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Ragini is thinking about Laksh and hugs his wrist band recalling their meeting. Swara is sad too and recalls the recent happenings. Ragini gets tears in her eyes. Laksh gets ready and goes to office with Durga Prasad and Adarsh. Swara tries speaking to Ragini, but she ignores her. Laksh comes back home and recalls Swara rejecting his proposal. Some days are passes by. Laksh looks at Swara from a distance when he happens to see her. His heart feels pain. Swara looks on uneffected. Shekhar asks if Ragini had dinner? Sumi says she made her eat the food with her hands. He says she listens to you more than me. Sumi says she doesn’t know to refuse. Shekhar asks why you are tensed. Sumi says I felt everything will be fine, but Ragini is not talking to Swara since accident happened 15 days ago. Shekhar says he

will talk to Ragini after coming back from shop and asks her not to worry.

Annapurna tells Sujata that it is good Sanskar has adjusted to live without Ragini. Sujata says he has understood that no one can go against Durga Prasad. Annapurna says big thing is your brother has returned home. He permitted Sanskar to stay at home. Sujata says he did a favour on us. Once he gets well, we have to go from here. Annapurna assures that everything will be fine. She says Durga Prasad will accept Sanskar soon. Sujata asks about Laksh. Annapurna says he left for office without having food. Sujata says Laksh will forget soon. Annapurna leaves. Sanskar tells Sujata that there is a good news for her. Adarsh tells Durga Prasad about workers going on a strike at the factory. Durga Prasad says lets go and calls Laksh there. Sanskar and Sujata looks on. Sanskar tells we won’t leave this house and don’t worry.

Swara tells Sumi that she will take breakfast for Ragini. Sumi says she is still angry with you. She asks her to give some time to Ragini. Swara says no, I wants to talk to her now itself. I wants to tell her full truth. She has to listen to me being my sister. She says I will try until she agrees. Sumi nods yes and gives the food. Swara brings food for Ragini and opens the door. She is shocked to see her nowhere and wonders where did she go?

Dadi calls Ragini, but her phone is at home. Dadi threatens Sumi. Dida comes and says Ragini is fine. She is in temple. I have seen her. Dadi thanks the God. Dida makes her eat the sweets. Sumi silently laughs.

Durga Prasad is at home with other men of the house. Sanskar speaks against Durga Prasad. Ram scolds him. Sanskar asks them to call Ragini and acts as mad. Sujata asks Sanskar to come with her. Durga Prasad says it is okay. Laksh comes with union leader Ramesh Dada. He says he wants to say us something. He says workers want incremental in salary. He says they want 65 % increment in salary else….he threatens them to leave the company. Laksh intervenes and says this family did so much for you and your family. He gives him 10 Laksh rupees and says it is your advance. He asks him to end the strike in 5 mins.

Durga Prasad says it is against my rules. Laksh says you doesn’t like it, but not for me. I will give him remaining amount after the strike ends. Ramesh accepts the money and goes to end the strike. Sujata says Laksh has changed so much. Durga Prasad asks how dare you to change my rules. Laksh says you gave me right to set everything right and asks him to have faith on him. Dida sees Swara sad. Swara blames herself and says you didn’t do it intentionally. Swara says whether our relation will be like your and Dadi. Dida says no and assures her that everything will be fine. Swara cries.

No Precap.

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  3. Waiting for tmrws episode

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  5. bonjour

  6. The precap
    Ragini swara and laksh meet in a place. Ragini says laksh is my first and last love so i have two bottles of poison one for me the other who wants to join me who actually likes me. Swara laksh fight for the poison

  7. Hiii….l am new & want to share my openion with u…
    next episod will be owesome..
    I just wetting 4 that… I hope swara will realised her fillings for luksh & ragini will accept swara-laksh relationship…….

