Swaragini 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini coming there and looks for Laksh. Swara reaches there. Tania says look for him, but he is not here. Swara calls Laksh, and his phone starts ringing. They try to locate him through the call ringtone. Tania tries to stop them and is about to attack Swara with rod, but Swara fights with her and asks Ragini to go and search for Laksh. Ragini finds Laksh’s wrist thread which she tied on his hand, and tells Swara that Laksh is here. Tania is about to hit Swara, but just then Sanskar comes and holds the rod, and hits on Tania’s head. She falls down unconscious. Sanskar and Swara also go there and start breaking the wall. Laksh gains consciousness, but is still drowsy. Ragini calls Laksh. Sanskar and Swara is relieved seeing him. Tania gains consciousness and tells you people

can’t save Laksh, he has to die. She is about to stab Swara, but Ragini comes inbetween and gets stabbed.

Laksh shouts Ragini…….Tania is about to stab her again, but Sanskar holds her hand. An injured Ragini goes to Laksh and assures him that she will not let anything happen to him. She moves the bricks and reaches him. Police comes there and arrest Kavya. Kavya says I will not leave you all. Inspector asks Constable to call ambulance. Ragini tells Laksh that she said that nothing will happen to him. She tells Swara that nobody can make Swaragini lose. She closes her eyes. Laksh, Swara and Sanskar gets shocked and shattered. Swara recalls her moments with Ragini. A sad song Noore Khuda plays…………While in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Laksh tells Ragini that nothing will happen to her. They take her to hospital. Nurse asks Laksh to sit properly and says she will dress up his wounds. Laksh asks her to leave him and make Ragini fine. Nurse says we can’t do anything to her until she gains consciousness.

Laksh realizes his mistakes and apologizes to Ragini. He asks her to get up and punish him. Suddenly they feel movement in her. Nurse calls Doctor and asks him to come soon. They take her to hospital. Dadi asks Swara not to come near her Lado. Sumi and shekhar stands shockingly. Shekhar asks Durga Prasad and his family to leave. Durga Prasad folds his hands as well, and says we will leave but please tell us if we can help you in any way. Shekhar refuses. Doctors operates on Ragini.. Sanskar asks Swara to be there, and says Ragini needs you. Doctor comes out and says wound is not deep, and she is fine. Dadi insists to take her home. Doctor agrees to let her go home.

Later Doctor comes home and checks Ragini. She says until she is having fever…..Dadi asks what? Doctor says her body can go in shock because of fever. Swara brings cold water and gives it to Doctor. Doctor asks them to bring injection and says she will give injection after an hour. Dadi asks if she will be fine? Doctor says I can’t tell until her fever lowers else we have to shift her to ICU. Dadi cries worrying for Ragini and prays for her recovery. Sumi says our Ragini will be fine. Swara cries. She gets Annapurna’s call. She goes out to pick call. Annapurna asks her about Ragini. Swara says she is fine, but having high fever. Dadi comes behind Swara and scolds her for ruining Ragini’s life. She asks why you don’t let her live peacefully. Shekhar comes and asks what are you saying? Dadi asks him to keep quiet and blames Shekhar for sending Ragini with Swara. Sumi says Maa…Dadi says you are not her real mum and that’s why don’t know the pain. Sumi is shocked.

Shekhar slaps Laksh. Laksh asks him to listen to him and calls Papa. Shekhar throws him out. Laksh holds his feet and asks for a chance. Swara tells Shekhar that she brought her dewar’s alliance for Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks Shekhar not to melt down while everyone waits for his answer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Why dadi is always behind sawara?? After all vo bhi uski granddaughter hai… infact dadi ne jo end me sumi se kaha that applys to her the most….
    I hope Shekhar agrees for Laksh and ragini marrige….

  2. S priya

    Oh no I expected gud raglak scenes…nw wat swara gng to make one drama by bringing alliance fr ragini….

  3. shan

    how come dis dadi can blame swara nd sharmistha…..she s d main reason for ragini….bcoz f her only she s n dis state…..first she blackmailed dp for raglak mrg then she blackmailed laksh…..now she s putting all d blame on swara…..y cant she shut her mouth…..shekar s f worst father ever seen…..shame f him…..

