Swaragini 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini calling district hospital and enquires about Laksh. Receptionist says that they have no patient by this name. Woman says she is saying truth and Laksh was taken to the same hospital. Swara asks Ragini to go with Nikhil and woman to that hospital and show them Laksh’s photo. She asks her not to take tension. Gayatri tells Sujata that they are getting insulted and made to wait by the wedding planners. She is angry as dance program is halted in the middle. Just then Swara comes and dances on the song Diwani Hogayi……..Sanskar is shocked to see Swara dancing. Gayatri smiles and likes her dance. Swara is teary eyes and wipes her tears. Sanskar tries to stop her, but Sujata stops him. Swara continues to dance….All Maheshwari family are not happy to see swara dancing.

Swara’s dance performance ends. Everyone claps for her. Gayatri makes her wear notes garland shocking everyone. She says you should be dancer and is best at dancing rather than wedding planning. Sanskar is shocked.

Ragini asks Nikhil to drive fast. Swara is in the room and cries badly. Durga Prasad and Annapurna come there. Swara hugs her and cries. Annapurna asks why did you dance, and got yourself insulted. Durga Prasad says I can understand, but our name is getting ruined because of your move. Annapurna asks about the dancer. Swara says I have no option. She says they came to know about Laksh because of that woman. She says I sent Ragini and Nikhil with that woman/dancer to the hospital.

Ragini and Nikhil come to the hospital and enquire about Laksh. They show his photo. Nurse says she will talk to her senior. Just then a doctor comes and says when he came here, we didn’t know about him and everyone know him with his bed number. Swara calls Ragini. Ragini tells Swara that Laksh is here, and I will call you in sometime to give good news. Swara informs Durga Prasad and Annapurna. Ragini asks Doctor to make her meet him, and says she is waiting for him since 6 months. Doctor says you can’t meet him as he died 3 days ago. We have done his last rites. Ragini is shocked and shattered.

Nikhil asks how can you do his last rites. Doctor says we have done everything legally and shows the newspaper in which they have published missing news, and other things. Ragini is shocked and shattered. She walks out of the hospital recalling him. Nikhil tries to console her, but stops. He gets Swara’s call. Nikhil is about to tell her about Laksh’s death.

Ragini recalls Swara promising that she will not fill her maang until Laksh comes back. She takes the phone and tells Swara that Laksh went somewhere and is not here. Swara says how can he go? Ragini asks did you talk to Annapurna and Durga Prasad? Swara says I told them. Ragini asks her to tell them that Laksh will return as he can’t stay without her. Ragini cries badly. Swara says we will find him. Swara cries and thinks she knows about Ragini’s shock. Sanskar comes to Swara and asks what happened? Why you are sad. He says you might be thinking about Nikhil. He asks her to wait till Uttara’s wedding, then she can spend time with Nikhil. Swara is angry. Sanskar asks did I say wrong? Swara tells him that she is wedding planner here, and asks him to talk about work only and don’t interfere in her life. Nikhil asks Ragini, why did you hide this fact from Swara? She says even she shall know this truth.

Gayatri and her husband see Swara and Sanskar sitting close in room. She blames Swara for trapping men. Sanskar loses his cool and informs her that Swara is his wife. Gayatri is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aww but i hate this sanskar

  2. Kakali

    God !!!! precap <—– *jump from d flyover…

    Gayatri-*m digging ur grave…
    Sujata-*Mental asylum's gate is open for u..
    Nikhil-*start to take almond..
    Ragini-*Love u…
    Sanskar-*i dun wanna die soon..
    Swara-*only u can do that…

    Thank u H.Hasan mam…
    *blank with d Chappy…

    1. Hee hee u r rly right..
      oh god kaku dr hw cn u gt dis wrds..????

    2. hahahhahaha
      u nailed all the situation dear Kakali
      cant add a word

      1. Kakali

        Waaa!!! Louna n Chaaanuuu !!!! i wanted to be d 1st commenter.. when i post my comment still i was 1st… but now ¿¿¿ urghhhh TU why u did injustice with me… why whyyy whyyyyy¿¿¿¿ i wish i have my pimpom ball *crying on footpath…. ;( ;( ;( ;(

