Swaragini 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara falling in Sanskar’s arms. She asks if you are drunk? Sanskar says only wine doesn’t leave him, and asks why she is so shocked? If she was waiting for someone else.? Swara says you are my client and have right to see your sister’s arrangements. Sanskar says thank you, atleast you agreed and taunts her. Swara asks why don’t you talk normally. She shows him designs. Sanskar says it is useless and asks her to change it all. Swara says time is less, it is not possible. Sanskar says I thought there is nothing impossible for great Swara. She says if your client is not happy then it is your duty to change the designs, and hopes that she don’t upset him.

Nikhil asks Ragini, how can she do this? He says you acts to be happy, but broken from inside. Ragini is shocked

and says it is her personal life and she don’t want to talk about it with anyone. Nikhil says I am not stranger, but Swara’s friend. We can be friends too. Ragini says no, I don’t need any friend. She starts walking and collides with a woman. She sees butterfly mark on her hand and her face covered. Ragini recalls shop keeper giving the description of the woman. Woman walks away. Nikhil asks why she is looking shocked? Ragini tells him that she is the same woman which shop keeper told. She says we have to follow her. Ragini follows her and calls Inspector. Inspector says we will reach there. They see woman talking to someone and going. Ragini follows her, and asks her to stop. Woman asks why you are following me. Ragini says just because you steals phones and sell it off. She shows Laksh’s phone and asks where did you get it. Woman is shocked and pushes Ragini badly Ragini falls down. Nikhil shouts Ragini. Woman runs away.

Swara asks Sanskar why he has taken up drinking. Sanskar says it is his personal life and says just as I moved away from your way, you have started dreaming to marry Nikhil. He says Swara weds Nikhil…and says he will organize their wedding. Swara angrily asks him to go. Sanskar asks her to make Uttara’s function best else….He leaves. Swara closes the door and cries badly. Ragini follows woman, but she manages to escape. Swara recalls Sanskar asking her to marry Nikhil. Ragini comes back home and informs Swara about seeing butterfly tattoo woman in the market. She tells that the woman escaped. Sumi comes and asks where did Sanskar go? He came naa just now.

Swara looks on. Ragini says Sanskar. Swara changes the topic and asks Nikhil to tell if there will be any problem executing the designs. Nikhil says no. Swara says okay and wipes her tears. Sumi asks Nikhil to come and have breakfast. Ragini closes the door and asks Swara to stop crying. She asks her to tell what happened? She asks what did Sanskar say? Swara cries badly and tells her whatever Sanskar had told her. A fb is shown of the same. Ragini hugs Swara and asks her to clear the misunderstanding from his mind else their relation will be ruined. Swara tells her that Sanskar loved and trusted her a lot and she was not aware that he will doubt her. She says she will focus on Uttara’s marriage now.

Swara catches that woman and asks her to tell where did she get Laksh’s phone. Woman tells them about Laksh’s accident and tells that he was taken to hospital by that car who had hit him. They are shocked. Swara asks Ragini to go to that hospital. Ragini gets worried for Laksh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan

    A very Happy Deepawali to All my readers. Have a happy and safe festival.

    1. Same to u mam. …..and thank you for fast updates

    2. Wish u d same..tnx for d update

    3. happy diwali mam

    4. Neera

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    5. MAHIRA

      Happy Diwali to you , best wishes 🙂
      thank you so much for your updates 🙂

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    8. Mica

      waa,, thank you so much mam… you always bring happiness to me, God bless you always..

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      Same to u dear…??????keep smiling…?????

    10. happy Diwali ma’am… n thank you for the updates…

    11. Same to you Di..A very happy and safe Diwali Di..Thank you so much for your fast and understandable updates…??

    12. Heltej

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      Same to you mam… Thanks for the update…Take care…?

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    17. same to you…and thanks for all ur updates

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      happy diwali to you too

  2. ragini found d woman 1st………..but missed her..And again IT WAS SHOWN AS SWARA wHO FOUND HER AND GOT D INFORMATION…………wah wah CV’s ……Hats off to ur creativity

    1. ok sorry for d misunderstanding….i just commented after reading d written update…but after cing d episode in twitter.ragini is also there……along with swara…yippeeee in precap laksh is shown

      1. Fairy

        Yes sis even m also sooooo happpy to see laksh????