  4. manvi

    omg ….i love this episode especially my swaragini bonding ….i wish jaise swaraglaksan sab ek sath h waise humsab bhi eksath ho kabhi fighting na kare kisi se ……
    waise hm fighting karte kyun jabki hm sabka fav show toh swaragini h …..
    mujhe sabse zayda achha tab lagta h jab mein dekhti hu kise dusre page pe swaragini serial burrai ki jati h or hmsab swaragini fans milkar unhe jawab dete h i just love this ….
    yaar hmsab ko toh bahut khus hona chahiye ki tv industry ki sabse beautiful actresses hmare show me h ( helly & teju) .kya insse jayda sundar koi or ho sakta h or tv industry ke sabse hot ,dashing and handsome actors humare show swaragini me h ( namish & varun )
    or sabse badi baat inn charo ki onscreen or offscrene bonding ….jo amazing h baki sav show toh insecure hi rahte h apne lead role ko lekar ……but our temishrunhelly are rocksssss …

    and guys a very good news for all swasan and raglak fans

    swasan ne jeeta best jodi ka poll or second raglak rahe ….guys ab koi bole ke hmara show accha nhi …..hmare show ke leds ko koi bit hi nhi kar sakta h ….

    and second good news

    teju and namish top 7 me chose huye h best actor & actoress based on performance……

    so guysssss ….

  5. S priya

    And guys plz ignore who r bashing swara r ragini..bcoz our reply becms like adding spoon of oil to t fire..just leave tem …let’s enjoy swaragini..even 1000 s of episodic analysis s nt gng to change tem

    • ammu

      dont worry ragini and laksh will be united soon…. they are going to marry again finally swasan and raglak will get some peace . and there is also a news that shegar will agree for raglaks marrage

  6. I’m glad sanskar came on time and saved swara from that kavya. And that Naagin dadi what’s her problem and why is she always blaming swara for everything. She’s so annoying. I know she’s concern for her 1 and only granddaughter but why she’s always blaming swara. It was ragini’s choice to go with swara. Anyways I hope that this kavya’s track is over now. So now swara will help raglak to unite she will bring Laksh’s alliance for ragini and that dadi comes in between.

  7. I think shekar’s answer will be a yes because in sbs segment it shows raglak marriage. I know everyone is saying that raglak marriage is soon soon like no romance, dates, confession nothing but just think once raglak get married no one can seperate them and they have all their lives to do all that also even though laksh and kavya aren’t divorced they will eventually get divorced but I think karthik will come after raglak marriage and creat problems between them but now raglak both love each other and ragini is positive now and laksh realized his mistakes so no one not even karthik can seperate them guys just chill and be happy with raglak marriage I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be a dream sequence

    • ammu

      there where many rumors that there will be love triangle of ragini laksh and karthik. but the news tells that there will be no suspence in raglak wedding their wedding will have a happy ending but i think after raglaks wedding that karthik will creat some problem

  8. SwaSan AndRagLak

    I wish there were more of SwaSan scenes today
    But am happy with today’s episode
    I think that doctor is sent by kava

  9. Hi

    Wth….someone kill this dadi..?she is responsible for every bad thing that has ever happened!!!
    All u ppl who bash ragini or swara…u should bash this dadi instead cos it will atleast make some sense.
    Swaragini would have been an ideal story if this dadi wasn’t there!!!!!
    Shekhar would have married sharmishta only in the beginning n maybe swara n ragini would be real sisters instead of step sisters n they would have same upbringing.. N same opinions n thoughts….everything would had been perfect!!!!!
    But this dadi has always ruined everything!!!!

  10. gowri

    Hii guys sry for fighting with nifisa bcs u I m die heart fan of teju so I m fight with few peoples sry for that and this is just a serial its just entertainment to 30 mins thats it and one more think that in 95% of people who support for ragini they all teji fans only bcs whos fav actore doing a -ve roll then they con’t acc that’s reason for sops in swaragini teju do in swara roll and belly do in ragini roll na but we only support only swara bcs we r only teju fans sry for the fighting and sry for once again and reju was doing evil roll then I m only support to teju…. Bcs I love teju….

  11. stoneheart

    kuch b ho jaye dadi toh swara ko blame karti hai.. shayad unko yaad karne ki b need nai lines.. bar baar same hi toh bolna hai “thari wajah se Mari lado k sath aisa hua waisa hua” swara ka precap ka dialog was nice..shekhr ne badla le lia na abh khatam karo yeh.. kita drag karoge.. irritation ho jati h aftr a while n we switch to other channels…fun nai bacha..even no swasan scenes…pls..kuch karo writers..

  12. jasmine

    wow explosive episode hope raglak get married!

  13. I think shekar will say yes to marriage. I know a lot of you guys are saying that raglak marriage was quick like there was no romance, dates, or confession but just think if raglak get married than no one can seperate them not even karthik. I know kavya and laksh aren’t divorced but eventually they will and I feel like karthik will come after raglak marriage and try to create problems in raglak lives but I’m sure raglak will have full trust on each other and they will fight out all the issues. I’m sure raglak will not seperate and ragini is now positive and laksh realized his mistake too so I’m hoping everything will be fine just relax and enjoy raglak re-marriage track!!!

  14. stoneheart

    pls raglak that night change everything and tu meri mannat by bhanu pls apna ff post karo..!

