Swaragini 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh tells Swara that he will always care for her. Ragini comes there and asks Laksh what he is doing in Swara’s room when Sanskar was away. Laksh says just like that. Ragini says you don’t want to start relation with me, but can come to meet Swara at midnight. She says Swara is your bhabhi and your brother’s wife. Laksh asks her to relax and says there is nothing between us. Ragini walks off angrily. Swara asks Laksh to go and talk to Ragini. Sanskar comes and says this is not right. Swara asks Laksh to make Ragini understand. Laksh says I know that she is acting. Swara asks him to go. Sanskar tells Swara that he saw Laksh coming to their room. Swara says it was not like that. Sanskar says good night and leaves.

Ragini sees Laksh coming to their room. Laksh asks don’t you trust me?

Ragini says I trust you, but if your partner breaks trust everytime then what you will do? Laksh says husband and wife’s relation are based on trust. Ragini says you loves Swara even now and that’s why not fulfilling husband’s duties. She says I know that you care and love Swara even now. Laksh holds her and says I know there are questions in your heart, but I can’t give answers to your questions. Ragini asks him to give answer to Maa and Papa. Laksh holds her hand and stops her. Ragini says I am hurting. Laksh says I will not do this mistake again. Ragini says so you accept that you have done a mistake. She says I will not tell Maa and Papa on a condition. She says you have to spend all day with me tomorrow. Laksh nods. Ragini hugs him. Laksh tells he is feeling sleepy and tells good night.

Sanskar couldn’t sleep thinking about his moments with Swara. He gets up and thinks he don’t want to think about her. He hears Swara coughing and goes to her room to give water. Swara asks you? Sanskar asks her to drink water and looks up. Swara thanks him and says you takes care of me. Sanskar says their relation is like that, and leaves.

Ragini sees laksh sleeping and goes out from her room. She takes her phone from vase and says you made my video, and I will show your video to others. She wakes up Laksh by playing loud alarm in his ears. Laksh asks why did she wake up at 5 am. Ragini says your promise starts now, and reminds him that he has to spend day with her. She says today is my first karwachauth and I want you to be with me. Laksh says I can’t come tonight as I have a important meeting to attend. Ragini asks him to help her wear necklace. Laksh is surprised. Ragini asks can’t you come near me, and says I am your wife. She taunts him and says you can’t help me, but can go to Swara’s room late at night. Laksh being helpless makes her wear necklace, and tells that nothing happened yesterday. Ragini says I want to trust you, if you take our relation to next level and spend all day with me. She asks him not to break her heart and says she is going downstairs. Laksh thinks about her words.

Parineeta tells Annapurna that she has decided to keep fast for Adarsh. Annapurna and Sujata are happy. Ragini comes downstairs and asks for her sargi.

Ragini asks Swara to keep fast for Sanskar else she will be force to think that there is something between her and Laksh. Sanskar tells everyone that Swara will not keep fast for him. Later Laksh tells Swara that if he proves Ragini’s truth to her then she shall support him and kick Ragini out of his life. He asks her to promise to return to his life again. Swara is in fix and shocked.

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  1. Saranya

    Loved the way swara looked at sanskar.she has not started loving him,wen she starts,scenes will be more impressive, watevr it is ,I like swasan a lot.

    • Archies

      I think she loves him thats why when he walked away she was upset and said Sanskar nothing happened and the way she looked when he said hamara rishta aisa hai and then corrected it to friendship and also she keeps looking at the door even after he leaves… maybe like sanskar she will also realise later… he realised after so many weeks all people were like he loves her he loves her not… now same for Swara…. and she herself said in an interview that the feeling has started.. they are bonding and now they are best friends (even hough earlier she didn’t even want to be his friend)
      So keep fingers crossed in the coming weeks we will see a beautiful beginning of love story….. bechara lucky!!!!

    • Saahithi

      Absolutely, SWASAN pair is too good…. really love the way they talk to eachother…. when swara feel her love then it will be very nice….please make that moment come soon….

  2. Archies

    Next week maybe we can see sanskar fainting… As per the latest news he eats half of Swara’s paratha and full kheer yet he is the one who faints 😉 i liked the way he walked away and swara said sanskar nothing happened and how he got restless and said iss dil ke pass to demag bhi nahi hai jisse woh samajha paye!!!!

  3. sanju

    sanskar says good night and leaves.. and in his room he couldnt sleep and thinks his moments with swara.. and gets up and thinks he dont want to think about her…………….. what is this…

  4. arch

    todays sbas segment is super.. regarding swara sanskar are talks about their divorce and but they are actually searching for reasons and laughing with the reasons and sanskar ate swra sargi kheer and paratoa.. swara runs behind him and both are laughing.. swasan interview is super.. literelly i enjoyed today’s segment…..

