Swaragini 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara couldn’t sleep in her room. She gets up from her bed and calls Ragini, who is restless too. Ragini comes out of her room and takes Swara’s call. She asks did you get property papers. Swara tells that she was saved because of Shekhar today else Dadi would have caught her. Ragini says it means baba is not with Dadi fully. She asks about the papers. Swara says she didn’t get papers, but she got a key and took its impression on the soap. Just then she sees Sanskar in the mirror and asks Ragini not to threaten her. Ragini also sees Laksh coming and warns Swara not to threaten her. Laksh asks Ragini, with whom she is talking to? Ragini says I will handle her. She asks him not to talk to cheap people. Sanskar asks what is the matter? Swara tells him that Ragini has become

egoistic after becoming rich and says she is a step sister and not her own. Sanskar asks if you are hiding something from me. Swara says ofcourse not..why I will do something which may hurt you. Ragini assures Laksh that whatever she will do is for her family’s betterment.

Sumi tells Pandit ji that she wants to do her son’s Ayush naamkaran puja. Pandit ji asks about Ayush’s parents name. Sumi tells her name and tells that Ayush’s baba will be with them very soon. Shekhar hears her. Ragini comes there and says I thought to do darshan of Devimaa. She says God is same for everyone and says I can do puja here. Shekhar asks her to go and says if Dadi sees you here then. Ragini says we have done deal with her…what will happen. We are just doing puja. She gives thaali to Pandit ji and asks him to do the puja. She takes Shekhar to do the puja, and holds Sumi and Shekhar’s hands with her both hands, gets emotional. Swara comes to Maheshwari house. Swara sees Laksh coming out and hides. Laksh asks servant to take his bag from inside. Servant brings his bag. Laksh thinks he got late even today. He sits in car and goes. Adarsh and Parineeta ask Swara, what she is doing here. Parineeta taunts her. Adarsh asks her to leave.

Parineeta is about to push her. Swara says 1 min..and says if you are done with threats, shall I speak….? She says what do you think that I came to meet Annapurna and Durga Prasad? No. I came to meet you both. I brought deal for your advantage. Adarsh asks what? Swara says I have heard that Dadi is having your property papers? She says you are owners of this property, but not actually. Adarsh and Parineeta are shocked. Swara says I have two options, either to burn it and throw, as it will be no use to me, or if I give papers to you, but what will be my advantage. Parineeta asks her to tell clearly. Swara says you have claimed and accused us for taking 10 crores Rs. from you, and says I want real money this time.

Adarsh asks from where I will get the money. Swara says I want money by evening, else forget those papers and this property. Adarsh says okay, bring those papers by evening and get the money. Swara says no, and asks him to come to Baadi with money. Adarsh says I can’t come there. Swara says else I will burn those papers. She asks them to tell Dadi that they came to have food made by her. She says Dadi will be happy. Parineeta asks Adarsh to accept Swara’s deal. Adarsh agrees and says I will come to Baadi in the evening.

Dadi comes there, sees Shekhar doing puja with Ragini and Sumi. She shouts Shekhar, and says I had warned you to stay away from Bengalis. You have ignored my words, and goes inside. She closes the door. Shekhar asks her to open the door. Sujata asks what is happening? Why Ragini is shouting. Shekhar asks Dadi to open the door. Ragini also asks her to open the door. Shekhar opens the window and sees Dadi sprinkling kerosene oil on the house and then on herself. Ragini, Shekhar and others are shocked. Ragini cries. Sanskar looks on. Sujata says this drama and enemy shall end. Dadi tries to light the match stick. Even Sumi is shocked and scared. Dadi lights the match stick and is scared herself. Shekhar asks Dadi to stop. Sanskar runs, breaks the window with a stick. Dadi stares the match stick waiting for someone to come and save her. Sanskar opens the window and blows the match stick. Dadi asks what you are doing here? Sanskar asks her to think about the answer, as Police will ask her. Dadi says I can do anything in my house. Sanskar says but not suicide. He says you will get double punishment as you tried to commit suicide before also. Dadi looks on.

Swara is running holding the property papers. Dadi asks the goons to snatch papers from her hand. Goons surround her. Swara throws papers in the water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sanjanaagrawal

    Today’s episode was good ….. after so many days atleast we got some pair scenes…..
    And ragini tied the knot of shemish …. and my dectetive doll was looking like an angel in that night dresss ….. and what a plan !!!!! But I am upset about precap…. and why everything falls in that bridge only …. first swara then parineeta and now papers also … papers ko bhi nahi choda !!!!!!!’
    And aayush is so cute just like his sisters …

    thnx hasan mam for a fast update

    1. Mica

      hurraayyyy… sanju got first commentator
      huh! but no one comment except us.. feel soo lonely.. huhuhuhu

    2. Heltej

      Sanju u did it???

      1. Sanjanaagrawal

        Yuppp !!!!!! When I opened the page I was suprised bcoz no comments were there ….. and don’t worry mihika we three are enough for each other ????

