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The Episode starts with Ragini coming downstairs, and asks everyone to gather in hall by using microphone. Everyone gather there. Ragini says it was important that’s why she called them. She calls Swara. Swara says it is 2 am midnight. Ragini says I know and calld you to inform that everything is going to end. Everyone is shocked. Ragini says your family’s grah is bad and that’s why their end is near. I am keeping a party to celebrate their end. She says sh will bring out a truth which will shattered everything. Durga Prasad understands she is talking about him. Ragini says she is right and that’s why she will reveal the hidden truth exactly at 12 am. She disconnects the call and asks everyone to sleep as they couldn’t sleep after tomorrow.

In the morning, Sanskar comes to his room

after a morning walk. He looks at the small tape recorder with a message. He plays the audio message. Swara thanks him for hearing her and says she is doing this for them. She tells about sharing the chocolate and gifting her lehenga. She says I remember everything. She says everything is very special to me and I really love you…..I love you Sanskar. Sh asks him to open th door and says she is waiting for him outside door. Swara is seen beside him. He opens he door and says Swara………………Laksh says she is gone, and says you have sent her to Baadi. He asks him to call her back now. Sanskar looks on.

Everyone gather in the party. Sujata is shocked to see the lady waitress and refuses to eat the snacks. Dadi asks if she remembers that she will come to know about the secret. Sujata asks her if she knows about the meaning of new year and says she will blacken Ragini’s face if not others. Sumi and Shekhar too arrives in the party. Dadi says you have taken Ragini’s invite seriously. Shekhar asks what she is doing here? Dadi says she is staying with Ragini just. Shekhar says I hope you are not doing anything wrong. Dadi asks about Swara. Sumi says she went to music academy for some work. Swara comes to the nursing home. Receptionist asks if she wants to meet Kaveri Roy. Swara says she came to pay the money. Receptionist tells about the girl for whom Kaveri came. Dadi tells Ragini that Swara went to music academy. Ragini says it is closed and says Swara might don’t want to come here and made an excuse. Dadi says she can see fear in Sumi’s eyes. Ragini says no one can stop her from exposing Durga Prasad.

Swara comes to the room no. 203 and opens the door with her hair pin. She sees a girl in the room. The girl sits down on the floor. Sumi tells Shekhar that she is scared, and says something wrong might happen with her. Sanskar asks what she is talking about? He asks where is Swara? Shekhar asks when he don’t want to have any relation with Swara then why he is bothered? He goes. Sanskar tries calling Swara, but she doesn’t pick his call. Sumi tells him that Swara said that she got a hint and went in search of proof. She says Swara said that she will expose Ragini and get your love back. Sanskar says really. Ragini welcomes everyone in the new year party, and says the theme for the party is secret and threat. She says but before that, I want you all to see performance of a special person.

Sanjida Sheikh dances on Marhaba song….Durga Prasad recalls giving keys to Ragini. Ragini tells the guest that it is a start and the real secret will unveil today.

Kaveri comes next and dances on the song Hoton Pe Aisi Baat…………….Ragini also dances with her. Durga prasad is tensed. Dadi looks happily. Dadi also joins them and dances on the same song. She tells Ragini if the photo is safe. Ragini says yes. Sanskar comes to her and asks what she is going to do. He asks what is in the envelope. Everyone see a man hitting a woman, and a lady witnessing the scene. Sanskar tries to take envelope from her hand and is about to see pics. Just then Ragini hits hard on his head with a flower vase. Dadi asks Ragini, what you have done. Ragini snatches photos from his hand, but it all falls down in the hall.

Everyone looks at the falling photos. One person picks the photo and says Durga Prasad is there in the pic. Ragini takes the mic and says just as she promised to tell them a secret, and says this is the big secret of this family. She says my Papa ji, a man with values is actually a murderer. Everyone is shocked. Laksh asks what is the proofs that the photos are real and says it might be fake. Ragini says she brought a witness who saw this crime happening. She eyes at the bride’s cart, and says just wait for 12 am then everything will clear. Swara says no Ragini…..Everyone is shocked to see her. Swara walks towards her. Ragini says hi….She says she is my loving sister Swara. She says it is good that you came back. She looks at the mangalsutra and asks why she is holding it. Swara says it is her strength. Ragini asks her to throw it. Swara says time has come to wear it. Ragini says you got late and says secret is out. Swara asks Laksh about Sanskar. Sanskar is unconsciously lying. Ragini counts the countdown. She says happy new year everyone specially to Durga Prasad as the new year brought reality, and says it will punish him for his sin. She says a witness will tell how Durga Prasad killed a girl. Swara says Bade Papa didn’t do anything and that girl is alive. The girl Kavita steps down from the bride’s cart (doli). Ragini and Dadi are shocked, while Durga Prasad is relieved.

