Swaragini 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh scolds Sanskar for his doings and is about to slap him. Durga Prasad stops him and asks Adarsh to call the Police. Sujata tries to stop him and says he is my son. Durga Prasad tells that he is just your son and says he did wrong. Sujata tells him that Sanskar is repenting and requested for forgiveness. Please forgive him. She asks Annapurna to speak up and stops Durga Prasad from getting Sanskar arrested. She tells that she will go far from here. Annapurna tells that Sanskar did wrong, but he will always remain son of their house. Ragini sheds crocodile tears. Annapurna asks Durga Prasad to forgive him. Durga Prasad agrees on a condition, and asks Sanskar to never come again in their life. Sanskar agrees and tells that Ragini is not like she appears. Durga Prasad tells that he is not interested

in his lie and asks him to leave.

Sanskar asks Laksh to hear him. Laksh asks him to just leave. Sanskar asks him to hear his talk. Laksh says I told Papa about you and Kavita as I wanted Papa to accept you both. Sujata says bhai Saheb sent goons to kill them. Durga Prasad tells that he didn’t send the goons and he was the one who put the goons behind bars. Sanskar says I made a big mistake by not talking to you that time, and asks him not to do the same mistake. He asks him to beat him, but listen to once. Laksh drags him out. Sanskar says I will go now, but will soon come with the proofs to prove my truth. Laksh asks him to go. Sanskar leaves. Sujata cries. Dadi asks Ragini to come inside, and says she needs to talk to her.

Durga Prasad apologizes to Shekhar for the happenings, and says he won’t let this happenings effect marriage. He asks if they found anything about Swara. Laksh is shocked and asks what happened to her. Swara comes to the river coast and is still unconscious. Some ladies spot her and rescues her.

Sanskar reaches the temple and asks Pandit ji about Swara. Pandit ji tells him that Swara came and left. He asks if anything happened to her. Sanskar says no and tries enquiring with the people. He thinks Swara was fasting today so Ragini couldn’t add anything in her food. He shouts Swara looking at the river. The ladies are seen taking Swara from there, Sanskar just misses to see her. He notices the plate which Ragini had thrown, and opines that Ragini was with Swara. He opines that Swara might be near.

Dadi asks Ragini that she wants to know the truth. She says we both know that Sanskar is not mad. Why did you expose him today. She asks her to say and gives her promise. Ragini tells that everything is happening because of her and she is guilty. Dadi is shocked. Ram tells that Police has refused to file complaint before 24 hours. Laksh tells that may be Sanskar is behind Swara’s missing status.

Ragini sends video message to Laksh from Swara’s phone. She tells that she has supported Sanskar first and acts as innocent again. She says she will accept that she is behind it if she wants. She says I told Sanskar’s truth to everyone as he was about to do something bad to Swara. I couldn’t see anything bad happen to my sister. She sheds crocodile tears and says my Dadi is doubting me. She says she did a mistake by not going with Swara to the temple. She says she can’t hurt even an ant, then how can she hurt Swara. She says she will take blame in herself and goes. Dadi tries to stop her. Laksh is in shock after seeing the video. Don’t know how Ragini managed to dub Swara’s video. Dadi asks what happened? Laksh tells that they came to know about Swara’s whereabouts.

Laksh tells everyone that Swara sent the video. Swara is shown to confessed that she takes drugs and don’t intent to marry him. He is shattered. Ragini tells that this video is sent by Swara, but I don’t believe that it is sent by her. She needs a chance to explain. Dida comes there ( she got out of coma after hearing Sumi saying Swara went missing) and slaps her hard, shocking everyone.

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    • hai guys this story has a really bad twist that would be a marriage of ragini & lakshya…if this would happen in the serial then i vl definitely stop watching the serial..all these are whims ofcreative writers of swaragini..frnds dis z not happening serial…cha…how can they make ragini wim..i read this update in latest news of swaragini where lakshya marries ragini..sanskar & swara marries to take revenge on ragini

  1. Reema

    Yes dida comeon! But i think dida wont b able to speak! Oh gOash! Please dont let swara marry laksh. I will really loose intrest if so. Dnt let evil win.
    Anyone hav any idea What will happen next?

