Swaragini 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadi tells Sumi that Swara has eloped and says she didn’t want to marry. Sumi says it can’t happened. Dadi says your daughter left Ragini at home and went alone. She says Shekhar didn’t get any of her belongings near the temple or river. She says Swara has ruined her respect and fears what they will tell to Durga Prasad and his family. Dada asks Shekhar if they get any info about Swara. Shekhar says no. Ragini recalls pushing Swara in the river. Sumi cries and tells Dida that Swara went somewhere. She tells Dadi told that Swara has eloped, and says we didn’t teach her this. She asks her to say that Swara will return. Dida is still in coma, but hears everything. Sumi says Swara will come. Dida moves her finger a bit. Durga Prasad and his family come with the baraat. Sumi does

Laksh’s aarti. Sanskar thanks Swara in his heart for giving him opportunity to see the happiness. Garodias’ welcome Laksh and his family inside.

Sanskar asks Ragini about Shekhar. Dadi says he is busy with the arrangements and asks him to sit. Ragini asks servant to give drinks to everyone and she goes inside. Dada ji asks Shekhar, if he searches for Swara everywhere. Shekhar says she is not found anywhere. Ragini says shall I call her friends. Dadi says no, and says Swara has eloped. Dada tells that they shall inform Durga Prasad that Swara is missing. Ragini says she will also come, but Shekhar says he will inform him. He goes to Durga Prasad and insists to meet alone. Sanskar hears them. Durga Prasad says okay and goes with him to a corner. Shekhar tells him that Swara is missing. He tells Swara went to temple to do puja, but didn’t return.

Durga Prasad asks who went with her. Shekhar says Ragini couldn’t go with her and Swara went alone. Durga Prasad asks how can you let her go alone. Sanskar hears everything. Durga Prasad says he will do something. Psycho Ragini looks at the bridal attire and caresses it. She says it is in my destiny Swara, and Laksh is mine. She says I didn’t share my pain and sorrows with anyone till now, then why I will share my happiness with anyone. Only I have the right to become Laksh’s bride. Sanskar comes there and asks where is Swara, what did you do to her?

Ragini tells that she don’t know and have not done anything. Sanskar says this marriage dress belongs to Swara and only she has the right on it. He says Laksh loves Swara. Ragini asks him not to remind her as she knows all. Sanskar says he can see hope in her eyes and asks her to forget everything. Ragini says I have forgetton everything. Sanskar says it is my mistake, I should tell your truth to everyone. Ragini says she don’t know where is Swara. Sanskar says he will tell her truth to everyone and rushes downstairs. Ragini follows him asking him not to do this. She pushes him and he falls down, before he could say anything, Ragini tells that Sanskar is not mad, but is just acting to be mad. She cooks up a fake story and says she heard him talking to someone that he is acting to be mad. Sanskar asks him to stop it and says he needs to tell something. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks Ragini, what she is doing?

Ragini says she really heard him talking to someone, and he wants to ruin Laksh and Durga Prasad. Sanskar says she is lying? Ragini asks then why you was acting to be mad. Sanskar is trapped by her. He apologizes to Durga Prasad and tells that he came to take revenge from them. He tells he wanted revenge for Kavita’s death, but he is changed man now. He tells that he has realized that Kavita can’t come back with his revenge and says he is happy with his family. He apologizes and sits on Durga Prasad’s feet. He says he wants to say something. Ragini asks how can you betray your family? Ram scolds Sanskar for fooling them. Ragini is tensed. Sanskar says they don’t have time to talk about this. Laksh asks him to stop.

Sanskar tells Laksh that Ragini is not good like she looks. Durga Prasad kicks Sanskar out. Sanskar promises to prove his innocence and come back with the proofs. Sanskar goes near the river and gets the plate, which Ragini had thrown after drowning Swara in the river. Laksh gets Swara’s video message, actually sent by Ragini through Swara’s phone. Don’t know how she managed to record Swara’s confession to have taken drugs, and not having any intentions to marry him. Laksh and everyone are shocked.

