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The Episode starts with Laksh telling Swara that it wasn’t saline water. Swara asks Laksh to trust her and says it was saline water only which she had given her. Laksh says you wants to harm her, and says you guys are disgusting. He says I can call Police also for your doings, but I won’t as you got punished already. He looks at her angrily. Swara says if it was a medicine, then I wouldn’t injected it in me. Sanskar gets angry. Annapurna says your way was wrong, but your intentions were good. Sujata says it is not right to lie. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh have gone blinded, and tells that Kavya is always step ahead of them. Swara feels pain because of rashes. Sanskar brings ice cubes and applies on the rashes. Swara says I called you lucky and cute, but I want to say something also. Sanskar asks

her to say. Swara says you are my favorite. Sanskar asks what? Swara says favorite friend, with whom I want to stay, with whom I can talk for hours. He applies ice on her rashes. Tere bin plays…………………….Sanskar moves her hairs and applies ice. They get romantic. Swara says you are my favorite person who applies ice pack on me very nicely. She laughs and says you are my strength, and we have to defeat Kavya together. She asks him not to get angry.

Sumi asks Shekhar to come and drink tea made by Ragini. Shekhar says we don’t have time, and asks her to pack the bags soon. Dadi says it is good, now we will be happy atleast. She says we have suffered enough, now it will be a new start for us. Ragini asks Shekhar, how can we go suddenly? She says I can’t go like this within 3 hours. Sumi says how can we pack the bags within few hours. Shekhar says I don’t want to be here anymore, and asks her to take only few and important things. He says if you both want to tell that girl where you are going, you can inform her, but don’t waste my time. Ragini asks how can we leave Swara. Shekhar says I have broken relation with her, don’t force me to break relation with other daughter.

Swara is cooking in the kitchen. Annapurna asks her to stop working because of the rashes. Swara says she is fine and asks her to tell the recipe. Annapurna tells Sujata that new age girls go with their husband on an outings, but….Swara says she can go on an outing later, but now she wants to enjoy time with her family. Sujata says Swara is very understanding and says this house is better than honeymoon suite. Sujata says it is sweet only. Annapurna says Sujata. Sujata says I was just explaining to her. Kavya says you are very proud of yourself, lets present the drama. Some society people come there. Annapurna, Sujata and Swara wonder why they have come. Sujata says Laksh is not at home. Swara says Kavya sent Laksh early in the morning.

Durga Prasad asks society members, what happened? He says we are giving you respect even though one of your bahu is bengalan. Sujata asks if black cat have filled your ears. Society woman says we got complained of yours, you have troubled your bahu. Swara says she is lying? Annapurna says you have known us since years, and says you would have asked us rather than blaming us. She says we thought that community people will help us, rather than pointing finger on us. Durga Prasad gets up and says I know the responsibilities of the society, whatever Annapurna said is right. The woman says she wants to meet Kavya. Sujata says she isn’t at home. Kavya comes holding a broom and bucket, and wearing servant’s saree. Everyone is shocked to see her drama. She greets them. She tells Sujata that she came down to clean the lawn. Sujata says if we clean the lawn with broom. Kavya acts as scared and apologizes. Society woman says she is very much scared and you are scaring her.

Sujata says she is troubling us. Kavya says they are very nice people and act to lie. Swara says she is acting to be troubled bahu to trap us. Kavya apologizes. Society woman asks Kavya to tell the truth. Swara goes. Sujata says she troubles us. Kavya acts and cries, says they haven’t done anything. She removes her pallu. Everyone is shocked to see the burnt hairs. Society woman asks what happened to your hairs? Kavya says they haven’t done anything. I forgot to burn the night lamp, and ….cries. Sujata asks her to get drown and says she is lying. Society woman asks her to keep quiet and threatens Durga Prasad that they will file the complaint. Swara asks her to file complaint and says all of us do this. Everyone is shocked. Swara brings the candle and asks her to bear one more torture. She says your hairs are cut, I will burn few. Kavya resists and the wig falls on the floor shocking everyone.

Everyone is shocked. Swara blows the candle and asks everyone if they have seen kavya’s real avatar. Sujata says she has cut her own hairs and is blaming us. Woman asks how can you accuse your family wrongly and says you can get behind bars for us. The man apologizes to Durga Prasad. Sujata asks them to arrest Kavya. They leave. Kavya is angry. Ragini asks Sumi if she is really packing the stuff. She says how can we leave before meeting anyone, what about Swara? We have to tell her? Sumi says it is not easy for me too, one daughter is with me and the other is…..She says I can’t explain my feelings to anyone and hopes Shekhar’s anger melts down after few days. She asks Ragini not to lose hope and says you have to become our strength. Ragini nods.