Swara and Kavita see Sanskar coming. Swara steps towards him, but Kavita runs and hugs him. Sanskar is surprised to see Kavita and takes her name. Swara realizes that Kavita is Sanskar’s first love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Don’t worry Lee..sanky still loves swara..jo v ho end me Swasan he hogi…So Happy new year dear??

  2. Now the thing going to happen will be like laksh will make ragini realise her mistakes and ragini will ask forgiveness from all for her deeds and by this time laksh will fall in love with ragini and raglak will together help in uniting swasan.:-) 🙂 hope so

  3. Happy new year kritika,nik,shuva,Riya,Tara n alllll swasàn fanssss?????

    1. Happy new year to you too rupsikha

  4. metro masti:
    swaragini: swara hurt as kavita proposes sanskaar for marriage.
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will bring about a huge twist in swara and sanskaar’s life with the entry of sanskaar’s ex-lover kavita.
    when kavita meets sanskar, she feels sad seeing that he is married to swara.
    however, her sadness turns into joy once she finds out about their divorce.
    swara gets a huge shock when kavita asks sanskaar to marry her.
    for the sake of maheshwari family, swara decides to go away from sanskaar’s life so that kavita and sanskar can get married.
    on the other hand, kavita does not have memory about her past except for sanskaar.
    kavita is happy that swara united her with sanskaar and gives her a hug.
    sanskaar and swara both shatteerd with the sudden turn of events but swara assumes that sanskaar does not love her anymore.

  5. why are you not uploading fan fictions??

  6. Happy new year to uhh all….lots of love. …muahh

  7. New spoilerRagini (Tejaswi Prakash) turns sweet seeing Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) love side for her in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Lakshya recalls the moments when Kaveri tries to hurt Ragini.
    Lakshya blames himself for Ragini’s bad behaviour and decide to get his sweet Ragini back.
    Lakshya startsto change for Ragini and talk to her sweetly.
    Ragini loves Lakshya alot but Lakshya’s deed changed her soft to hard.
    Lakshya turns soft for Ragini changing her

    On seeing changed in Lakshya, Ragini also turns softer for him.
    Lakshya develops love feeling for Ragini which changes Ragini negative to positive.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updataes.

  8. Swara n Sanskaar r looking like made for eachother…….
    Swasan rockzzz….
    Swara’s toughtime has started since Kavitha’ s entry…..
    Hope helly and varun….keep rocking Swaragini by their acting

  9. happy new year to all swaragini fans. and why fan fictions are not posted in last 2 days. May kavita chapter end soon

    1. Only after 4the Jan. They will post ff…
      Don’t know d reason.

  10. reason for ragini turning positive in show revealed.
    as reported earlier swaragini fame tejaswi aka ragini has given up thought of quitting the show as her character will be seen turning to positive.
    the change in the story line of swaragini will soon take place as lakshya will turn soft towards ragini. in the upcoming episodes lakshyawill get disturbed remember kaveri’s treatment to ragini.
    he will blame himself for ragini’s all bad behavior and evil plans.
    he will realize that because of his attitude towards ragini, she feels insecure and acts bad.
    he will decide to change his behavior nd attitude towards her.
    lakshya will turn soft towards her and will start noticing good things about her.
    ragini soon will start reciprocating to lakshya and her character will start softening.
    lakshya and ragini will fall in love with each other.

  11. Guys plzz dnt blame this track if everything ends so simple as we expected nthng wud b interesting I m also swasan fan bt v hav to enjoy this track if the separation happens only we can see their emotional love hw they missing each other the jealousy etc aftr wen v see their reunion we will njy a lot mre compared to nw soo dnt blame

  12. Plz unite swasan soon

  13. Bt they also didn’t shw us lot of romantic scene befre realising their love lyk eyelocks ,holding while falling etc etc tats the disappointing part otherwise everything was soo nice in these romantic realisation parts balaji telefilms serials rockzzz eventhough they dragged soo expecting mre here

  14. HAPPY
    2 all mmbrs of dis gang. So guys new yr ll strt wid a interesting episode.so guys don’t miss 2days episode.

