Swaragini 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini got what she wanted. She got Laksh. She says I don’t want anything else, as my parents are uniting now. She says one day Ragini’s truth will be out also, and then she will realize her mistake. I hope she wll not do this mistake again. Sanskar goes out of room. Ragini sees him awake, and coming out of room. She thinks Swara might have woken up. She comes back to her room and drops vase intentionally to wake up Laksh. Laksh wakes up. She tells him that Swara called her to talk. She says she wants to return happiness of the house being bahu. She says she has to go as Swara called her, and asks him to sleep. She says she will come and make arrangements for Janmasthami festival. She asks him to sleep and goes.

She comes to Swara and says she is happy as mum and

dad are uniting. Swara says I am going home today, you can leave your life peacefully and your truth will not come out. Ragini acts to apologize to her. Swara says it is okay. I will take time to forgive you. I am happy that you have realized your mistake, and hope I get my old Ragini back. Ragini hugs her with a plan and says bye. Swaragini plays…………..

Sumi fills her maang with sindoor and calls Swara asking are you ready. We are coming to take you? Swara says yes. She tells Ragini came to meet her and was very happy with their union. She asks did you inform her. Sumi says no. Swara doubts Ragini, but then ignores her doubts. She comes out of room and sees Laksh coming out after bathing. She wonders where is Ragini? She comes out and sees everyone do the arrangements for Puja. Annapurna asks Swara to do the aarti and sing bhajan. She asks about the breakfast. Sujata taunts her saying ladies keep fast. Swara says she is asking about men’s food. Durga Prasad tells his two bahus will do puja and aarti. Laksh comes calling for Ragini. He recalls Ragini’s saying that Swara called her to meet. He asks her where is Ragini?

Swara says I don’t know Laksh. Laksh says she went to meet you. Swara says yes, but don’t know where she went. Annapurna asks him to call on her phone. Laksh calls on her number and gets phone in Swara’s room. He asks what happened between you both. What did you tell her? Swara says I didn’t tell her anything. Laksh asks where is Sanskar? Swara says he went somewhere without informing me. Parineeta calls Laksh and shows Ragini’s anklet ( Ragini wore it infront of Laksh). Sanskar comes back home. Sujata asks where did you go in the morning? Sanskar says he went for a walk. Laksh swears not to leave them if he didn’t get Ragini. Sujata tells Ragini is missing. Laksh asks where is Ragini? Did you do something to Ragini? Swara asks him to stop it and says why we will do anything to her. He asks why did you call her. Swara says I didn’t call her. Sanskar tells it is her trick to trap us.

Laksh asks them to tell where is she? Shekhar comes and asks what happened to her? He asks Swara to tell, and asks what did you do to her? Sumi stops him. Shekhar asks where is Ragini? Sumi asks what is the matter? Laksh says they did something to Ragini. Sanskar says it is enough of your nonsense. Durga Prasad asks them to stop fighting and says we need to find out where is she? Laksh says I called her number and got her phone in Swara’s room. Swara tells Sumi that Ragini came to meet her, and went after meeting her. Sanskar tells Swara is right. Laksh goes to talk to watchman and asks if he sees Ragini going? He says he didn’t see her going. Laksh says I will call the police. Ragini starts her acting and makes sound. Laksh tells this voice is coming from the car and asks to get the car keys. He opens the car decky’s and find Ragini in one of the car with her hand and mouth cuffed. Shekhar and Laksh are shocked.

Ragini hugs Shekhar and cries saying it was good that you found me. She says I don’t know why Swara hates me so much. Ragini tells she called me and then they tied me forcibly and brought me here. She says everyone was sleeping then. She says I don’t know why she hates me so much. She acts to faints. (it was not shown who helped and locked her in the car) Shekhar asks whose car it is? Laksh says it is of Sanskar. Swara tells Annapurna that she didn’t call Ragini and don’t know about her whereabouts. Shekhar shouts Swara. Laksh brings unconscious( faking) Ragini inside. Annapurna asks what happened? Shekhar blames Sumi and tells her that her daughter left Ragini in car decky to give her death.

Shekhar tells that everyone should know about Swara’s truth. Swara asks Shekhar not to do this and calls him baba. Shekhar shouts saying he is not her baba. Swara cries. Ragini throws Swara out of the house with her stuff.

