumi asks him not to go. Laksh says he has always trusted Swara, but can’t seeing this video. He takes out his turban. Sumi tells that she doesn’t know from where this video has come, and it is surely a conspiracy. Annapurna asks Laksh not to come in her talks and says she is blinded by motherly’s love.

Sumi asks Shekhar to explain to them. Shekhar tells that Swara has left and sent this proof to us. Sumi says this proof can’t convince me. Dadi asks her not to close eyes, and face the truth. Sumi says she has firm believe on her upbringing. Ragini gets tensed. Sumi says she will wait for Swara to come and tell the truth. Sanskar asks Swara to wake up, and she opens her eyes. She sees Sanskar and says maa…..Doctor asks Sanskar to hold her, and he leaves.

Sanskar tells Swara that they have to leave from there right now. Swara recalls Ragini pushing her in the river and tells him that Ragini pushed her. She cries. Sanskar tells that they have to reach there immediately. She says she would have left Laksh if Ragini told her once. She cries and says she is broken now. She says my own sister tried to kill me and says Ragini was not like this before. She says don’t know, how can she changed so much. Sanskar tells her that Ragini betrayed her, pushed her and want to take advantage of the situation. He asks her to come before Ragini does a mistake again.

Ragini tells that Sumi is right, she don’t trust on this video. She asks him to trust on Sumi, and says they are not wrong. She says Swara is very good at heart and needs a chance to rectify her mistake. She says Swara did a mistake, but she needs a last chance. Just then Dida comes there and slaps her hard shocking everyone.

Swara tells Sanskar that she has to question Ragini about her doings. Sanskar lifts Swara and takes her out from hospital. Dida asks Ragini, why she has betrayed her sister? Everyone looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Nisha

    Whoa!!! This is the most shittiest of the serials… how can someone run such crap for so long being guiltless… this is total brain hemorrhage… this is effing annoying… total bakwas… director should be ashamed of eating food that is earned by making such retarded shittest serial.. I wonder how those actors agree to act in such non-sensical scenes without dialogues for ages with meaningless closeup shots… tellyupdates, if you care for India and it’s mental health please please publish this and also send this to the retarded people that eat food f**king our brains… after a hard days work this shit is what we sometime see even while changing channels and get super angry for the same place it is.. for the sake of India publish this… and the way they show women as that sycophantic nut cases I feel so ashamed…

    • Gauravv

      Hey nisha…i totally agree…itz just the same with other tv serials that the channel runs…crazzy f#£%ing shitt…bt hey…try catching colors infinity..they hav some really gud english tv series lined up…hav seen sm;) wish we cn talk i lil more …

      • Nisha

        bhai… thanks.. let me see… whenever I have time, I first come here and read reviews… sometimes comment… so would catch up with you sometime to have some intellectual or normal conversation about the state and current affairs of Indian telly 🙂 take care.. good night for now…

    • hayathi

      ms.nisha not only d Gandhi serials but other language serials also show total trash.I agree some movies r really good dy taught sum value of humans but most of d movies really crap.y r u talking against dat things?y ds?I saw d cheap soaps more than ds(some times).all soaps r like ds.I don’t know y r u standing against ds only?

      • hayathi

        I really proud of ur thoughts.but apart from d serials Dr r many things to stand such as woman’s education, dr power.not only soaps but all so movies show crap,worthless love stories only.it mingles in our blood.apart from love Dr r many things to show in tv

    • hayathi

      ms.nisha not only d hindhi serials but other language serials r also show d total trash.I agree some movies r really good dy taught sum value of humans but most of d movies really crap.y r u talking against dat things?y particularly ds?I saw d cheap soaps more than ds(some times).all soaps r like ds.I don’t know y r u standing against ds only?

    • ms.cool...

      Ms.nisha..u don’t need to voice ur opinions here bcoz no 1s gonna hear u..neither d producers nor d writers…so plzz don’t flatter abt urself n waste time…go n say d writers directly..?

