Swaragini 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara saying she didn’t know anything. Inspector says okay and asks to show red blanket which was witnessed in the video. Annapurna says okay and goes to bring that blanket. Durga Prasad asks if you will get clue from it. Inspector says yes and says they will get some clue. Annapurna comes back and tells that the blanket is not there. She says someone might have taken it. Inspector says I have to search your house. Durga Prasad agrees and let him search the house for the blanket. He comes back and says they couldn’t find the blanket. He says he has to start the enquiry and says criminal must be famly member. Annapurna says I kept that shawl, then where did it go. Swara looks at Sanskar. Ragini asks Swara to come with her. They go to room. Ragini says it is good that you didn’t

take Sanskar’s name, else he would have been trapped, although he is innocent. Swara asks since when you have started caring for me and Sanskar. Ragini says I don’t want anything to happen to him as he is innocent. Swara says you have accused me for kidnapping and asks why didn’t you think before. Ragini says I was sure as I saw long hairs. Swara says you have broken my trust twice, and it will be difficult to trust you again. I will help you search the kidnapper and says but our thinking will be different. She says I know that Sanskar can’t do the kidnapping and thinks why did he burn the blanket then. Ragini says only he can answer us.

Sanskar talks to his manager and says he is bringing file. Swara comes to him and says Ragini said that there is a nail marks on kidnapper’s hand. Sanskar is still angry and says Ragini trusts me, but not you. Swara says I trust you, but that blanket….Sanskar says if you really trust me then you would not have questioned me. Sujata hears them and thinks what is happening in the house. She stops Sanskar and says we shall celebrate Bhai Dooj’s celebration today. She asks him to come early in the evening and asks about Swara’s words. Sanskar says he is getting late for meeting and asks if she wants to come. He leaves. Sujata says he don’t reply to any of my question. Sujata thinks Swara is behind everything and is sure that she has done black magic on her son. Swara comes to Ragini and says I am doing this for Sanskar. I can’t trust you, but will support you as it is neccesary to find the kidnapper. Ragini sees a reflection and asks Swara to keep quiet. She tells her that there was someone there. They hear someone closing the door and comes to Adarsh’s room. They see Adarsh applying ointment on his hand. Ragini says it means Adarsh had kidnapped me. Swara asks her to stop it accusing everyone. She says we don’t have any proof. Ragini asks how we will get the proof. Swara says we will get the proof when Uttara do Bhai Dooj’s ritual. I know what she has brought for her brothers.

Uttara do the bhai dooj ritual and gives gifts to her brother. She does their aarti. Her brothers give her gifts. Swara asks Uttara to make Adarsh wear the watch which she brought. Adarsh forwards his other hand. Parineeta says you wear watch on other hand. Adarsh says I forgot and feels pain while pulling up the sleeve. Parineeta asks him to show. Uttara says you got the tattoo on hand. Everyone see Parineeta’s name tattoo on his hand.

Swara tells Ragini that even Adarsh is innocent. How we will reach the real culprit. Laksh come and says shall I help. Even though I haven’t done detective couse, but I can help. Ragini asks how do you know. Laksh says I know and asks what they were searching. Swara says nail marks on hand. Laksh says okay, tell me if you need anything. Swara asks Laksh to show his hand. Laksh is shocked and says you are doubting me. He is about his show his left hand, but Ragini asks him to show his other hand. He says even you are doubting me. Swara asks him to remove the wrist band. Laksh shows his hand. Swara looks on.

Laksh throws his jacket and pulls out fake skin from his hand revealing the nail marks on his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Wow. I don’t know y but sanskar’s reaction for swara’s doubt on him I loved it….. Now how many days to reveal the truth…

  2. kashis

    first time felt intense pain in sanskar’s eye … unable to take it man.. a bit ray of hope also has arisen by seeing swara’s bit concern for him…

  3. xyz

    What the hell..why sanskar burn that bl**dy blankat..nd bl**dy laksh what is he upto..and when will sawasan moment happen..

  4. anu

    in tellymasala video where swara is asking apolizes to sanskaar but he is very hurt as she didn’t trusted him.. he some what angry he said he loves her how much as he loves and when she didn’t trusted him she tells sorry to him but he changed face side and when she tried to wipe his tears but he didn’t let her.. his expressions are super.. iv he said his intensions are different.. both are crying in scene.. and he dont have problem as they are only friends and he unconditionly loves her. problem is the trust between them is now ended. its not with swara.. this is why he hurted so much.. vo says when truth comes all goes well and happy… both are crying so much.. when she knows she is asking him apology… swara is in same orange dress in yesterday’s segment.. .