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  1. rosy

    What da f**k is happening..????
    Ragini how cn u do dat???? Feeling lyk slappng u right n left,,,n shekhar u are a devil…
    No words to describe you…

  2. Mariyam

    Koi baath nai ab to double maza ayega… Ab swara ragini ki har ghalathi aur chaal ka jawab degi… I’m very excited to see swara taking revenge… Aur sanskar ka support

  3. bl**dy hell with u ragini…hate u soooo much..u d bl**dy cheapo pschyco nagin..hw can u stoop so low u d despo $*$#$##$…
    really feel sad for swara..fed up seeing d same promo again nd again
    pls yaar dnt drag dis show its getting boring nd irtitating to see nagins face nd her cheapo plans ..really fed up of dis
    pls reveal d truth nd unite d sisters…we dont wanna to see sisters fighting….show ka naam swaragini he pls pls reveal d truth of ragini as soon as possible nd unite them
    anywayz lv u swara……ummah

  4. Watta f**k is happening in swaragini…script writer od dis serial…plssssssss giv importance tu swara….make her win and revils her truth…..ye yua always gives ragini tu win……totally fud up of watching dis serial…..I am from tamil nadu here all are swaragini serial fans….nw….everyone in my area hating it too d core bcos of ragini……..we all beg yu pls make swara to win…..we cont tolerant swaras crying and all d tym ragini gettin wining……hate raginis cruel role….

    • shuvi

      yaa u r very correct…. aise kaise ho sakta…. kamse kam shekhar toh believe kare.. pata nahi what happened to him…

  5. ishveer

    This is limit for every nonsense and idiotic story line of this show…..I am so fed up…. Every time evil & dvil ragini trick is work out not swra truth…..ragini again and again Chet the swara…I hate this show completely……full of dragggggggingggggg…………………..

  6. what is happening in the show? how can every time ragini will win every time and do plans against swara ? let swara also win against ragini.And the writters are dragging the show and they are taking too much time to expose the real face of ragini.

  7. smyeeauu

    if ragini loved laksh so much then why the hell did she help laksh in convincing swara to love laksh.i really hate ragini for doing this ?

  8. aradhya

    whats this happening??…..directors replied just shits….,.what a worse serial….not even a good plot…..seriously I haven’t seen a better jerk than laksh….I dont know what the hell he’s doing in the show,.,, if ragini orovokes him if started hating swara n when swara helped him he started loving her..does he have brains??? big question??..,,,,, seriously loved sanskar he’s the one with brains.,,,, whose is alwayzz clear with his intention.n after that swara….she’s the one who is still sacrifising for that b*t*h ragini…,,, swasan are really mature…..n there bonding is better than swalak….,.both deserve each other,..,.btw ragini laksh are really jerk meant for each other….how could makers unite sumi n shekhar….shekhar is also a jerk..n sumi she’s really very good…who always think of betterment for other….I could not bekieve swara could be shekhar daughter. …as she is smart n shekhar dumbo….nothing to comment about dadi bt yes about dida she’s also very supportive. ….yep this bengali family had be shown veey modern one…n other full of jerk….well about maheshwaris few are nice…..n few just dont care about them…,,, its such a contrary serial.., which have a bad combination of couples….and is full of jerkness.,.,,, hats off to this ridiculness ..hate this show fr jerkss,…..n love this show fr bengalis n sanskar 😛

  9. anonymous

    Wtf is dis? Swara dnt av mouth to speak much or Wat? Dis serial is too slow..have started hating it… is swara meant only fr losing or Wat? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. priti

    laksya or shekhar jerk nahi balki dimag emotion or acting me bhi gadhe hai
    ye log kab tak baar baar swara ka hi burai dikhayenge thak gaye hai yaaaar

    • shuvi

      yaa … shekhar and laksha both are mad enough that real mad will feel shy in front of them…. really dono gadhe hain … sirf mental hi nahi asli gadha bhi sharma jaaye unke saamne…

  11. mk

    Whenever i used to see this negative characters i used to feel they don’t exist in real life. But after seeing indrani case it looks like these serials inspire people to do bad or they are the stories of the star heads.