  5. Anu

    I hate u swara. Why u are willing to intimate with laksh? I saw the news. She want laksh. Only she want help from sanskar. I hate this story.sanskar pls quit from this waste story. Now i am going to stop to watch this.

    • Archies

      he saves her from goons so maybe she will hug him or something like in the movie Ishq where Amir saves Kajol but the pics are manipulated and shown… maybe same case here….. she has started having feelings for Sanskar as his opinion matters to her now… the way she tried to give explaination for laksh being in her room even though he didn’t ask….



    • Ridz

      If u r quitting. Come join us in etretr.. U ll love t. Trust me. I m not even regretting. Even though I had watched swaragini from day 1. I don’t even miss t now. I don even read updates now. I jus read ur comments… To see if there s any positive comment. But u all seem to hv same irritation.

  6. Oh god… Hate this stupid story…. can’t tolerate it.. Ragini just irritate me…. want to kill her…. stupid writers nd stupid artist… all characters are waste especially maheswari family members they don’t have brain… how cheap ragini is she threatening all. But they still beleive her.. .first want to slap that swara she always trust her psycho sister… chiii hate today episode especially ragini she doesn’t have any rights on laksh how dare she threaten our laksh… hate u tejaswii go to hell

    • Archies

      hey watch it!!1 Ragini is the negative character not tejaswi.. please if you want to abuse the character go ahead but please don’t abuse the people playing those character…

      • sonu

        Ur hatred only means teju’s villain acting is just that brilliant. She is actually making the veiwers mad with her evil-giri ? ragini is a fictional character n we all know she doesn’r exist in reality, n yet we can’t help but hate her. Just imagine her level of
        acting, to make the viewers actually hate her??

      • jhanvi

        Ya right I also hate Ragini… BUT Ragini not Tejasvi…. Tejasvi us sweet…

        Nd writers pls turn Ragini as pstv… This is swaragini…. Make it swaragini again…

    • sonu

      Ur hatred only means teju’s villain acting is just that brilliant. She is actually making the veiwers mad with her evil-hiring ? ragini is a fictional character n we all know she exist in reality, n yet we can’t hate her. Just imagine her level of acting, to make the viewers actually hate her??

  7. Honey

    Swasan moments were so nice.. I thought Ragini want to take revenge against swara but on seeing all this I’m confused that if she wants to take revenge on Laksh? Please someone one tell me am I right??!!

    • AS

      i feel ragini is trying to give pain to sanskar by showing her the scenes of lakshya and swara and making swara also guilty and defaming her by showing that swara has illicit relations with lashya to her family. After kidnapping scene when her photo will come out then also IF he beleives her then it will be swasan else swalak. this is what i think .

    • arch

      i saw this segment in tv and you can check swaragini india forums you get this segment full written update and you get video varun helly interview.. they post the video and written update you can see there….

  8. cherry

    i think swara kidnapping drama is on karwa chauth celebrations morning.. as ragini in same saree and in eveng annapurna got envelop and she take dp with him towards there room to talk with him and in her hands envelop is there…. but after karwa chauth they will ask i think… hope dp stands with swara and trust her…. and annapurna also.. waiting hope sanskar trust swara and stands with her.. and swara did promise that if ragini faking memory loss she helps him to kick her out but she didnt promise for lakhaya ki life meain again returning and said its impossible… swara kidnaping drama after that karwa chauth festival evening…

  9. Antrisha

    Ragini is feigning memory loss and the Maheshwari family is forced to accept her back, including Lakshya. On the other hand, Lakshya is desperate to get back Swara (Helly Shah) into his life. In a bid to bring Swara closer to Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor), she also encourages her to keep fast for him on Karva Chauth. Sanskaar also observes fast to give company to Swara and we will see him fainting on her. This is when she will get some idea of the extent of his feelings for her. Post this, Ragini will get Swara kidnapped by a few goons while Lakshya will go to save her. They will get close and remember some beautiful moments from their past. This will irritate Ragini even more and she will click some pictures of the two to prove that Swara is out to destroy her relationship. She will plan to show them to the family. Lakshya who doesn’t believe Ragini’s memory loss drama will think she is one responsible. Swara will refute this and he will be adamant. There is some speculation that Swara might make a promise to Lakshya to get back into his life if he manages to prove her wrong. In the mean time, Sanskaar will support Swara as much as possible. Viewers will be aware that he is keeping tabs on Ragini’s movements in Swaragini.