    1. Hi nik happy nEw yEaR dear yup I m too excited for 2days epi?☺
      Swasan forever and ever coz they rock#?

    2. Happy New Year to you too nik and yeah today’s epi will be rocking dying to see it

      1. Hi neha
        How are you? Yeah me too I’m looking forward to watch today’s epi. Happy new year to you neha.

    3. Happy new year to you too nik. And yeah I won’t miss it.

  15. Omg kavithas entry plzzz sanky dn’t marry kavitha nd swara plzzz dnt sacrifice sanky 4 kavitha plz yar thnk u Teju and I’m hppy abt ur dcsn as ur nt gng 2 qt d shw

  16. Happy New Year ?? 2 all swaragini fans

  17. I m also frm bbsr n studying in +2 2nd year in BJB college. Happy new year guys

  18. Hi nik shuva n all others
    This kavita is gonna hurt are swara 2day can’t see swasan in pain I just hope when she’s running to hug sanskar her leg twists n she falls down from stairs n even her jaws break coz of falling n she won’t be able to propose sanskar n hurt are swara?

    1. Ha ha lol, you are so funny. Yeah I hope that happens.

  19. I m in arts section. How ur exam preparation going on?

  20. No just a fake id. Real name is arohi.

  21. No just a fake id. Real name is arohi n wht abt u

  22. Swaragini Lakshya falls in love with Ragini, Ragini turn positive Upcoming Episode

    Friday, January 01 2016

    Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) turns sweet seeing Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) love side for her in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Lakshya recalls the moments when Kaveri tries to hurt Ragini.

    Lakshya blames himself for Ragini’s bad behaviour and decide to get his sweet Ragini back.

    Lakshya startsto change for Ragini and talk to her sweetly.

    Ragini loves Lakshya alot but Lakshya’s deed changed her soft to hard.

    Lakshya turns soft for Ragini changing her

    On seeing changed in Lakshya, Ragini also turns softer for him.

    Lakshya develops love feeling for Ragini which changes Ragini negative to positive.

    1. ya buddy its true…………
      refer this link

  23. but this kavita will create problems in swasan life……….

    1. Yaa dr I think now she vl be take -ve character

      1. ya too bad

      2. Now swara & ragini reunion

      3. ya thats a good news

  24. My preparation is going well. Actually 1 of my cousin’s name is aparna n she is studying in nayagarh in +2 2nd yr in science stream. I like her name a lot. Btw one more thing we share d same account. She also cmnt frm dis name. So she may cmnt here after some days bcoz she is hving exams. R u taking coaching in akash .

  25. I need swara and raginis old relationship. when Ragini and swara together then they can overcome any problems…..

  26. Hi shuva, u n all other guys can call me bembi as its my surname n evn my other frnds call me by dis name as i lyk it

    1. Hi bembi bow r u Dr? Happy new year BTW
      N yeah swasan forever and ever coz they rock

      1. Yeah cherry Swasan forever and ever coz they rock baby.?

    2. Hi bembi
      How are you?and yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

      1. Hey bembi.. hpy new year
        N yeah swasan rocks.,

  27. Arre yaar i cant see sanky in pain n entry of his first luv kavita is lyk 3rd degree torture by police to him. he is in a total confusion fr wat to do now n maybe sanky sach mein paagal ho jaaye coz vo bechara tob ab buri tarah se fasa hua hai

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Really hate love triangle thing. I just hope that Swasan be together soon.

  28. Hello people hw r u all… ??? Nice to hear ragini turning positive…. But swasan union not happening soon… Poor swara now she doesn’t hv lakshya also .. Sanskaar also…

    1. Hi rids
      How are you?
      It’s been long that you didn’t comment here. Anyways I’m glad that you’re back and happy new year to you rids

  29. Ya rids evn i was missing u n ur comments yaar

    1. Hello
      .. We ll meet aftr today’s episode

  30. In dis epi i lykd d tape recorder scene d most it was really really vry heart touching one n evn dat sumi sanky convo n sanlak convo were cool n nyc
    So in a way i lovd half of d epi juz coz of sanky as he is damn hot

  31. Plz reunite SwaSan soon.. Also reunite swara n ragini as Swaragini soon… I miss d sister bonding between swara n ragini..

  32. Thanx bhavya for the news…. Maine socha ki ab koi ff padhne ko nhi milega

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