Swaragini 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara wakes up in the hotel room and looks for her phone. She wonders how she reached there as she was with Dida in the hospital. Just then she hears Police coming them. The Police arrests the people doing illegal activity. Swara is shocked and wonders how did she reached here. Laksh drops Ragini home. Ragini invites him for tea. Laksh agrees and tells you have changed a lot. Ragini says I have become like Swara and trying to be like her. Laksh says I didn’t say that you have become like Swara. He says you don’t need to change as you have so many qualities. Ragini gets Swara’s call informing her that she is in hotel and didn’t know how she reached there. Laksh takes the phone from Ragini. Swara tells him that she was sleeping in the hospital and don’t know how she reached here. Laksh asks her

to check hotel’s name. Swara gets the card and tells Laksh. Laksh and Ragini rush out. Swara tries to recollect. The police bang on the door asking her to open the door. Swara hides in the cupboard.

The Inspector sees Swara’s dupatta in the cupboard and is about to see Swara, but just then lady constable calls him. He asks constable to search in other room. He then asks Swara to come out and tells that he saved her as he knows she is from respected family. He asks how did you come here? Swara says she doesn’t know and trying to recall. The Inspector asks her to be there and says raid is going on outside. Ragini and Laksh come there. Inspector Roy informs Laksh that Swara is in room no. 212. Laksh and Ragini are going towards there, but other police officer stops them. Laksh tells that they were called by Inspector Roy. The Inspector let them go. Laksh and Ragini come to that room. Laksh sees Swara and forwards his hand. Swara runs and hugs Ragini instead. Swara cries badly.

The Inspector tells that he will take them outside. Swara says she wants to know how she came here, and who is with Dida in the hospital. Sanskar tells Sujata that no one will know what has happened with Swara. He says Ragini and me are walking on this path, as I want to take revenge and Ragini wants to unite the broken relation. Swara gets Sumi’s call and Ragini takes the call. She lies to her that they are at home and Swara came home being unwell. Ragini starts acting saying she lied to mum. Swara asks why did you lied? Ragini says she couldn’t tell that Swara is in cheap hotel, and asks why you want to hurt mum. The Inspector tells that he will take swara from back door and asks Laksh and Ragini to go from main door. Laksh asks Swara, are you fine. He holds her hand and assures that everything will be fine.

Jealous and Evil Ragini looks at them holding hands and asks Swara to come. She takes Swara from there, making them leave each other hands. (cheapo, psycho Ragini). She holds Laksh’s hand and goes. Sujata asks Parineeta to bring tea for her and switches off the TV. They see Laksh and Ragini in the hotel raid. Sujata calls everyone. Sanskar claps and enjoys. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad is shocked to see Laksh and Ragini in the hotel raid. Laksh, Ragini and Swara come home. The neighbor taunts them and says these people are incremented from MMS to TV. Swara asks what they were talking about. Ragini says nothing and takes them inside. She assures that everything will be fine. Laksh asks Ragini to bring tea for Swara. Ragini nods. Laksh asks Swara to recall. Swara says she is trying to recall and don’t know how she reached there. Laksh says I have full trust on you.. Evil Ragini gets jealous.

Swara is dancing in the club being drunk. Laksh asks her to come with him. Swara refuses and dances madly. Evil Ragini is also there in the party seeing her plan working.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. ?pradishma?

    Rags didn’t knewed that u would fall so low that u will do such cheap things that to with swara who always kept u ahead….. shame on u ragini u r a stain in the name of sis….. swara pls don’t change urself if laksh’s family will accept u they have to accept u how u r….. not like what ragini used to be…. laksh loved u cuz u were not a traditional girl who follows typical rules…. he loved u cuz u were free spirited open minded girl who never loses her confidence….. don’t change urself…..don’t listen to ragini about being traditional and all…. she is also traditional but laksh didn’t loved her….. so y u dressing and behaving like her….. pls see rags real evil intentions of separating u and laksh…..

  2. Lila

    Wait how do u ppl know it’s ragini…it can be sanskaar u know….why is ragini getting all the hatred what happened with her was bad…she has always been ordered in life but I know she should just move on now with sanskaar and she shouldn’t do anything bad

    • Lila

      Plusss it just a show why guyz all taking this seriously as its something realistic m not been rude or anything but guys really its just a show…

      • ?pradishma?