  10. Amritha

    I like Tejaswi and Varun bt onscreen I like Swasan pair…love has not even started still so many fans.it will increase if track shifts more to swasan.

  11. alzz

    Oh god ragini…. U r such a cheap girl… Bt i like d villain role coz i felt so suffocating seeing swara n sankar so helpless….. N swara if u dn’ t wanna marry laksh den u can marry sankar… Watz d big problem in dat..

  12. Amritha

    Swara will promise not to support Ragini if she is proven wrong by Lakshya bt she didn’t promise to go bk to laksh.,saw an SBS,being a swasan fan glad abt tat

  13. alzz

    I am Waiting for the day when swara will be realising that she loves sankar…. 4 u laksh, whatever it may be i wanna u to think a million times dat ragini is ur wife.. N dn’t ever cum in between swara n laksh…. U r d main problem nt ragini….
    N 4 sankar i like ur role… Bt i want some courage from u…

  14. Anulekha

    I just can’t understand one thing.. When swasan were faking their marriage they were sharing same room and now when they are really married they r living in separate rooms… What kind of thing is this… Now also sanskaar can sleep in sofa… Loving swasan.. And waiting to see their love blossoming… ?

  15. rosy

    Swara hav sum shame n gv tight slaps to laksh wen he is sayng all those bullsht thngs of wantng u back….arrey u dnt love sanskar na bt try to RESPECT HIM N HIS REGULAR ATTEMPTS TO SAVE U….u wont get such a lover friend hubby in laksh even….

    N laksh y r u nw bcumng one of those psycho dominatng one sided lover…u n rags r no different both wana get love forcibly n hav no maturity in nature…
    Whereas da character sanskar hav much depth….

    • sonu

      There is a track where it will b shown that swara gets kidnapped n laksh saves her n in relief she hugs him n that kamini rags take their pics to show the family, to defame swara, n give pain to sanskaar n laksh.
      Now if sanskaar (after seeing the pic) doesn’t belive it n supports Sears whole heartedly then without the slightest doubt, it SWASAN but if he doesn’t then….I don’t wanna say it coz I definitely don’t want it!!*
      Pleaseeeee writers make it SWASAN…make it so sanskaar will believe in Swara no matter wat!!!

  16. prena

    No improvement at all….Please make some twist atleast now and unite swasan…
    Enough of Ragini drama, OMG…stoped watching, but reading updates hoping there wud be some positivity… but stiil same things repeating again and again…
    On marriage day of lucky ,swara was pushed in river, sanskar found swara,then she came but then laksh married ragini
    Then on swasan marriage Laksh fell in river same story and when he reached marriage got over..
    Now swara will be kidnapped, laksh will find swara..
    OMG, Sanskar acted as mad,ragini with memory loss….
    In near future, only sanskaar and ragini will be kidnapped i think..
    Pls dont spoil this , bring lovely swasan moments and make ragini positive

    • Ridz

      Ragini s already been kidnapped remember wth sanskaar s help… Oly sanskaar s left.. So funny this serial s. Kidnap … Memory loss… Bad turns good good turns bad…

  17. SWASAN are currently the best on screen couple..they are my favorite couple after zaya
    Hey was anybody a fan of zaya Jere?( I’m talking about zain Aliya of beintehaa)
    Ohh…!! How badly I miss beintehaa

    • Archies

      Not beintehaa but miss Rangrasia… I didn’t watch beintehaa…. hope they show some love and not just twists and turns with negativity

    • Safna

      I am a big fan of beintehaa. Zaya was the best :). It was a lil bit boring to the last. But i lovd it. And here swasan should unite. They r dragging this serial too much.. No twists and positivity…

    • Meeee but m die hard zaaya fan…. actually its zaaya before it was zaya but now its zaaya remember the episode in which zain gifted aaliya a neck piece on it it was wrote “ZAAYA” not zaya…. remember??? Even I miss it it was closed coz of big boss at night few ppl used to watch and trp fell down… so….. I hope they will be back with s2

  18. ishu

    omg…i reallly want to kill swara and laksh….what a shamlesss dialogues…disgusting…
    ohmy poor sanskar i really bad for u….sans always being her bt swara just using herself only…sans plz stayaway from swsra bzc c is not deserve ur pure love….
    laksh i m sure he is not reallly love swara…nw he crush his ego…he cant c swara with anyone….its not love he is also do that same ragini….so whats the diff btn laksh and ragini….they r d best pair…
    plz writters….this serial almost have lot of draggging…..plz make some fun…some romantc….v want to c sme difff….not again reveng only its so irritating…

