Swaragini 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sanskar shows the video to Ragini in which the goons are beating Laksh. She asks how can you get Laksh beaten by goons, he is your brother. Sanskar says if I can do this, then I can do more. Ragini cries. Sanskar asks Swara to come. Swara asks how can you do this with Laksh. Sanskar says I asked them not to beat Laksh, but…..Swara feels pain. Sanskar calls the goons and asks not to beat him. The goons say that they didn’t beat him intentionally and says he was trying to elope. Swara says it is wrong. Sanskar says everything happened because of me and I will end that. He asks about Sumi. Swara asks him not to trouble her. Ragini asks Sanskar to leave Laksh. Sanskar asks Ragini to accept her crimes. Ragini agrees. Sanskar says if this is your trick. Ragini says I am ready my truth infront of you

all, but I want to tell my truth to Laksh before I tell to everyone. She asks Swara to promise that she will not let Laksh break his relation with her. Swara promises her and says their parents can unite again. She says we will become Swaragini again. Ragini says I will tell my truth to Sumi and Shekhar first.

Sanskar says she is in Badi Maa’s room. Ragini says she is not there. She says you have conspired against me, so I got kidnapped Maa. She tells Maa got a phone call that someone has proof against me. She went there and got kidnapped by me. She says you shall marry tomorrow, or tell your marriage truth. Swara says you can’t harm Maa even if you want to. She says this is your fear because of which you are shaking. Ragini says you gave me strength today. She tells if you try to hurt my Laksh, then you both have to bear pain for that injury. Annapurna do the arrangements for the marriage, and tells Ragini that mehendi cone is here. Annapurna asks servant to keep stuff in store room.

Ragini asks the person to keep the stuff there itself. He keeps the stuff and says I will close the window. Ragini asks him to go and close the window. She turns and see Sumi tied on the chair. She apologizes and says she is pained. She recalls calling Sumi and asking her to meet in Maheshwari house storeroom, if she wants proofs to prove Swara’s innocence. Sumi goes to store room without a second thinking. Ragini comes after her and closes the door. She then makes her smell chloroform, while apologizing to her. FB ends. Ragini apologizes and says I love you very much, and loves Laksh too. She says Swara can’t understand that I don’t see anything beyond Laksh. She acts madly and says I will come in the morning to apologize to you. Servant calls her and gives keys. Ragini says she will close the door and asks Swara to accept the defeat.

Swara cries and tries calling Sumi. Sanskar says Sumi is kidnapped. Swara blames him for kidnapping Laksh and provoking Ragini. She gets angry and says you might not be worried about marriage tomorrow. Sanskar holds her and says I will not let anything happen to Sumi. He says he don’t want to marry her forcibly without her wish. He asks her not to say anything to his love and feelings. Swara says I am hurt. Sujata comes there and asks what they will do. Swara says I will tell the truth. She says it is enough of the rat and cat game, and says she will walk on the right path and expose her.

Ragini asks Sanskar about Swara and asks him to call Swara back home for marriage. She comes to store room and Sanskar comes there saying her game is over. Later Laksh tells Swara that he will not believe her even if God comes and tells him. He slips and falls in river.

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  1. jyo

    guys i watch the video in youtube that sara and lakshya do not reunited and swara and sanskar married.. it means there is no reuninon of swalak… hope he comes to know ragini truth ..

  2. s

    swaragini spoiler: swara and sanskar got married afterwaiting for lakshto come andstop their marriage. ragini’s plan got successful and they didn’t have any other option to skip the marriage. while taking the pheras, they pray that laksh comes and stops the wedding, but laksh didn’t come and marriage happpens. even sujata tries to stop the wedding and gets unwell seeing them married. sanskar makes her drink water.swara looks on dressed as a bribe.

  3. manu

    What d hell was writers trying to say to the viewers?? That love means pain?? Disgusting ..they never show that the lovers will be together and happy…they separated kaksh nd swara nd the so called intelligent swara is blaming sanskaar despite of his support nd love…ridiculous

  4. Honey

    Some confusing spoiler of swaragini. How Laksh suddenly realized that swara’s words are true… Even Laksh realized I want swasan… Because the one who can’t trust his love don’t deserve forgiveness. Laksh should feel what he lost in his life… Make it swasan yaar….