        Ya v kno… but v jus want to say what v feel u too can say… feel free and whatever I wrote above don’t take it to heart….

    • ?pradishma?

      Ok for sometime v will assume that it was not rags… but what she is currently doing is that right I agree whatever happened with her should not have happened….. but if she would have not let anyone putting their decisions on her then nobody could ever be able to do that…

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes cuz u both r same….. u can clearly see that before ur reply dp one aditi’s reply was there… but u forgot to change mail id and u get caught

  3. dhanu

    Hi friend s I’m dhanu .swaragini always given a new twist .what’s will happen next anyone know.

  4. Hey dear Prads i am changing my username into My nickname Addi ok i hope you will be able to identitify me okay and btw i dont know your siss

  5. Idk anything over here yaar nobody asks me anything every1 hates me and however i used my real name only okay so chill i want come again on this site are u happy dear  

    • ?pradishma?

      If I hurted u pls forgive me….. I couldn’t see who was fake and who was real…. come back addi

    • ?pradishma?

      It was for the dp one… she hurted my sis sara a lot so I warned her not to u sweetie

  6. Sherliya

    Uff ragini totally gone mad.plz give a good one 4 ragini also like lakshya nd let the both couples live happily.

  7. Sw

    Omg..what is colors trying to show..an elder sister won’t go this cheap to hurt her younger sister..it’s totally insane!

  8. ?Mishti (Mish) ?

    I really don’t like Ragini in this! ?? Anyway people how do you make an account on this because I want to create an account! Please someone help!

  9. @mishti go to Google n search gravatar, go to first link, n sign up, when done,on the right corner will be a circle n ur name, click there n go to the option add new image , go to upload new pics, click on crop n finish, then on number 2 there will be pick new image, click on DAT image u uploaded just now, then click on confirm, then come back here n in the comment section write whatever name u want, in email, write DAT email which u used for signing up on gravatar, n in the website write http://www.WordPress.com, dats it. ☺

  10. Rajkumari Irina

    psycholar Ragini u r a b*t*h stupid girl so selfish U n sanskaar too idiot u hell people… how can u mke swara mms dat also ur sis and den in hotel and den in club do u thing u r doing ryte for gain ur love no.. ur love will fail forever when u do more bad thng chicken head is bttr than ur mind..Ragini wen ur trith cme out no 1 cannt forgive u even ur dadimaa excpt dat b*t*h sanskaar u too are jerk f**king couple mking urself so low ….u mke swara character lost…I hate it
    please written mke swalakh marry soon.

  11. annah(anu)

    Pshyco ragini!!! Aree idiot(to rags) did u eva think, that by doing all thus u will loose ur(so-called) laksh forever!!! Wen he will cum to know ur truth, he will never forgive u….stupid!! Now toh u at least have his friendship……afterwards he won’t even luk at u!

  12. I think that whatever ragini is doing is correct………she loves laksh more han swara………swara knows that ragini luvs laksh then how can she do this???? Hate hate hate hate swara

    • annah(anu)

      Yes shubhankar…….agree wid u…but swara has realised already that rags luvs laksh n she is doing all this for rags only lyk drinking alcohol n all………….n yes ragini luvs laksh but laksh luvs swara…………

      • annah(anu)

        N rags has always given pain to swara…….n swara has always given happiness to ragini………n even now she is sacrificing her luv for ragini……..luv, luv, luv swara!!!

  13. Ria

    I do not agree with u ……… If rags love laksh then why she said swara that i want u and laksh to unite……… She is just jealous of swara and her beauty……..she thinks if laksh cant be mine he cant be of swara tooo……… Why is she doing it when she loves laksh.????????

  14. U r just saying so because swara is in positive role and ragini is in negative…….but negative characters hv a motive in being negative……. She wants to get her love back…..if she said laksh that i do not want swara and u to unite then laksh would not marry ragini ………. She just wants to realise laksh that she loves him very much and one day her love will make laksh love her tooo…

  15. Ria

    I think shubhankar u r right too…….. But there is always a way to get ur love and i think this way is wrong to get love…….. She does not realise that swara loves ragini very much…… To get her love she cant make someone point on swaras character

  16. annah(anu)

    But still……if she really luvs laksh soo much then she wud have proved her luv in other way……..ryt now wat she is doing is wrong…..n its only jealousy…….n first of all swara is her sister……….n juz think wat all rags is doing- making swara drunk, making her MMS……..are all these things ryt????????