  2. nidhi

    i think swara can/should reach in time and shud expose ragini coz she didn’t have her mobile with her. and she can support sanskaar. then DP shud forgive him

  3. Honey

    Oh what the hell going on. Now I feel at any cost Ragini should not get Laksh. How evil she is. But I can’t understand how she got swara’s video. And the precap seems too good

  4. chakor

    Wat is the use laksh and Ragini are going to married?
    They r showing that evil wins ?
    Please make swalak marriage ?

  5. varshini

    I really really want swasan.rendu ponnunga lakshku.even he doesn’t deserves them both.avanthan first raginiya emathunathu.

  6. Bani

    I think dida told ragini’s trouth & ragini tried to commit suicite to prove her innocent , laksh save her & married her & then sekhar & sumi seperated………
    Evil ragini upne one sided love k liye pura parivar ko tor diya, upne hi bahan ko marna chaha-this is true love!!

  7. Bani

    I think dida told ragini’s trouth & ragini tried to commit suicite to prove her innocent , laksh save her & married her & then sekhar & sumi seperated………
    Evil ragini upne one sided love k liye pura parivar ko tor diya, upne hi bahan ko marna chaha-this is true love!!
    aj se mai ye show tv pe dwkhna band kr diya hai…..
    Love u SWALAK…….

  8. Ahana

    sahed writter or reshmi sharma yehi mante hai ki evil ragini’s 1sided love is true isiliye to is serial mai evil ragini ka jit huyi hai….
    bt humlog aisa nehi sochte hai…
    when I see ragini cant tollerate her after this how can we tollerate raglok? so we stop watching this serial…..
    we want swalakkkkkkkk……….

  9. Basrah Basharat

    yipeee!!! finally dida wl expose ragini… kitna drama karegi ab vo .. hate her a lott!!! v want swalak bck tgdr… n sanskar k liye b koi swara jesi new entry not dat evil Ragini

  10. shanaya

    I read in the spoiler that rags will marry laksh and will do all the ritual like grah pravesh and all…she will try to take dp blessings bt he will move away after wards she will try to do suicide creating more drama… RAG SO CHEAP..

  11. Ahana

    bt maine sbb mai dekha ki sahed ragini godidia house mai suicide kr rahe hai pankhe mai latak ke…
    sekhar laksh sb lok use bachane k liye aa rahe hai…

  12. Jhunu

    Cvs we requist u to back our swalak plss plsss….
    without swalak this serial is so bouring…..
    sanskar & swara r nice bt as friend not as couple..
    swalak is best-made 4 each other couple….

  13. sudeshna

    Iam following written update from long time bt dont cimment… now i would like to say that I cant tollerate witch, b*t*h, selfish,liar,killar, dramebazz ragini.. her face just irretating me….. I love swalak jodi wery much…
    how can cvs make ragya..
    If cv’s cant cange the tract then there is no option 4me other than stop watching this serial…..
    pls end me true love ko jita dena..

  14. nira

    sanskar shld cm bck wid a bang we hrd dat he z going to marry swara hope dat wen dpm tries to throw dem out he gvs sum strng ansr or does smthng whch stops dpm to throw dem out hope he had made half prprty on his name bfr trng positive

  15. what’s wrong wid u people its their choice whoever they want to pair. its der show
    I dont know what hell wrong wid you people whenever they show some pairing love angle u all want that pair
    I am fed up with it
    without swalak the show can run

  16. Reema

    Before It is swa-lak romancen agan swa-sans? Dnt do this. We want to see swa-lak..
    If rag-lak marries i will definetely stop watching this serial. I dnt want rags evil to win

  17. I agree with ashu. Its ridiculous ppl blaming & abusing a character only because the writers decided to change the track. All of you are abusing the poor ragini for no reason as dumb writers turned her negative might be to give her a strong character or whatever. But its nonsensical for always wanting the first pairing love angle to be true. Shows are made for entertainment. Not for getting are nerves cracked. So as long as its not awful just enjoy it and go with the flow…?