      2. Jazzy

        Me took happy to see laksh waiting for proper raglak track

      3. Thank you for giving this news l was also very sad that cvs again did this injustice to ragini but now at least I feel good that ragini is also there

      4. A.xx

        Yh waiting for Lakshya’s return but apparently it’s confirmed he’s quitting the show as he wasn’t getting enough attention but I guess he seems to e the centre of attention now…I think that’s why Nikhil is showing many trates of Lakshya (he reminds me of Lakshya like when he said “Thank u Thank u Thank u.” and by the way he looks at Rags when she talks and how she reacted when he touche her hand ( her facial expressions were like the time when Lakshya grabbed her hand in the room where Sheker Sumi Swara and RagKLak were hiding)>>xx

      5. But I read somewhere that he is going to start the shoot from next week…..let’s just hope he continues the show and get equal importance

      6. Aasthu

        Axx is it confirmed that Namish is leaving the show ????????? oh no…….I wouldn’t SR without Namish…….

      7. Anonymous, can u tell me where u watched the episode in twitter. I couldn’t c so I want to see it.

  3. Neera

    Awwwwww !!! Finally some clues about laksh…. n sanskar wt was tat ??? There is no limit for ur jealousy !! Man u r hurting ur love…. both of them are craving for each other but acting as if they dont care… huh ! Laksh come soon ! U n ragini should unite swasan !!!


  4. Episode was awesome sanskar jealousy track is so nice but i think in uttara marriage there should be nikhil and swaras dance performance which make sanskar more jealous.

  5. happy diwali to u too H Hasan mam and to all the readers here
    now i’m getting tensed is laksh in coma!!!!!! sanskar is sooooooooo jealous

  6. same to u
    tanq for d fast update

  7. Heltej

    Oiii…. Long time ✌️

    1. Mica

      Helteeeeeeeeejjj *tight hug….

      1. Heltej

        My bones are breaking

      2. Mica

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    2. Fairy

      Omg omg omgggg!!!!wt a surprise yaaaar….how r u sweety…n howz ur lyf going on after marriage..hope u have a rockng lyf ahead?????☺☺☺??????????????????????????

      1. Heltej

        ?… Lofe is good dear

      2. Fairy


    3. Hi Di??

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        Hi sweetie! ?

    4. Kakali

      Diii i was waiting to feed u Diwali sweets.. haaa !!! ;-*

      1. Heltej

        Feed me… Aaa

    5. How was your marriage Di??

      1. Heltej

        It was superb… Enjoyed! ?✌️

    6. Manjula20

      Hii Heltej ith evdarunnu ivde Malayalikal arum ille vere?

      1. Heltej

        Hehe… Busy after my marriage! Yup.. Kure malayalis indalo

      2. Manjula20

        Hehe wish you a happy married life

  8. Do u know any confirmed news about nikil?? Anyone plsss

  9. happy dipawali to all raglakians i codnt watch episode due to my bhuvas haldhi but soon i catch up it on twitter

    1. Fairy

      Happy diwali kee????

  10. laksh please come back soon… sanskar it was really to much… just enjoying sanskar’s jealousy track n their Tashan… n I hope CVS will give some good reason for laksh missing… n I m happy to know that namish is not quiting the show…
    just excitedly waiting for season unison track…
    happy depawali my friends…

  11. Fairy

    Hassh!!!watched swaragini relaxing at home after sooo many monthsss?????? frst of all m soooo happpy to see laksh? n ragz is lookng choo pretty bt yaar dey r wearng dis dress since soooo many days…hahahhahahahah lol….oye hoye m so scared of sanky now!!!!aww!!feelng so bad for swara she cries a lot yaar…??? n loived d part wen rags consoles swara…happy to see dis type of bondng btween dese sisters??? n nikhil looks cho cute yaar…i lyked dat scene wen nikhil said dat rags hides her pin behind her smile….n d way rags said-“hume kise dost ke zaroorat nahi h”(somethng lyk dis 😛 ) ws fabulous….yeyy!!!now laksh wl b back soooooon..???love swaragini?????