Swara brings the wig and throws on Kavya. Kavya asks what the hell? Kavya says this time I burned your wig, but next time I will blacken your face and will enjoy. Kavya sees Laksh coming and starts acting asking they are after her. She cries and tells Laksh that she brought wig for the photo shoot, but Swara burnt it. She says she removed the wig at the last moment. Laksh asks Swara to answer. Swara says yes. Laksh scolds Swara and throws the wig on her, takes Kavya inside the room.

Ragini looks at the room and recalls her moments with Swara. Sumi cries and misses Swara. Shekhar looks at the room and misses Swara. Sumi asks Ragini to come. Dada ji says lets go. Sumi asks where is Shekhar? Shekhar comes out of room, then goes back and sees Swara’s guitar. He recalls the promise which Swara had broken. He comes out of room, takes the bags and leave. Ragini cries as Sumi locks the door. Sumi’s pallu gets stuck on to the door. Ragini says even our house don’t want us to go. Shekhar says but I want.

Swara asks Shekhar not to leave her, and says she is supporting her inlaws in their troubled times. She cries and falls on his feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i am happy for swasan,
    but this is too much yaar, idk y namish is still playing this character…..all i feel is sorry for him….
    cv’s always makes leads negative beyond point that character becomes worthless for the viewers….first ragini n now laksh….
    y can’t they give equal imp to both pairs…
    frankly speaking teju has more acting skills than helly….

  2. I’m sick and tired of this this now. I was expecting that raglak will be together but after watching all this I feel like Lakshya don’t deserve ragini. I want ragini to move on with someone else rather than waiting for this stupid Unlucky?. Ragini is far better than Lakshya.

  3. Please end this swaragini or write a better storyline , it is becoming a reputation. Is not more interesting any more the same thing ragini did, kavya is doing . Am stopping watching this .

  4. Interesting episode.

  5. Stupid show. Would have been a hit if ragsan and swalal got married but no the stupid writer had to make this stupid story line. I hope in future it is swalak and ragsan. Seriously swara and sanskaar suit as friends. But since sanskaar came in the show I saw this spark of perfect chemistry in ragsan which I cant see in swasan. Ragsan would have rocked the show. Many people myself as well were expecting ragsan. The way swara left laksh was like she never had feelings for him. I knw laksh did wrong but she didn’t give second chance she gave sanskaar second chance very easily. Thats not fair. And this kavya, kavita drama is too much. I had high hopes from this show but now its like other saas bahu serial. I thought this was a unique show. And raglak? Seriously how can theh even be couple there was no chemistry between them. It was stupid to make them together. There are many people who want raglak only because they want swasan. This show started of very good but when they made ragini evil it turned total bakwas

    1. Well I disagree with you. I prefare Swasan becoz them both suit as a married couple and they look good together. Ragini and sanskar don’t match becoz ragini looks older then sanskar.

  6. guysss gud news swaragini recievs three awards
    best actor: varun kapoor
    best actress : helly shah
    best jodi : swasan

    guysss i know mein ragini ki fan hu mein 2 march ka episode dekh ke bahut royi kyuki ragini ka scene bahut kam tha na phir meri mom ne samjhaya babu tum sirf 6 std me ho tum itni attached ho iss serial se yeh tumhare sports career ke liye acchs nahi h.dekho helly kitni achi actress h
    toh mein maa se bola i know mom but teju ko itne kam milte h scene toh mom ne bola u feel sympathy for her …..because mein tum he dekha hai na ki tum heltej ki buraai nhi sunsakti ho right ….

    phir mukjhe samjah me aaya ki mujhe dono hi pasand jab dono ek dusre ko behan ki tarah manti h toh hm kon hote h aise gandi batein bolke unke friendship me darar lane wale right guys ….
    koi bolta h ki teju sundar h toh koi helly yaar unke taraf ek bar toh dekho ki dono kitni sundar h …kisi ladki ne ek baar comment kiya toh bola tha teju aise bolti h jaise lagta h ki usse asthma h
    jinhone yeh baat boli thi kya unki awaz teju jaise ho sakti h ….
    or h raglak fans mujhe meri mom ne sikhaya h ki chhoti chhoti baton mein khusiyan dundh leni chahiye right …..yaar hum sab ka favourate show swaragini h na so hme unke sare casts ko support karna chhahiye right guys hum kon hote h kise ke acting ya sundarta pe comment paas karne wale .