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  1. Honey

    Oh what the hell. How can this Ragini be so rude. Feeling pitty for sanskar. Really very bad ***** Ragini. Swara going to sacrifice again for her sister

  2. Ahana

    Rgini 1 din aisa ayega jab tumhara sach bahar ayega or wo din jaldi hi ayega ….
    tum kisi v resta k layek nahi ho…
    sister, douhgter, freinds ye sb resto ko tumne dhoka diya hai….
    swara will come back to revealed your truth….
    I am very sad 4 swalak……

  3. Reema

    Noooo! Laksh dnt marry That b*t*h ragini..
    We want To see laksh and sawar! Please dida wakeup? Guys any idea what will happen next? Willl luksh & ragini marry?

  4. krits

    How can rags can make such video…. I think writers should think practically also …. message we can understand but how video????

  5. really hate u ragini….nagin chudal khahengiii..really really hate u tum barose ki layak bhi nahi jo insan thumara saath diya usko bhiiii….hw cheap u r…dida pls wake up nd tell the truth of dat liar chudel ragini…u r d one who can prove the truth pls wake up..chudel fatty face ragini(nagin)hope sanskar will find swara..i thnk swara sacrifice her love for dat pscyho evil kameeni ragini…really hate u ragini…swara yaar come back lv u soooo much..ummahhhh

  6. Jikus

    ragini jitna bholi bhali lagthi thi utni hi ander se kameeni hai.sanskaar ko uska galti ka ehasas ho gaya aur ab woh pure parivaar aur lakshya ke saath dena chathi hai.lekin yeh kameeni chudail kaheenki ragini ne sanskaar ko betray kar diya.is shaadi hone e pehle sab ne use bewakoof se poocha tha ki tum is shaadi se khushi ho tab tho bada bol rahi thi.u could opened ur mouth then ryt???? Idiot.swara tum is ke liye laksh ko math chodna yeh bharose ki layak hi nahi hai.

  7. lali

    what’s this will really swara send message because swaras phone is with ragini right then how will swara send a vedio message

  8. hey friends there video posted on youtube where swara aka helly shah inclusive interview with india tv
    there is a twist lakshya going to marry ragini thats confirmed and swara will reach late on mandap with bandage on her forehead and other twist is there that their parents going to be separate from each other
    but its not confirmed that sanskar going to marry swara

  9. I know many fans of swalak is not happy of this news but don’t be shattered .
    don’t stop watching serial
    if there no villain,evil,spice,twist the show will be flop lets see

  10. rose

    Swara aur laksh ko ek hona heh..otherwise will flop..
    laksh is perfet match for swara not for the cheap ragini

  11. Honest opinion

    Soooo freakin stupid! They are basically showing that evil can win over good? If ragini marries lucky, it’s gonna send a very bad message. Showing the struggle of swalak till this point was interesting & twists were fun to watch.. But this is just getting plain dumb & sad.

  12. god pls save swara.and dida wake upnlse and say all abut that evil b***h ragini .
    I hate lucky marrying ragini .pls sanskar prove ursrlf and find swara….

  13. god I don’t want lucky to marry rags I saw d interview in india tv i dont want that yo be happen. pks any one say wat will happen

  14. Rajkumari Irina

    actually the story of swaragini drama still good but about that stupid fake video will made this serial flop flop flop like sasural simar ka please writer dnt let that hpen we never see dat hpen b4 dat video when n how!!!

  15. Rajkumari Irina

    all Indian serial nake evil win so dat we think in real life many people like U may also bad!!!

  16. Rajkumari Irina

    I dnt want Ragini to get laksh or sanskaar her better place is in jail actually she is a criminal who already mke dida coma and swara…so selfish buffalo

  17. wins

    Started liking sanskar… what a worst twist they gave… Omg… its like by birth ragini is a evil minded girl…

  18. Reema

    Seriously, this is getting into my nerves now. Y should ragini win. Please its been so long since ragini playing with everyone. Now everyone should know her true colors. What will happen to swara after seeing ragini n laksh married! Omg ragini u r selfish b*t*h

  19. sakshi

    Kandippa ragini kum laksh kum marriage nadakkum
    I lve swara sanskaar pair
    ragini such a nce girl
    Idukku karanam laksh and sanskaar dan ragini mela enda mistk illa
    first laksh dan ava manasula aasaya undakuna
    thn sanskaar avaluku nambikkaya snna idula ragini mela enda thappum illa