  18. nira

    I hd a feeling dat sanskar wl b d lead even bfr his entry d cnfrntatn scn btw dpm n lakshya gv m dat feeling on dat scn lakshya cnfsd dat he nvr hd d crg to go agnst dpm it wz clear dat d smart bold hpy courages lucky z inspired by sanskar he waz d one who gv him d crg to go agnst dpm evn wen he waz nt der d real courages happy go lucky boy ws always sanskar he waz d first 1 who raise voice agnst dpm’s dominating nature so i hd a flng dat he z lead of d shw bt we didn’t evn knw dat his chrctr z going to b intrdcd in d shw i thnk cvs alwys hd sanskar’s chrctr as lead on der mind

  19. Lovett_lily

    Oh go to hell Laksh!..after all swara did for u …where is ur trust!! Shud at least go n find Swara n the truth! Wish Sanskar find Swara…Im just starting to love this Sanswara! Hope that they will get marrIed and slap the truth in their families faces esp. Laksh!!!

  20. mad

    For God sake writers pls don’t let rag to marry Laksh. People will loose Interest of the whole serial. Let the good win against evil and swara marry Laksh.
    And don’t drag too much as we have already started feeling bored.

  21. sudeshna

    I saw in a comment that serial is 4 entertainment so ragya is nice..
    bt sory to that serial is not only 4 entertainment but also give moral instruction to society….or this serial give instruction 2 society that eveil wins over trouth…
    swara & laksh love each other so I want SWALAK… if any one of them does not love other then I go 4 swasan… bt here swalak love each other very much…..
    so swalak best couple.. cvs should reunite them soon to give a positive madsage to society…

  22. sushma

    Sanskar is better than lakshya…who is very dumb… ragini is a bastard first they showed as innocent and now she is the devil of the show…this show sucks..

  23. Bani

    swalak is best.
    jo lok bolte hai ki ragini poor hai unko 1bat bolungi ki uski face pe mat jao, I also agree she is beautiful bt uska dil kala hai… aise beauti kuch kamka nehi…
    jab apki jindegi mai koi ragini jaisa ayegi tab bolna ki ragini poor hai…

  24. Ahana

    sanskar achchha huya to kiya huya swara love laksh & he also love har so swalak is best couple..
    or waise hum abhi nehi jante ki laksh & ragini ka married kaise huya & kiu laksh ragini se sadi kiya…
    laksh k gharwale bhi ragini ko accept nehi kiya so there is a hope 4 swalak…. …

  25. Akanksha

    Sanskar is far better than lakshya becoz he did not try to understaand what is happening with swara. Atleast sanskar turns to right path. I like the suspense created by the director in this serial.

  26. saz

    saas our bahu me dekha tha Ragini our laksh ki saadi hoti hai i think baad me saanskaar our swara ki saadi hogi

  27. i hate diz nw….y always d same happn….hate u swaragini….atlast laksh z marryng ragini..???..oooo….god…..!!!!same stupid stry line…nly diz much.he loved swara….dat he said he dint love rangini….and nw going to marry her…diz he can do befre nly….y simply gve hope fo swara…..and swara…u….blindly trustd ur cheat…sis….hell wd her…em gonna stp watchng diz….reallly….diz a bad twist whch disappointed viewers…..

  28. nira

    i wnt to make a rqst to swarya fans if swasan pretend to b married don’t keep any hope for swarya der z no rcrd of fk mrg brkng on hindi srl n swasan don’t keep mch hp too if swasan lv track hpn i m sure kavita wl b bck as soon as dey rlz der lv itz rs show guys she cn’t keep der leads hpy

  29. Guys!!stop watching this shit serial.I have also stopped coz I don’t want Laksh with Ragini……I am just feeling disgusting right now…Ragini is so much cheap…she had fallen down in our eyes…

  30. Bishwa

    Damn do d brain of dis writers…ragini is such a cheap charactr i wl stop watching dis serial…such a bakwas…

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