  7. Simply loved Swasan.. They are the perfect duo.. Simply adorable??.. Cant imagine for a better pair.. Loved todays episode.. Swasan scenes wer awesome like always..Need more romantic scenes from them cvs..
    Stop focussing more on that Kavya-Laksh devil duo and drama queen ragini and her family..
    Watching swaragini only for swasan.. My favourite on screen couple ever ever and ever…

    1. Simply loved Swasan.. They are the perfect duo.. Simply adorable??.. Cant imagine for a better pair.. Loved todays episode.. Swasan scenes wer awesome like always..Need more romantic scenes from them cvs..
      Stop focussing more on that Kavya-Laksh devil duo and drama queen ragini and her family..
      Watching swaragini only for swasan.. My favourite on screen couple ever ever and ever…
      Happiee to know Swaragini has made a come back in top ten trp ranking.. Only bcs of Swasan.. Do continue the great work..

      1. Hi Saj
        Well said. I’m also Swasan fan and only watching swaragini becoz of Swasan. Don’t care about that drama Queen ragini or that spoilt brat Laksh nor that oldy kaviya.

  8. swasan rocks…….nd this shekar he is more than tooooo much i wonder y swara is begging him…….agar uske paas dhimaak nahi hai tho ye kya kare,….

  9. so plsss guys kisi bhi cast ko bura mat bolo or ha jaha baat rahi teju ki toh i think teju bhi koi award reciev karegi because audience vote ke liye jo jo nominated the unho ne yeh receiv kiya h iske alawa bhi bahut awards hote h like best personality
    , best villan , best secnod lead actor so guysss just chill

    best show : nagin
    best debut actor : shiddarth nigam (ashoka)

    best child actor: siddarth nigam

    i m really really sorry namish taneja meine aapko vote nhi kiya kyuki i hate laksh ….but i like shiddarth nigam so meine usko vote kiya .. i m really sry ki meine apko nhi kiya …..

  10. hey i also voted for siddharth nigam

  11. Of all the outfits today’s outfit was best suitable for Kavya ? Really fed up of this stupid Kavya and Laksh stupidity drama… Stop focusing on them and show more scenes of Ragini she is also the lead…

  12. guys tell me onething was sanskar there with swara in precap.

  13. Which award did swar Ragini receive.

  14. Manvi where did you get to know about the winners of the awards…….if there’s a link to it. …..plz share

  15. Lol how can we get serious about this fiction charecters,this is story only for entertainment plz plz dont get serious ,enjoy every actors’ acting

    1. Well I prefer herun’s aka helly’s and varun’s acting. Them both are good actors.

  16. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    Good news to all Swaragini and Swasan fans:


    Swara goes to bus stand to stop her family from leaving. She holds Shekhar’s feet and apologizes to him. She asks him not to leave from the city. She tells him that she is supporting her inlaws, by his moral teachings and good values. She requests him not to go away, and Shekhar gets leaving. The bus leaves from there, and Swara gets surprised seeing all the family members there. Shekhar hugs Swara and Ragini, and has forgiven Swara. There is an emotional moment between father and daughters. Swara comes to know that Kavya had planned Shekhar’s accident. Later, Sanskaar gives a golgappa party to Swara. Swara likes the surprise and hugs Sanskaar with love. They feed panipuri to each other. Sanskaar gets this idea at midnight and Swara gets very happy.

    1. Thanks for the update wellwisher.

  17. Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) share spicy romance in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara is happy getting her father back.

    Making her happiness big, Sanskaar brings panipuri for her.

    Swara like sit a lot and haves it with Sanskaar.

    Sanskaar likes Swara enjoying panipuri and in happiness Swara also kiss on Sanskaar’s cheek.

    Swara gets romantic with Sanskaar

    Sanskaar starts Swara lovingly and Swara also melts down seeing Sanskaar’s love for her.

    Swara and Sanskaar will soon think about to take their marriage relationship on the next level.

    Staytuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Thanks for the update jollybembi. So finally things will turn out to be good with our Swasan. I’m so happy for them and I really hope that nothing comes in between them.

  18. Ghatiya episode …..this serial.is total time waste ….story still same aftr 1 month,…totally bored

  19. Guys better stop watching this crap and see Sony channel @ same time there is one more show with good storyline kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi awesome hai yaar far better than swaragini

    1. That shows name needs to be changed to “Mummy’s boy”

  20. Laksh’s new wife looks like a rat ?????

  21. Humble request to the makers of Swaragini…Please give more screen space to Ragini .She is the only reason people like me watch this show n yea please want to see ragini with a new lead .Hate laksh moron..

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