Swaragini 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara running behind a woman to catch Urvashi and asks who are you. The woman turns her face. Swara is shocked to see Janki and recalls Sumi saying that Janki was a good lady. A fb is shown. Janki apologizing to Sumi, and then her death. Swara is scared. She thinks it is a trick and everything is done by Urvashi. She comes inside and asks where is Maasi. Urvashi asks what happened? Did you see the ghost? Swara says it is done by you. You was trying to take advantage of darkness and came indisguise of Janki. Sumi says Urvashi brought kada for me and we are together since then. Swara says this can’t happen and shows the foot prints. She says one is mine, and the other foot print is yours. Urvashi asks what is this? Swara says it is a special foot prints which shows foot prints.

Urvashi says it is not mine. Swara says it is yours and that’s why you are scared. Urvashi steps on the foot print mark and it doesn’t match. Dadi says from where these foot prints came. Urvashi says it is of Jiji…Swara asks her to stop it. Urvashi talks loudly and asks Janki to prove that she is there. Fake Janki gets alerted and pulls the mask from her face. It is shown Kavita was scaring Swara as janki. She removes the mask and saree and thinks how to elope as the window is closed. Swara says I am sure that you have a partner in this game. Urvashi says my jiji is with me. Swara says these foot prints will say everything nd asks if ghosts have foot prints also. Kavita tries to open the window. Swara says all the doors and windows are closed, only terrace way is open. Kavita hides in the cupboard. Urvashi thinks if Swara catches Kavita then everything will be ruined.

Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh awake. She asks why you didn’t sleep till now. Laksh says I didn’t like when you went to lawyer. Ragini apologizes to him and thinks she don’t want to separate Swara and Sanskar, and have realized her mistake. Laksh kisses on her forehead and recalls Annapurna’s words. Swara comes inside the room. Kavita is seen hiding in the cupboard. Urvashi puts Sumi’s blanket in lamp very cleverly and silently to divert her attention. Swara is about to open the cupboard, just then Urvashi shouts fire……Sumi throws the blanket and is scared.

Swara runs towards Sumi and asks if she is fine. Urvashi says I will bring water. She opens the window and helps Kavita leave from there. She then brings water and sets off the fire. Swara asks Sumi to come. She asks how did the shawl caught the fire. Sumi says may be because one side of shawl caught it. Swara asks who has opened the window. Urvashi says I have opened so that smoke can move out. She asks Swara if she trust her now and says her jiji is doing all this. Swara takes Sumi inside. Urvashi asks Dadi to sleep. Sumi tells Annapurna that she brought 3 lakhs necklace for Swara. Annapurna tells Sanskar that they are going to Baadi. Sanskar insists to drop them there. Uttara teases him.

Next morning, Ragini and Laksh come to see Sumi. Sumi makes an excuse. Ragini says I would have come yesterday night and took care of Maa. Urvashi says she had planned something else yesterday. Swara says there was nothing to bother you. She says Shekhar will come in 2-3 days and Sumi will be fine too. Dadi informs Swara that Maheshwari family have come. Swara says we will come. Ragini takes Sumi with her. Swara asks Urvashi not to tell anything to Ragini. Urvashi asks do you want me to lie to Ragini. Swara says if you really care about Ragini, then don’t tell her, else she will feel bad that Janki Maa had attacked our mum.

Ragini hears Swara and Sanskar’s conversation. Swara tells him that Urvashi is doing all this in disguise of Janki. Urvashi tells kavita that she had saved her else Swara would have caught her. Later Swara comes there and gets Janki’s face mask. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg guys now I want to jump shout I m so happy that we r going to get our swaragini back desperately waiting for that day…hope this happen with raglak n swasan also….what do u say guys???

  2. precap was nice. it’s very interesting. waiting for kavitha’s truth to come out.

  3. i felt bad as there are no swasan scenes but over all its good episode and interesting one.

  4. frnd…how should write a fan fiction..plss reply me

    1. on top left corner it is written submit your article . just click on it

  5. Dadi is behind Janki’s death.it was not an accident. in the upcoming episode Janki’s real ghost will come to save sumi from Dadi.

    1. real ghost? i dont think so.anyways it will be revealed that janki‘s death was not an accident .
      i just hope swara and ragini become swaragini forever. that is the tite of the story and yet only in the first few episodes we got to see the sisters bond.

  6. Darggini dragging and it continues till the end

    1. yea it sure is dragging . but still i love this serial

  7. Very boring to see the stupid precap almost for a week now. What is the need of showing precap in each and every break if it is not happening in the same episode?

  8. yippee finally swaragini is coming back to senses swara and ragini will become swaragini again waiting for the epic episode just very happie but sad that sumi’s death is gonna be showed not confirmed i hope it’s not true 🙁

  9. y they r creating diffrences between swara and sanskar

  10. I think laksh have changed and is really proposing Ragini in swasan sangeet ceremony..

  11. I think laksh have changed and is really proposing Ragini in swasan sangeet ceremony..Sumi wnt die.. I think Kavitha is the one who is gonna die in her own trap..

