Swaragini 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Parineeta falling in the river. Ragini asks someone please save her. Rakht Charitra plays…… Parineeta shouts. Ragini recalls pushing Swara in the river. She thinks I can’t tell anyone, else they will think that I have pushed her. She thinks to save Parineeta by herself and runs to save her, but by the time she reaches the sea shore, Parineeta gets drowned. Ragini cries badly and says I am sorry…I don’t want this. She finds Parineeta’s phone there and keeps it in her bag. Swara calls Ragini and asks where are you? Ragini says I am coming home. Swara says maa and baba came home. Ragini shouts and says I am coming home. Swara is doubtful. Someone captures all the incident in the video cam, while Ragini leaves from there. Dadi calls Nurse and asks her not to let anyone

know about that baby. She opens the door and does aarti of Sumi and Shekhar as they come home. She says you would have stayed there for sometime. Shekhar says Sumi wanted to come. Sumi says she likes to stay with family and mum. Shekhar takes her to room. Dadi smirks and closes the door. She thinks this black truth will never come infront of anyone.

Ragini comes home. Swara asks what happened? you was sounding tensed on phone also. Ragini says I am worried, don’t want anything wrong to happen. Swara hugs her and says nothing will happen now. She says once Parineeta’s matter is solved, everything will be like before. Ragini is tensed. She says I need to rest. Swara says okay and says I will bring food for you. She asks again, are you fine? Maa and Baba have come, and now maa is feeling somewhat better. Dadi gets nurse call asking her to give 50000 Rs as she is changing house. Dadi asks have you gone mad? Nurse threatens to tell the truth to Shekhar and Sumi. Dadi says I am not afraid of your threats and says if I tell your secret to hospital people then your job will be gone. Nurse looks on. Just then phone rings at landline. Sumi picks the call and is shocked. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Sumi says Nurse is saying something. Dadi takes the call. Nurse says I just told her that you called at hospital number when you went missing, and asks if she is fine. Sumi says she is fine. Dadi asks her to go to kitchen and tells Nurse that she has understood. She asks when and where to meet? Nurse blackmails her and says if the secret is out then you will be kicked out of house by your family, and laughs.

Ragini asks Swara not to worry. Swara asks why you are acting strange and asks where is your mangalsutra? Ragini says I gave it to jeweller for repair. Swara says I will also come. Ragini gets irritated and says I am going to temple also. Swara insists to come. Ragini thinks I have to get my mangalsutra from that place, else family will blame me like always. Swara and Ragini come to the temple. Nurse also comes to the temple and asks Dadi to come there. Swara hears Nurse calling someone and turns, but she misses seeing Dadi. She says lets go and do puja. Ragini comes out and thinks to search her mangalsutra else Swara will be doubtful about her. She runs near the river and search for her mangalsutra, but couldn’t get it. She thinks to check the place where she found Parineeta’s phone, but she couldn’t get her mangalsutra even there. She wonders what to do, and worries about Swara’s reaction knowing that she is not in the temple.

Parineeta’s mum Sulekha comes to Maheshwari house and warns everyone that if Parineeta is not found then she will not leave anyone. Later Sulekha asks Swara to help her find Parineeta and shows her purse which Police found near the river. Ragini thinks to stop Swara somehow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow iam 100%shure that paris mom is the blackmailer

    1. Iamsofianeak

      me too i think that her mom is the blackmailer

  2. Poor Ragini..❤ u swara..thank god ? this time nothing happens bad with swara..i heard swara will save dadi from the nurse who blackmails her..and sharmistha’s baby will be exposed…i also heard about raglak separation as Ragini hide truth from lakshya and he feels Ragini as a cheater. I think Pari will not die..i feel like she pushed herself intentionally in to the river during the fight ..and took video recording so that she can blackmail ragini

  3. I just hope things will get better for my ragu……..No one should misunderstand her like before

  4. Oh my god cant see ragini like this…..Be strong Ragini ….tell the truth to laksh.

  5. What secret is ragini hiding
    And previously what video has been sent to ragini by parineeta

  6. Now I dnt know wt ragini fans have to say abt this??they were taking ragini’s side few days ago nd abusing swara for not understanding her sis,,,,see now ragini z repeating her mistakes…. Good good…fall more

    1. Iamsofianeak

      yeaaaah , she will slap swara Intentionally

  7. o my god… what r these CVS thinking now…

  8. Mica

    oh my god, poor ragini, her guilty feeling bout the past and the tought of punisment haunting her, and winning over her’s humanity feeling.

    and for me, parineetha doesn’t deserve forgiveness from adarsh, hate u parineetha.

  9. Mica

    so, there will be a story that raglak separated due missunderstanding ? wooow awesome, it’s raglak show time nowadays, since raglak had has less problem than swasan. and now, seem cvs trying to give equel importance between both pair by showing raglak ‘s problem.

  10. ragini aborted child for her mother I think park made that video

  11. seriously is this serial always murdering kidnapping I hate u CVS bye bye swaragini

  12. I’m really hating these CV’s!!!! Plzz stop these nonsense drama. Inn logo k life mein problems khatam hone ka toh naam hi nahi aata!!! Sometimes in SwaSan’s life and now in RagLak’s life!! And this Pari!! Ughh..!!! Hate her so much!! Plzz CV’s its been high time to show us some sweet, cute, romantic and me time moments between the two leads, i.e., SwaSan and RagLak, instead of showing these craps!! Plzzz CV’s, thye r young couples, they should spend some quality time with each other, instead of solving these daily dramas in their house!! I’m a die heart SwaSan fan, 😀 but like RagLak too. 🙂 I don’t like when SwaSan faces problems in their lives, in the same way, I’m not liking that RagLak is facing problems in their lives too. Sometimes I think that SwaSan and RagLak should go away from all these problems and celebrate their Honeymoons!!! 😉 What say guyzz?? 🙂

  13. who can tell me the upcoming story, I won’t be able to watch for a few weeks… ???

  14. Plz no more sickning boring Teju /raglak viewers dont want then..Teju talking big that she is TRP puller but the whole of last week was dedicated to her n laksh n see what happen TRP 1.6 LMAO it good TEJU NO ONE LIKES UR ACTING AND ALWAYS CRYING LIKE A OLD COW

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