    1. Hi jhunu bye

  8. What an epi?!!? Huh!! Waiting for a gud episode

  9. The recap is just raginis plan to make Swara realise her love

    1. i also read this in forum….hope ragini will find her love in someone deserving in the future.she deserve that for what she is about to do

  10. Kya swara laksh se pyaar karti hai

  11. so sad of swara…….interesting precap………..

  12. waiting for next epi……

  13. I am new hre can any one tell me the relation between dida and dadi

    1. Actually there is no relation between them….did a is sharmisjtha’z mother n dadi is shekhar’s mom…they neighbours…swara n ragini r step sisters

      1. I think dida and dadi were childhood frnds. becoz of sharmi and shekar their frndship broke. if it is wrong then I am sry

      2. u r right @N they were best frnds but when they came to kno shekhar and sumi’s love then they became enemies when shekhars first wife came to kno about it she was deeply hurt and while controlling dadi she had a fall for staircase and she died dadi blames sumi for that and From then dadi hate bose family and swara too but dida likes ragini dadi always creates misunderstanding between swaragini

  14. next episode ragini will unite swara and lucky by making swara realize her love for lucky

  15. to all u people who were hating on ragini calling her selfish yesterday….. SHE IS THE MAIN reason why swara will realize her love and accept lucky.stop judging people too quickly read forums for advanced updates.thank u

  16. thats what being selfless is all about……………ragini is too good,the problem will be lakshey’s family bcoz if ragini is ok her family wont oppose anything

  17. Hello, swaragini is so much drama, my head aches when I c it

    1. I know u have right to say what u want but if u say something against swaragini it hurts their fans I kno there is is drama but its awsum
      Don’t get me wrong

  18. Waiting for the next epi. Hope Swars will realise her luv for laksj soon!!!!! ??

    1. Hi kat ..

      1. Oh hey annah!! How are you??? Any way, did you check the spoilers today???? I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the upcoming epiz. Swara is melting down!!!! She starts to have feelings for Laksh!!!!!!! ?????

      2. Thnxx pradss!! Wow…at least some where something we got good to hear!!

      3. M fine kat….yep..I read….n I. M verrrryyyyyy happy!?!!! Do u have mail I’d??

      4. Ya btw come to sns

      5. Yup!!!!!!! Btw are you also a fan of Shastri sisters????

      6. Kat for whom was the question

      7. It was for annah. Are you also a fan of Shastri sisters?????

      8. Earlier Q was for u pradishma. ?????

  19. I really love swalak

  20. I really love swalak and the show too.but update are too late

  21. Ok and thank you pradishma ji.

    1. Jus call me prads

  22. Awsum news for swalak fans

    Laksh will get workers strike resolved after bribing the union leader. Durga Prasad is against giving bribe as it is against his values. Laksh asks Durga Prasad to have trust on him. He exposes the union leader’s greed infront of all the workers and they get back to work after apologizing to Durga Prasad. Meanwhile, Swara’s heart melts for Laksh, seeing his intensity for his love for her. Although Ragini haven’t forgiven Swara, but she will soon forgive her on Shekhar’s insistence. Shekhar will explain to Ragini that Swara didn’t do anything intentionally to hurt her. Later Laksh plans a surprise for Swara, and dances with her in the party romantically after cutting the cake, under the moon light decorations. Sanskaar is keeping an eye on them and gets jealous seeing them together enjoying. Laksh is about to kiss Swara, just then his phone rings. It is Sanskaar at the other end and warns Laksh that he will ruin Ragini’s life. Laksh is shocked and doesn’t know about the mysterious caller.

  23. I think so laksh will decide to marry ragini

    1. Thnk u soooo much prads…at least somewhere we got something good to see!

      1. No need of Thanks sweetie:-)

    2. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!

      1. I mean when Swara has started to fall for laksh that bugger Sanskaar is ruining everything!!!!!??

      2. Hey kat…do u have mail I’d??

  24. Eagerly waiting 4 2day’s epi.

  25. Unite swalak soon.

  26. SwarGini 4 June written update plssssssd

  27. Nice episode.

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