    • anu

      they showed bit ragini and swara came badi rags hug dadi and cries and swara explaining something.. vo said jal se jald the master mind of the kidnaper is patachale sachayi pata chale sabko aur swara ko patachale and all goes clear.. swara ko aapki baath par yakeen hojaye.. lekin for that time we all are waiting for real kidnapper will be out..

    • sanju

      hope mu between them clear soon.. no aparts.. as he hurt and she also hurt and both are crying waiting to see this scene and he clears in iv that he loves her so much but hurted as she didn’t trust him..

  5. ammu

    oh god kab finesh karete e kidnaping story ..plz writters weekly eke point mey kam karete reheygey its too boring now showing drama make it possible come forward story kab devorce story start oh jate writters..love u guys keep rocking.. D.P sir always supporting swara he knws swara never do wrong things dats y nice charchrcter D.P ji

  6. sana

    Guys….I saw This in Wikipedia Page of Swaragini….In dt Namish(Laksh) is mention as ANTAGONIST……and Tejaswi as Protogonist….dt means some change is coming…don’t know what it is 😛

    • Honest Opinion

      Agreed!!! This is really becoming a disappointment!!! The story is moving sooooooo slowly, it’s painful!!!

  7. joya

    how dramatic swara is…..!!!!
    she said sanksar k mujhe tum pe bharosa tha….and main police ko toh nahi bataya na….are kitni badi jhoothi hai yeh swara….ragini ke lakh kehne k baad aur sochne bad nahi bataya swara ne police ko..m.fir she is doing drama that main yeh sanskar k liye kar rahi hu…shit man….how can any1 cheap lyk swara

    • Yologirl

      He is a antagonist and he is negative because he is very stubborn to get only Swara. He want Swara against Sanskar. He want that Swara doubt to Sanskar. He want that Swara divorce to Sanskar. That all he did, want only Swara! I knew that Laksh was kidnapper because he always against Sanskar. I still hope that Swara is still trusting to Sanskar! I doubted Laksh at first. I knew Swara can’t do kidnapping for her own sister though Ragini ruined everything but she didn’t do anything… only Laksh did everything! Why would Ragini do that? Ragini will never do that. Ragini only want to bring Swara and Laksh together and nothing else.

  8. Saba

    Today’s episode is much better! And love the attitude of sanskar! Finally swara will realize the mistake of her. I hope that writer will make swaragini and swasan soon! And now I think laksh also deserve something in his life! A girl who’s name is ragini! Because they’ve same wits! And swasan rocks! Hope they’ll unite soon! But I’ve strong feelings that they’ll unite and all four turn into positive and collaborate with each others! Well lets see what will happen next! And they’re showing same segment in this week! Had hain…

    • Swasan will unite for sure. Simar was also talking bout that. And there is no chance for swalak so definitely swasan will unite. But writers r dragging it too much

  9. anu

    check out ragini’s new look in swaragini!!
    we have seen ragini aka tejaswi flaunt beautiful traditional sarees in swaragini on colors.
    with the current track progressing to introducing a major twist on the show, the episodes will now project ragini’s character transforming into a super s*xy and bold personality. and to match up to the requirements of the character, the creatives of the show are working on ragini’s make over.
    she will be seenwearing modern sarees with stylish sleeveless blouses, unlike traditional ones with [email protected] typical pallu and boring blouses.
    on learning about the same , our scribe at tellybuzz contacted tejaswi, who confirmed saying, “as an actor i have no problems donning any look as far as it does not affect my performance. we have alerted the look for the audience to know that she is not the same ‘desi girl’ that they saw earlier. i think people have loved ragini in evry change that she has had and i hope the audience continues to love me in future as well.”
    how excited are you to watch this ragini’s new look transformation?
    hit the comment section below.

  10. muskaan

    Well done Sanskar u did a great job….Swara deserves this….
    Now I guess she will realise his importance and not take him granted….she might realise love for him tooo!!!!!!!!!

  11. pihu

    i hate swara….
    me to tum pe belive karti hu sanskar par me kya karti tumne wo blancket jala tha na….
    sanskar ko bhi shak karna chahiye tha aur kehna chahiye tha main tum pe trust karta hu swara par kya karta maine tumhare aur laksh ke honeymoon k tickets dekhe the na

  12. K.praveena

    Superb epi. Swara find out the truth soon as possible. Nowadays i feel this ragini is same as old ragini. I feel rag turned into good role. And laksh will be a new villian avatar.

