Swaragini 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sahil getting Maya’s call. She says life has given you a chance and asks him to grab the opportunity. Sahil sees Laksh’s car coming infront of him and asks how you are driving the car. Laksh identifies him as Sahil and introduces himself. Ragini brings Swara there. Annapurna asks Swara, how are you? Where was you all these days? Swara couldn’t remember anything. Sujata hugs her and cries. She says you didn’t know what we had felt. She asks if you are fine? Swara looks clueless. Durga Prasad tells Swara that he is happy seeing her fine. Swara asks Sumi, who are they? Everyone is shocked. Swara asks how did they know me, tell me? She asks Ragini, if you know them. Everyone is shocked. Just then Sanskar comes there, hiding his face with a big bouquet and gifts. Sahil thinks

his ring must have fallen outside and goes to check. He finds the ring and smiles. Sanskar says I can’t tell you what I have felt separated from you, but my heart kept on saying that you will return and can’t go leaving me. He throws flower petals on her….Swara smiles.

Sanskar moves the big bouquet and shows his face. Swara is shocked…and recalls Sanskar shooting at her. She says you are a killer…..and shouts…shocking everyone. She asks how dare you come here. She says he is the one who tried to kill me, and I fell in the river because of him. Sanskar says Swara, its me. Swara asks him not to come near her and says you are a killer. She falls down unconscious in Sahil’s arms. Sahil looks at Sanskar angrily. Sanskar drops the gifts shockingly……..Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to call doctor. Laksh calls doctor. Doctor checks Swara and tells Ragini and others that Swara has partial amnesia. Parineeta thanks God and thinks it is good that she lost her memory. Sahil says when I found her, she was fine and infact she brought me here.

Shekhar says it means she don’t recall about her marriage and just know about her mum and dida. Sahil asks marriage? Durga Prasad says Swara is our bahu and Sanskar’s wife. Sanskar thanks Sahil with a hug. Sahil is in shock though. Sanskar says you have done a big favor on me, and I can give my life also. Sanskar asks Sahil not to tell Swara about their marriage as her condition is sensitive. Sahil thinks about Durga Prasad’s words and is in shock. Ragini asks Doctor, how did Swara remember that Sanskar shot at her. Doctor says she is in shock and remembers that incident only, asks Ragini not to pressurize her to remember. Ragini tells Sanskar that Swara will be fine. Sanskar holds her hands and sits at her side, while she is still unconscious.

Sahil thinks about the moments spent with Swara……Sanskar also thinks about the happy moments with her while hamari adhuri song plays………………….Laksh tells Durga Prasad that they will take second opinion from his doctor friend. Sanskar recalls Swara promising him that they will spend entire life together. Swara gets consciousness and recalls Sanskar shooting her. Sanskar calls Ragini. Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskar sitting at her bedside….Swara shouts. Ragini tells Swara that he is not killer. Swara shouts and cries. Ragini makes her drink water and asks her to calm down. Sanskar promises to himself that he will make Swara realizes his love.

Parineeta blames Swara for bringing Rajat home and says she is responsible for Sanskar’s condition. Later Swara shouts seeing Sanskar and calls Sahil. Sahil hits on Sanskar head with a road and he falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    hating pari .. nw i want ragini to scold pari and slap her hard.or sanskar to scold her.. .in precap hw can she tells them that pari saying why all this pooja..swara blaming sanskar and it was swara who got rajat that led all this…. i want someone who scold her.. or after regain swara memory gave her tight slap.. please cvs do this for us.. hating pari…

    • anu

      pari instigate sujju and ap on swaragini… she tries to instigate sujju on swara.. but hope she didnt come in pari talks.. hope cvs will not let sujju come in pari talk for against swara…

  2. Sheeba

    What’s the problm with this parineeta she keeps on irritating me and today I felt very anger over sahil and swara not only based on today’s episode bt some unknown reasons the precap and future sahil’s plot to destroy sanskar’s image eventhough I knw abt Swara’s health problm still am in so much anger hw dare she can hurt sanskar and everytym calling sahil’s name offo even in kavitha’s track I didn’t got angry with Kavitha infact I enjoy those intense scenes bt here it’s something different and making me angry to see such disgusting sahil’s plot ?

  3. Honey

    Don’t know what to say about this episode.. Also this track is something like I guess swasan fans not gonna like this..
    I really can’t see sanky like this.. This memory loss track must end soon..

  4. moni

    Soo poor sanky? hereafter we can see sanskar jealous? Then swasan luv will become more strong.. ?

  5. Maryam

    Nice episode…but sahil attraction towards swara is scaring me…..and the precap omg..how dare that sahil hit my sanskar..

