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Dadi cries. Sumi asks her not to worry and tells that Ragini will get her love and Swara will get Sanskar. She asks her to get ready as Annapurna called them to Maheshwari house. Dadi says you are very good and says she couldn’t see her good all these years. Ragini tells Laksh that you are feeling ashamed to spend time with me and went to your bhabhi’s room late in night. She threatens to inform family. Laksh tells her that they will sit there. Ragini calls Swara and puts the call on. Swara picks the call on. Ragini tells Laksh that she has understood the reality and says you have not forget her, and that’s why you are in no mood to move ahead with me. She says may be Swara is with you, and that’s why you was in her room. Laksh asks her to give time. Ragini says Swara has kept fast for Sanskar,

but you are still holding her memories. She says you was looking at her in the morning, and says she will leave him if he asks her. Swara hears everything and says Ragini……………………..She says Ragini might get unwell being stressed. Laksh says there is nothing as such. Ragini says sure, and keeps his hand on her head. She asks him to promise that he will try to take their marriage to next level. Laksh is shocked.

Laksh turns and says he can’t take wrong promise. He says I will never forget Swara and can’t give her place to you. He then thinks about Swara’s words about Ragini’s health. He says I mean to say that I can’t give you place right now, but will try. He turns and sees her missing. Swara calls Laksh and tells that Ragini called her mistakenly. She says she heard their conversation. Laksh is surprised. Swara asks where are they? Laksh tells the address. Ragini hides behind the tree and asks Laksh to find her. She says my sister might be coming here. Laksh tries to search her and asks the people. Swara reaches there and asks Laksh where is Ragini? Ragini sees them together. Swara panics and calls Ragini’s mobile. Ragini says I hope to see you both worried for me like this always, but I have other work too.

Annapurna asks Parineeta to bring Kalash. Parineeta sees Ragini and asks you came. Ragini says yes. Sujata tells Annapurna that she is feeling weak. Annapurna asks her to take rest for sometime. Sujata is about to fall down, but Annapurna holds her and makes her sit. Ragini gets Swara’s call. She picks the call and asks why you are troubling me. Swara asks where are you? She asks if she is alright? Ragini says she don’t want to talk to her as her life is ruined because of her. She asks her not to care for her and become great in everyone eyes. She says her husband makes her feel that he still loves her sister and says her head is paining. Swara gets worried and asks where is she? Ragini agrees on a condition, and asks her not to tell Laksh. She tells she is in park and is going home ( She lies to her as she is at home).

Sujata thinks her health deteriorates seeing Ragini. Annapurna asks Ragini, why did she come early? Ragini says Laksh got a call and he left. Sujata asks her to bring chair. Ragini asks her to take rest. Swara asks Laksh to come and says her sister is in the green view park. She says Ragini is unwell and asks him to come. Laksh says she is fine and acting. He tells one day I felt current and loses memory according to my advantage. Swara says I saw her pain and says her tears are not false. Laksh says tears are her weapon. Swara says her tears are real and says she has firm believe on her sister. She says her sister will not do any mistake again. Ragini calls someone. Laksh asks if he proves Ragini wrong then? Swara says you can’t as she is not wrong. She says she wants to go to Ragini. She asks him not to play with her sister’s life. Laksh says he is her husband and will not let anything happen to her. Swara asks what do you want? Laksh asks her to promise that if he proves her sister wrong then she will kick her sister, and then return in his life again. He says if I couldn’t prove her wrong then I will accept Ragini and give her wifey rights without any complaints. He asks Swara to promise.

Swara is being kidnapped. Laksh sees her kidnapped and beats the goons. He then rescues her and kisses on her forehead. Someone clicks their photos. Durga Prasad and Annapurna are going somewhere. Annapurna says they will be back in 2 mins. Ragini thinks when Durga Prasad sees the photo then it will take more than 2 mins, as she is the one who did the conspiracy.