    • shuvi

      omg!! u telling ek dam right… and sometimes I feel that these serials only r responsible for indrani types cases…… kaash Sheena ko apni maa ka pyaar milpata … really she is dayan….

  12. angip

    ragini the witch! She’s got teary innocent eyes with heart so devil.im starting to hate her face now and swara pls 4get laksh n get married to sanskar 4 real u guys luks awesome 2gether.hate u shekhar

  13. prita

    Please revile the truth… its getting boring n frustrating to watch every one support raghini.. her lies are so obvious!! Whats wrong with the writer…

  14. angip

    ragini the witch! She’s got teary innocent eyes with heart so devil.im starting to hate her face now and swara pls 4get laksh who is a total loser n get married to sanskar 4 real u guys luks awesome 2gether.hate u shekhar

  15. Mumina

    I hate this shekhar he always believes ragini and so does everybody else. I don’t get it just because swara is Bengali they think she’s so modern. I’m also Bengali and I live in London and I admit I am quite modern but I wear clothes that cover me no sl*tty clothes how in the show Bengali people are shown.

  16. Anitha

    Yaar what’s dis nonsense wen swara said she’ll go from d house as maa baba hve united den y did Ragini did all those nonsense….plsss now its time for swara to teach a lesson to rag….stop dis Ragini domination

  17. wins

    Writers crossed their limits by showing the high voltage evilness… I vl stop watching it until I get a positive spoiler for swara and sanskar…. bye bye… If they didn’t favor swara now then gud bye forever. …

  18. MooN

    I think sumi will support her shona(shekar plz go to hell swara is only sumi girl) and dont tell abt fake marriage and swara plz dont trust ragini any more be carefull 🙂 sanskar with u always 😉
    Laksh ji keep your wife away from our swara and plz use your mind 🙂

  19. Ravali

    What vulger is this. Started hating. Ragini and dadi why want to separate sumi and shekhar even swara accepted to leave maheswaris family. Cheap direction. Waste of time

  20. unknown.

    What the hell Laksh used to love Swara so why don’t he trust her anymore.Plz let raginis truth come out.plz plz

  21. ?minnie?

    Dunno if anyone will agree with me or not… or will bash me for saying this against shona…..but I m saying THis what I felt bout…….
    swara is wrong in her mission……
    She should not forgive shekhar…… cuz more than laksh shekhar betrayed her……. he didn’t even trusted her once……… he always listens third person…….
    M saying it not in anyone’s favour but in right thing…….cuz laksh trusted her a lot till a limit and v should not forget how badly even he’s suffering and was being manipulated…..I know he’s wrong but v all know at end truth is gonna win and he will surely badly repent…….. now let’s keep aside laksh……. cmg BACK to shekhar….. he didn’t even bothered about swara truly ever…..least I didnt saw him….. with tlc for his daughter…….. i always used to see in his eyes that he always took swara as his responsibility he didn’t gave her the love which he gave to rags……… never…….. when it used to come on sumi I always used to see equal and genuine love for both rags b swara in sumi’a eyes…… but not in shekhar……. AND he never trusted her never……. so m intention is to say that…… when laksh will cum to know whole truth…he will badly regret his each words…. and will apologize to shona but v all kno she won’t forgive him……… so if she can’t forgive him y she forgave shekhar huh……. both of them were equally manipulated……but still swara forgive her so called father but not laksh…… isn’t this unjust to laksh….. though he’s wrong but still………. in my pov shona should forgive laksh……. after some time but not shekhar…….. he broke her trust many times na……..

    P’S: M not basging shona i love her a lot…..but i said what I felt is right from my pov….

    • Kat

      Yeah minnie I think in a way u are right. Shekar never loved Swara the same way he loved Ragini.On the other hand, when Swara’s own father mistrusts her so much, we can’t actually blame Laksh coz that nagin has brainwashed him gradually. I also think Swara must not forgive Shekar. He hurted both Sumi & shona soany times. It’s like he suspects Swara and sumi are responsible for every mishap. If Shona can forgive Shekar, then Laksh definitely deserves a chance too!!!

    • saz

      i completely agree u Swara ne saanskaar se kaha ki laksh usko believe nahi karta isiliye undonoka relation ka koi matlab nahi banta lekin wo shekher ko q apni maa ki life me bapaash lana chahti hai dono ka charecter same hai.