  6. Jaf

    How dare you sahil????
    How dare you hit my Sanskar ??????????????
    I’ll kill you ??????????????????????????????

  7. 1000 slaps to pari plz.. End this ml track boring eagerly waiting to see swasan milan and pari should take hard slap by san they should leave house for years and live happily mm family should know the value of them

  8. SriRanjani

    how rude behavior of sahil………….but loved d acting of anuj and everyone today…………..

  9. Meenu

    Swara doesn’t deserve Sanskar..though she didn’t remember him she couldn’t even see his pain…poor sankyy.???

  10. Jannat

    How dare that idiot sahil to hurt my sanskar…. i started watching this serial few days before… n just bcoz pf swasan ff…. n sply sanskar….

    plZz don’t hurt him…. i feel so sad when he is in tear….

    n plzzz throw tht sahil asap

  11. nehasuhana

    Wat is this yaar swara is doing everything without her memory so don’t bash her tar and u everyone remember swara crying so pathetically by begging to sanskar to accept her love in ragini make over drama at that time sanskar had no memory loss he is in senses still he rejected her love infront of who’ll family

  12. Maya

    oooh my God if sanskar belongs to you all then what should i call him sahil be gentle please ua crossing ua limits swara belongs to sanskar only ua just athird party u dont belong in their love story,pari u witch without a flying broom ua the cause of all this traumer how dare u put the blame on swara witch wait for ua time when swara regain her sense .

  13. well sahil is getting in to obsessive lover mode, loving this track…..
    can show atleast raglak scenes that’s all i am saying instead of pari bakwass…

  14. Nandana

    I think Kavita’s track was more good than this Saahil
    How dare he touch my Sans??????
    Please stop this Pari drama and Sharmishta’s pregnancy??????
    And who will care about her please end this track soon. I don’t like this Saahil and his bl**dy Mom. What a lady she is. Don’t she knows about Indian values, Swara is married. What she said to Laksh about Sanskar’s pain I can understand I can understand… Nonsense.

  15. Nandana

    In the upcoming episodes Saahil’s fake goons will attack Saahil and Swara will misunderstand Sanskar. It was Saahil’s plan for getting Swara. I think he is a fool. He can’t get Swara coz she is in amnesia, So she can’t get the divorce from Sans. He can easily prove it. And after she regain her memory she will be back to Sans. How stupid he is.
    I will kill that bl**dy…..??????
    Hey guyzz did you see Sanskar’s new disguised look like a rock star.

  16. Unknown

    Wow Pari is instigating Sujata against Swara. Now I am feeling a good relief.I just wanted Sujata to fall in Pari’s net.I know it is wrong but Sanskar hollics,you have to be happy coz Sanskar is bearing so much pain now and I started to hate that Swara. Yeah I know she lost her memory but we all know that love is occurring in heart and not in brain. She didn’t felt anything for Sanskar when that bastard Saahil hit him by rod ??????. Just think about Sanskar’s love ointment guyzz how much he beared pain when her leg injured. Sanskar will go to park for meeting Swara with the same bouquet. I felt bad for him how innocently he searched for her even he didn’t knew that these two bastards are fooling him??????. Swara is playing with Sanskar’s emotions
    When Swara will regain her memory Sujju will teach her a lesson within seconds. She will definitely regret for her misdoings. This CVS did a good job. You people will curse me but I don’t care,I am soooo happy for Parineeta,she did a good thing……….but please don’t drag this Sujju’s hatred drama. Please make MM like before soon.

  17. Deeksh@

    Somebody plz stop sahil…. How dare he hit my sanskar….. For god sake swara ko is sahil se bachao…….. Pls unite swasan soon…… ?????

  18. If sahil planned divorce drama with swara,definitely swara also realises the pain and her memory will also back.this sahil will also out of this drama.plz end this ml drama soon.always sanskar got pain.poor sanky.after this ml drama again swasan marriage, nothing new.laksh has no role to help his bro& rag to console her in-laws.

  19. Tejaswi is a talented actress.teju quit this show is good this,she won’t get any screen space.don’t waste your time by this serial.if ragini(teju) quit this show,writers will make her die,and for name sake new ragini will come ,she is none other than sumi new born baby.

    • Prateeksha

      I totally agree with meera. Teju should definitely quit the show. The makers signed her as a main lead. Then as the story as the progresses they made her negative. She too accepted it sensing the necessity of the role in the story line. But the writers made her character as bad as possible that everyone hated her from the core of their heart. When she lost her cool she thought of quitting it. Then the writers immediately turned her into positive and she became the old ragini and her track was rushed within a week time. After turning her positive they side lined her role. Don’t know what the writers are upto? If they don’t like to give importance to teju / ragini then why they have to keep her role in the serial. I wish it’s better for her to quit the serial and take up a much better role in some other serial. At least she doesn’t need to bear all these hate comments towards her without any fault of her.