  13. Ridhima

    Every lead role is now negative … Played negatives roles..except swara … When she gonna change negative I am waiting for it …. Pongaiya negalum unga serial uum …. Ithuku ..chennai mazhaiye thevala …..

  14. arch

    he is ignoring her and now she deserves this some what and hope she realizes soon how he important for her..

  15. Hi nik…aapko accha lga veena di ki fff
    …wow…datzzzz grt yrrrr?????…m soooo happpyyy n kha tha dusra ff lkhne k lye par pta nhi wo kha par h ????

  16. Rids

    Swara and sanskaar vil separate soon. Sanskaar vil ask swara to sign divorce papers. It is after swara puts the blame on uttara. I think uttara has done it then lakshya has helped her. Or lakshya has done it and uttara is taking the blame. But swasan is not going to happe n soon

  17. Rids

    Hey y is ragini becoming maheshwari house head. Wat rubbish tat too now she is got tat typical female villain with s*xy saree avatar. Like ii other serials. God knows wat vil happen. One thing for sure is no swasan …

    • xoxo

      I dont understand why all females get a s*xy sari in their makeover. Why cant they just shift to jeans or skirts. They are much more comfortable. First Pragya now Ragini…. Why cant serials do something different…. I just hope Ragini turns positive and helps to unite Swasan

  18. nik

    Actually all these dailysoaps are sm , good in strtng n as they proceeds they starts irritating .So we cnt say that this show is wrst , there r shows more annoying than swaragini n that too with top trp as in cs of ssk, saathiya bla bla bla. If others can tolerate sch bkwaas shows than why cnt we tolerate swaragini?????? I know swara is annoying bt I like hr chemistry with sanskar so for swasan n for sanskar I can n will tolerate swaragini.

  19. nik

    Hey rids from where do u got this info??? Well that’s good now swara will pay for hrtng sanskar. If he is really going to do this then I would lk to give lots of kudos to sanskar.

  20. harsha

    Same precap,really I am here to read only anu’s comments because its better to read then watching this serial thanks anu for giving info about this serial so that I will not waste my time by watching dragging

  21. dhanu

    Swara is right ….and before also sanskar did so many wrong things and also swara found avidence against him.. He want to become mahan… Like laksh said. Why if lk kidnapped rgs to teach her lesson. Bcz… Everything is fair love and war

  22. nik

    Actually I want swasan only bt I want swara to realize sanskars importance so btr swara should gt the sm pn which sanskar always received from hr.

  23. Oru valiya ragini eppadiyo -ve character la irundhu thookitango?…aana namma lucky ya villain aakitango?….mothathula indha serial la ella main charactersaiyum oru vaati avadhu villain aakkama irukka mudiyadhu indha writer ku?…innum swara mattum dhan villi aagala?….kashtapattu indha mazhai la idha padicha semma mokkaiya irukku idhu?…..i’ve stopped watchin dis bt just reading?…..too much of FFs fah dis serial n ppl ri8ng r juzt doin a gr8 wrk?….i’m reading all ur ff bt a silent reder?
    ……bt i still luv sanskaar n shona …like ragini too…bt i donno hw bt strtd a bit to hate lucky …….[email protected]?…

  24. amala

    i think sanskar burnt the blanket to save swara grom getting arrested.if he didnt do that,the police may have seen them and may arrested hearing ap and sujatha’s words

  25. nik

    If swara is going to tk sanskar granted through out the show ( up to the end of the show) then btr that there should b no swasan coz I cnt see sanskar gtng hrt always. He dsrvs a prtnr just as he is loving n caring .

  26. Plz writers plz start swasan love story. Plz expose this laksh soon plz and show us some swasan moments. But now I know that swasan will unite one day cuz there is no more chance for swalak. Didn’t u guys saw that simar were also talking bout swasan when d accident happend??? Bt plz unite them as soon as possible

  27. amala

    i think sanskar burnt the blanket to save swara from getting arrested.if he didnt do that,the police may have seen them and may arrested hearing ap and sujatha’s words

  28. nik

    Hey guys I cm to know that sanskar was bring that red shawl under the influence of patali devi , she has dn all this to separate swasan . u guys rmmbr that gl Devika (the gl hvng the spirit of patali Devi in hr) of ssk saying that after she goes from there then also hr influence will b there. Now lts see is this true or nt coz the online sources r sm tm wrong also as in cs of bomb last.