  5. I think RAGINI is a psycho she should punish hardly… Hate her face always same reaction.what a girl she is.. want to slap Her badly. She don’t deserve laksh nd swara’s sister.. hate swaragini serial bcoz of that crap selfish mad psycho

  6. Mo

    Laksh realises the truth of Ragini after he has an accident, and tries to stop Swara’s and Sanskar’s marriage, but fails in doing so, and Sujata falls rlly sick ?????

  7. I m sure laksh doesn’t believe swara but he believe that swara is not interest in marriage so he tried to stop the marriage but its fails…

    • Guest

      Exactly m also thinking sm dabva drama lik tat oly ll happen. These ppl ll not let her truth out. I jus hope they dont drag it so long tat by the time her truth is out no one cares anymore

  8. anu

    why swara blaming sanskar….. is she have fellings for lakshya?? if she have feelings then why she gave promise to ragini that she didnt seperate lakshya and ragini…?

  9. Swasan fans

    Writers,come what may, we want Swasan always,pls don’t separate them,Swara and laksh loved bt there is life after love failure,n Sanskar’s love s unconditional n Swara will gradually fall in love wid him…and Ragini should pay for her sins n make her repent to the max,she should be left alone for some time..waiting for Swasan scenes….

  10. anu

    i love this story first but not now. director wont swarako ise nayi chodo. Ekbar isko bhi win karona aap kis din ise rorayinge. ekbar raginiko iska galathka sajaa dena

  11. anu

    i love this story first but not now. director wont swarako ise nayi chodo. Ekbar isko bhi win karona aap kis din ise rorayinge. ekbar raginiko iska galathka sajaa dena unki pura family ka saamne pls e wrong that ek ladki ki mako unse kidnap karna

  12. sanju

    ragini pushes swara into river but now lakshya slips and fell in river…. how he will get to know the truth…..? he is not believing swara’s words…

  13. SWARAGINI SPOILER: Sanskaar asks Ragini to stop the wedding and kidnaps Laksh to make Ragini say the truth. Ragini does not agree as she fears to lose Laksh. Sanskaar threatens to kill Laksh. Ragini does not mend her ways and kidnaps Sharmishta. She threatens Swara to tell the fake marriage truth. Laksh is taken to the river side and meets Swara there. She tells Laksh the entire truth of Ragini and he does not believe her. He gets upset and leaves from there. Laksh meets with an accident and realizes Swara told everything true. He decides to stop Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage.

    Swara wants Laksh to come and stop the marriage, but Swara and Sanskaar have got married. While taking the pheras, they pray that Laksh comes and stops the wedding, but Laksh didn’t come and marriage happens. Even Sujata tries to stop the wedding and gets unwell seeing them married. Laksh recalls Swara’s true love and how Ragini separated them. Swara regrets seeing Ragini falling so slow. Laksh comes to the venue and gets shocked seeing them married. Swara’s heart is crying now, she did not imagine this would happen. Laksh came running to his love after knowing the truth of Ragini’s evil, he wanted to stop the marriage. Ragini’s plan got successful and they didn’t have any other reason to skip the marriage. How much will Ragini fall to get Laksh? What will Laksh do now?

  14. Finally ragini wins…..watta f**k is dis………. i hate dis seriel……..raginis plan came sucess……dis is d worst serial i ever seen….haate yu ragini ………guys…hereafter i wont see swaragini…writer ppl who are all watchin swaragini is not blind….

  15. if the writters want to get married only for laksh and ragini from the begging then why did they bring the love track of laksh and swara. I dont understand why alway only evil wins in the daily soap. not even one had showen that those who loves together got married.

  16. tamizhfan

    I don’t understand something. If swara acts as if she got married wearing mangalsutra, having sindoor maang then it is right because she wants to bring ragini’s truth out. But if sanskar kidnaps laksh (he didn’t mean 2 harm him) and forces ragini 2 say truth, thn it’s such a murder mistake 4 swara huh ?? Wat s tis.. ridiculous. He s finding out every possible way 2 stop d marg nd bring out Ragini’s truth as well as didn’t force Swara 2 acpt his luv either r misbehaved wid her.. bt evrytime swara insulting him.. it seems like ragini is better than swara. Atleast she acts like everything is fair in luv nd war.