    3. hey are u alive after jumping from the flyover?*rofl

  3. Silent_writer

    Finally sanskar accptd her as his wife finally cvs do something gudddd n about raglak we knw that laksh is alive n now ragini will take help of abhimanyu(laksh) to unite swasan ???? loved todays epiii

  4. Fairy

    She always loved him,
    She got hurted many times,bt still she loved him
    She hurted everyone just for him
    N wen he started lovng her
    Destiny hurted her
    Now his laksh is not wid her
    Today she gotto know dat hes no more
    Bt she have to hide it from her sister,who loves her deeply
    She have no one to share her pain
    Shez alone shez shattered…
    Whom she had loved d most ,is not wid her nymore
    Bt she”ll have to b brave…brave for her sis ,brave for her family!!!

    Ahhh!!!!today dis grl#ragini litterely made me cry…frst tym in my lyf i couldnt able to bear nyone cryng in reel lyf …d way she ws cryng ,hurted me so much … Raglak r lyk my heartbeats..n wen i got to see dat pic of laksh in newspaper oh god…my heart skip a beat for dat moment….ragz being shattered also thought about swara n for dat m so proud of her!!! Today u #tejasswi madme soo proud wid ur brillient actng… U made a grl lyk me cryyy…uff!!! Hatts off to u grl ….n m sooo proud to say it today dat yes yes yes m a crazyyy dieheart tejasswiholic???love u till infinity doll..umaaaah god bless u?????

    1. Kakali

      Fairy Sweety don’t cry !!!*weeping ur tears… haaa!!! it’s a really hard time for Ragini but she has to be strong as she is… waaa !!! i love Ragini !!!! i love Swara !!! mad me actually i love Swaragini… sooo meaningfull scene with d title “SWARAGINI” ..
      CVs m curshing u toooo have more like this scenes… i was crying hard watching that scene… as well feeling proud of my SWARAGINI… waaa that’s why they r soul mate… seee i have my exams but doing patar patar here… *RIP me.

      1. Fairy

        Yap dr nw its lookng lyk dey r reallly soul mates??.hahahaaha u know wt dr m becomng a fan of ur dialouges… 😛 n dis patar patar one is my mostest fav. *crazyyy me * talented u? alll d veryyy bst for ur xmzzz!!!!n kise ka answer na aaye to likh dena *refer to d book ???????? hahahaha…take care dr????

    2. anonymous(raglak)

      fairy………i am crying after reading ur comment……….yes….raglak r our heartbeats….I appreciate CV’s in 1 thing that they have shown her ….thinking abt her sister ven in great pain…..remember…..even she thought abt uniting swasan when they r newly married…and she got succeeded in that despite of laksh ditching her and sekhar’s stubbornness………….YEAH ME TOOOO……I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM TEJASSWIHOLIC…..she is d 1st actress whom I started to like in telly town up till now..and this love will be forever….

      1. Fairy

        Awww!!!!!same here dr….i wl also love hr forever….. ???? n siss yaar plz get registered na….plz…!!!!

      2. so am I <3 Thejaswi


    Already crying reading all that… i’ll wait watching to coment… but… heart broking episode (i’m replunged into episodes Swara was in jail, too sad!)


    And thank you so much Hasan for your update

    1. dear Mica
      wanted to answer cant find suitable words more thsn yours
      speachless now

      1. Mica

        aaww what happen louna ?

      2. nothing dear u wrote just what i wanted to say thats why im speachless

  7. Anonymous (raglak)

    I didn’t understand ragini’s last line that….even she (swara) shall know d truth…what does she mean by that…..Mica….plzzzzzzzzzzz help me understand…. Does swara know abt laksh’s death

    1. even I want to know… help mica….

