Swaragini 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar dropping Devika to market, he happens to see strange woman doing puja and gets shocked. He gets hurt while trying to hiding from the woman. Later Sanskar calls Swara and tells her that he left Devika in the market, and but then he returned and saw a witch doing puja in the house. Swara gets worried and asks him to come fast. She prays for his safety. Sanskar looks there again and thinks there is no witch now. Swara shares with Simar about the witch. Simar tells her about a witch trapping Prem before, and hopes Sanskar is fine.

Devika comes home and shows mud pots. Sanskar recalls seeing her dancing. He asks how did you come here? Devika says I came back after buying these idols. Sanskar asks how did you reach here? Devika says my memory is very sharp and found

way. He says I need to go washroom. Sanskar thinks Devikaa is not right and thinks she was going towards home. He thinks he can’t tell anything to Swara, till everything is sorted. Swara asks what did you see there? Sanskar says it was a misunderstanding. Swara says okay and tells him to have food with Devika. Sanskar thinks to search her room as she is downstairs. He comes to her room and searches.

Devika comes and says she is here. Sanskar says I was searching for my file and asks her to rest. Devika thinks he is doubting you Paatali and thinks to divert Sanskar’s mind. She says I have to break Sanskar and Swara’s jodi and take revenge for my bhakt Mohini….She thinks how to divert Sanskar’s attention and thinks who will help us. She thinks Ragini……and says she wants that person to attack Ragini again. She sees masked man entering Ragini’s room. She says my work will be done today. Sujata asks Ragini to keep some stuff in store room. Devika tells Swara that she needs a pillow and tells that Sujata got the pillows kept in the store room. Swara says I will bring. Devika says it is a start of game.

Someone comes to the store room wearing mask and closes the light. Ragini shouts while the killer attacks Ragini. Swara finds a lamp and hears her scream. She gets inside the store room and picks up the fallen utensils. Ragini sees her and shouts. Sujata comes and scolds Swara for trying to harm Ragini. Swara tells that she was not doing anything. Ragini accuses Swara for trying to kill her. Swara says she is thinking her wrong. Sujata says Simar is taking Swara’s side. Annapurna says she will call Police and they will question Swara.

Police comes and interogates Swara. Ragini says Swara has pressed by neck and tried to kill me. Swara gives the silver bowl and says it fell near her leg that’s why she went running to room. Laksh says Swara never lies. Even Sanskar supports Swara. Durga Prasad says he agrees with Laksh and Sanskar and says Swara shouldn’t be blamed. Police says they will not keep swara in lock up, but will interogate her tonight. Sanskar tells Sujata that she did wrong. Devika says someone is behind the attack, but someone else is punished.

Swara and Simar see Sanskar’s car losing controls and coming towards Ragini. Ragini shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    total olv scence’s are completed today… wat going happens to sanskaar.. is he hits swara… ? i dont no ki his car not controls as patali did something with car… is the person is laksh?

  2. Saba

    Guys!! I thought this patali devi falls on Sanskar! that’s why she’s doing like this, off course he’s so cute, even chudail can fall on him!

  3. sanju

    its totaly swaragini episode only only 5min ssk in that where roli is worried for her sister… hope its mahasangam turns into swasan favour…..

  4. K.praveena

    Now simai included this seriel. Plz writter whatever u do make in ragini for good. I want to see old ragini.(show started that ragini). She is so cute. Still i see the swaragini only bcoz of ragini.

  5. Sandy

    Actually I am feeling happy as I have read the wu of ssk and in it sanskar was mentioned as swara’s husband and I felt happy reading it again and again.. I mean they didn’t mention his name…only sanskar was good today..a flop episode.

  6. archana

    patali devi wants to seperate swasan jodi to break.. hope nothing will happen to them.. sanskaar gets safed… loved dp the way he supporting her…. hope laksh didnt to do anything with swasan… she wants to ditract swasan jodi.. hope nothing will happend… sanskaar is worried when his car controls gone as swara and simar or there.. is ragini also there…?

  7. Saba

    I was just kidding! Why ragini shouts? This drama is becoming worst as well as interesting and crap! Well kidnapper is still behind the scene, well im sure that sanskar is not a kidnapper! But anything can expect from this Dumbo writer!!

  8. ramya

    I think laksh is the person who kidnapped ragini &also tried to kill her.bcoz he always wants swara.not ragini.even he says that he accepts ragini is also fake.he is everywhere were that maskman appears

  9. Saba

    Hey guys! This is good news of all Swaragini’s fans! I read a news that swara and ragini will unite soon in future!

  10. K.praveena

    Hai saba. This is really good news. Ur comments means ragini turns into good charector. Superb. I really like ragini. Whatever she did i really like this. She gots innocent face but she plays -role.i really don’t expect this. But she do well. This is so nice.

  11. His guys to watch swaragini it’s best to watch sasural simar Ka first because it showed simar and that patila or whatever devi as devika went to culkata to help swara to find the real culprit behind ragin’s kidnapping. And it also showed that sanskar was looking for devika but instead he saw patila devi dancing and also some crazy witch ladies dancing around her.

  12. rosy

    Keep Simar’s prblem to Simar nd dont thrust it to the swaragini family,,,,,

  13. Vini

    Please end this track,ssk itself is filled with all ghosts n things n Simar has enough n more problems there,now merging n ruining swaragini, same production house,so wat good to expect,was watching only swasan which unfortunately is being dragged,bye swaragini for some time.