  12. OMG …Such a painful episode…I can’t see my Shona like this..I didn’t expect this from you Mr Sanskar Maheshwari…You are doubting on your wife…Did your love was that much weak…You are pointing on het character…Really I didn’t expect this….Hate you CVS..You are ruining our Sanskar’s character also…
    Coming to my Ragu…
    She is completely broken…She didn’t want a friend also…I today lover the way how she recognized that het sister is in pain…I really loved that moment…Finally my lucky is coming but I don’t want any me.ory loss drama…I am damn irritated…I hope Raglak and Swasan will be united soon…???

    1. cant agree more…nice point well made

  13. Happy diwali to you all!!! I have a doubt whether nikil’s character is -be??he came for swara or ragini?happy to see lucky backkkkk✌✌✌

    1. Fairy

      Hey pink happpy diwali dear…till now he looks positive yaar…bt dnt know wt cvs wl make him later…bt i heard dat he”ll b negtive nly..seriously no idea dear…n i think he has came for ragini…(not conformed)…even m also veryyy happy to see laksh back????

      1. but the thing we shouldn’t forget is dat, CV’s have a tradition of making every character of SR as negative in an unexpected way…except swara and sharmistha

      2. lol if u c today’s epi..nikhil offered his hand for friendship….she said she doesn’t need any1’s friendship…..she is fully concentrated on her laksh

  14. Watch Laksh not remember anything ??

  15. Malika

    A very very happy and prosperous diwali to everyone here………..and silent readers also… I had miss everyone…. Awwwwaaaaah thank you you soo dear for the updates. ……ragini…….. Awwwwwww….. Love you and swasan hmmmm only ………………emotional ….

  16. Malika

    And yes whattt I’m hearing laskh is shown in the recap Aaaaaaaaahhhhh lakshhhhhhh I’m very eager to see you…….. Waoooooooooww

  17. Mica

    Thank you H Hasan mam for update……
    can’t comment..it’s too painful when your beloved one doubted your love
    *listening Selena Gomez –The Heart Wants What It Wants–

    The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here
    The future that we hold is so unclear
    But I’m not alive until you call
    And I bet the odd’s against it all
    Save your advice, ’cause I won’t hear
    You might be right, but I don’t care
    There’s a million reasons why I should give you up
    But the heart wants what it wants
    The heart wants what it wants

    1. today episode was really painfull…Swara in tears hearing all the rude words from Sanskaar…i cant but to be irritated i inderstand anger but Sanskaar have passed anger pain all of that…and that is the problem to begin with….sanskaar based on anger do things he regrets…breaking with Swara in tbe first episodes…drinking…kidnapping Laksh…trying to kill Rajini back then..and so and so till he tried to kill Laksh…defying Swara and now all this words…
      sorry dear Mica cant but blame him so much…
      way to go with Selena

      1. Mica

        Sanskar is Sanskar Louna, ….he can soo angry to Swara just for piece of bangle but he can also being crazy and mad waiting for her when world declared Swara no more…He can’t be mature as Swara, but this is his love dear!…..
        <—— still crying

      2. Mica

        btw, whre have you been ?

      3. i have been in hospital..did a car accident but nothing is so important…now i am fine and i am back and missing all of you???and from what i have seen lately Laksh will enter the show with a new name and even a girl calling him daddy…
        Sanskar and Swara what to say…nothing Love just Love when your eyes sceaming love yet u say another thing
        hopfully what i have seen is not true snd we get to see important scenes

  18. Thank u.H.Hasan.I am grateful for such outstanding effort.
    I love Sanskar…great..dialogue.fabulous acting.turning into a negative role.so what??
    I love u Swara…fantastic.expression…ur so mean….seeing ur man so devastated..ruined…and you yourself ruined …YET..u refuses admitting your love.

  19. Silent_writer

    Omgggg finally 1 clue got about laksh just wish he is f9 n sanskar urghh i love ur look yr killing but hate ur taunts on shona she is broken too from insidee yrr hope after laksh arrival everything will sort n ragnik scenes wre awsmeee ??? loved it alot

  20. MAHIRA

    todays episod made mecry a lot… rude and cruel Sanskar… shocked Swara (he used to blindly trust her even when all evidences were against her)… heart breaking… and his pain!!! i felt him suffering to say what he said as much as he’s making her suffer!!!
    i don’t know, but i feel Nikhil like he knows them “too much” … if i didn’t know that Namish will be back, then the “dost” proposition was really strange… he’s really recalling me Laksh at the begining

  21. Kakali

    Waaaa!!! Thnk u H.Hasan mam… happy Diwali to u toooo…*late lattif me..