  15. rosy

    iss dadi ko koi goli mar doo plzzz she is the most f**king character i have ever seen…..wen rags ruined swara’s lyf everything was fine but now wen rags herself is favouring swara everything is wrong n swara is the culprit woww!!!bullsht

  16. Angel

    I didn’t watch d epi kal repeat dekhungi..bt nly precap se toh m so excited omg swara called devar..wahhhh kya dialogue maara..ab swara raglak wedding me song pr dance karegi ‘lo chali me apne devar ki baarat leke’ lolzzzz?? ab cvs thode positive hoying widout any drama mrg complete yuhoo.. ab sbko thodi der shaaaanti do..baadme bring naya twist..

  17. Ani

    The biggest villan in this show is tat dadi… First shld kill her and then eventually everything will be fine…

    • sandy

      ragini is the drama queen b*t*h.they should have killed she instead sich an arse this ragini.who like teju only she sick fans .teju cant act

      • Geet

        You have the freedom to express your views,Sandy,but as a person who has read all your comments about Ragini, I thought u hate Ragini,but I think you just don’t like Tejaswi.And that is why bashing Ragini constantly.

      • Shwetha

        Sandy,now this page is somewhat devoid of fights between SWARA RAGINI fans,but you have been provoking Ragini fans,I am a Swasan fan to the core,but even I am disappointed,just go back and read your comments
        ,forget the past events,enjoy the show and move on girl,instead of triggering fights,you had quoted thou shall not…in a previous episode no,high time you showed some forgiveness and patience to a fictional character and its fans,don’t kill others with words,don’t hurt people here,now it is peaceful,don’t be a reason for fights.You will listen to friends,family and elders only,remember that comment but was forced to say this.Just grow up accept the good intention even if it is from a little child or beggar you meet on the streets.

      • Oh come on sandy chill. I understand you being angry with ragini but with tejaswi why. What ever happened in the past is just a past just move on. Don’t you think that you’re going too deep.

  18. Sunehri

    Can anybody give me the name of the song that played when Swara, Sanskar & Laksh were huddled aroung Ragini?

  19. aastha

    im not a swaragini fan……….bt yesterdays epi ws sad………ragini’s and laksh’s acting is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat s this dadi’s problem?????? take her away n half f the problem would b solved……….wont rags dad forgive laksh n unite raglak?????????????

  20. Angel

    I watched repeat telecast.. Omg kitna illogical kisi ko chaku Marne se bukhar kaise aa sakta hai..kitni ajeeb doctor thi wo..ek din ke andar patient ko direct discharge I think SR cvs can’t afford court n hospital lolzz? someone kill dat dadi usse swara se kya problem hai..I just hate her..dey didn’t show precap bt watched promo n dat dialogue of swara DEWAR DEWAR DEWAR omg? lved it..kya dialogue tha most awaited dialogue fr Swasan fans somewhere Raglak Fan’s too lolzz??

  21. Angel

    Guyzzz..I just want to say one thing..to all raglak Swasan fans.. Guyzz may be many of us watched yesterday IV of heruntemish..heltej ks pic vi dekha wid sachin tyagi aka shekar aww dats choooo cute..all of dem hv grt bonding on set..BEST CAST..y to bash anyone of dem in real lyf dey r just doing der work..if u dnt lyk fictional character its fine as it is juz imagination of writer..bt ab toh reel me bhi everything OK wish at least fr sme days..nw raglak fans gt wat dey wan raglak reunion Swasan fans also wanted Swasan to be together.. So sbko Jo chahiye wo milgaya den be happy..I m also sorry if I hurt any raglak fan rags fan bt I also lv ragu pehle se..ha luxji ka bohot tang khicha mene bt luxji ke liye utna toh banta tha..aur mujhe waisa krne me bada maja aata tha?..most confusing n funniest character ever seen..bt ab sab OK hai..reel n real both so be happy guyzzz stay united..in fuzion production poll Swasan won (1st place) raglak second..both the pairs r rocking..SWARAGINI ROCKSSSSSS…?

  22. heltej fan

    sandy i think ur mother is sick because …..usne tereko real or reel me diffrence nhi samjhaya …..and u r totally mental ……..

  23. arohi

    raglak marries again!!!
    this time for real. no dulha exchange no revenge no acting only love
    nd gets blessing from everyone
    i saw the sbas segment

  24. jhannu

    Wooo…. Rag n Lak going to marry again .. Ragini looking awesome in blue lahnga n I like the side bun of swara too …..coming soon

  25. Maria

    Sandy,messages clearly shows how much you hate Ragini,so much of grudge is not good,stop bashing yaar.Let this be a friendly platform.

  26. swaragini fan

    omg epi was little strange but love it I didnt watch it so feels lil bad but this update was awesome (episode). love u swasan swaragini and raglak. swara looks really beautiful in her new hairstyle(raglak marrige) so pretty and in a show swalak masti most of swara was really really can change the sad mood into mastiiiii know

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