      • Nisha

        LOL ms. cool… someone said even if you stand alone try to stand by the values… so I understand that you might think the world is like how it’s imagined in your head… but at the end of the day you are just one person and I am also one person but neither what you state or what I state becomes the truth or valuable just like that… it becomes truth or valuable when it’s something of worth for humanity… so in simple terms I do my bit work and you don’t need to give false lecture to me.. go see the world outside… it’s changing and am putting my efforts here so that day by day more people become aware :)… even if it’s one in my life time that agree with my thoughts that’s a small positive change triggered in this world and that means so much to my existence… change starts from small amount and grows bigger… various different people participate… I am so glad I could put my thoughts in your brain as it appears you read my comments and also as it appears you don’t exercise too much of deep thinking someday I wish your subconscious would pick it up as those thoughts have some seeds of goodness and initiative in it… please keep reading my comments and keep commenting.. it helps me understand how much time it takes to change some people like you 🙂 there are so many different kind of people in this world and it’s so interesting to study them and understand their bright ideas or stupid ideas about the world or life in general 😀
        Hope you liked my comments… I would be flattered to understand further as it helps me understand various categories of people… 😀

    • Gauravv

      Guys..colors k serial are gud on tellyupdates…;) cant waste mch time watching them…if u really wanna hav some fun then go for the following
      Game of thrones
      Breaking bad
      House of cards
      The flash
      Prison break
      House MD
      Forever U.S
      Better call saul

  2. Nisha

    Does this country or these actors think they can irresponsible and can act in such meaningless shows? Some uneducated poor people are better than the gutless folks that acts in this serial frames after frames repeating the eternal nonsense… arent they ashamed…? I just wonder when people say artists are intellectuals… but each every idiotic face that repeats eternall dialogs after dialog in this ugliest serial is a proof the artist community has lost it’s conscience!!!! Shame on you! Seriously! Shame on you, you are taking India backwards!!! Shame on you, you use the technology of TV and taking India to centuries ago…

    • Monisha

      nisha look ,first r u educated…..talking about India and people of India. If u don’t like it please don’t watch….if u think u r more creative make ur own show….don’t take me wrong u have right to criticise show but not a great nation like India. Jai hind??????????

      • Nisha

        LOL! Ms. Monisha… this is like if you don’t like corruption don’t watch the corruption and sleep at your home… I am just representing my entire family and friends… I am citizen of India.. and I have the right. Instead of preaching others do what you like… I voicing my opinions as a disgruntled viewer because I and my friends were the one who used to ask for swaragini updates when initially this site was not publishing it… and if we are unhappy today we have right to express with the producers… I did not come and stop you from watching the show at your house.. get a better idea of citizen rights in this country and talk!

      • Nisha

        This country needs to fight for better content as what we watch is what shapes so many of our opinion and creates images in our brain… this kind of baseless negative serials are greatest challenge to having positive thoughts… so I got my right question this non-sense an audience… you got no right to stop me from ciriticizinv it.. if you like it, do so and highlight the wonderful qualities that is offering it to you and win over the hearts… am not liking and am expressing my opinions as before I die I just want to stand for everything that’s intellectual, right, wise, peaceful, one which creates better relationships in society and helps none of our brain neurons store negativity… there is a limit to show negativity and lack direction… beyond that, it’s a torture to human brain.. I can’t even watch it for few mins and it hurts my heart… I hope colors provides some great entertainment to me and many people like it did in many cases… so it’s my problem that am expressing in good will.. am not the one to close my eyes and run away from the spot of corruption or lack of conscience… I stand there and fight for the sake of humanity whether I could change it one bit or not… that’s all makes me who I am… so I just hope you would understand that asking people to not watch logic is age old nonsesne… it’s like asking people to not watch rape if they don’t like it.. can you ever take that bullshit? So society is made of out improvements that come from people’s feedback.. feedback like this where you say don’t watch if you don’t like only makes bad things grow… hope I tried my best to educate you about human and citizen rights…