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  1. Today I really felt bored. Today it was only dragging. How long will this karvachauth ka arc go on? N that laksh is annoying the blo*dy hell outta me…N Swara ka character has suddenly became very irritating. She was suppose to a bubbly, smart, intelligent modern girl with strong moral values n traditional roots, but now she is shown to b dumb,crybaby with lost moral values ??
    She is being unfair with sanskaar(she isn’t respecting his feelings), laksh too by forcing him to accept ragini (I mean if she feels laksh is forcing his feelings on her, isn’t ragini doing the same to him. She doesn’t have to return to his life but at least don’t force him either) this mistake she will rectify in the next episode though n finally her blind faith on her liar sister is doing injustice to everyone’s life. I want old smart n intelligent Swara back ??

  2. For a dys its vry boring.. fed up with ragini’s drama

  3. Please upload fan fictions.waiting

  4. Please upload fan fiction.Only 3 today?missed our favourite ones.Please telly team make it fast ,it is a request.

  5. Gosh there is no end to Ragani plotting. Can she get Laksh to love her no never after what she has done.

  6. Sawaragni drama ka name k do sisters ki mohabbat itni k do name ka ek name krdiya per ye kesi mohabat hai k ek behn dosri ki dushman hai ,dramay ka name change karo ya ragini ko positive bnao

  7. Writer kuch to soch k story likha karen ek swara hai uska ragini pe yaqeen bht bura lgta hai or rona us sy bhi ziada zehar lgta hai ,ragini alag laksh k liye mari jarhi hai ,or laksh swara k liye pagal oh God bakwas story ko change karo ya band kro

  8. i wanna knw wat is gona happen! totally hate RAGINI…. such a big idiot n da wrld! can anyone mak me happy by tlking abt sanskaar???? He shud get his love,…………. DATS ALL NEEDED.

  9. Now I feel Swara and Laksh should be united. Because, you see, both of them are idiots so they totally deserve each other. Sanskar is far too good for Swara. And that guy deserves a more sensible and practical girl than Swara.
    Seriously? Are we like in 200 BC in Jesus’ kingdom? Just because a person was caught once and the person “presumably” repented, doesn’t mean she won’t repeat it again! How can someone be THIS dumb and gullible?? Yes, I admit, we tend to trust our family even after petty mistakes. But mark my words, *petty mistakes*. Not the one’s like trying to kill your sister.
    What I can’t figure out is, how a practical and sharp witted girl like Swara easily falls into Ragini’s trap? I mean we are human beings, and technically speaking, what we undergo is a progressive change. But writers here have already taken Swara towards being a retrogressive character. Wow. I thought these people take a long time and read people’s behavioural patterns and then create a character. -_-

    1. Right….. She said Ragini can’t say a big lie..

  10. Now Ragini is also forcing herself on laksh.. Nd swara is blving Ragini blindly… Wow !!!!

    I m really confused about Ragini….. What’s she doing ???

  11. yr jast fed up..
    yr koi hmre Indian television serial writers ko school bejo..at least creativity ka matlab to pata chalega unhe..hr bar har serial ki same story i mean kuch naya h hi nhi.
    i m not serial watcher pr koi bhi serial lelo usme ek couple dikhate h jo ek dusre se pyar karte h.achanak koi aur us hero k liye pagal ho jata h ya to wo us heroin ko plan karke hero ki life se nikal deti h ya heroin scarifice ka drama karke dur chali jati h.fir heroin k life me ek good boy aata h.jo har angle se hero se better hota h.trust understanding love sab kuch deta h wo use.yah tak ki heroin pregnant bhi ho x se to bhi usko koi problem nhi hoti.kuch wakt gujar jata h fir heroin apne hero ki zindgi me wapas aati h.fir wo ishani ho,meethi ho,simar ho,purvi ho ankita ho.same…
    television ki history gavah ki hmri industry ki heroin good boybsd pyar kar hi nahi sakti..
    sari serials ki ek hi kahani.
    laksh ka pyarnh jo swara ko at least smiley bhi nhi dekh sakta…
    yeh pyar hota h????
    chhote bachche bhi achchhi stories likhate h inse.