    • annah(anu)

      Wen tym was there….she(rags) did not prove it….swara had told her many tyms to go n prove ur love for luksh….but she was shy…….n now wen swara is in luv wid luksh….she is doing all these things…… I mean wat happened suddenly that rags got so much power???? Huhh

  17. annah(anu)

    If ragini had ever told clearly to swarw that she luvs laksh then swara wud never come in between……..but she is hiding it n playing wid d lives of three ppl-_ swara, laksh n her self!!

    • annah(anu)

      Hmmm…..not sure whether she is fake or not………but still….I think v shud stay away

  18. annah(anu)

    I had juz chosen that image for my next dp……n u put…….hmmm….never mind!! Will put another

  19. annah(anu)

    No ria I was asking bout sweet……

    BTW no, I didn’t still upload………. Its totally OK……….so chillll!!???✌✌✌✌

  20. annah(anu)

    Hmm…..its OK prads……all have their own opinion…..n vaise bhi that was notta fyt…..,?

  21. annah(anu)

    V have 4 houses in our school…..titans(red) Apollo(yellow) Athena(green) n Zeus!!! ( blue) m in titans!

  22. prana

    thanks ajju, wher r u from..
    I am from kerala, and i like ajju from bangalore days so asked…

  23. Sherliya

    Check ur mail [email protected]

  24. Tanvi

    What is thiz yarr!!!
    plz don’t break swalak rltion..why does evil people alwayz win….it’s so disgusting….
    i don’t wanna see swaragini further…..
    Jst hate ragini…..mental,, blo*dy,,foolish,, damb,,idiot,,cheap ragini..

    • dhanu

      Ragini how can you do this with your sister. She islove you a lot and she is ready to do anything for your happy but are you trying to snatch her happy.

  25. Zoyafathima

    Are ragini tum sirf sanskar hi match kar raha he pls dont break swalak i lov sanskar and ragu and how r u tanvi. R u studying

  26. piya

    hey pradi m good n ya ofcourse excited bt how is wh continuing ??/ cause on thursday it ws 80 th episode

  27. annah?(anu)

    N prads……those stupid fake ppl have no future……plz don’t be sad coz of them

    • ?pradishma?

      Awww so sweet sweetie…… u r always my best…. and u will be always my best…

  28. annah?(anu)

    I can juz see a gap where an emoji is put in my mobile…….but can’t see d type of emoji put

  29. Angelina?(anu)

    Hey dhanu u r in which std….

    Prads I again changed my name…….plz don’t mind frnz! This name I feel is more cute…..this is final….. Won’t change again……

  30. Zoyafathima

    Hai shifa.what happend i am fine iam std12 and u dont feel bad yaar smile pls.pls pls pls pls pls:-)

    • ?pradishma?

      Don’t worry and be sad be strong dear and tc….. when ur mom will see u upset she will feel bad na….. be strong and tc until ur mom recovers….

  31. Sherliya

    Hai shifa.i was eating lunch nd was really hungry so i didnt c ur reply..how r u?
    Hey anu,did u mail me?

  32. Sherliya

    Prads,r u angry at me? 😥 if u arent then plz convey a msg to athu dr that I miss u swty ATHU.

  33. Sherliya

    Cheating 😡 whenever i cums u hides.m i luking that much horrible anu?..i want c u even u saw na dr.

    • ?pradishma?

      Don’t say that liya never ever…. after athu u were there v can’t afford to let u go….. and athu is missing yaar from if also…. her last active account was last month…

  34. ?pradishma?

    Liya yaar…. I gone to I.f but athu was not there only in my buddy list….. she is not cmg only….. even she changed her mail id…. ????

  35. Sherliya

    M frm kerala..where in karnataka shifa?..if u had met be4 hr.i would have cum 2 ur house 😆 ..bcoz i was there last month 4 2days.

  36. Sherliya

    Ok luv u my both bestiee sisys…but athu cheated us..she should inform us na that she gng frm if also 😡 i never thought this frm u athu.so bad.

  37. ?pradishma?

