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The Episode starts with Parineeta informing Swara and Ragini that she has brought all the stock of injection from market and says she is God now for them. She asks them to beg infront of her and rub their nose on her feet. Swara says we will not bend down infront of you. Parineeta says this is the only way to save your sasur else he will die. She says your sister have insulted me, and asks her to bring Ragini along with her. Nurse asks Swara to bring injection fast. Ragini and Swara come to Maheshwari house to get injection. Parineeta asks them to bend down and rubs their nose on her feet, and then only she will give injection. She asks Swara if anything happens to Durga Prasad. She says Ragini have to pay for slapping me and says because of your ego, may be Durga Prasad will die. She asks them to fall

on her feet and get injection. Swara and Ragini look at each other. Ragini is about to bend down. Swara says this is not needed. Ragini says no, you know what will happen with Papa ji if we don’t agree. They sign each other. Parineeta says even Ragini understood that my ego is important than yours. Swara says so you will agree after we do this. Parineeta says sure. Swara and Ragini sit down to bend….Parineeta asks them to smile and says she will click their photo as they have fallen on her feet. She clicks pic and says she will keep pic hang in the wall. Swara asks Ragini to pull her. They hold Parineeta legs and pull her make her fall down. Swara asks Ragini to get injection. Parineeta says how dare you? Ragini gets the injection. Parineeta is about to slap Swara, but she stops her hand. Ragini asks Swara to come. Swara tells Parineeta that she deserves this. They bring injection. Sujata asks Doctor about him. Doctor says injection was brought late and says we have to do bypass surgery within an hour else we couldn’t save him. He asks them to deposit money in the hospital fast. Annapurna asks Sanskar, from where we will get the money? She cries. Sanskar says nothing will happen. He tells he will talk to his friend and get loan from bank.

Laksh and Sanskar call their friend. Vicky comes. Sanskar tells that they need 8 lakh rupees loan. Hospital management come and gets the ICU vacated. Even though everyone plead him not to shift Durga Prasad to ward as he need to get surgery within an hour. Everyone cry. The people in the hospital identify them as Adarsh parents and says they are suffering and punished for their doings. Annapurna, Swara, Ragini and others hear them silently. Annapurna folds her hands and asks ward boys to shift back Durga Prasad in ICU. Ward boy says we can’t do anything. Annapurna says my family went to get money. Sanskar and Laksh comes back. Laksh asks why Papa is shifted to general ward. Swara asks did you get money?

Laksh says he refused to give loan. Ragini says now what we will do? Sanskar says our brother have kicked us out and our friends have turned their faces. Laksh asks when Papa was shifted to general ward. Ragini says as we could pay the money. Sanskar says what will happen if he catches infection. Management guy comes and says this is Durga Prasad’s discharge papers. He says if you don’t pay the money till 12, then he will be discharged. Laksh asks Management, do you know who is he? He is Durga Prasad Maheshwari. Management guy says he was a big businessman, but now his son had kicked him out of house. Laksh gets angry and grabs his collar. Swara apologizes and asks them to give them 5 mins. Ragini consoles Laksh and gives him strength. Dadi calls Parineeta and says Durga Prasad is still alive, says Yamraj might take him away. She says she heard Sumi and Shekhar talking. Parineeta says we have snatched his everything from him.

Annapurna asks why they are taking Durga Prasad out of ICU as he have operation just now. Doctor says they are shifting him to general ward, as they haven’t paid the money. Parineeta comes and asks him to shift Durga Prasad to ICU, saying she will pay the money. She says I will even pay the hospital bill as I am taking my saas and sasur home. She asks Annapurna to decide if she wants to come with her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mica

    waaa…. so fast update H.Hasan mam, ty soo much

  2. QueenB


  3. this pari she is trying to buy the family now amazing pull by swaragini

  4. boring like yesterday

  5. Bharathi

    Again a new drama of parineeta has started. May be she is thinking to make them slaves and ill treat them

  6. Bharathi

    Where is dadi’s husband why he is not showing in the show.when all the family in baadi then where he can go.strange things happens only in serials

  7. Feel bad

  8. I think parinetta and her mother willbe punished soon! Sawragini,get back their poperty quickly.

  9. Mica

    being rich people, why DP didn’t have any Health Insurance ?
    what i can say is, DP and family were careless businessman. no insurance, no private property, ckckck

    1. Theyre trying to say that the Maheshwaris are Marwadis and only think of making business and doublin their money loool all rich people have health insurance

      1. Mica

        and the viewers watched this serial with -disbelief look- and shook their head
        shouted “you are impossible CVS!!!”

  10. Day by day this serial is getting bore… what they r showing… a big business man has not saved anything…. not good… just end this serial or come up with good story

  11. Raglak hug too good. Just loved it. Teju luv u ur an awesome actress. By the ways guys Iam really waiting for Ae dil hai mushkil. Didn’t watch the trailer but what heard it seems an interesting movie.

    1. Raglak is be so good that is why all they scenes cant get high trp.Teju such an awesome actress that when she got more n all ss the trp went to 1.4 trp.such a lousy actress

      1. sharnelle i ave a question fo u.1)why do u hate teju so much?
        2)are u a fan of ny actor or actresses from swaragini?
        cud u jz answer tz..

      2. Seriously dude get a lyf. If I or anyone loves teju what’s ur problem. N the trp I seriously don’t care about it becoz for me its a trivial matter n I don’t have free time lyk u to search for trp n then fight on such useless things. Dude do something constructive. I don’t think so u r a fan becoz a true fan would only appreciate his favorite but not hurt anyone. U r just a hater. Becoz I feel swaragini has cutest yet sensible fans. N ya I lyk all the other leads n respect them n their hard work. I wish all love n success for them.N dude just watch it as a show. N becoz of u people fights occur. Just keep ur venom to urself don’t spread it here becoz I don’t believe in bashing becoz I respect everyone n appreciate everyone’s hardwork.Get well soon.

      3. Go get a life you jobless person. Don’t u hv anything else to do than bash actress. If teju is a lousy actress then u cant act half as well as she can.

  12. agaim a boring episd.bt swara rocked today.and srsly mm ppl is really stupids..itna bada buisness man and dnt have any savings..
    love swara

  13. raglak hug after ages love u teju

  14. Serena

    Wow what a logic…itne bade business man n saving ke naam PR dabba….apni toh property duba hi Di saath me sanskaar ki bhi le dube…n seriously what’s the use of education if they don’t even know about health insurance…but loved swara today ..
    Swara rocked pari shocked??

  15. cute raglak hug…love u teju❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

  16. Hey wow no savings no health insurance so unrealistic they shud at least use logic while giving twists …..N AS USUAL SWARA ROCKED sanlak were too gud today N I WAS OUT OF STATION FROM PAST FEW DAYS SO I CUDNT WISH U ON UR BDAY VK A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDSY MAY GOD BLESS U love u swasanlak

  17. So much jewellery they have with them why don’t they say it and pay hospital bill so funny yaar

  18. RUPA

    Today’s epi was again boring……

    But Swara was too good in today’s episode.

    U rocked it Helly!! Love u !??

  19. Sanji

    parinita gorget with whom is she playnig…….it swara….she will be punished soon nd it started with a pulling nd ache in waist…hahhahhah pari darling just wait nd watch

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