      • Nisha

        About India… lol that’s comment baffles me… am not sure what you got,.. but there talking about India in general and in detail when am concerned in my birth right. Am a citizen of India and so are my ancestors.. don’t take away our rights voice our opinions about various general things in India.. I don’t know if you wrote that comment for fun.. but am serious… I wish nothing but best in everything for this country and for this world… so I care to comment like this so that this guys would get an idea as how horrible it would be if such things continue to be entertainment…

      • Preeti

        Nisha or whoeva yeah if this shows crap and all why watch it. Don’t voice ur pathetic opinions they r invalid and yo u can make a betta show? Go ahead and see warra a flop it becomes. Lastly least these ppl r using up their time to entertain the society. Yur just tapped soz if u got offended actually I dnt really care if u got offended.

    • nia

      Dear nisha…serial is just a timepass…Since people Here take it more serious they get into the serial…I hv no idea y u bought India into it eventhough being an Indian…ur criticizing the country…if u want to watch Thn watch….Gv ur opinion but do not involve India in it

      • Nisha

        I know that kind of people who do things for timepass… but not for me… I am a fully functional human being 😀 you don’t need to tell me how I take a serial or not… So for me serials are not timepass.. they are for focusing away from our daily chores are work so that our brain gets entertainment, rejuvenation and also knowledge… so I don’t want to fill my brain with garbage… so I don’t take it as timepass…

    • sanaya

      Actually you are correct this serial is crap ….but I wonder what brought u here ? I mean why are you wasting your time visiting this site and page !

      • Nisha

        Because I care about India.. I wonder why Indian people are being fed with so much of low quality content… this bothers me.. and I actually care about what I watch.. so I once glance through these reviews and I avoid any repeated BS… So am a smart citizen of India of the smart tech era 😀 hehe jokes apart I just don’t want to watch too much of garbage so I read reviews first and if I feel too good I catch repeat telecast or on the official youtube or video channel of the site 🙂 don’t you India should up the quality of the content so that people can think beyond the set boring norms and have quality entertainment?

    • Kj

      I totally agree with nisha… What u see is what ur brain perceives to be d reality. That’s why people are facing relationship issues and nervous issues. Because we believe these plots to be true in real life also. So Ms. Nisha is right. These shows should be banned esp. for women folk who are easily influenced.

  3. swara

    What the bullshit to ragini. Yaar swara ko apni began kehti Thai air Asia karti hai. Agar voh laksh ko really pyaar karti tu uski khushi min hi khush rehti.
    Hate u rags. Pls writes don’t make laksh marry ragini and dida plz come fast just want to make the truth out of ragini very soon. Swara u also try to come on time and tell rags truth.

  4. pronita

    what the hell is going on with this serial ………. it was so better before …. if they want it to be viewed by audience they must marry swara with laksh and bring ragini’s truth out … if not I’M SURE THIS SERIAL WILL BE CLOSED SOON MAYBE WITHIN 2-3 MONTHS!!!!

  5. Akshaya

    Ragini deserves it……waiting for swalak…..but read a few spoilers saying ragini will be married to laksh……

  6. oname

    Indians ur directors are just degrading your country…The should stop ds show Asap…shame on u directors!..that means Indians ur goddess don’t fight for injustice… ts a big shame

  7. oname

    I am a Nigerian….shame on you directors…I thought Indians are better of but to no avail….colors stop this show..period!.

  8. sna

    i want dis serial to b stopped as ragini d evil is doing so bad and i hate bad ppl .if writers nd diresctors of d show wants dis serial to b lyked by audience den ragini’s truth has to b reveald otherewise dis serial will b d worst ….

  9. varshini

    finally… raginiyum lakshum Sera poranga.I hate u Laksh.u don’t deserves dm both.swasan scene awesome.

  10. Bani

    cvs pls unite swalak..
    if u dont give us swalak then we have no choice other than stop watching…..
    pls change the story line…cant tolerate evil ragini’s innocent face…

  11. sonam

    Excuse me oname u don’t ve any kind of rights to spk bad abt Indians and great Country India if u don’t lyk d show stop watching instead u need nt screw Indian directors and Indian goddess . If u don’t lyk watching shows of India better watch Nigerian shows stop badmouthing abt us n our goddess n our country n better b ua limits

  12. arunima

    i like laksh. but i love swara-sanskar jodi. atlast laksh bcom alone.
    anyways hw this mad going end?