    ATHU if u r seeing this na then stop it enough of not cmg here yaar….. pls come back and complete our group ….
    u anu liya me V four yaar…. didn’t u thought about us how can u leave us and u said u will be on I.f today I gone there u were last logged on in last month yaar…. pls pls come back

  38. Angelina?(anu)

    Sorry liya, I went to check my temperature dear ….I m ill na that’s y …….n u look so cutee dear liya!!!!!! N plz neva say like this again!! I can’t bear it…..

  39. Zoyafathima

    Dont feel bad ur mom get well soon nd i will pray 4ur mom my name zoya and i std 11 and i am frm kerala i am in fast here ramzan is coming soon wat abt u

  40. Shifa di, I will also pray for ur mother, I have a way from which ur mother will surely be OK, its our prayer, I mean namaz, v offer DAT prayer between maghrib n isha to get wht v want..

  41. Angelina?(anu)

    Liya….plz reply me dear!!!! I said sumthing………n I juz now sent my pic

  42. Rohan

    Angelina salley liya dhanu shifa and other ppl I wanna say something….. may I have ur attention pls

  43. Rohan

    Actually i wanted to say….. I luv u prads…
    Whenever I used to come here I used to see prads with a positive and never giving up attitude…. which I liked and her luv for her frnds and support no matter how much they will abuse her…. and everyone here is like that I but I really like prads she’s special….so as she says u r sisters I wanted to say I LUV HER

  44. Sherliya

    Prads!! 😳 u know 1 thing..sry dr but i already thought be4 that it ll be a confession..m sure he is fake nd ll abuse u the very next day with another name.really sorry 😥

  45. Zoyafathima

    Ofcoz shifa dont feel bad and i pray to allah to ur mom bcm ok. And happy ramzan guys

  46. Sherliya

    Yup prads…hope 2 c soön…ur pic also..but m afraid..i cant hide such thoughts thats y i told so dr 🙁

    • ?pradishma?

      Hmmmm I kno that these thought should not be kept hidden…. mi will try as much as I can to ignore him.

  47. Rohan

    M also in 8th but u take ur time….. I will wait for it prads…. guys don’t think I will abuse her…I really like her a lot… I will never hurt her…..

  48. Sherliya

    Hey prads..dont worry..who v are..u made a chatt with pinky na the same v have 2 apply her a3+b3= (a+b)(a2-ab+b2) 😆

  49. Angelina?(anu)

    Get lostt rohan!!!! This is public site for discussing bout serials n chatting not for ur stupid chatz

  50. Angelina?(anu)

    Shuttle up rohan!!!! She hate hate hates u to d core!! Don’t dare take her name….or else I will break ur mouth

  51. Rohan

    She says u her sis na then pls let her talk to me…..I really do like her if others abuse that doesn’t mean I will abuse her too….

  52. Angelina?(anu)

    N prads, don’t worry dear!! Ignore him!!! All boys r lyk this only……..that’s y hate boys!!!!!!!

  53. Angelina?(anu)

    Luk rohan, u r hurting her by saying lyk this……n she will never talk wid u!!! Got that??? N its not ur age to tall these things….m elder to u that y m saying…..so go n make ur future

  54. ?Pradishma?

    Rohan pls stop troubling….. these love and all doesn’t happen in these days…. I dont like u at all and leave liking… I don’t even kno u so please stop it

  55. Sherliya

    Ohho pinky.u told me sth last day na that was ur nd prads’s chatt sub.that v have 2 apply here

  56. Angelina?(anu)

    Hey dhanu tell na 13th standard is also there??? I thought after 12th v go college

  57. Angelina?(anu)

    Liya….I didn’t understand…. How’s it connected to prads n Sara’s plan…

  58. ?Rohan?

    Pls guys understand my feelings too and luv is love…. it doesn’t sees time age religion and all it jus happens…. and prads don’t say that u don’t like me if u want time take it

    • Angelina?(anu)

      Shutt upp rohan!!!!? She does not know u n u don’t know her….then how this luv came in between????????? Plz stop it my sister is getting hurt!plzzz

    • ?Pradishma?

      Rohan….. o kno about love and I agree that love doesn’t see’s anything…. but understand na…. its not our right age of about proposing and all….

  59. Ranchi(rohan's elder sis)

    Arey rohan.what r u doing here among these girls?go go nd help mom in kitchen..u r not at all studying..1 should cum 2 any use na.

