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The Episode starts with Swara telling Kavya/Tania that she is mentally sick and needs to stay in mental asylum. Tania shouts at Swara. Laksh asks Tania not to talk about love. Tania says you didn’t know about love and says you have betrayed me for Ragini who thinks you are perfect. Ragini says you can’t understand about family and home. Sanskar supports Ragini’s words. Tania says I will not spare you Laksh, and will ruin you. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Laksh asks Inspector not to let Kavya/Tania step out of jail. Swara says her brother is still at large. Inspector says he will catch him also. Tania picks Inspector’s pistol and takes Annapurna at gun point. She pushes Annapurna and elopes on Karthik’s bike as he was waiting for her outside. They come out and sees Tania and Karthik

running away.

Inspector calls the control room. Karthik tells her that he knows that something is wrong and that’s why he came here. Laksh and Sanskar follow them in their car, while police follows them in their car. Tania and Karthik fall down from the bike. Karthik asks Kavya to run from there while his feet gets stuck by the stone. Laksh, Sanskar and Police come there. Laksh slaps Karthik and asks him to tell where is Tania? He calls him Saale repeatedly…lol. Inspector asks Constables to search for Tania and says she must be here only. Tania comes out from the grass and thinks she has to elope from there as she has to take revenge from everyone. She tells that this game is not over yet. Sanskar and Laksh sit in their car. Laksh says everything will be fine.

Shekhar, Sumi and Ragini watch the news. Reporter says Laksh Maheshwari is freed from all the charges. Annapurna does puja and aarti. Durga Prasad returns home from the Police station. All the men of the house meet their respective wives, after coming out of lock up. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays………………..Laksh cries and feels bad for his doings. He holds his ears and apologizes to Annapurna while the song plays…………..Annapurna hugs him. Laksh cries. Durga Prasad hugs him. Sujata and others also forgive and hugs him. Swara tells Sanskar that everything is fine now. Sanskar says you knew that I never break my promise. She hugs her.

Dadi holds Ragini’s hand and asks where is your protection thread. Ragini recalls tying protection thread on Laksh’s wrist. Durga Prasad thanks Swara and says you have made me indebted to you. He says Ragini and you have done so much for us. Sujata says Durga Prasad is saying right and hugs Swara. She says today is holika dahan. Annapurna says atleast now people will not blame us. Durga Prasad tells Swara that he wants to invite Ragini and their family for holika dahan. Sumi tells Dadi that Annapurna called and invited them for holika dahan.

Shekhar says we will go as you said yes, but I don’t think that we shall start going there again. Sumi asks Ragini if she has any objection going there. Ragini says no and says Dadimaa. Shekhar asks her to give some time to Dadi and says everything will be fine. Inspector asks Karthik where is Tania? Karthik says I don’t know where is my sister. Sanskar comes to Swara and says because of Ragini and you, the happiness returned home. Swara says we can’t sit back and relax until we get Tania. Sanskar says she can’t harm our family now. Swara thinks about her words and says she said that she will do something on holika dahan. Sanskar asks her not to worry, and says Police will arrest Tania when she goes to get her brother out of police station. He hugs her again. Swara thinks I am sure Tania is planning something big and will not sit silently.

Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar takes round around holika’s fire. Tania comes there and is about to stab Swara, but Ragini comes inbetween and gets stabbed by her. Swara shouts Ragini……………..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode was funny I was imagining dp as Amitabh Bachchan swara as kajol and laksh as Hrithik it was so funny

    1. Sorry swati di but I don’t think ki laksh kisi bhi angle HR lagta hai

    2. Lol your comment made me laugh.?

    3. I really laughed out by reading ur comment swati

    4. I too agree with you swati that was really very funny

    5. Arunika Dasgupta

      Laksh as Hritik is just impossible!!!

  2. Wow now nobody can taunt ragini she became completely positive

    1. u think by the shit drama she did she became positive.she is was n will always be a criminal who needs to rot in jail

      1. Ragini character has now turned positive in the show,good to see that,as the serial is all about Swaragini first, but,Swasan also is a big reason for the popularity but now Raglak pair is also good.

      2. Oh hello mam wats this plzz. Don’t bash ragini as now she is totally positive now SWARAGINI IS BACK

      3. Guyzz SWASAN fans have to be thankful to ragini as her negativity brought them together otherwise you could have lose a couple Swasan a

        🙂 🙂

      4. Hi there m,
        What’s up. I’m a fan of Swasan and even if that ragini didn’t become negative then I’m sure the writers would have find other ways to unite sanskar and swara.?

      5. wat d hell.. even she has turned positve u people r now also having problem.. dont bash ragini evrytym

      6. What about swara aka helly she’s always been positive but some ragini fans bashed her. They called her fat ugly, they called her short. They even said that she can’t act and needs to get acting class from tejaswi just becoz she won a award for best actress.They even blo*dy moaned allot by saying that why is it always swara is shown mahan and important. By the way showing mahan is better then showing as a psyco. I’ve got no issue with tejaswi but for some reason I don’t like her as ragini. She did allot and easily got away with it.