    2. Mica

      huh An!!!! i’m not rasmi Sharma dear!..
      it’s about sisters bonding, Ragini has faith that Swara know everything about her, her sadness, her happiness, her everything, so, swaragini know each others pain, trust each others now. Ragini already learn about trust between sibling. it just my silly opinion.
      that why Ragini said that,,,,She believes without even mention it, Swara will feel her sadness..aahhh i love Swaragini…

      1. haha mica see u have become so famous people are asking ur help to clear their confusions!*LOL*

      2. Mica

        hehehe shalini…i dunno what happen..

  8. OMG love you sanskar… precap was really a heaVen for me…. I m so happy………..

  9. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update…
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. crying all the time.
    i’m really piss off to sanskar’s detectives, what they done in this whole 6 months ha ????
    they couldn’t see the missing news in newspaper ??? useless detective ever…too bad
    our detective Swara retired and turn to be wedding planner….hmmm.

    Swaraaaaa…..who are you ha ? wish some fans know and admit your effort for your husband happiness .. i’m fed up they are blaming you when you did a mistake, but blind about your all hard efforts for your Sanskar,
    you want to be good wife, good daughter, good sister, good bahu, but what to say, you just has 1 body, 1 soul, and sometime you should choose among them, it’s not mean that you didn’t love other ( neglected) but because you trust them that they will accept it in maturity way,but then..uughhhh seem all of them have habitual to lean in your shoulder , when you go, your husband prefer being drunkard and blaming you instead try to understand you, his wise though, his maturity fly away without you.

    Sanskar.. good job dear! i know may many people blame you for kept mum, but for me it’s the best from you, how much pain you going through to see your wife’s state, but your silent made your wife’s sacrifice didn’t go in waste..i wish this incident made you understand your wife’s feeling and sibling bond, i wish you know that even how cruel she is to choose her family, but she can also go to so extent, humiliate herself for your family happiness..but then uuughhhhhh….. this wounded jealous possessive lion….

    Raginiii…. did you believe that doctor ? i wish you still have a hope.. but please, Abhimanyu is Laksh, since i can’t accept of Laksh nomore and Ragini move on to Abhimanyu..
    i will hate it as i hated when Swara was roaming with Kissan..

    cruela De vil !!!!!! well i don’t want to drag myself to your level…huh!

    Nikhilll.. you are soo sweet *pull his cheek

    1. love u mica… I totally agree with u…infinite percent I agree with u…. what u wrote is completely right…

      1. Mica

        aaww Aditi, better join me to be guard in front of Swasan’s room, let them do romance and we can prevent them from cruela attack….*i wish we can peak their romance also.. ahem ahem :3

  10. If Laksya is coming back as abhi and he has either memory loss for real or pretending like he lost his memory then this show is really dumb. Basically each and every main leads had through memory loss. Ragini and sanskar were pretending and Swara lost her memory for her and now I have no idea what rashmi is planing for Laksya. It’s basically a repetition of thing that has happened in the past over again and again throughout the drama. I’m so sick and tired of this already.

  11. MAHIRA

    So… God, what a painful episode,..
    Sanskar suffering to see Swara dance, almost explosing when a man gives her money, looking to his sister …
    Swara, sacrfying her so called ego when she’s alone against the world.. if she didn’t dance, it would be her fault if the engagement is cancelled , she did her unique option and what? DP dare blame her!!!!!!! isn’t insulting his family to let their future in laws insult their bahu… and for what? ust to be bengalin!!! isn’t shameful from them to lie to their in laws like that??? hiding a simple detail that wedding planners are their son’s wives!
    Sanskar, who are you fooling by your insults ? pyaree Sanskar , even your voice was shaking, when you asked kia hua, it was on the tone of worried sanskar not what you want her to see
    Ragini, i cried a lot with you, what a shock is it for you? just saying he’s here to know that he’s dead!
    After all these times, Ragini is gini from swaragini, thinking about her sister before helself, before her sadness, we kept waiting for soooooooooo long time.
    RECAP: i didn’t imagine hai na? it’s a pure beautiful romantic moment, not just a collapsing one, a come here i’l threaten you once more moment… she’s in his embrace and their eyes…

    1. Mica

      Mahira dear! please don’t blame AP and DP…..they just her badema/badepa in law, but atleast they came to her to console her, even DP sound to blamed her, but by his words, Swara told them the reasons what she did and cleared the misunderstanding…
      meanwhile her own parent in law, her own family in law, i know i can’t expect anything from Sujatha, but what about Ram or her husband ? if they can’t stop Swara’s performance.. can they simply console her ? did Ram ever consider that she is his daughter in law ? or Sanskar…..i knew that they both in pain for uttara’s happiness, but after that, can’t he stop taunt her for a while, can he give lil bit appreciate for her work…
      why he always thinking about his own pain ? when he saw swara crying, did he ever think how sad Swara to choose such stunt in front of people ?