  60. Ranchi(rohan's elder sis)

    Run rohan run..mom is selecting broom..she ll cum here nd ruhanika samjhao apni bhai ko…

  61. Rajesh ( rohan's elder brother)

    Rohan stop it can’t u see that girl doesn’t likes u.
    And its not the right time…. Listen to ur sisters…

  62. Rajesh ( rohan's elder brother)

    Sisters….. lets now make him understand him in his way….

  63. ?Rohan?

    Stop it…. I don’t have any sisters nor brother m single… and prads I kno v don’t kno each other…. but can kno right….

  64. Ranchi(rohan's elder sis)

    Ok rajesh bro..what else v can do..he is our lil bro..ill mannered bro.

  65. ?pradishma?

    Rohan i don’t want to keep any relation with any boy more than frnds….pls…. it hurts

  66. Ranchi(rohan's elder sis)

    Ok angelina
    btw what do u mean ruhi?affair with my gf.m a girl na..u mean rajesh bro.ri8?

  67. ISHA

    Just one thing I want to say…..that it was the worse episode out of swaragini’s episodes…… I m waiting for episode in swalak gets unite…..I mean swara and laksh marriage….

  68. Rajesh ( rohan's elder brother)

    Rohan yeh mein kya sun raha hu tune apne hone wale bhabhi k barime aisa socha che……come home right now

  69. ?Rohan?

    Guys I really don’t kno who r u being my family….. but prads and her frnds… i am really nice… and I do like her let her take how much time she needs….

  70. Sherliya

    Thnx to all those helped pradishma..its my kind advice 2 u the same ppl never reveal ur identity hr bcoz they may misuse ur name 4 revenge.note the point.thnx again

  71. shabbu

    Dhanu u have to sign up in gravatar!! U just type gravatar in Google .. U will get the links of gravatar page! There u can sign up!!

  72. ?sruthi?

    I went to skl… Saturday also skl only for 10th std students.. Sryyy

    Getting bored bcoz SPL classes . ufffff?????????

  73. Angelina?(anu)

    Thanx vidya….but I changed it…..I luv rosid too………will keep again….

  74. ?sruthi?

    U changed that huh? But its coming for me … N I can’t see my new dp…

    Sruthi feeling confused?

  75. Sherliya

    Ohho pinky..y r u storing mud in ur brain??thats y he is eating thinking it as chocolate.

  76. Sherliya

    Ok pinky.

    Pinky on the railway
    picking up the stones
    down cum an engine nd broke pinky’s bones
    ah!said the pinky thats not fair
    oh!said the engine driver
    i dont care

    dedicated 2 pinky by liya

  77. hey liya liya kaahe itna guroor bhala chhoro bhi nakhre ye kesi ada tu ne kia socha k ek tere he lovers hain yahan rohan bhi hogaya hai prads pe fida 😀

  78. ?pradishma?

    Funny song….. u both write awsum lyrics…. and sara m not at all angry dr….

  79. ?pradishma?

    let’s sing

    There’s something about tonight
    Something very special
    Something about the way you move that thing
    Something very special
    Something about the way you lookin’ at me
    Something very special yeah
    Something about tonight
    Something very special

  80. jhuki teri palko me miljaye mje panha, palke ghire aansu bhari reh jaaye mere nishaan, toote dil ki mt kr tu fikar mere hum nawa, pyar du tujhko iss qadar rehjaye mere nishaan mere nishaan mere nishaan mere nishaan mere nishaaaaaaaaaan

  81. dil ko dukhana kise kehte hain ab jaana sanam, pyaar deewana jise kehte hn pehchana sanam, bechain sa dil mera rehta tha tu jo na ati to, ye nain tujhe takte rehte they aankh bhar ati to, ab tu nhi phr b kahen yaad teri dil ko chhu jaye, hass k rulana kise kehte hain ab jaana sanam, pyaar deewana jise kehte hain pehchana sanam

  82. Sherliya

    was again joking pinky… 😥 u know that m a naughty girl even now m remembering that.

  83. Angelina?(anu)

    Lagti mennu jive ammerdi queeñn…..mitthi ya galla Kare kudi namkeenn….patla jalakk tera lakñi samaalni….one in a million me lagti kammal di, lagti kamal lagti Jamal di…..huiya bura haal di……..
    Tu aaja mere close…..milta na mauka roz…..I want u my baby….mujhe dede luv doze