  2. Mica

    waa,, H.Hasan mam, you are back!.. ty soo much for update..
    i couldn’t stop laughing to watch wives fooling their husbands..poor duffer husband 😀 😀
    imagining Swara used my tagline “TRUST ME SANSKAR! I’M A LIAR!” omg!!!
    but i love Sanskar to has a doubt to his wife, he knows her sooo very well..
    aawww… what a best husband ever..uuggghhhh my SWASAN…..
    but, feeling bad to saw Swara lied to Sanskar…. huhuhuhu

    Swara so cute and pretty in red, Ragini so beautiful in orange..
    but something bother me in Ragini, her make up..
    they were ready to sleep, but Ragini still in full make up
    it’s about adjustment and condition to get logical scene..
    i mean how can a woman sleep in full make up ? it’s not logic..
    i wish, even though the story is illogical, but let the environment lil bit logic.

    1. Heltej

      Mica dont talk about make up… Even if they go to bathroom every serial charcter will have heavy makeup… If someone sprinkle water on their face… Then also they will have make up… Greatest thing is rain romance…. Oh god…. After rain romance u have to see their face… Make up wala face
      Logic:we use waterproof 24hr make up!
      Logic 2: kadhayil chodyamila… (dont ask question in story)

      1. Mica

        hikshikshiks…rain is accident, but cleaning make up when ready to sleep is a must *stubborn…. 😀 😀 😀

    2. Heltej

      Hahah…. ?? ok we can write open letter to all actors/actresses telling about make up… What say?

      1. Mica

        uugghhh.. it’s not actors/actress fault babe!!! blame it to make up team, why they can’t give proper make up to match to the scene…
        or should i change the sentences..
        Ragini so beautiful with her make up, but it didn’t match with the scene..huhuhu
        yesterday also, Swara with full make up, but it match with the situation..
        her make up team can adjust it properly….

    3. Heltej

      We can’t put all blame in make up team… Actors too can suggest to make up team…. We are free to give opinion…

      1. Mica

        we are free to give opinion ???? omg!!! the best option ever 😀 😀

  3. Mica

    My Swara in green ????
    first, i hate her hair, but then i realize that Swara more exotic and se*y in that attire…
    She remind me to young Sri Devi or Juhi Cawla (cmiiw)

  4. Mica

    Dadi pretended to suicide ?
    no wonder that Ragini expert in that also, she learn from the best 😀 😀
    followed by another grand daughter Swara,
    give influence to her grandson in law Sanskar! 😀
    and hilarious Sanskar! he threatened Swara about his suicide, ..
    but talk about police when Dadi tried to suicide….

  5. o god i saw the epi but it was not upto the mark cvs kuch raglak ke bhi romance dhekha dhethai tho kya bhigad jatha hmmmm ok exited for tmmr epi badi behana running were is my ragu ragini u were looking so dam gorgeous luv u tj my s*xy hot marthi chik and hello everyone helteja today u saw or again u got guest mica ever is ur review??_??_??_? bye got go for college see u people later happy mornings

    1. Heltej

      Kee… I saw the episode… But i have so busy… N my net was down?

  6. Kakali

    Uuuuwwoooooo Maaaaaa !!!!!
    “Swaragini” cuteee little fairy liars ….. Swara uhhhhhh !!! my Angel princess… u r again back to ur bold se*xy cutee threatening detective avtar… aaawwww awwwwwww !!!! i was curving for this ….

    n Sanskar u know her soo well… uhh uhh uhhh !!!! inside out … but seee u couldn’t able to catch her .. yeeeiii !!! afterall she is our Swara…awww…

    Ragini u was looking like teddy bear … awwwww soo beautiful… sooo smart … nice Idea … ommggg soo big teddy liar u r also a…awwww…

    Sanskar he himself warned Swara if she will ever try to connect with Maheswaris he will doo something wrong… butt noww huhuhuhu u urself gave a big cutee lecture to Dadi…. u r too tooo toooo muchh funny n idiotic…

    Don’t know how Swara is managing u … hahahahah… cutee handsome killer Prince….

  7. sorry yar mica dint see ur comments first this site dint show me first hmmm ya i do agree with u mica but i dont care about it she lookalways stunning and mesmarzing with or without makeup

    1. Mica

      huh! you don’t see my comment.. huhuhuhu
      about make up, i talked about the adjustment.. i’m pretty sure that Ragini will always pretty with make up or without make up.. that why she needs to be without make up when ready to sleep as almost every woman did….
      (most of them will clean their make up, change her dress, put off their jewelry, rite?)
      it’s linked to get logical scene.. just it..
      i wish my answer can clear anyone confusion..ahem ahem… :3 :3

  8. Yeah track is gng good…epi ws rlly good..swaragini r togethr nd cvs gvng equal parts to them..
    swara u r rlly mch clever dear..i love da scene where u threatened parish…hahaha lol thy r..loved to c thier face at dat moment…
    Nd sanskar doubting swara omg??wat but rlly love to c hw nicely he always understood her..he knws her so well…nd da moment he cupped hr face aaahh i ws dieyng while seeing dat part…
    Lts c wat happns nxt

  9. Heltej

    Ty H Hasan!
    Heltej were cute n beautiful! Poor sanskar… He helped dadi… Biggest home breaker!
    Adri are fools… N stupids
    Again cvs are with suicide drama n falling bridge drama…. Property paper u are very luckiest cuz… U fall in water n will come up same… Without tear mark n u wont even soaked up in water!
    Swasan scenes were superb! Raglak were not that much… But still i liked it

    1. Mica

      remember your rule babe! your rule! 😀 😀
      even their paper has waterproof qualification …soo great! 😀

      1. Heltej

        Haha… I forgot ??

  10. i am so sad i couldn’t watch this episode don’t know how i miss all the best episodes

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