  19. I thnk ragini is taking revenge on laksh…she wants to make him all the feelings nd betrayal wch she felt …..mayb he may he may turn -ve..nd even harm sanskar for swara…..so she cls make him realise thz is wat she did ……love makes a man blind

  20. Sonia

    Stupid track ,stupid show
    Swalak was so great pair and now all.of sudden that druggist sanky hero and ragini pyscho and separate them ,they portraying love in very bad way
    I watched this serial for swalak ,no stopped watching and just read WUs but think this ragini crap drama never gonna over ,can’t tortoure on my laksh ,yeah I saw how sensible that sanky man is ,forgot her lover and fallen for swara in few days ,I’m sure now next track will be Kavita coming back as ghost and made sanky life hell as this is RS show ,anything can be happened ,I think that would be mich oee interesting than this crap drama

    • ash

      I cant digest swara felling for sanskar. How can she? Is this love? In between 1 month she changed her love to another man, it really means that (laksh) is not love and this (sanskar) is not love. Totally swara s love is not a love. May be sanskar likers accecpt swara s love. Otherwise……………again and again I told swara s feeling for sanskar can t possible. Only story writer can do this, real life no one can t forget their true love

  21. I thnk more thn ragini ,swara is the main villain…just to make her maa nd dad relation..she in a way distroyed her sisters relation….she cld do it in sme other wayyy…..i thnk their is no dfrnc btwn rag nd swara…even nw swara is using sanskar..

  22. Veena

    Kidnapping is a simple game for swaragini serial,bt this many in a row..weak track.waiting for some good swasan moments.

  23. I really liked Swasan sceine today, the way sanskar helped swara getting rid of her cough I just hope she soon realise his love for her. And that psyco ragingi, I felt like killing her. She won’t change, I mean she puts a camera in a vase. She is crazy. Why didn’t laksh just strangled that psyco while putting the necklace on for her.

  24. Archies

    Has anyone got the link for that SBAS where Helly gives Varun 100 bachoka ashirwad??? I’m still not able to find it 🙁

  25. ZHAN

    i think swara as love to laksh now also love cant change like swtichs once we love a person its staionary we love him .. otherwise we have to hate him but swara dosent do tht tooo i think swara still have feelings for laksh

    • ash

      Yes agree. Sanskar transfer his love to swara, just because kavitha is no more. But laksh still before swara s front. How she love sanskar. It is impossible but it happends…..idiotic. yes swasan love scene comes, but viewers dreams. In this story never comes

  26. Sandya

    Rashmi Sharma serials are only of drama no reality this too much how can ragini do such things when swara is ready support and reunite with laksh everyone in the house r brainless how can they trust ragini so easily, they r taking viewers for granted

  27. Kalika

    Hello all

    As much as people hate Ragini, she is the reason Swara and Sanskaar are getting closer. Though I wish Sanskaar wiuld stand up for himself and stop being a plaything for Swara to use as she pleases. Would really like to see Swara do some chasing for a change. Ragini can gave Laksh lets face it Laksh isn’t exactly a prize he is as bad as Ragini. Swara is selfish I await the day she appreciates and values Sanskaar. I doubt SwaLak will ever happen again simply because it would make Swara look cheap in the eyes of society. People would say she jumped from one brother to the other. It would be a different case if she were widowed and went to Laksh. These Indian soaps try not to cross societal ideas of morality with their main leads. Marriages have happened people there is no turning back.

  28. I’m not getting Ragini’s plan. Revenge !! That means she never loved Laksh. Poor Lucky,the one who loves him is away from him and the one who loved him nvr loved him. I’m feeling really bad for Laksh. I was just a Swalaksh fan till yesterday but now I’m a Laksh fan too. Lucky…that Swara doesn’t deserve you or Ragini. Swara is the dumbest dumb girl. She has no problem to trust sanskar who almost made her own sister devil and trusts Ragini too but can’t trust Laksh. Swara gave a chance to Sanskar for regret and correct his mistakes nd no chance for Laksh. Laksh , you just run away from them otherwise writers will make you negative next time:-P

    • Archies

      She forgave Sanskar at first and when her life took a bad turned he voluntaries to help… Laksh was also forgiven but then he is behind her to accept him back in her life and pickup from where things left off…. He forgot how he continuously insulted her and called her characterless and all those bad words and torture…. thats why he is not getting any chance…

  29. Writers…..If you don’t have any intention to unite SwaLaksh don’t Unite Laksh with Ragini too. Bring someone else for Laksh and Ragini. Sanskaaaar Sanskaaaar….ahhhh u just spoiled entire Swaragini ( 4 me )

  30. kirti

    Guyz m in a confusion dat kya swara ki kidnapping karva chauth ke din hogi ya isse agle din????? Jo bta dega uski mehrbaani hogi

  31. Plz unite swalak yaar..
    ☺☺☺i really luv them
    Y this sanskar nd rags is coming btn swalak
    Plz plz plz plz plz unite them please?

