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Shekhar opens door and asks Ragini to go and perform pooja. She walks out towards tulsi plant. Neighbours see her and start badmouthing. Sumi also comes out for pooja and smiles at Ragini. They both perform pooja together. Shekhar gets happy. Neighbours badmouth that till yesterday garodia and bengali families were enemies, but today they aer performing pooja together. Another one says it is difficult to understand these families.

Durga prasad comes with Laksh and greets Shekhar. Shekhar greets him back. Daadima asks daadiji what is he doing here. Daadaji says he must have come to seek answer. Daadiji says after yesterday’s drama, he must have come to answer instead. Durga prasad takes Laksh inside house.

Sumi gets into house and asks Swara to lock the door. She apologizes

dida and says if she had not protected Ragini, she would have been insulted and starts crying. Swara asks her to stop crying and says she wants to see her 20 years earlier strong mom. Sumi says at that time, she had her mom with her. Swara asks not to take tension about dida, she will calm down with some kisses and smile. She touches Dida and dida falls down unconscious. Sumi and swara gets worried and starts crying more.

Daadima and Daadaji greet Durga Prasad and Laksh in and make them sit on sofa. Dadima asks Ragini to close door as she does not want neighbours peeping. Sumi says she will call doc and asks Swara to be courageous. Ragini serves tea for everyone. Durga prasad asks Daaadaji what is his decision now. Daadaji says after thinking well, he has thought that he cannot get better alliance for Ragini than Laksh’s and he accepts this alliance. Durga prasad says he knows his decision, but wants Shekhar’s opinion. Shekhar reminisces Ragini’s love for Laksh and Swara telling Ragini has started loving Laksh. He says durga prasad that he accepts this alliance and his decision is final now. Ragini smiles at Laksh. Daadima says she will bring sweets. Ragini tells Durga prasad that he told truth about his family and she wants to tell about her family’s truth today. Daadima asks her to stop and says she should talk to her sasur shamelessly and asks her to bring sweets. Durga prasad says he wants to listen to Ragini. Ragini says always her dadima taught her to tell truth and Shekhar taught her to tell truth, after knowing truth, he may break this alliance, but she wants her relationship on a basis of truth. She says Swara is Shekhar and Sumi’s daughter. Durga prasad is shocked to hear that.

Doctor checks dida and says she has high BP due to tension. Dida fights with parvathi/daadi a lot even in her old days. He says he has given an injection and she will wake up in 3 hours. Swara says she will give her another dose after 3 hours and make her sleep and takes doc out. Durga prasad angrily walks out, Dadima stops him and requests to come in and not believe this stupid girl’s words. Daadaji says both families respect will be ruined. Daadija says this is not a full truth. Durga shouts that he will full truth and shows her video yesterday nights video where shekhar and Sumi come out of store room. He says some well wisher sent this video yesterday night itself and so he provoked her to tell truth, but she is a big lier that hid this truth. He does not want to have relationship with liers and says he will ruin their respect in the society and will see who will marry their daughter.

Laksh tries to speak, but Durga prasad asks him to stop and says he did many mistake, but not a big one that his lie should be ruined. Swara asks him not to punish Ragini as she loves Laksh, not to break marriage. He asks if she a low class girl like her will teach him what to do and says because of stale fish like her, whole lake is becoming filthy. She asks him to listen to her again. He asks what right she has to talk to him and says her parents illegitimate affair is still continuing and they did not think of their children. In his house, he does not get adulterated food, then how will he accept adulterated relationship. Ragini says she wants to speak, goes and sipes Swara’s tears and asks her not to cry. She says if he does not want this alliance, he can break this marriage and gives him engagement right. He repeats same that a stale fish spoils whole lake, a girl who did not have courage to speak in front of elders is breaking her relationship shamelessly. He does not want to keep relationship with this shameless girl. He says shekhar again he will see who will marry Ragini and he will for him to get his daughter married to an illiterate boy. He asks laksh let us go now. Sumi asks Laksh to speak up and tell that in saving him, Ragini is being alleged. Laksh says he cannot go against his papa. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Ragini requests Shekhar to accept Sumi. Sumi tells for everyone’s betterment, she is going out from here. Durga prasad smears Dadaji face black and says he is punishing his family for shekhar’s mistake and his goons beat them. Ragini shouts at him to stop.

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  1. Full of adventures…showing ugly side of Durgaprasad

  2. I didn’t like durga Prasad from the starting itself. mahuratman !!

  3. wow ragini’s character is coming out and showing the other side of her and she’s not letting swara overpower her which os good because I like ragini’s character.

    1. Swara never over powered her but I am happy now they both know they are sisters

  4. good to see ragini going strong……………………love her chemistry with lucky

  5. u go ragini the show is about u too

  6. i love swara because of her ragini get ap power to say something

  7. hey.. ankita , nishi, komal , shreya n prayag

  8. whom u all like most in swaragini

  9. Ragini u r asom 2dy

  10. i also like swara

  11. I like swara waiting for lov

  12. Extremly its wowowowowow! Its good that they are showing other side of ragini , who is also brave and strong!!
    It is going really intresting and how sweet of ragini though at first she didn’t like swara’s mom that much…but later she is asking her dad to accept sharmishta…now that’s really good , she is accepting them as her family 🙂

  13. I lke swara….laksh in any cse plz dnt mrry ragini…bt mrry swara…im waitng 4 tht……

  14. Both swara and ragini suit laksh

  15. Wow I love this serial and do u guys know that swaragini is actually the beginning is swara and ending is ragini both thier names sharing ra

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