  17. Guest

    Seriously ya. They want to increase trp s so marriage happened. Obviously now everyone ll watch cause they want to see wat ll happen next. But marriage before truth was a bad move

  18. ishveer

    I don’t understand the concept of this show.they always portray the bad deeds is win.plz change the face reaction ragini….l see ur face so much of irritating…..u know the meaning of apologize,that means unknowingly made a mistake…..u known very well that ur doing always wrong….why u apologize devil ragini????? …..meaningless…. So much of dragging…

  19. R

    May b after falling into the river he may b saved By the same persons or undergo same situations where swara has already gone through
    Then in that area he got to know the truth
    Then may b he believe swara and run to the mandap to stop the mrg
    Yeah really I hate ragini doin the same reaction
    Swara you cannot blame sanskaar
    Think abt him with a cool mind
    Mayb after some tym she understands sanskaar

  20. rosy

    How can an intentionally planned murder b undrstood by an accident….i mean how da accident of laksh slipping in da river gets equal to da planned murder of swara(rags pushing swara into the river)
    it might happen dat laksh misundrstand da pushing incident by da accident,,he might take dat rags told sumthng grave to swara and swara cudnt bear it and unmind fully she slips n fall into da river as in da precape swara tries tlng da truth laksh gets gravely hurt nd unmindfully slips….bt writers ths is nt da truth…
    Arrey forget ths truth what of da incident of rags closing herself in da dickey and blaming swasan..wat of she along wid dadi tryng to put sumi in jail….wat of all these incidents??????
    How cant swara thnk of all these????

  21. rosy

    And directors y cant u put some serious and logical dialogs in swara mouth????
    Wen rags can say how can swasan hurt laksh cant swara say da way u tried to hurt me,,sumi dida y cant i hurt laksh…???
    N y cant sumi say to rags wen repeatedly rags ask forgiveness aftr doin wrong dat y ur crimes wl b forgiven…??
    Y wl only swara say truth y cant u…if ur r bound wid laksh love y cant swara b bound by her parents welfare….wen u can only thnk abt ur love and do all evil y cant swasan thnk of da welfare of all and do sumthng against u?????
    Arrey good positive girls r nt dumb dat they cnt protest such thngs….

  22. Guddu

    Please re-unite Swara and Lakshya. First love can never be forgotten. And why should everyone suffer because of one person’s evil intention.
    Please don’t give a wrong message to the viewers that everything is fair in love and war, even killing

  23. i think it swara and saskaar are better than sware and laksh I think it would be better when laksh should know all truth of ragini during swar and saskare marriage.And he should try to rush home to stop marriage.But own fortunately he fell too stop it by ragini master plan.And in sware life there would starting filling for sasakare .I love it very very much.

  24. i think swara and saskaar are better than sware and laksh I think it would be better when laksh should know all truth of ragini during swar and saskare marriage.And he should try to rush home to stop marriage.But own fortunately he fell too stop it by ragini master plan.And in sware life there would starting filling for sasakare .I love it very very much.

  25. xyz

    Idk why but I’m having a negative feeling about this serial.. And i think that’s really bad.. Evil wins all the time… Stupid ppl. Even after the truth is said they don’t believe it. And the precap where laksh says that “agar bhagwan bhi aa jaaye tumhari sacchai batane tab bhi main nahi maanunga ” I mean really.. Being with ragini I feel even he has become a psycho.. I personally hate the current track even though it’s full of twists..

  26. maha

    Unite SwaLak . Otherwise I will stop watching Swaragini. The makers can cast someone else opposite sanskaar and raginu.

  27. Matendo pharida

    However much swara gets married to sanskar. she still loves Lakshy and swaLak e best couple.

  28. Simzain

    If lakshya seriously blvs swaraz words aftr d incident(of him flng in river)n triesto stop d mrg but fails den its d best thing coz d evil gets punished n d gud ppl rewarded n d dumb ppl left wid regets…coz wen laksh cms to knw bot d truth n tries to stop d mrg n evn if hez sucsful n dng so den wat aftr dat he wnt swara back????but its too late fr him coz he did not blvd n trustd her wen whe needed it d most so he does not deserve swara n once laksh cms to knw raginis truth he wil hate her evn more as he cnt get swara back ever coz of ragini n she wil b shattered cng laksh hating her as ahe has evn lost his frndshp…n finally sanskar d real hero wil get d luv if his life n gradually swara wil also fal in luv wid him…so its a perfect twist does ny1 agree????