  32. Kirti sayad karva chauth k baad ho GI.swara k dress sy andaza lgaya.us NY karva chauth py sharee pehni te ,kidnapping Waly din or dress ta.
    Cnfrm nhe

  33. I know for sure that there won’t be any swalak because my gut feeling tells me that it will be swasan. Swasan forever, they rock.

  34. Exactly I feel tge same 2 cause this serial’s name is swaragini not swalak that at any cost they both have to unite like in serials like beintehaa…it was a love story.. So at last they both had to unite..
    But swaragini is a serial based on two sisters n…they have to show that swara can sacrifice her love for her only
    She will not give him another chance she will never snatch her sisters love n her husband
    N swara has already given laksh 2nd chance coz she was never in a mood to unite with him(coz he betrayed her sis) it was ragini who influenced her….n that 2nd chance also laksh lost his 2nd chance n now he is asking for a 3rd chance
    So it will be SWASAN #

  35. Ohhh rags plz stop ur drama u always irritate me but luv tejashwini she is brilliant actor swara is drama queen
    Hope swalak will.unite i know there r lot of swasan fans but thats not mean to unite swasan
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz unite swalak

  36. Swara lakshya to have a romantic moment much to raginis displeasureThe drama in Colors’ “Swaragini” has been keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Over the past few weeks, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) has been her dramatic best, and Swara (Helly Shah) has almost killed us with her overdose of sweetness.

    Ragini fakes her memory loss to get the love of her family back. While Swara and the rest of the family believe her, Lakshya (Namish Taneja) doesn’t buy it for a minute. He knows that Ragini is playing a trick and is hell-bent on proving this. He tries to confront her, but every time the past comes up Ragini fakes a headache and falls unconscious.

    Anyway, in the upcoming episode, Swara will get kidnapped by goons. Lakshya and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) will try to find her. Among the brothers, Lakshya will reach Swara first and rescue her. They will spend some time together reliving their romantic past. While they are lost in their world, Ragini has been following them. She takes photographs of Swara and Lakshya getting close. Ragini will later use these very pictures to ruin Swara’s name in the Maheshwari family.

    However, Sanskaar sees the photographs before anyone in the family and destroys them. Meanwhile, Swara, after seeing Sanskaar’s love for her, starts developing feelings for him. She starts noticing everything he does for her and wonders if Sanskaar is the one for her. Will Lakshya let Swara and Sanskaar unite? Will Ragini be successful in separating her husband from Swara?

    Stay tuned to find out what happens with Swara and Ragini in this family drama.

    • Archies

      how???? The pictures were with Annapoorna during KC…. Even if he get it how will that bring these two close? I can see Swara started to feel for Sanskar but still when will she understand her feelings…

  37. Mandy

    disclaimer : i am not posting this comment to hurt any1 . it’s my view abt this show .

    this serial is totally irritating nowadays ,,this show just bcame a completely irritating and unwanted drama .i am gonna stop watching this serial. the ff written by the viewers are much better and intereting than this serial .

  38. sham

    I feel bad for laksh as he is always get trapped by these both sisters. Now since ragini acting her part memory loss and swara forcing laksh to accept her. If swara do not want reunite with laksh why she bring out ragini’s truth

  39. If Swara and Sanskar unite I’ll stop watching Swaragini again. I stopped watching when they were dragging Ragini’s drama. Then SwaLaksh uniting spoiler came into picture from somewhere. I started watching Swaragini again. Now Swasan spoiler. Ahhhhh I’m done with it . Switching to Fawad Khan seriel on Zindagi. Still desperately looking forward to SwaLaksh union. If they won’t unite , then congratulations SwaSan fans. Enjoyyyyy

  40. aathira

    ragini’s love is not a true one………….BECZ…TRUE LUV NEVER DEMANDS…..ithu muzhuvan dramatic…and fully fictional…….cant digest
    this anymore……….

    • Archies

      aliens marjayenge after being with Ragini and Laksh… Sochenge he bhagwan kaha aageye hum??? space was much better…. iss torture se koi humko bachaao!!! 😉

  41. Jay

    Pls convert raginis bad character to good character.bcoz I can’t see tejaswini in that character .tejaswini has a sensitive face .I like tejaswini

  42. Jay

    Pls the gandha character of ragini .I can’t see ragini alias tejaswini in that character .shas a sensitive face .I like tejaswini so much

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