    1. even i think so.but what about the promo showing laksh throwing out ragini and swara becomming he support. And i do seriously hope swasan misunderstandings are cleared soon

      1. please give the link of promo where he show her out??? please send it..

      2. didnt u see the promo in which laksh pushes ragini after ragini signs on some paper.swara comes and holds her.then scene is of swasan marriage ,swasan taking pheras camera focuses on the fire then someones body is being burnt and swasan stands there in white clothes.

  12. hi everyone.i am a swaragini fan but i havent commented on it till now but when i saw the number of coments on ikrs page i was seriously jealous. ii request all the swaragini fans to coment and be a part of swaragini family.thank you!

  13. hi everyone.i am a swaragini fan but i have not commented till now but when i saw the number of comments in ikrs i was seriously jealous.i request each and every swaragini fan to comment and become a part of swaragini family.thank you!

  14. nice episode

  15. jayati dasgupta

    Please let ragini nd lakhsh b together now..pls pls

  16. Even I too want Ragini and laksh together..

  17. If laksh is gonna throw Ragini out then y he shld propose Ragini in front of everyone in swasan Sangeeth and why he shld say tat even they r gonna re-marry on the same day of swasan marriage???

  18. swaragini: real culprit behind janaki’s ghost not maasi but kavita..
    colors show swaragini has reached peak point of the ghost drama as swara is bent upon finding out the truth of janaki’s ghost and doubt urvashi.
    as per the news received till now from sources ragini and swara will join hands in finding the truth behind janaki’s ghost.
    in the mission swara will seek kavita’s help and kavita will take this opportunity to play double game with swara.
    she will help ragini and swara to expose urvashi maasi and blured out the truth.
    swara and kavita will make ragini wear janaki’s attire and will scare urvashi to bring out her story.
    however, a major twist will soon be revealed , as it will turn out that kavita is the real culprit.
    kavita was the one to wear janaki’s mask to trouble swara and sumi.
    kavita is doing innocent drama just to win back sanskar’s heart as he doubts her for all evil games.
    let’s see if swara can find the truth..

  19. please clear in spoilers they telling kavita is behind ghost track not maasi and she playing double game.. now to stop swasan wedding she try to kill kavita.. till now rumors ragini commites sucide but now kavita behind her death and some spoiler telling ghost drama is janaki warning shomi as the one who killed her is none other than dadi.. some spoiler tell dadi dark secret to be out… is the marriage happen according to precap masi kavita planing to kill swara and acrdng to spoiler kavita try to kill ragini for stop swasan wedding… please clear me which spoiler is correct..

  20. i dont know about this news is true or not just sharing this.. spoiler given in metro masti source..
    swaragini spoiler : kavita to kill ragini to stop swasan wedding…
    big spoiler has making its way for the fans and followers of colors show swaragini as big twist has been revealed related to swara ,sanskar , ragini and kavita.
    swara and sanskar aree soon to tie martial knot, but they have lots of hurdles in their way, thanks to urvashi masi and kavita.
    urvashi masi and kavita have created janaki’s ghost drama to take off everyone’s mind from swasan wedding.
    soon kavita will make drama of helping swara and ragini to trap urvashi alone in this ghost drama.
    after the ghost drama coming to an end, swara and sanskar will gear up for the wedding.
    but, shockingly kavita plot against ragini and will plan to kill her to stop swasan wedding.
    till now, rumors suggested ragini will commite sucide for lakshya’s betrayal.
    but looks like that not lakshya but kavita will be behind ragini’s death.

  21. i hate Kavita so much. cant wait till her truth comes out.

  22. Dnt knw wat is gonna happ.. but I dnt think Ragini will die becoz she is the main character in the serial… If she dies this serial will become useless… I read a spoiler in tat it says tat Kavitha will die in her own trap which she made to kill Swara.. Dadi is the real culprit behind Janki’s dead..

    1. hi ani
      ragini will not die for sure.if she dies there will not be swaragini
      the one dying maybe kavita or even dadi as her dark secret is out and she may be feeling guilty
      PS:: i am not sure of this just my thoughts

      1. Hi arohi
        I am sure tat Ragini wnt die
        They may show as she is serious in the hosp and laksh concern for her etc…

  23. Guys Swaragini Trp this week is 2.4
    7 position in daily shows and 8 position in daily and weekly shows 🙂

  24. hey guys i am thinking of posting a ff it will be posted once in every week
    here are the couples
    vidhaani viplav+dhaani from IKRS (ishq ka rang safed)
    ishveer ishaani+ranveer from matsh (meri aashiqui tum se hi)
    swasan or swalak from swaragini still i didnt decide that so pls give me ur opinion guys if u like swasan
    then post swasan if u like swalak then post swalak ragini also will be in my ff
    thahaan thapki+bihaan from tpk (thapki pyaar ki)
    abigya abhi+pragya from kkb (kumkum bhagya)
    rubbul purab+bulbul from kkb (kumkum bhagya)
    are the leading characters of my ff and every negative and positive character i will take from each serial so pls say me about ur opinion guys

  25. A very nice episode.

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