  13. Bani

    today there is only sumi 4 swara..only she did not belive the fake vedio.. laksh pe mujhe bohot gussa aya,, he also believe the vedio… sekhar v swara ko galat manliya.. dadi se umid hi nehi… or AP to humesa swara ki galti dundti hai…. bt itna kuch hone k bat v DP ne swara k khilup kuch v nehi bola,, I am sure DP ne swara ko galat nehi samjha.. isiliye to wo ragini ko bohu nehi mana hai….
    bt galti to insaan se hoti hai si sb k galti maf ki ja sakte.. & laksh deserve 1chance he does nt deserve ragini so pls reunite SWALAK soon… ragini ne to gunha kiya usse saza milni chahiye….

  14. RajKumari Irina

    today episode was gud but this serial is so stupid coz they make evil win after reveal the truth of ragini…she herself try to suicide to get her love n they mke laksh ragini married wah wa wa wa wt a wonderful stupid serial she desrves to be in jail coz she’s really a criminal….hate u ragini.

  15. Shnaya

    I m very very happy that swara is going 2 marry sanskar according to spoiler…..
    And plz dont seperate swara and sanskar

  16. vivian

    An I hope that sankar and swara falls in luv with each other because I don’t think that laksh deserves swara since he cannot trust her.

  17. Ahana

    mujhe written update prk itna gussa a rehe k bata nehi sakti thank god ki maine ye tv pe nehi dekha… I cant bear witch ragini…
    plsss bring out ragini’s trouth soon…ptecap friv achchha hai but ragini ki sadi ho jayegi,, swara& sanskar time pe nehi pouch payegi & I thik ragini kuch aisa kregi jisse dida pe koi trust nehi korega… & evil will win… so preacap is meaningless…..
    this show give society a wrong massage……

  18. sarita

    Laksh should marry to ragini..bt nt accept.his wife..ragini.ko inna torture kiya jaye.k. So dat usko apni galti realise.ho.

  19. sow

    Sumi’s trust is worth watching today…
    But cvs pls make fake spoilers as fake..
    I really don’t want lakshy to marry ragini…
    I really wished lakshy have trust on swara.. but he lost trust on her..
    Just wish all go fine.. if swalak won’t be together means … I m the 1st to stop watching serial. ..

  20. Nw I came to knw hw Ragini manage to the fake video crap..she myt hav hypnotized swara with the help of mohini in the maha episode…

  21. pushpakala

    on a comical note:
    swaragini cvs yenna pa neenga eppadi panreengalae pa!!!
    on a serious note:
    omg!! this show is such a crap now a days… cant the cvs show us a better plot rather than a plot similar to uttaran!! fed up, guys show us something good.. there are so many awesome tracks… its time to end these faltu dramas of this evil ragini and unite swalak <3 true love will always and should always win in the end.. good should conquer evil.. hope this negativity ends soon and will get our swalak soon… dying to see them both together as these days this ragini is like kebab ki haddi between them…

  22. Saania

    Yeh show pe ghussa hoke time waste karne ka koi fayda nahin bcz Ragini wins Ragini Ki shaadi hogayi hai Lakshya se aur uss ka grahpravesh Ki video bhi sbs Mein dikhadiya lakshya aur Ragini swara ke bride dress Mein swagat hota hai aur aarti bhi karte hain don’t waste time on this serial anymore

  23. Instead of watching this garbage watch any educational program. Siyasat on epic. But no Indian audience like d saas bahu nonsensical and goody princess drama. Ifpepeople stop watching this serials might b directors would stop making it
    Instead of fighting on this forum

  24. Dhanu

    Rags is mad for laksh and she is insult sisters .and laksh where is ur trust for swara.he is become a decent person after met swara.and now sanskar is become a good person after listen swara words.i think knowing about rags laksh will become lukcy

  25. ABG

    Pls swara dnt delay come fast and say the truth. Is good grandma is on her feet now good movement. Precap in resting.

