Swaragini 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara and Sanskar sit for their ring finding ceremony. Swara and Sanskar enjoy the function while Ragini and Laksh gets jealous. Dida looks for something. Dadi tells your mind is not there as you don’t have. Dida laughs and tells she is searching for Dadi’s chopped nose. Dadi is irked and argues. Ragini comes to her room and is angry. Swara comes and asks what you will do when all family members come to know about your truth? Ragini calls someone silently through her phone. Swara asks what will happen when your truth will come out? Ragini says If I accept my truth then what you will do? Swara says I will tell everyone that my marriage is fake. I am doing this for my parents and once they get together, I will return my home. She turns and sees Sumi hearing her.

A flashback is shown, Ragini

silently calling Sumi. Ragini tells she knew that this marriage is fake, but nobody believed her. She asks you have seen now, how Swara is playing games with me. Sumi is shocked. Laksh is punching the punching bag angrily and recalls his moments with Swara, her marriage with Sanskar etc. Sanskar comes there. Laksh says you gave me this punching bag as I liked it. Sanskar says I remember. Laksh asks why did you do this?

Ragini tells Swara wants to snatch my Laksh from me, and that’s why making him feeling jealous. Sumi asks what is this? She asks if this marriage is fake? Swara struggles for words. Sumi says you have told a big lie and asks why did you act?

Sanskar says this is not a drama and asks him to believe him. He says I didn’t come to hurt anyone. Laksh asks why did you marry Swara? Swara tells Sumi that she wanted to bring Ragini’s truth infront of everyone. Ragini accepts to her crime and tells that she won’t repeat her mistake. She says if my truth comes out then Swara’s life will be exposed too. She blackmails Sumi taking Swara’s name. Sumi asks Swara to come downstairs silently and reveal her truth to everyone. Dida comes and says she knows everything. Laksh says I know your marriage with Swara is fake, as who will marry betrayal girl.

Sanskar asks him to relax. Laksh says you have married her and now showering love on her. Sanskar says I will not hear anything against Swara. Dida says I know everything and Ragini’s truth. Sumi falls in Ragini’s trap and says Swara’s life will be spoiled if Ragini is exposed. Swara refuses to say her marriage truth. Sumi holds her hand and takes her downstairs. Sanskar asks Laksh to hear him. Laksh asks did you start feeling love for her. HE asks him to beware of Swara and says she has a habit of playing with someone’s feelings. Sanskar beats him and says he can’t hear anything against Swara. Laksh says I will, thousand’s times. They beat each other. Swara tries to stopn Sumi. Dadi tells Annapurna that she will go now. Sumi and Swara come down. Sumi says I want to tell something, just then Parineeta comes and tells Laksh and Sanskar are fighting with each other. Everyone rushes out and see them fighting badly. Just then Durga Prasad comes in his car with Adarsh and Ram. They try to stop the fight. Durga Prasad shouts at them to end the fight. Swara asks Sanskar to stop it. Ragini tells Laksh to end the fight. Laksh tells he can’t hear anything against Ragini. Sanskar says he can’t hear anything against Swara. Dida takes Sumi from there, asking her to see the delicateness of the matter.

Sanskar tells Durga Prasad that he told Laksh not to say anything against Swara. Laksh says he started the fight. Durga Prasad says if you both do this again then I will throw you out of house. He says you both are pointing fingers against each other wives, and asks them to accept the truth as it can’t be changed. He warns them not to do this again and goes inside. Sujata tells Annapurna that this will happen until Swara stays in this house. Annapurna asks her to stop it and asks everyone to come inside. Laksh stares Swara angrily. Sanskar goes and stand infront of her.

Swara tells Sanskar that Sumi got to know about her fake marriage with him. Sanskar is shocked. Sumi informs Shekhar about Swara’s fake marriage to unite them. Shekhar says we should inform everyone. Dadi overhears them. Ragini throws Swara and her stuff out of the house.

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  1. Honey

    Oh I was very glad that sanskar stands by swara. Really lovely. But now will Ragini throw swara out of Maheshwaries’s family???!!!

  2. Sneha Mishra

    Yea loving this swasan moment…. But enough of this ragini’s drama….wat a negative thought its giving..plz we want some positivity in the show…thoda toh ragini ka band bajwao…

  3. swaron

    wt the hell is wrng wid dat sumi cant she supprt swara wen she knw the complete truth ……..y dnt she understand dat swara is fighting fr her oly……hate ragini to the core n so sweet of sanskar,laksh such a waste fellow cant he fr once believe his love……

    • sabita chakraborti

      swaron …shumi cannot do that because she is a mother, and no mother can watch her own daughter life getting ruined for her life ….

    • ?minnie?