  29. Anu

    Oh god totally confused…
    swara get jailed?
    some spoilers said Uttara is behind the kidnapping?
    they show laksh remove her fake skin and scratching will shown?
    wen car bomb blast ?
    is swasan happen then wen?
    y the Ragini is changed to modern avatar?

  30. Sukanya

    Hi frnds..
    It’s just my assumption..
    If ragini turned to possitive charec and laksh to negative. .may b ragini losses her cool against laksh and decided to teach him a lesson so she must hav changed to mordern look..I think in upcoming episodes swara I’ll support her sis fully and help her out in her mission. .

    • joya

      yes dear…..
      we r praying….the whole world is with u…..just close ur eyes and see we r standing beside u……

    • Saba

      Hey shuva! Now im fed up to say that they’re rock! Because they’re not rocking screen!! Ohhh god what writer want to do

  31. And yeh it was sad to see sanskar like this, he was very hurt because of swara having doubt on him. I’m just waiting for the day when swara apologise to sanskar. And that ragini I’m still not sure that she’s changed, I guess we just have to wait and see if she does.

  32. Why is laksh doing this and I’m not up for Swalak anymore!!! Now it’s swasan ugh why I wanna see when sanskar gets hit by a car and Swara cries for him a lot and that’s the drama I wanna see I give any f**kin drama about that and I will obvi see that episode

  33. Yuga

    Stop dis stuff yr..
    At least show sm moments of hpy family..
    N sanskar is really gud fr swaraa..
    Unko jaldi se sath me kr do..
    I wnt them to b togtr foreva..
    Laksh is doing dis coz he wnt swara..
    Ragini shul hv to punnish.. in sab me o fise side me reh jayegi..

  34. Neha

    Woo loved the way how sanskar reacted to swara it was so real and genuine guys waiting to see swara’s repentance on doubting him pls unite them don’t make sanky lonely

  35. Lee

    Yr i just hate u swara how could u do thisss…..
    Luved the way sanky ne jaise behave kiya….gud job sanky…
    Swara tum kitna mahan banogi n ab tumhe pata chalega tumne hamesha use for granted liya….
    N luved that line jb swara ne kaha ki maine police ko to ni batayana…to sanky kaha ki thnk u swara tumne muz pe bahot bara ahesan kiya hai.
    …. …how could she yrrrr…
    n swaa ko heart hua sanky ne jb car se use ghusse se dekha….n ignore karke chala gaya….that time to wo bahot cute lag ra tha…..
    Ab tumhe pata chalega swara…
    Ki tumne use kitna heart kiya hi….
    Agar aisa hi hai to wo din dur ni ki swasan ek sath honge….
    Ab tum sanky se baat karne ki koshish karogo n sanky ignore karega…wow…
    Ab maza ayega…..
    Par kuch bhi bolo swara ko bahoy heart hua …..aisa hi chahiya use…..
    Luv u sanky….
    But i must say gusse me tum aur bhi jyada cute lagate ho…
    Swasan forever…
    Swasan rockssss….j

  36. Prena

    Hello Friends,
    Did anyone saw new spoiler…Ragini’s look gets changed..She becomes stylish with netted saree and accessories,,
    Ragini becomes head of Maheshwari house…She will rule the house..
    Laksh will be slapped by ragini,where she says laksh that “Till now he just saw her love towards him but agin he will see her hate”

    U can watch this spoiler in Youtube

    Waiting for this ,but seriously please make swara value Sanskaar..

    • kashis

      ya prena, I have seen.. but still confused how she will become owner of MM. anyways, I want that swasan moment where swara is wiping sanskar’s tears.. and plz writers let swara now understand sanskar’s love…

  37. Ragini has slapped Laksh and shouts on him angrily. She says I will write Maheshwari family’s destiny and takes the locker keys in her hand. She used to wear traditional sarees before also, but now she has a make over. She has changed and she will be going to be head of the family. She slaps Laksh hard and says you have seen love till now, and now you will see my hatred. One thing has not changed and grew even more is Ragini’s hatred. Laksh wanted to kill Ragini to get rid of her and also trap Sanskaar in the plan. Laksh wanted to win Swara. Ragini says her slap is justified.

    Swara and Ragini’s equation have changed, and the owner of the house is changed. All the property and house keys came in Ragini’s hands. Ragini and Laksh are fighting over divorce. Ragini tears the divorce papers. Ragini has given tough slap to Laksh. She has decided to give him an angry answer. She says she will not give him divorce. Ragini’s hatred will punish Laksh now. Ragini told him she won’t sign on divorce papers and burns the divorce papers. Ragini’s hatred will bring a new twist in Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh’s life.

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