      1. MAHIRA

        I know mika dear, i know
        but, i’m so sad for Swara, being again and again accused in her dignity , in her integrety… it’s like those “fans” who keep asking “why has she 4 lovers when Ragini doesn’t”… from the 1st episode, it’s so easy for anyone to come and say that she’s characterless ….
        Her saas pfff, Sujatta has always been changing her camp and thanks God she didn’t come totht room because it would be to insult her more and complain about her besharam behavior… Ram… sometimes i’m startled to see him “again”, it’s like he vows to stay mute because his wife talk for 10 persons… wonder how they gave life to Sanskar… he must have been adopted ^^
        About Sanskar, he’s trying to protect himself behind the last layers of rock’s wall he ‘s using like armor in vain, the rock started cracking when Swara was attacked by goons and from the precap,, it will disappear nearly

        i’m not excusing him, but he’s as insulted as her in that situation and for his blind possessive jealous heart, it’s all her fault… her choice’s consequences… again she has decided and again he’s assuming

        now, i’m afraid about Laksh death news, even Ragini will heroically try to unite them, but then when the truth will be known…….. *hiding from swasan clash that day*

    2. Mica

      for his blind possessive jealous heart, it’s all her fault… her choice’s consequences… again she has decided and again he’s assuming <——– this statement, i didn't get it..huhuhuhu
      why it should be Swara's fault ?
      about she decided and he's assuming, well, they both in the same condition then, when Swara doesn't understand how possessive her husband, Sanskar himself didn't understand her Swara so well, they ever faced everything together, but still, Sanskar didn't understand the way Swara thinking and facing problem..

      1. MAHIRA

        hum… may be the word “fault” isnt the good one, but what i mean is that 6 months ago, he had accepted her accusations about his brother, he accepted the fact that she was angry at him just like he was, he even accepted that she’ll not put sindoor until laksh is back… and he first asked, then begged her to not go, to give him a chance… but she decided to be equal to herself protect her sister and make him bring his brother back, surely thinking that he’ll understand her, because he knows her and he loves her for that…
        But she knows him too… it’s like when Ragini was kidnapped and she accused him, with all his love to her, he refused to forgive her, to accept her love… as stuborn as she was.
        He accused her that she is always deciding for both of them and he is always saying yes, doing like she wishes
        So i think he’s feeling the same this time, that she took the decision of their separation and he couldn’t do anything but accept it
        For the jealousy, she doesn’t know that he was there when Nikhil told her that he loves her, when she didn’t precise him that she loves her husband and just laught to his childesh behavior… if she feels offended that he accuses her about him, she should remember when she was jealous about Kavita wheras Sanskar was just trying to find who wanted to harm her.
        His jealousy isn’t about lack of trust but about his love to her which isn’t altered after all what happened, the problem is that she’s so hurt that she can’t see it clearly.
        Both are right, both are wrong…