  22. rosy

    Actually da show is so correct..bengali people eat fish nd they r intelligent nd dat much cnservatve,,,
    whereas these foolish marwaris they cant thnk anythng else dan marriage n husband…cnt get out of it n live for all..de dnt thnk anythng else dan their own happiness..selfish nd mean people…rags jis tarah se badi hui hain usme she doesnt knw true love she thus is thnkng of her welfare….for rags she means to get static nd cnservatve to da core,,,such pple r never satisfied nd cnt face unforseen situatns…bt an intelligent mind lyk swara is always ready to move on nd nt cling to past….

  23. sona

    Writers are Real gadhas ..ek simple story ko kitna drag kar rHe hai ye log..

    mistakes of swaragini

    No.1 if ragini said that she loves laksh so much.then swara(that time swara doesnt lv laksh)can unite ragini n laksh.no need for asking help from sanskar.

    No.2 shekhar and laksh are same the way they unbelieving their love.even shekhar can’t believe his own daughter then how can laksh believe swara.

    No.3 when swara came with injuries on her wedding day ,no one asked about her fractures and even no one file a complaint that swara is missing

    No.4 when swara giving second chance to ragini then y she is overacting

    Agar iske writer mere samne aya to jute se marungi

    • rosy

      Correctly said,,no 1 askd swara where she went nd how her sari make up got ruind…how cum she is injurd…n shekhar u againd betrayd sumi….u nd laksh realy dnt deserve sumi n swara respectvely..
      Howevr laksh u do deserve dat granny of all devit rags in u lyf…fool,,rascal,scoundrel no. 1…

  24. jyothi

    Swara is helpless with that stupid raginiz crocodile tears.. u know swara and sanskar are gonna live in a tent near maheswariz house.. and swara challenges ragini to bring her truth b4 every1 in 30 days ☺☺.. be postive swara and sanskar gonna rock.. i love you laksh but now i’ve started loving sanskar more..

  25. Zara

    Ufff ab aur nehi raha jata… Shekher,laksh, ragini,sujata,parbati… Tum tino churail chullobar pani mein dub maro… Fasi me latak jao.. Ya toh pher poison kha lo…. Aur jahannum mein has k santi se raho…

  26. shuhaila

    First of all directer mn you suck……
    You really don’t knw Hw to make astory interesting …. by the way I can teach you bcus its not tht hard to teach foolish people like you really….

  27. Swasan Luv u

    Actually Rags is the upbringing of dadi… so its natural that she ll show her true colors. Dadi taunts dida dt her upbringing (swara) is bad.. bt actually rags is same as her dadi.. cunning, evil, devil, rediculuos. Luv u shona.. Plz take revenge over Ragini.. U hv 2 pruv dt truth alwz wins over evil. Ragini has crossed all her limits. Now its tym to teach a lesson.. Luv u shona.. Eager waiting to see u winning.. Luv u sanskar… Hamari shona ka haath kavi mat chhodna… plz writers make shona as d lyf partner of sanskar..

  28. hom

    Aaiisshhh.. fed up of these nonsense ….. yeh show hi bndh krdo…. how cn evil win again n again… show has become maha boring…. n psycho ragini… jst go to hell….

  29. Simzain

    bahut acha kiya rags tumne khud hi apni khabar khod li swara to tumhe chain se jeene ke liye chod ker jaa rahi thi per tumhe itni adat hgyi hai kameene pan ki ke tumse qoh bhi dekha nahi gaya ke wo chup chap ja rahi hai n lakshya tum ko dikh kya mila tum to pagal hi hgye ho swara ditched u she is bewafa(in ur eyes)but she is not a criminal plzz wake up open ur eyes n c n understnd ager koi kisi ko dhoka de to iska matlub yeh nahi ke use dunya kaam me doshi samjho ragini d more u do d more u wil loose lakhs wen he wil knw yr true clrs….now swara n sanskar r like zakhmi sher n sherni n evry1 knws dat ek zakhmi sher n sherni kitne khatrnak hote hai bachke rehna ragini coz agli baar shikar tum banogi….

  30. Actually this Shekhar is not a good man……..how he has 2 daughters??? He has only one daughter rags……that’s what the writers wanna show……the writers say that the one with no mother is only ur daughter…..and the one who has a mom doesn’t needs real dads love………shame on the writers of swaragini………I thought this seriel would be different from others but no……..all Indian daily soaps are same……..