      Nope swaron…. sumi is not doing anything wrong she is just thinking bout shona’s future that if she will continue this fake marriage after that her life will b ruined so she’s was behaving like that

  4. sabita chakraborti

    no re honey agar bahar bhejegi toh bhi sanskar iss baat ko kabi nahi manega …that’s how the serial became interesting …love to see furthur

  5. lali

    Sanskar u were so cute. And laksh u proved once again u deserve that liar ragini only u r same like her liar. Hate u

  6. swasan scene so cute i think sanskar will marry swara in upcoming and ds laksh deserves only ragini,when he drunk his wedding night that dhokebaz ko dhokebaz se sadi karleni chahie,so he also deserve the same liar fr liar

  7. Kat

    Hey Moon I also think maybe Sanskaar will truly marry Swara. The way he stood up for Swara, it was really awsome!!!! How can Laksh call Swara chooti ladki???????????? I think he is so angry because Swara married Sanskaar. Bt yet again he proved he doesn’t deserve Shona or her love!!!!!!

  8. rosy

    Oh laksh nw u too began lying…sanskar never said a word against rags in today ka fight bt u wr busy insultng swara….sanskar tried to xplain dat lucky swara k bare mein kuch mat bol bt u cntinud n provokd him…moreovr i cn feel sumthng dat sanskar even though he is lykng swara he wud nt try 2 cross his limits…may b in future plot he wud b tryng hard nt to show his love 4 swara,,,n only treat her as friend….he wl try to cnvince his heart dat he cnt love swara as swara wud nt love him or he wud try to let swara b wid lucky bt bt bt our shona eats fish nd is emotional too…so may b she wud undrstnd sanskar’s feelngs n say him to b wid her all her lyf as he had becum her habit wich she doesnt wana change at all…..hpe my feelngs cum true…
    Wana see swara n sanskar together..

  9. Swasan Luv u

    that crazy lakshya dsnt deserve swara…. the ragini is a correct match for that crazy fellow… bt plz let our shona win… cnt c her in tears alwz… palat k ek waar karegi to majaa aajaega… hate u ragini… u ll nvr get lakshya nd his luv… by ditching our cutee shona.. hate u rags… swara sanskaar plz b cutest couple..luv u.

  10. Archies

    i saw a promo in which ragini will go missing and laksh will blame Swara and Sanskar for it( it is actually a plan of ragini to prove that swara is bad). Her father will again disown her and then she will tell the truth behind her missing the wedding but Ragini will start acting and crying convincing everyone yet again that she is innocent. When will they show that old Ragini who was like Swara??? Anyways hope to see more of Swara and Sanskar moments. I think he is already in love with her you know the way he looks at her and the way he stood up for her. What say?

  11. L

    I think when ragani is about to throw swaras stuff outside sanskar should say you don’t believe my marriage well then I’ll show you i was telling the truth and then he should get sindoor and put it on swaras forehead that would start to make swaragini more interesting

  12. AdiHaan

    The show is getting dragged on too much, why is Ragini always winning? We want to see Swara win.
    Btw love the Sanskar and Swara moments, they’re so cute together, really hope they start falling in love with each other, Sanskar needs someone like Swara and I hope Laksh is left alone coz he deserves it for not believing Swara. I really want SwaNskar together

  13. ADELE( Anu)

    @ Annie, y r u asking this?? I mean nothing has happened……… She comes here daily n comments too……….but y such a question????? It’s juz that she is busy these days……..?

  14. ADELE( Anu)

    I juz can’t bear that pshyco more!!!!!
    Plz writers………….let my shona also win na……….only ragini is winning every time………
    N laksh!!!!! U r too much!!!!!
    How cud u say all this???? Really…….u deserve that criminal ragini only!!

  15. saz

    plz writer kuch aaisa likho ki Ragini ki harek chaal ko swara mooh tod jawaf de we want swara winning. we don;t want crying Swara

  16. misti

    awesome episode…swasan u guyz are sizzling…laksh u r too bad…u r not insulting swara only bt ur love n soul too…laksh big liar

  17. ?minnie?

    It’s getting enough….. y are cvs showing my shona so weak…. I really want that old swara back that bubbly, sweet, never fearing of anyone wale shona…. not this weak one….. pls let my shona be as she was before….. a dare devil……. and

    Laksh I are too much now u are making me hate ur character……. how could u say that things bout shona huh!!?…. don’t u have trust on ur so called LOVE….. u can trust that cheapo bhenji ragini… but not my shona….. it’s enough they are now dragging too far… just end that rags drama and continue with SWASAN…..

    PS : annie how’d u kno my real name.. and y were u asking for me…

  18. dhanu

    Hi friends minne plz send me a massage to g+.friends i saw in swaragimi face book sanskar hug swara in front of everyone.

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