  14. Kalpana

    The Serials start on an interesting note and just when it becomes gripping the makers start dragging it. Same thing happened with Simar and now with swaragini. This patali devi and devika angle is a mighty drag. I considered the story finished with the death of indravati. But since it has percolated into Swaragini, it has become a little too much. Seems will have to stop watching Swaragini also

  15. Ragini is such a hypocrite. She tells the police that swara tried to kill her but what about her, she tried to kill swara twice and how come no one called the police then. That annoying sujata and annuproorna is still doubting swara and supporting that ragini after knowing what ragini did. It was good to see sanskar and dp supporting swara.
    I can’t wait till the day when this current track is over so that we can see that annoying sujata’s and annuproorna’d face.
    I’m waiting for the day

  16. pragna

    i like the way dp supports swara 🙂 and ap dont act like smart.. u r character is very irritating..i like u in qubool hai

  17. unknw

    hey bhagwan yeh rashmi production na jane aur kya kya gool khilayega…….
    aaj inki wajah se sirf sanskar k liye aaj mujhe sasural simar ka dekhna pada…
    kitna bada paap ho gaya hai mujse……
    koi bachao mujhe yeh paap karne se….
    mujhe ragini bahot pasand hai par shayad aaj pata chala ki kya biti hogi us par….sach me dil k hatho insan kitna majboor hota hai….ahg sanskar k liye main sasural simar dekh sakti hu to duniya me kuch bhi ho sakta hai…
    sorry guys pr episode dekhne k bad mujhe apni hasi pe control karna mushkil ho gaya….

    • Hi unknw
      I also don’t watch sasural simar Ka but I watched it because of Swasan. What are the writers doing? Why are they linking swaragini with sasural simar Ka?

    • Saba

      Hey shuva and unknw! I can understand your pain dear, I wasn’t seen that awkward drama(offcourse susral simar ka) but just for understanding the previous scene, I’ve to read the written update first time, but its ok!! We’ve to do this paap today also just for the sake of swasan

  18. s

    in precap they showed sanskaar car loose control and swara stands there both are terrified and simar also there and maha dayan also there… but somehow he tries to control car and someone drags swara but there is no ragini swara only shouted not ragini..

  19. Reeta

    Please stop this boring track and unite swasan,rating will jump to 1..We know it is Swasan and swasan fans are tolerating all this dayan n nonsense only for swasan.

  20. Saba

    I wish! Dayan can convert ragini in positive!! This worst thing at least we expect from dayan rather than writer…….

  21. Sunshine

    Swara should just get out of that stupid house. They don’t deserve a person like her.
    She should prove her innocence at the earliest and walk out with sanskaar. Or even better is to just ask raginI to shut her mouth and take the case back, else she would put a case on ragini’so previous deeds.
    There’s absolutely no need to justify in front of that brainless family. Swara should give an earful to that stupid laksh,confess her love for to sanskar, get out of the place and settle down somewhere else, where she can resume her music career.

      • Sunshine

        Hi shuva,
        Exactly. ..I don’t know why swara calls them her family…family doesn’t react like this, family doest doubt and family doesn’t need proof of innocece. Swara’so self esteem is the ultimate thing. She should stand up for herself. When it comes to her mother, she can’t go to extents, but when it comes to her, she acts like a damsel in distress. What wrong notion are the makers giving the audience. One serial I had started to like after such a long time and they want to spoil that also.

        At least serials like yeh rishta are better. Inspite of the heavy jewellery and make up and all, they’re at least directing the show against social norms like divorces, remarriages, love marriages, upbringing of children. Here, swara has become so helpless, can’t see her in that state. Add to it, a stupid merger about suoernatural power. Gosh, I’m gonna stop watching this for sure.

  22. sanju

    swaragini latest: sanskaar to run down ragini with his car.
    the current track of swaragini is showcasing some high voltage drama with ssk and swaragini having fusion episodes.
    the evil witch of ssk, devika enters in swara’s life to create more problems for her..
    sanskaar sees devika in her devil avatar and starts doubt on her.
    devika comes to know that sanskaar knows her evil side so she thinks of seperating swara and sanskaar.
    devika also plays another evil trick by which swara ones again gets accused of trying to harm ragini and the police also interrogate swara.
    in the upcoming episode, viewers will get to see another big twist as sanskaar’s car will rapidly approach towards ragini and he will not have any control over his car.
    simar and swara will worry that sanskaar will run over ragini. will ragini get saved? let’s wait and watch…

  23. Shwetha

    Ssk is a stupid serial,bt have to watch it for Swasan,writers ,don’t make it a habit,fans are not fools,we won’t watch SSK every time,not even for the sake of swasan,stupid serial, high time they stopped it,all negativity,seeing the promo itself of Ssk irritates me,naagin mohini,Indravati,nonsense.All negativity has invaded the minds of SSk writers,crap drama.

  24. Hi sanju
    Thanks for the information. I just hope swara gets to know that it’s that patila devi who is doing all this. I don’t want her to doubt sanskar.

  25. Neha

    Wow the nonsense has switched to my swasan also I’m gonna kill you simar for risking my sanskar’s life just get out from his life and do whatever you want to do with ur Dayans patali Devi and all just leave my sanky and u patali devi dare not separate my swasan and yaar swara pls don’t doubt sanky yaar atleast believe him that he can’t play with ur emotions or life show only this much trust yaar
    Guys koi batao ye stupid fusion kab tak chalega can’t tolerate ssk I hate its crap ideas and yeah

  26. Saba

    Ohhhhh shit!! Current track will show in the susral simar ka! I remember k ek din main ne friend ko kaha Tha k mere itne bure din nahi aaen k yeh drama daikhun!!! Ufff mere itne bure din aa gae hain! All swasan fan I can understand your pain…
    With solidarity of swasan and theirs fan.. ✊

  27. Harini

    I read somewhere that laksh’s sis uttara kidnapped ragini as she got to know that ragini has planned to kill swara laksh and put the blame on sanskaar so she wanted to protect them so she kidnapped ragini.
    IS THAT TRUE????

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