  31. kiya purohit

    seeing dis show………………I think dat luv is really blind………
    In dis way laki n shekhar both r blind………..un dono ko rags ka evil dikh e ni rha h……..they always blame sumi n swara………..wat kind of luv is dis

  32. kiya purohit

    seeing dis show……………. laki n shekhar both r blind………..un dono ko rags ka evil dikh e ni rha h……..they always blame sumi n swara………..wat kind of luv is dis

  33. kiya purohit

    nxt AMRIT-MANTHAN………………………………..

    • ?minnie?

      Nope in amrit manthann sisters were fighting for a guy….. but not in swaragini……. and this in in general that guys no compare this serial with uttaran, amrit mantaan or any other serial…. each serial has its own story own uniqueness

  34. this serial is so bakwas no sense at all im gonna stop watching it its really too much to bear n its evn boring
    y cant they just unite all

  35. Oooh plezzz yaar ragini Ka sch reveal karo jldi ab ita lenghty kiyu kr the huu is show se acha tu history Ka period hota h seriously

  36. sona

    Guys…one thing is sure that sanskar is fallen for swara…but writers wiill again make sanskar lost his love and they reunit swalak( but i realy want swasan not swalak)

  37. sona

    Writers..if u don’t have any good story don’t make seriels..if u want positive stories..contact me..i have huge collection of my own positive stories

  38. Binnu

    Am really not getting it now. Swara was anyways going to leave the house. Why did Rags do this? it makes no sense. Writers have lost their mind….stupid boring serial!! Uttaran part 2 – where marriage is a joke for everyone. Nani brainwashed Tappu’s mind and here Dadi is doing it…Both sisters love the same man. Colors has nothing new to offer?? uuffff

  39. Sandy

    U knw our parents tells dat `always truth vil win over false` bt in dis serial always evil wins on truth. C how funny nd hw much stupidly dey r running d serial. Dntknw whn dey vil get matured nd whn vil dey start d crct life fact abt human life.
    y always dey r wining dat devil ragini stupid……

  40. The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Ragini informs everyone about Swara and Sankskaar are not married.

    Ragini throws Swara out from Maheshwari house for betraying them.

    Sanskaar gets to know about Ragini’s deed and stay with Swara under one roof.

    Ragini is shocked to see Sanskaar and Swara together

    Sanskaar tells Swara that he cannot let anyone destroy herself respect.

    Furthermore, Durga Prasad comes back to house scolds Ragini for trying to throw Swara out of the house.

    Duraga Prasad says to Ragini that though Swara betrayed Lakshya (Namish Taneja) but she is not a girl who plays with the name of marriage.

    Will Durgaprasad and Sanskaar’s support for Swara expose Ragini?

  41. sona

    When ragini and laksh got engaged,remember frnds what laksh had told…laksh told that ‘ragini mere type ki nahi hai’…ab kya ragini laksh ki type ki ho gayi??, what an idiotic and stupid story this..(it was good story when started.but the swaragini team spoiled a gd story)

  42. Divya

    Too much of drama …plz let’s the truth be revealed and I think swara n sanskar will marry in future…with so much of drama

  43. dhanu

    Friends remember on that day when rag was kidnapped laksh was said so much romantic words and i like it very much. Nut now where is that laksh. Now he is stupid idiot.

  44. Aseen

    This is like bad winning over good, if so it brings very bad image in the mind of so many children who may also be watching this serial.
    I’m gonna stop watching this serial… Very unrealistic n written by some saddist may be.

  45. ADELE( Anu)

    What da hell is this???????????????
    Again that ragini won!! Y r u not lettin shona win yaar??!!? N wen that stupido pshyco does her stupid shameful act of innocence; I feel lyk breaking my mobile wen I watch her!!!!????

    N our shekhar!!! Its lyk we can’t ask him ki ussne apne beti k liye kya kiya?!! Rather we shud ask him ki ussne apni beti k liye kya much NHI kiya!!!!!
    Really!! I never saw trust in shekhar’s eyes for swara! Whenever there were misunderstandings, he always supported her so-called daughter ragini n not shona!!!!
    How can a father be so selfish??????

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