  20. niharika

    go to hell u blo*dy a**h*** cheapest o crappy shitty evil minded devilish ragini.. I hate u.. plz. writers.. bring back swara and reveal ragini’s truth ..its high time everyone needs to know the truth of their so called ragini laado.. dumbass

    dear ragini
    tumhara first episode se latest wala dekh chuki hun ,par mujhe to tum pehle episode me hi bahanji lallu and dabbu lagti thi and latest episode me asanskarik behuddi besharam aur behaya chokri ho (as Dadi called swara)itni giri hui ladki to hum dusri bar dekhe hai (radha of flop serial saathiyan)but don’t worry swaragini fans phyco ragini ke illag ke liye chanda ikathaa karenge


    tumhara first episode se latest wala dekh chuki hun ,par mujhe to tum pehle episode me hi bahanji lallu and dabbu lagti thi and latest episode me asanskarik behuddi besharam aur behaya chokri ho (as Dadi called swara)itni giri hui ladki to hum dusri bar dekhe hai (radha of flop serial saathiyan)but don’t worry swaragini fans phyco ragini ke illag ke liye chanda ikathaa karenge

  23. nira

    sorry if my cmnt hurt any1 swalak fans wnt laksha n swara tgthr n dey say sanskar drgd her dis z a big crime n anything cd hv hpnd wid her bt guys if drgng z a crym wht do u guys will tell abt kdnpng noble deed??!! If u guys hv frgtn abt lakshya kdnpng swara n den goons fndng her in both cases dey rylz der mstk svd her cnfsd wht dey did n swara frgv dem snskr hd a strng rsn to do dis bt lksh did dis jst bcz dpm thrw hm out frm home so if u guys cn frgv lakshya n gv a chnc to swarya dn plz gv a chnc to swasan too

  24. nsb

    didnt expect ragini to fall so much..horrible..writers pls dont fool us by showing swaras confession video just to give a twist to this serial..unless sanskar has planned something together with swara..dont want swalak to separate n ragini should be punished severely..good to see sanskar change for good but DP should not ill treat him again, he should be given a chance n forgiven..

  25. varshini

    happppyyy friendship day guys.I wish u all to have a fabulous n happiest life.keep loving n keep watching swaragini.gn n tc

  26. sana

    Happy friendship day to all of you guys…If ragini married laksh then I stop watching swaragini…l m soo sad….my favourite serial is gonna be flopped…l have no words to to express how it is irritating. .?

  27. aradhya

    This is getting horrible day by day….n ragini is mad ….no cmmts…..but writers are evev worse….they dont how they should play a lead role…namish aka lakshya..is just on show to support swara……n sanskar is made to be lead role…though he is a second lead….n swara just to do pujas n guess who is doing wrong with her….worse n disgusting plot …hate this show…never gonnaa came over here

  28. dolly

    how cruel is ragini,selfish,arrogant stupid girl,how can she do with swara like this very bad,in very serails now a days jeet hamesha buraai ki hi hoti hai.laksh how could u maary ragini devil.but there is going to be many twist in coming episode.

  29. RAG

    i think ragini is doing right………… aj kal sacrifice se kuch nahi hota…………..swara ki yajese uski papa ke mu me kali de di gayi……….laksh was her would be husband………..ragini ne hamesa sab ki bat suni aur ab swara uski sari khusia le jaegi not done……sidhi ungli se ghi nahi nikle to ungli teri karni parti hai

  30. Sonam

    Ragini was gud even after her engagement getting cancelled n even after meeting wit accident she was oly angry on swara n laksh but oly sanskaar is d main culprit made Ragini evil bcoz he is d one who came to ragini nd brain washed her telling her to grab laksh from swara to fulfil his revenge actually he used ragini foh is plan n made her completely evil today he ve bcam hero n ragini became villain

  31. Dhanu

    Sanra is also ok.but laksh is always taken dicsion in hurry.i think sanra is not married and they will be acting as they get married.

  32. ragini rocks

    m stupid n now I realise true love never murdered my own sisters stupid vitch really iam

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