  29. rosy

    Swara swara swara kal tak aap selfrespect ki baat kr rahi thi par yeh self respect hota kya hain???
    According to me however its respecting self identity,,self originality,,self potential,,and protesting if sum1 is having a very mean notion of self actions and trying to insult da very existence of a person….n character..
    So swara plz forget self respect and go back to laksh…forget who u r and wat u r standing for…forget how u were being insultd,,blamed repeatdly and brought down to the gutter…
    If im not wrong swara was being told by da same laksh dat she is a girl who roams abt wid many guys at a tym(meaning a characterless)
    so u forget all these and go back to laksh…

  30. nira

    i hate egoistic heroes n manhandling smtyms i leaved shws fr dis type attitude bt tdy swara was annoying n i hate dis typ of heroines swaras behaviour has become too annoying frm sm days she deserve wht sanskar tld hr

  31. rosy

    Arrey women r not dolls dat she wl b loved(useful) and thrown away wen she is of no use..

  32. swaragini

    Swara sanskar swasan will marry.
    They will wait for laksh’s wait to stop their marriage but laksh’s will cum after finding out but will be too late

    Sorry swalak fans I also really wanted swara laksh but know I feel laksh doesn’t deserve swara. Ragini can go hell with all her sins.

  33. sabita chakraborti

    guys everyone is telling that ragini won but the truth is even after winning the game ragini loose the game because laksh came to know the truth .ragini did this because of laksh because she wanted laksh to give her love , but now even that is not possible since he came to know the truth .. poor swara I feel upset for her , but I believe she will soon fall in love with sanskar and that’s how the twist will be in this show ..I love this serial now more .excited to watch further series .

  34. sandy

    Arey just try to understand d same swara story repeating fr laksh nw. Fm dat river falling incident. Now i think its laksh turn to knw d pain of ” trust in love and pain in loosing d loved one”

  35. all i know is…they are simply beating around the bush yaar…and even if ragini hasn’t won..still swalak are no more one so laksh has to accept whatever is happening… really sad to see swalak in such a helpless condition…

  36. Naz

    This story has gone haywire n now is falling down like a house of cards……out of control, nothing positive happening. Every time I see rags face, I feel like slapping that deceptive innocence off her face. Hate you ragini!!!!! Psyco !!!!!

  37. plzz plz plz reunite swara n laksh.. Swalak rocks.. I cant see swara with sanskar.. Sanskar is a good person.. But swara is best only for laksh.. Missing swalak scenes sooooo muchhh….. Luv u swalak

  38. Kat

    Well I think Swara is rude to Sanskaar because she is venting out all her anger, helplessness, frustration on Sanskaar. Poor Sanskaar!! He has become a punching bag for Swara to vent out her anger!!!!

  39. ruby

    dear director, plz reunite swara & lakshya.its true laksh didn’t believe swara.but the situation enforced him to believe ragini.because deep love me abhiman gussa sobkuch jaij he .and though sanskar has changed now but only because of his evil intention he motivates ragini to take up evil conspiracy against swara. should not he be punished.i think trp of this serial will go down if ragini always win and lakhs and swara reunite nehi hoga to .already lovers of this serial starts to say like concept less bakawas serial.

  40. Ritu

    Varun Kapoor nice actingacting,writers we want to c Swara falling in love with sanskarin,start their love track…Sanskar should get hurt only then she will realise her consideration for him,something like that can trigger love.. It s a cliché bt no other go…we want Swasan…

  41. madhu

    Wht nonsense?? Shadi ko majak bna rkha hai….jisse pyar ni usse shadi ho gyi….aur phr devar bhabhi ka pyar dikhana….

    Best is swara and sanskar love track…..atleat woh dumb Laksh se toh better hai….

  42. aadita

    People plz stop watching this serial becoz alwyas ragini wins jst swara will give big big dialogue but she cannot do anything i hate watching this serial

  43. Swasan

    Swara should never go bk to Laksh ,pls writers,nobody can play with a girl’s self respect in the name of love..love widot trust is nt true love..Sanskar’s love is true n unconditional, Swara can’t deny it for long,start their love track soon…

  44. Naz

    I also want the same thing…swara n laksh together. I loved their romantic moments. I realise that rags I frustrated that laksh don’t love her n that is y she’ s compelled to do what she does…..when someone can’ t get what they truly desire, they resort to get it by any means possible……at the xpense of other’ s pain!!!! They dont think rational coz when she tied up sumi, you can hear the remorse in her cries… Hoping to see swalak reunite. Please please writers….

