Swaragini 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara telling Ragini that Rajat have kidnapped Parineeta. She says I want to tell you this, but. Laksh and Sanskar comes and hears them. Laksh says he has betrayed my sister. Sanskar says how dare he? Dadi is working in the kitchen. Shekhar asks what happened? Why you are here in the kitchen late at night. Dadi says I came to get milk for Sumi, as she might be feeling weak. Shekhar says I will give her. Dadi says I will give and takes glass. She thinks Shekhar shouldn’t know about her intentions. Sanskar tells Swara that nothing will happen to Parineeta. Ragini says Sanskar is right, we shall inform family. Swara cries and asks them not to tell anything. Ragini asks what happened? Swara says we can’t stop this marriage from happening, as Rajat is having Utara and his dirty pics.

Sanskar and Laksh are shocked and angry. Swara says Rajat have threatened me that if we try to inform Police, then he will get those pics posted on net and ruin Utara’s life. She says how to save Bhabhi and Utara. Ragini says no, we can’t sit idle and push Utara in this valley. Swara says we will do something, and will try to find a way out. She says we will use all means and will not let our house respect get ruined. Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini join hands with Swara.

Dadi asks Sumi to drink almond milk. Sumi takes the glass in her hand, just then Shekhar throws glass on ground and says it is not almond milk as it is kept on upper shelf. He shows the medicine powder which Dadi used to kill their baby, and says Maa wants to kill our baby and that’s why giving poison to you. Dadi accepts that she wants to kill their baby and says this baby will ruin my grand daughter’s life. Shekhar says you have always ashamed because of me, sometimes because of Swara, Sumi and me. She says if your head is lowered infront of society then we will leave this house. Dadi is shocked. Sumi says shekhar….

Rajat asks her fake parents to clean the house. Swara and Sanskar comes there indisguise of flower decorator and says Durga Prasad gave us money to decorate your house. Rajat says okay and says he need to know. Laksh comes and asks where are you going? He says you have hidden such a big truth from us. Ragini says we came to know all truth. Rajat gets tensed. Laksh says don’t you want to buy sherwani. They take Rajat with them.

Swara starts decorating the house and says she will decorate classy. Swara asks Sanskar to search hard disk, pendrive or laptop in which Utara’s pics are there. Laksh takes Rajat to the shop and asks him to buy any stuff. Rajat says I need blue color sherwani. Ragini asks shop keeper to show best sherwani. Laksh and Ragini think that Swara and Sanskar will do the work until Rajat is here, Rajat’s fake dad comes and asks what are you doing? Sanskar says I am doing work and asks about the flower color. Ragini asks shop keeper to show pink or red color. Rajat says I will look fool and red or pink will look nice on Utara. Ragini asks shop keeper to show navy blue. Sanskar goes to kitchen to get the proof. He gets wine bottle. He calls Laksh and says we couldn’t get anything. Rajat comes back to Ragini and says I have liked Sherwani and asked to pack. Laksh asks her to try some other sherwani. Ragini asks him to buy matching dupatta. Rajat says I have other work too. Laksh smashes his card and says it is broken. Rajat says I will pay. Laksh says I will get money from home and says it is a ritual. Rajat’s fake mum comes to kitchen. Sanskar says kitchen is nice and needs no decoration. He says I will go to bedroom and decorate the room. He asks her to make something for them. Swara gets pendrive in the book and checks it in laptop. Sanskar gets angry and pained. Swara asks him not to get angry. Just then Rajat’s fake dad comes and says so you are Swara and Sanskar, and says I will inform Rajat.

Rajat’s fake parents threaten Swara and Sanskar. Ragini asks Dadi why the bengali and marwadi fight started again. Neighbor informs her that Sumi is pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wat is this angry drama goin on btwn swasan??

  2. Seriously a very good epi… After longtime Raglak got equal screen space… hope cvs will be fair lik that in the further epi n will treat raglak lik leads along wt swasan…

    1. Raglak so boring n dumb why they should get any screen space.most disgusting horrible couple raglak

  3. it has becm a common stry fr daily soaps dat d villian vl b having dirty pics of d girl frm heroines family n lead couple vl save them….lol no one cn think nythng new….

  4. Lovely episode.

  5. its good kind of now

  6. Loved the episode. Raglak is becoming more cute day by day. Love u Raglak. But sumi’s pregnancy is a lil bit odd to listen. But not impossible. Dadi is reacting without any big issue.

  7. Nice one we r waiting for next episode

  8. watch out guys.. i have noted that swaragini fan following started decreasing day by day because of this boaring track.. really i felt to comment today.. nowadays very less number of comments .. Anyways all te best shows in colors used to end with bad impression…

  9. Don’t worry honey soon trp will increase when memory loss track will come.

    1. XXX-man of future

      It will not ..coz of the ghatiya rajat track. When one trouble ends another gets invitation from the leads .Like ragini invited kaveri,swara invited kavita,laksh invited tania and now uttara invited rajat. Why these vamps have no other work to do???Unless the makers show some lovey dovey scenes the fan following will stay low. 🙁 🙁

  10. good episode.. but they cut the scene where vk actually get hurt by banging door…..

  11. Swaragini fan

    Yeah I m also waiting for that only and I think the true fans of a soap chac or watever sometimes should understan that it is a daily soap so may sometimes traks can be boring but it dosent mean that the show is bad I really feel very bad when fans leave the show plzzzz guys u all read ffs right but from where u got these ffs through swaragini show only na if u dont like then u should not read d ffs too my pov sorry to hurt u guys but u know it feels like heartbreak and your swaragsanlak how they will feel when they come to know this remember u all fight wid some ppl who badmouth abut swaragini so wat happened now huh????? Dont u like them anymore dont forget guys that swaragini is d best and d cast is not less than superstars.remember LOVE U SWARAGINI

  12. excited for future track…

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