    It’s sooo painful,, haa Sanskar what was d need of saying all that? jealousy n drink both r doing contemporary on ur head… it’s slow by assardar..

    Laksh is coming back.. yoohhoooo !!!!
    mrng mrng great news..what else i want… wanna dance on LETS CELEBRATE,, LET’S CELEBRATE THIS MOMENT,,MOMENT MOMENT… *dreaming about Namish..

    A very good morning to all… have a beautiful day ahead… ;-*

    1. Fairy

      Yey!!!!lets dance?????hahahahaha???? …u too have a beautiful day ahead sweety????

    2. Malika

      Yeah yeah let’s celebrate and fairy is correct hahahhhhh let’s dance……. Wowooooooooww. ……..really really…….

      1. Fairy

        Hehehe??? ?????

  22. happy diwali

  23. laksh accident…ohh noo….plz cvs no memory loss drama nor plastic surgery (new face)…namish plz come back soon…

    1. Malika

      Nooo yr I don’t can’t be plastic surgery….. But memory can say. Who knows as. Yeah laksh accident……. Hnmmmmm…. But still happy to see him..

  24. Aasthu

    Can anyone answer me????? Mica can you????? Is it confirmed that Namish will leave the show??????? Any idea when everything will be settled down???????? Will the cv’s make Nikhil -ve?????? I hope not………why is Shekhar’s behaviour to Nikhil not friendly????????

    1. Mica

      Sorry dear.. i can’t, many rumor spread around… few days ago i saw the one of script writer said that Namish didn’t quite, some ppl said that the manager confirmed that Namish didn’t quite..and now again there is rumor that Namish quite ? well which 1 we should believe… i wish there is no drama here..
      well about Laksh, if only Namish quite, better Laksh character replaced by other actor, let Laksh being Laksh not Nikhil , as Nikhil known as Swara’s childhood friend already. it will more acceptable if Nikhil fall in love to Rag and Laksh exist. but on twitter someone said that nikhil to marry Uttara…
      about Shekar, Shekar mostly kinda like that, but sometime it’s about being father of daughters and protectiveness

      1. But i can’t c laksh character replaced by sm other actor……..ONly namish can play that well……….Hope he will be back soon

      2. Mica

        i know it..but if only it’s true, i can’t accept when Laksh nomore, i mean it will ruin character…

    2. Fairy

      No dr namish is not at all leavng d show…he”ll b back dr??…n somewhere i read dat nikhil wl maarry uttara???bt if hes gonnamarry uttara den y hes postng so much selfies n videos wid tejasswi??huff!!dnt know yaar…bt my heart is sayng namish wl surely comeback???

      1. Abirsha

        No guys namish is not leaving the show…. He started his shooting….. So dont worry guys and nikhil is positive only….. He will be paired with uttara….. And fairy selfies and all it shows their off screen frndship…. So dont mix it with onscreen dr….. ?

      2. Fairy

        Hahahaha k dr…actually i got lill confused dats y!!!! ???

      3. Fairy

        Actually actors do such things to promote demelves n dere couple …dats y i got confused….bt lets see dr wt wl happen nxt????

  25. sr hater(a fan but now a hater)

    Laughing when saw Swara crying!! The faces she was making. I can’t even stop laughing while remembering it. And the promos showed that ragini with guitar and Swara with veena wat happened to DAT. Guess ragini was not much comfortable or wat??and Sanskar he hates Swara actually she deserves this and him too. He was so love in air sort and suddenly he became her enemy. He could forget kavita so fast definitely he could do it with Swara too
    And Laksh I think he thought that his character is of no importance and so if he takes a short vacation no one will notice and actually no one noticed him.

    1. Mica

      what a hate comment.. you are really a hater! good job dear! 😀 😀

    2. Now I became your hater dear…????

  26. well guys why my mind said that Nick and utara will be a pair…. may be that’s why utara’s marriage fixed to a creep family and nikhil’s entry shows……

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