      • Aastha

        prathi u know 1 thing soon kanchi singh enters swaragini as lak’s ex lover. kanchi n namish going date in real too.

      • Prateeksha

        That’s what I am saying why should always teju be the one who has run to after others. First kaavya next kanchi. Why she is always given a role where she is evil r crying. Why can’t laksh for once fight for his love? I’m not blaming any actors for it bcoz every one is doing justice for their role. The only person who has to be blamed is the writers. They are not giving any justified dialogue or story for raglak. Sry if I’m wrong but this is what I feel after watching the serial.

      • RagLak.ian

        Thts was an old rumor it was said tht Kanchi will enter d show as kavya.. n Kanchi n namish r nt dating

      • RagLak.ian

        And Kanchi is doing another show right now so I dnt think she will enter swaragini

  20. Swara is coming to know about her mrg and leaves house san rag should follow her swara should met with an accident should gain her memory san asks to pretend make pari sahi expose

  21. i cant see swasan like this they are meant to be one finish this memory loss track fast i want to see them together again

  22. jitha

    Sahil ki bachi ki toh aisi band bajni chahiye ki woh zindagi bhar kisi aur ladki ki aur dekhe bhi na.idiot use kya zarooath hai swasan ke beech mein aane ka.jab use pata nahi tha ki swara married hai tab tak teek hai lekin ab jab use pata chal chuka hai then he shuld back off.agar hum kidi se pyaar karte hai toh hamare liye us insaan ki khushi se badkar aur kuch bhi nahi hoga.use khush dekhar hum bhi khush ho gayenge.toh sahil understnd that .nd parineetha ke bare mein baat hi nahi karoongi chudail kahenki hate u parineeetha

    • Swaragini

      exactly… Swara is falling for Sahil and Sahil likes her too… Sanskaar being a good guy should move from their way… If Swara and Sahil start loving each other then Sanskaar should sacrifice his love and accept the reality…

  23. i hatee……….. sahilll………… how dare to hit my sanskar . that stupid sahil know na sanskar is a swara ka pathi but he hit the sanskar . sahil is doing soo.. muchh…………..overacting……………. i hate that stupidd….. sahil…………….

  24. ramani

    swara acting is irritating. serial is boring. this track is worst. disguisting. what happened next?
    sahil turns evil to get swara. You will run this track 100 above episodes. haha. On the other hand parinee try to do something to ragini.
    boring . irritating.

  25. juhi

    O god my eyes are full of tears when that bl**dy sahil hurt sanskar i will kil that raskal
    Loved your acting varun
    But i want swasan back very soon
    Please anyone tell that when this memory loss track over

  26. juhi

    Man ho raha hai ki us sahil ko khayi me phek de
    Aur swara ko kuye me bechara sanskar itna pyaar se flowers leke aya tha aur swara ne use murderer kaha i love swasan but swara is so rude she dosent deserve sanskar

  27. Omg suj and pari team up against swara memory come back pari truth comes out then pari should tell san that your mom want to separate you and swara then san should take swara away from mm

  28. Kalika

    Swara needs to die, I can’t handle her character anymore. It seems like she sucks the souls out of the characters she gets close to.

  29. abi

    swara forget all the things correct..but she truly loves sanskaar..so in his presence she felt happy or confusion…but she hate him…how s ds possible..she loves her truly …she did not do anything…stupid show…i felt bad for sanky…pity for sanky

  30. Nita

    Good twist has made the serial interesting else it would be run in the mill. We need to give it time to develop.

  31. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    Agr muje ek nai nai do khoon maaf hote na to pehle is parineeta (oppose to her name) ka murder krti jiski wajah se ye sab hua sab kuch sahi chal raha tha but iski wajah se swara royi (wo bi iskliye) jhoot bola family se swasan alag huye aur sabse badi baat iski wajah se woh insaan aaya jiska mai khoon krne waali ho isk baad SAHIL. And guys stop bashin swara she forgot everything and due to shock some blackouts are there jisme san goli chalata hai (rajat pr) but as swara is standing wid raj she thought san fires on her and plzz dont comment on anyones acting agr tumhare samne tumpr humla krne wala insaan khada ho to may u faint (samajdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hota hai) raglak ko apni smartness dikhani hogi or i shld say rag ko kyuki lak ……………….( dont wan to hurt fans)
    JUST JOKING SO SORRY if Hurts u.

  32. Ashrita

    That’s a good news that sanskar will turn to a rock star to get swara’s memory back … That’s a really interesting twist . now finally we’ll see swara and sanskar’s romantic scenes …. Please bring back swara’s memory

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