  3. Gud one waiting for d next. Tq for d fast update

  4. Today sr had become kkkg part 2
    It was a comedy galore
    Thank god or I say cvs for that small swasan scenes

  5. I love ragini very much

  6. Swara talking big to Tania bout menyally sick n needs to be in a mental institution.why swara dont shut the f**k up or tell she psycho b*t*h sister ragini the same thing when she committed more heinous crimes than Tania.
    Ragini is the last one to talk bout love n family.she tried killing her own sister n kidnapping her mother for her one siided obssession.she foesnt kno what love is cos she wouldnt have forced herself on laksh .
    They must give tania stupid line like only ragini will overlook ur faults so laksh can see that ragini is a saint who never did wrong.
    cvs ruined this show

    1. Read your comments under previous ones also,one doubt,whom do you hate,Ragini or Tejaswi or both? I am not teasing you,seriously asking after reading all your comments,just a doubt.CVs anyways ruined the show.

    2. Sand plz dnt say any words against ragini ya she tried to kill her sis but she is the one saving her now so plz dnt say like this sry if my suggestion hurts u

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode …. but seriously tv serial ki police kahan training leti hai jo har serial me villian police ki gub chuura kr bhag jaata hai… tooo much funny… ????

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Gun not gub….

  8. Achha hua match se better SR dekhliya..bt aajka epi dekhke mujhe hasi aarahi thi..omg kabhi khushi kabhi gham in BG?MM=Raichand family..kinna pyaar hai lolzz..baby ne kya dialogue maara
    Tanya:tum kuchh mat bolo ekdum chup..n luxji silent..bolenge kya..n true that tumhe bewakoof banana mushkil nai..kitna samjhti hai baby isse hr ladki chaar din me samjh jati hai isse bt rags toh pyaar me andhi thi bt ab aankhe khool gayi itni jaldi maaf na krna warna luxji fir shuru hojayenge tumhara bhi huq hai bhaav khana..aur ye meri James Bond swara..sanky mast mood me tha aaj lekin sb bigaad diya?iske dimaag se koi jasusi ka bhoot utaro bhaang pilao tbhi utrega..
    Aaj 2 babies in dhoom machale style..aur police pichhe..bhaag gayi yr sachme ek din real Kolkata police aayegi aur cvs ko itne dande maregi na..full izzat nikal di itni si wo baby itne saare logo chakma deke bhaag gayi..wahh vamp ho to aisi kavity ki tarah nai..lo ye log fir shuru hogaye..aagaye same precap leke firse..mujhe lgta hai Hume holi me bada wala BJKT milega..khoon ki holi..nt like other shows holi..

  9. I really loved the episode….the show is heading fastly…ragini to save swara…hope everything will be fine soon…And shekhar..how can shekhar forgive laksh easily and go to mm…laksh want to apologise to shekhar for the slap ..after that only rags want to accept him..

  10. beautifully written and executed episode ..!
    Awaiting another twist of stab..

  11. Ragini would save laksh not swara!!!!

  12. I wish ragini was there too at mm. I’m so happy that everyone forgive ragini and now I want dadi and Shekar to forgive Lakshya and raglak love story should begin soon. I started to like swasan too. I use to dislike swasan because they were getting all the importance and swaragini was mainly about them when it’s suppose to be about swaragini. Now the show is getting better and after the karthik_kavya drama get over I hope there will be some positive things.

    1. What I meant by positive things is raglak marriage and some happy family time.

  13. Hi All,
    I am new here can anyone tell me will ragini be really killed else it might be the plan of swaragini to trap Tania?

    1. She will not be killed just injured saving either swara or lakshya whom I am not sure

  14. finally they are out of jail
    Dp seems quite stupid for someone with a big name and lots of money and sanskaars dad seems even stupider but he looks really cute wth sujata

  15. Sandy…sorry to say…!i really cant tolerate ua wrds against ragini..nt bcoz am her fan..!bt i have brain enough to distinguish real lyf n reel lyf..!tejaswi done her best as ragini..!!!so plzzz dnt use such words against any of d actors..!its a request

    1. Dont request me to do anything.ur not my friends family or love ones.i have freedom of speech to say something the way i perceive it.i request u to stop replying to my comments.
      Ragini is a psychi b*t*h u needs to rot in jail n teju cant act to save the world.u have a problem then i suggest dont read my comments

      1. and miss sandy u r a psycho who dsnt respct any1… go to hell rot there.. use some brain (if u have) and differntiate btwn real and real life..

      2. *reel

    2. I want to just ask u that when did sandy mention tejaswi??
      I thought she was only talking about ragini

  16. Eta ua problem Sandy….go to he’ll….I like both swara and ragini…

    1. Agree with you Firusha and Faima,but also understood Sandy’s view ,so I think as she herself said,if we are getting hurt,we just need to stop reading her comments which I am going to do now.