  12. matlb aaj ek episode dekha and 6 mahine k bad bhi dekho koi badlav nhi…
    har bar ek hi track…isiliye i hate serials…
    kuch to self respect ya dimag h ya nhi wriers k pass..

  13. Ragini is using Laksh’ s love for Swara as a weapon.She will use it to separate Swara and Laksh forever which will eventually unite SwaSan or vice versa. Well , I don’t see a chance for SwaLaksh now . Ragini is already in a revenge mood. I don’t understand one thing , Ragini has problem with Swara nd Maheswari brother na , but why she’s only focusing on Swara nd Laksh ? Seems like she is sparing Sanskar. Tejaswi,the way you portrait Ragini is amazing…Enjoying final SwaLaksh moments. I really wish if they continue …

  14. That psyco ragini is mental, she needs to go to the mental institute.
    This is what ragini telling laksh,
    Hum tum ek mental hospital mei band hai or chabi ko jai. Just imagine them both are locked inside in an mental hospital and laksh wants to escape from ragini but he can’t. And laksh yelling and saying koi mujhe bachow. Yeh ragini psyco hai, Yeh mujhe Mardalegi.

  15. i saw in u me aur tv segment all ssk ladies in jungle some goons are attacks them to take pots where they are supposing to go to temple and salman and sonam are promoting prem ratan dhan paayo in ssk………. same swaragini swara and lakshya are there in same castumes of wrist cut episode green dress swara… the shooting is going in filmcity……… late night shooting what is swara and lakshya doing there… there is no sanskar and ragini… no trace them.. what this two doing ?

  16. .
    what kind of story is this.. so damn boring… thought ki Ragini ko akal agayi so asking swara to forgive her.. abhi phir se usko negative role de diya jab ki usko suit bhi nahi karta.. better ki serial stop kar do yaar agar story nahi mil rahi tho..

  17. namish hand banded and swara is in green dress which is when laksh cut his hand… i think its after the laksh hand cut his wrist… and again i am getting is it ragini plan.. what sanskar doing? where is sanskar?

  18. Now Ragini will say she will help Laksh get Swara and make him do all wrong things to Swasan… Create more trouble and this time its Sanskar’s love for agni pariksha…. Finally she might ask Laksh whats the difference between my love and yours? You also tried to snatch your brothers love like me, making him realise his mistake and accept her.

  19. Wow feeling very good by seeing today epi
    Plz unite swara nd Laksh .
    Som1 pls stop this rags she is really irritating
    But plz unite swalak

  20. how can ragini be thi much cruel to swara

  21. Swasan are forever, they are made for each other and they rock.

  22. reslly bored….wan’t swasan back….

  23. Da spoiler tells sumthng wich doesnt support swasan jodi as swara is da 1 who is jst a characterless girl…constant using sanskar n confusing laksh…swara is oscilatng b/w da 2 guys….
    Such a hipocrit…wana make rags ok by nt lettng raglak jodi ruin n on other hand tyng bandage on laksh hand nd recievng his kiss without ne hesitatn….
    Nw i support rags demand dat swara is ruining her lyf….

  24. Mad or what people are y is it so low n cheap rags character
    Can make the serial more lovely

  25. want swasan

  26. In my view swara should move on from both the brothers.Because even she moves on her life with sanky, she has to stay in same house and have to face laksh, which is torture to all three of them. Even she gives laksh a chance they will always be a doubt about trust issues because of the way laksh behaved (insults) in past and both has to adjust the fact that they are Ex’s to their siblings and still they will be staying in the same house, end result – They can’t face their siblings or house members like they use to be.

    I accept the fact that first love is difficult to forget but its not impossible, Atleast by moving on in her life, swara can save brothers relationship and bring her sister to her senses because no one gives damm about her sister if it is not for swara. And also gets time to figure out her life.

    This is just my view, if any of the fans got hurt i am very sorry………………..

  27. Episode was boring. 6 months pehle bhi same Story line thi kidnapping , Kidnapping kitni baar kidnap hoge.

    unite Swara-Sanskar

  28. Kajal patial

    Yr kya ho rha h swara or sanskaa Ko pls mila di kitna wait kra janta ab mila do

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