  45. prettypir

    Swalak r swasan watevr I’m ok wid any pair Bt mostly it’ll b swasan…..I?swaragini…..luv u sanskaar ,swara,laksh,……

  46. Arshi

    :-/ what a love triangle ?Ragini loves Laksh who loves Swara Who loves Laksh and Sanskar loves swara ! OUF!

  47. appy

    we want swara & laksh to b rmtogether. love means not ego. lakshya was swaras 1st love. then how can shee lose him? pls reunite them. sanskar also did very bad with swara. this is the serial of negativity. sanskar & ragini eho did all the bad, they became succeded to get their love. & even who both love each other, they fails. this is not good.

  48. shanaya

    this is all I wanted….that laksh should know the truth….and should repent very badly…..he should understand its too late……and moreover should hate rags lyk anything…..he should treat her very rudely….. bt I knw its little weird to say……bt I still want swalak…though sanskar is awesome bt laksh and swara jodi is something else……swasan can be gud frnds…….though its impossible bt still I pray for swalak.

  49. priya

    i wander how lakshya realises all of a sudden…i hope he would make rags confess in front of all especialy to shekhar n dadi…. pls show swaans love scene…

  50. Mglove

    I don’t like Laksh…. He is sooo dumb and to be honest he doesn’t even love swara at least try to understand what she’s saying. If the writers bring swara and Laksh back together then it’s gonna be the worse serial ever.:… It has to be swasan, swasan and only swasan

  51. Radha

    SwaSan to get married for sure…but will Laksh at lest now know Ragini’s truth is something we need to wait and watch. I wish they change the focus to SwaSan. Rags and Laksh are boring…Stupid serial even after knowing Ragini’s truth no one will say anything to her. Dumb Maheswaris and the dumbest fool is Laksh…

  52. wins

    Whoever pair happens that is not concerned for me right now… only now the truth should b out specially before laksh and swara’s so called baba… I feel like story repetition is going on but with different person .. same river same accident same delay same truth…. Uffff… pls writers bring the truth out.. its more than enough for us…

  53. naima

    Any way afrer laksh fall in to river he Will realise That whatever swara told was right.?. but one thing swara and laksh should not become one.becouse he dont desrve swara .he deserves That behenji,evil,heartless ragini.

  54. ADELE( Anu)

    But now wat iz gonna happen???? Laksh failed to stop swasan’s marriage…………….now wat will swara do??!!! How will she manage??

    Only one good thing, that laksh got to know ragini’s truth!! But all in vain! Now laksh will forcibly have to stay wid that pshyco!!! N swasan…….they will have to manage so much!! Lyk how will they live????!!!?!

    M really very upset wid da current track!!!!

  55. Yeah m ok with anything swalak or swasan
    But plz don’t end this show so quickly
    N people plz post some dialogues in dubsmash of swaragini
    N even interviews on YouTube

  56. But still Laksh n swara thy r not able to take themselves out from each other’s heart
    From heart actually both love each other
    Plz add romance to d serial

  57. Guest

    Very bad track is ccomingup. I saw an interview where lakshya says he couldn’t stop marriage so he ll adjust to ragini. I hate this serial now. Till ragini s punished this serial vil be in my hate list. Sawsan s good pair . but lakshya should leave ragini. If he adjusts t ll be victory of evil

    • Archies

      That is because Swara don’t say the whole truth… She will not say that Ragini tried to kill her.. She wants her sister’s life to be safe as well….. He just knows that he punished her for a crime she didn’t commit…. But looks like Swara and Laksh are still in love with each other any ways loved the way Sanskar reacted today…. He even gets up from mandap to tell the truth but Swara stops him… Sumi gets freed from Dadi’s hands and even she will try to reach on time to stop the marriage but noone reaches till its all over…. Feeling bad for Swara and Sanskar…. noone should get married like that and moreover he knows that Swara still loves his brother the way she reacted when they saw the video….. poor Sanskar

  58. I am a big fan of swasan . I want them to be together and today onwards i like to be part of this page .so guys can i join u.can we bcom frnds

  59. kirti

    Arre yaar dadi ko kaise pta lga k sumi ko kahan pr kidnap krke rkha gya hai coz rags ne to btaya nhi hoga . Kya koi muje btayega??? Boht meherbani hogi

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