  26. nira

    cvs r mad dey r jst keep chngng swaras hero bechari swara cvs k chakkar mein jst lap to lap shift ho rahihe smtm lakshya smtm sanskar

  27. u really like to day episode…. tank sanskar u have find swara pls go soon as u can …the psycho rag should be punish ….and dida y dine a right jib rags deserves it…nice slap…
    I hate that fake promo that laks marrying rags pls stop that ..and we want sanskar to be with his family pls let him not go…

  28. oname

    sonam or wat is ur name..jes shut up…m screwing d directors not you,u shld go get a life before tlkn to me…because I managed to watch ur so called Indian serials..jus keep mute

  29. mad

    Writers pls if you want to xchange the couples you should have chosen another way. Colors why did you agreed to telecast such a filthy script. Even the production house. Children who are watching this serial will definitely get irritated. This is the worst serial I’ve ever watched when it comes to scripts. For God sake pls stop this shit as soon as possible.

  30. miracle

    It think Lakshya should marry swara they love each other a lot.Ragini should be in pain for the pain she has caused

  31. nsb

    swara n laksh love each other alot so good should win over evil n they must get married.. rags truth must come out thru dida n swara should reach baadi on time with sanskar.. sanskar has to be forgiven n rags needs to be punished..

  32. pooja

    Who has made this video..???laksh should not marry wd ragini and nw ranginj truth will be reveal

  33. Ashin

    Hai GuYZzz l think laksh will marry ragini bcoZz when l search the fb page so many people are told about this that was ragini and laksh image like a bride .A marriage photo I think they will marry and sanskaar marry our swara .I don’t know its only my Guess
    But I am sure that lakhsh will marry ragini after that the real drama will start
    Count down start…………………………..

  34. christina

    actually … laksh should marry swara cozz if not then ppl will stop watching this first it was soo much fun but now..!!all bcozz of ragini ..!! I hate her..

  35. Salome

    As per sbs segment laksh is married 2
    ragini b***h & het ghar prvesh is over she is taking blessing but no one give
    so to gain his (lucky) family’s sympathy is does drama of suicide &
    dumbo lucky saves her let her die

  36. ADELE( Anu)

    What the hellll!!!!!!?
    Ragini….how cud u fall soooo low?????? U r a *****!! U thrower ur sister into river???? Arey stupid psycho,!!! U cud juz have told her once that u luv laksh….n she wud have sacrificed her love for a gal lyk u!!!???
    I juz don’t understand that how can shekhar uncle say lyk this???
    Swara is his daughter n a father shud still stand beside her daughter even if d whole world is against his daughter! Either wrong or right…… Whatever …..but a father shud always stay beside her daughter n support her….?

    My blood is burning wid rage now!!!!?
    Even if tejasvi’s acting is gud, but still now I juz hate hate hateeee her to d core!!!! She has bcum a source of irritation for me!!!!!

    Anyways………..now dida has come…..so now ragini will have to suffer for her shitty shameful acts!!!

  37. Kavya

    i hate u ragini and laksh u seriously nt deserve swara u even nt trust her
    i really want to see sanskar amd swara together i love them both
    swakar i love u both
    And hope u both fall in love with each other soon

  38. Ha ha ha… First its true that it is a bullshit serial. Ofcourse serials are for entertainment. But each serial n movies convey a message to the society. Probably the generation next the most. They portray the cultures and characters of indian society. So its obvious that these so called “entertainments” also have a strong impact on the society. Watching and liking something is good. But not becoming a crazy fan of some actors that you even close your eyes, mind and soul and behave like a robot supporting everything that your favourite stars do. Its ridiculous. And guys to make these conversation a bit lighter. Just notice while some people are arguing about the goodness of the nation. Some are still concerned only about the swara-laksh or swara-sanskar unison. Funny ?. Isn’t it?????!!!!!! ?

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