      2. Mica

        oohh.. yeah i got that point then…
        yeah, may i can conclude about your opinion, that somehow Swara demanded Sanskar as herself or to be what her thinking, i mean she left him as she think that Sanskar always mature enough to handle everything, but she didn’t know how importance she is in Sanskar life.
        well about jealousy, Swara-kavita, i have other opinion about that…
        those time, when she accused Sanskar about Kavita, the biggest part it’s not about her jealousy, but low confidence feeling,..there is 1 thing about Swara, she can so confidence to set everything rite, but if it’s about herself, or she feels that she doing wrong to someone, her confidence feeling will broken to pieces.
        Remember when Ragini said that she snatched Kavita’s first love, she was broken, she blamed herself to do so, made Sanskar should convinced her, then the turmoil came in.. all of her knowledge (prove) just pointed that urvashi have done this, so, when Sanskar said it was Kavita, the first that stroked in her mind just may Sanskar still in love with kavita (she felt as Sanskar ever took revenge for Kavita, Ragini’s instigate, and the fact that she is a victim of love snatched)..
        that why she somehow said that Sanskar obsessed to Kavita as she was his first love, and she knew how deep Sanskar’s feeling for her, it’ more a trial to convinced Sanskar about his feeling than jealousy (fight in front of car scene)
        she said “it hard to forget first love”..
        so, maybe Swara saw it as difference case, i mean Sanskar -nikhil, Swara-kavita..

        this is Swara character, she always thinking that she prefer got hurt by people than hurting other people, you know, it’s shomi upbringing.. 😀
        haa,… that why i put Swara POV here, ..her unacknowledged that Sanskar saw Nikhil ‘s proposal made her free to think everything about Sanskar’s jealousy..
        guesss,,, our Swasan eat our brain….
        btw, when you update your ff dear?

      3. MAHIRA

        Well, i’m with you about Swara-Kavita issue but then somehow it’s same way about Sanskar-Nikhil one, deep inside his heart Sanskar will never doubt Swara’s intentions, he’s even not aware that his jealousy is seen as accusation of being a cheap immoral woman by Swara… because he would broke anyone’s face to pretend something like that. it’s about his insecure feeling, that if Swara is having a “happy” life without him (while he’s suffering like hell) so she can move… if she thinks he’s so bad, so her childhood friend is surely better than him in her eyes…
        like you said, Swasan is brain eating us more than the writers may be lol.
        For the next chapter of my fanfiction, it will be tonight or tomorrow morning… long one ^^

    3. Mica

      haa.. you are soo rite.. even i shocked with Sanskar type of jealousy, i never imagine that Sanskar asked her to marry with nikhil..
      thought that as man, sanskar’s jealousy will be entertain to watch (that why o prefer to see boy jealousy than girl), but uh noo… Sanskar-Swara have the same act to face their jealousy, they prefer to sacrifice themselves by thinking that they didn’t deserve each others based how deep their love feeling for each other..gooosshhh..

  12. Can anyone tell me what happened to laksh is he really die or there is another thing happen to him

    1. Mica

      i dunno dear, may it is Laksh’s plan (briefing doctor) to say that he was nomore, may there is conspiracy, so, Laksh try to solve the problem

  13. what to say…what to write
    today’s episode made me loose my temper how can anyone after all this vlame swara really?all that maturity all these sacrifices all your work trying to make everything good on depend on yourself…how can anyone say a word to my swara after all this…will not talk about Sujata mrs selfish or anyone else…what swara did made me neglect all other situation
    holfully crossing fingers precap is for tomorrow and not like always for next week and will get to see Cruella reaction after knowing Swara is sanskar wife ill be thrilled with happiness yet my inner feeling tells me she already knows that from Pareneeta and that why she is treating her bad…and for godness sake why everytime swara is in the embrace of sanskar should someone come can we at least get to see them alone for ten minute ill get a heart attack eveytime sanskar holding swara in a romantic moment and someone enter please….???
    Laksh or whatsoever ur other name come back really without that memory loss i hate that???

    1. Kakali

      Louna don’t be angry dear,,, u know na Sujhata is a “”sondond wanted runner of a mental asylum useless speaking in unwanted situation thinking none before poking her nose having mentally disorder personality””…. huuahh haa haaa !!! huffff!!!
      blaming my Swara…ummmm!!! no comment on this topic… i can’t blame them as it’s kinda become their habbit to blame my princess…. n we all know giveing up d bad habits is d most hard task…haaaaa!!!*bang my head in drum set… druullmmmzzzzz !!!!!