  17. Laksh wat a dialogue ” will hang flowers on ur photo for real ” ??? what Kavya said was 100% true tat Laksh does not deserve anyone’s love and by meeti meeti talks u will go at the back of anyone…

    1. Ya i too agree with you ani

    2. yea he needed a reality check for once..

  18. Ragini tried to kill her own sister…kidnapped her mother….broke lakshya and swaras love and married lakshya by fooling him…broke her parents relationship for her selfishness…forcefully got sanskar and swara married against their will…treated maheshwari family like her servants….after all this she talks about love and respect…and also others accepted her so easily…she dosnt deserve to b forgiven…

  19. Ragini tried to kill her own sister…kidnapped her mother….broke
    and swaras love and married lakshya by fooling him…broke her parents relationship for her selfishness…forcefully got sanskar and swara married against their will…treated maheshwari family like her servants….after all this she talks about love and respect…and also others accepted her so easily…she dosnt deserve to b forgiven…

  20. Ragini tried to kill her own sister…kidnapped her mother….broke
    and swaras love and married lakshya by fooling him…broke her parents relationship for her selfishness…forcefully got sanskar and swara married against their will…treated maheshwari family like her servants….after all this she talks about love and respect…and also others accepted her so easily…she dosnt deserve to b forgiven…if she becomes positive now dosnt mean her past can b forgotten.

    1. totally agree with u safsha

    2. Ya wven i agree with u… the writers have totally ruined her character….ragini is like a confused person…now i agree she is positive but cant forget her evil avatar…

  21. Swaragini is my favourite soap opera. Haters gonna hate, but I absolutely love it.

  22. I agree with Sandy as Ragini did much more crimes with her own sis,mom & all other members of the her own family how everyone can so easily forgive her.and about Tanya had some reason and misunderstandings so she got reasons to do so but Ragini knowing that Laksh donot love her but her sis Swara did allsuch drama with her sis.Now she is acting good as she again must be wanted to marry Laksh

  23. Why you swara and ragini fans are bashing each other?Is there a competition going on?? Swara has forgiven Ragini and accepted as her sister and Ragini too accepted Swara and realized her mistakes.U all must remember that no man is perfect. Anybody can do penance for their sins. U all must read some good books to realise the true essence of life. Please forget the past enimities and be a SWARAGINI fan.Moreover u should not indulge in these silly bashing because its a DRAMA for entertainment only. Its only 4 them who are bashing.

    1. Ur right no man is perfect but no man has to conmit crimes n participate in illegal activities.All religion preach Thou shall not steal or bear false witness.in all religion crimes are punished.Now ur saying that all who makes mistakes tried to kill a famuly member.well i hope all of u who r calling ragini crimes a mistake i hope God forbids that any crime committed in ur country or against someone u kno u forgive the criminal n say everyone makes mistakes.

      1. Hey sandy I totally agree with you

      2. as well as Thou shall not kill n what rags did tried to kill her sister.n that is a mistake.for all of u who saying murder is a mistake n should be forgiven next time a terrorist bomb n kill ppl say the same thing or its a mistake n forgive him.heck y we dont go to all the prisons a forgive the prisoners n say they made a mistake.dumbarses ppl

      3. Got your point Sandy,but,to love your enemies is also there,no?,but,here,all what Ragini did is really wrong n crime,but it has not gone out of the family as they didn’t complain about it,or else would have been punished, so here ,her loving family members forgave her,but crimes are to be punished,but the love of her loved ones not allowing them to hate her,I am not at all supporting Ragini’s negativity just told an aspect which I felt,and she is shown repenting, to err is human ,to forgive is divine, may be she is blessed to have such a wonderful family,she is at least protecting her sister/ lover (not clear still) by being stabbed, so much better than many of the criminals outside who don’t realise their mistakes even.Though CVS have rushed with her turning positive (as she was not signed in to play a negative role as per her interviews,she demanded it),can’t really hate Ragini’s character now,if society doesn’t give a person a little space to a person who has realised his bad deeds,repent and turned positive,that is also a mistake,I think,all has their space,here,Ragini has a loving family especially an ideal sister,so now Ragini character is worth watching ,I feel,not for a fight with you,just told my point.

  24. Shraddha Sharma

    Hasan ji update all shows fast like sawragini, bahu hamari rajnikant and others….

  25. Shraddha Sharma

    I think aaj hasan ji busy hai plz koi btayega ki aaj ke show me kya hua???

    1. D pooja is going on.. Laksh is busy looking @ ragini.. Ragini is trynna control her emotions.. An old lady (Tanya) come there n poisons laksh n kidnaps him.. Ragini sees this n follows em.. She calls swara n informs her abt d Same.. Swara wid sanskar come there.. Tanya locks laksh in a small room n covers d place wid bricks..
      Precap: ragini n swasan r trying to break d wall wen Tanya comes n is abt to stab swara BT ragini comes in between in order to save her sister.. Swasan r shocked!!

  26. So when do we get see today’s update??

  27. 1st April ka episode kab upload hoga?????
    aaj lagta h tellyupdates.com people are making us april fool by not updating any serials updates.
    ! guess

    plz. frnz. , moderators update those episode

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