      Gd Mrng to allll…. : D ;D

    2. Mica

      hahahhaha… our Swasan forget to tie Sujatha and cruela de vil on storage room before doing romance… uughhhhhhh…stupid stupid stupid …

  14. Luvrags

    I just hate this gayatri.so sad of swara.ragini my sweetheart luv u dear.proud to be a tejswiholic

  15. This is actually swaragini!!!sacrificing anything 4 their sister..but i hav a doubt nikil will start to luv ragini???

  16. Thanx h.hasan mam for the update u all know what seriously m luking the track jst bcs of swasan separation nd their Tasha but smthing r not clear first of all lucky is missing so how can dey marry uttara at this phase of time when u dnt knw whr ur one of the family member is tis is very selfish of suju secondly only swasan and ragini are only worries abt laksh what abT dp and ap dey dnt even care to ask sanly

  17. awww my princess ragu z so sweet.shez in her life’s biggest pain,she lost her love of life,her husband who was more than life to her yet shez thinking abt her sister.cant see her in pain.laksh return back soon to ua bacha.she needs u.she cant stay without u.love u ragu

  18. jumping seeing the precap totally loved it????????????

  19. Mica


    Laksh has come back in Swaragini. His little daughter asks him to play Badminton with him. Laksh takes a new look. This is not Ragini’s Laksh, he is Abhimanyu, he has a wife who is hospitalized and he loves his daughter a lot. Abhimanyu does not know Ragini. Ragini and Swara are creating drama in Maheshwari family. When Gayatri Devi knows Ragini and Swara’s truth, she stops the engagement and keeps demand of 5 crores. Gayatri breaks the engagement. Swara teaches her a lesson and makes Gayatri leave from the house.

    1. MAHIRA

      *heart attack*
      i only saw the cuty little girl calling him papa… NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (in the om shanti om and dostana way!)
      ok… calm down Mahira!
      1- new laksh/abhi is sooo mature and s*xy like hell with his glasses!
      2- waiting like a child infront of chrismas tree for the “lesson” of Swara
      3- please please… hope there was confusion and it’s abhi who’s dead and laksh surviving…
      4- what will happen to Swasan in that case?!!!
      5- Ragini… ok, new package of issues will be consommated next week!

      1. Mica

        huh! he hotter but i miss his smile.. just his smile…
        nooo.. ialong my sorry feeling for Raglakian..even i’m worried about our Swasan…
        can’t imagine the effect for our Swasan for sure…
        <<—–sitting beside Mahira and Kakali for cruella punishment from our Swars

    2. Kakali

      OHHHH YEASSSSSSSSS !!!!! Micuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!! u killed me…. why¿¿¿¿
      hahhhh !!! after unfolding Gayetri Devi’s demanding track… m sure CVs gonna make d new track like “Avimanuu is not Avimanuuu,, he is Laksh only,,, he loose his memory n d owner or somebody close to that little girl make him her father as she may be resemble his father on him,,, tjen d lady(girl’s mom) will enter in d track,,, wahh wahh*clapping… it also has chance might b she also falls in love with Laksh n not let go him to Ragini… then a perfect RAGLAK track with memory loss… when Ragini will try hard to make him remember his past… in this process Laksh will fall for her again,, n then light up d memory… waaaaa !!! PERFECT DREAM KAKALI,,,,*tapping my shoulder…huahhh haaa haaaa!!!! *dreaming in foot path…….

      Thnk dear for sharing this news.. :* 😀

      1. Mica

        i’m with you dear for scenario…

  20. MAHIRA

    .. i mean, i’ll use and finish new one… yesterday episode broke my heart

  21. i only wish to see Cruella getting slapped my dream will come true and Sujatha too ill be celabrating

  22. The latest news also says that nikil will fall 4 swara n make efforts to keep swasan away!!!

    1. MAHIRA

      at least it’s not Abhimaniu who will claim his love for her… can you imagine Ragini reaction for that!?

      1. Mica

        i don’t want imagine Rag reaction, but i want to imagine Swabi and Swasan fight 😀

    2. MAHIRA

      swasan, swanik, swabi, swalak, raglalk, ragbi, ragnik… ransan!?!? (anhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii -bis-)
      8 fandom fighting!… starwars the return :p:p

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