Swaragini 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini crying seeing Laksh dead. Reporter tells that Laksh Maheshwari died in Police encounter. Kavya and Karthik watch the news on TV and get happy. Next morning Kavya and Karthik read the news on Newspaper and says they have won and their revenge is now complete. Kavya says there is nothing for us in this city. Karthik says we will start afresh in other city. Kavya says before that I have to do something. Everyone gather at Maheshwari house for Laksh’s last rites.Inspector asks Constable to open handcuff and free the men of the house for the last rites rituals. Pandit ji says lets begin the journey. A sad song plays……………..Kavya comes there with veil on her head and red bangles on her hands. Swara holds her hand and says you came late. She breaks her bangles, hitting

her hand. Kavya is shocked. Swara says I was just fulfilling the ritual as Laksh is dead now. She lifts the pallu from her head. Everyone is shocked to see Kavya alive. Inspector and his team take out pistol and target at her.

Swara says you have become widow. She says your name is Tania Malhotra. You have thought that you will fool us, everyone of us know that you are alive. Annapurna says my son was innocent and you have trapped him. Kavya says hats off Swara, you are very clever. She says I staged my own death and sent Laksh to jail. She says I got successful as Laksh is not alive. She says I have bear so much because of him in the remand room, and says my revenge is completed after killing you. She says where ever I stay now, I don’t care. I came here to see…..Just then Laksh opens his eyes. Kavya gets shocked and wonders how can this happen? Laksh gets up and stands on his feet. He says I am alive…Kavya..Are you still in shock? He slaps her hard and says now you might believe.

Swara says Tania Malhotra, did you realize now that Laksh is alive. She says what do you think that only you knows to play game. She says we have taken police into confidence and told about your and Kavya’s identity swapping and that too with proofs. A fb is shown, Kavya meets officer and tells him everything. Ragini says that DVD which you have sent to us, and says it was your biggest mistake. A fb is shown, Ragini and Swara went to Karthik’s studio and manage to get the video of Kavya’s confession. They take the real footage and leave from there. Swara says I have shown all the proofs to Inspector, Lawyer and others. Sanskar says we were sure that we will get proofs in that photo studio. Ragini says we have the only way to expose you and save Laksh and family. Swara says that’s why we got the hearing closed door and court ordered Karthik not to come citing danger to his life. Swara says everything was a drama and that reporters etc are also fake. She says we have played DVD on your TV just as you did. Sanskar says even that newspaper was fake. Ragini says what do you think that only you and your brother love each other, no. She says there is a love between every siblings, but the truth only wins. Swara gets touched by her words.

Kavya asks Swara not to dare talk to her like that. Swara says what do you think that we enjoyed doing this? No. We have to do this to bring you out from your hideout. Kavya says Swara???Swara slaps her hard on her face. She says this slap is for breaking my family’s trust. She says they have taken your responsibility after your parents death and you have done this. Annapurna and Durga Prasad say that they had tried to get her out of remand room, but failed. Kavya/Tania doesn’t believe them and accepts to have killed real Kavya.

Swara says you should be sent to mental hospital and says you are sick. Kavya says I am not mad, but you people are mad. She manages to get Inspector’s pistol and kidnaps Annapurna to escape from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. every time truth reavealed by laksh’s death drama. first for ragini’s truth. nd now for tanya’s truth. nd i liked the slap so much

    1. Honest opinion

      Good observation!!!!! Lmao

  2. guys this was the last epi before going from home and jst loved it to the core after so many days

  3. wow that was explosive I didn’t think they would actually do that. Hats off to u swara and rags

  4. oh god at last Tanya’s truth is out, feeling much relief.


    1. It only a drama series so calm the f**k

    2. U r right tabu. Swara is mahan always she is the one who takes tge credit.
      But i think CVS gave her more dialogs as swara needs more dialogs to become the heroine but teju even if she get 2 or 3 dialogs she executes so well that she as default become the star or heroine. What say?

      1. Yeah but being mahan is better then being a psyco.

  6. If swaragini is this much brave then why coudn’t they get the real footage.
    And it’s so illogic. News was only given in kavya’s house and court is involved in their plan, so unbelievable

  7. hello guyssss a good news for all raglak fans …..
    times of india me news aaya h ..
    salo or mahino ke jodi ko hafte ( raglak) ke jodi ne di takkar ….yeppppiiii guys …raglak or swasan ke jodi me takkar chal rahi h or twinj 3 rd no pe h…..

    1. Raglak Jodi is not new wo toh ek saal pehle se hi hai..der engagement,pehli baar milna small scenes n all dat..bt bcz of rags neg shade n luxji’s all kaarnamas it ws delay in start of proper story..otherwise raglak hs fans even dey made swalak as Jodi..nw rags is positive n luxji did all d things for which he used to curse rags so both r came out of der wrong n negative thinking which help dem to get popularity.. Aur ye sbko pata hai ki wen negative turn into positive it grabs attention of viewers like in case of sanky..as of now Swasan hs no story nly detectivegiri wen dey had lyk forced mrg,kavita track it ws a proper love story n dey gt so much popularity track dat time raglak hd no story so..so d thing is cvs can give track to one couple it is nt possible to do it with both of dem..as of nw its a raglak track..after dat dey will start swasan n agn raglak..

    2. N dear it ws a fun post of Raglak fan..it ws nt real..

  8. Well done swara and Laksh for slapping that kavya aunty. Loved swara’s acting today it was powerful. It shows that she has girl power. Want more of Swasan scenes.

    1. yup enemy ji…swara rocked it today

      1. Hi there peggy ji you’re right she did didn’t she.?

  9. Tat inspector shld be seriously sacked . Hes just standing dere n tat evil tanya took his pistol!!!!!

  10. Lmaooo funny how police officers are not strapped and have their weapons out like that in the open in front of mentally ill person ( Tania or Kavya ) whatever her name is ????????

  11. Super super super super super ?????? what a episode… Worth watching… Laksh and Swara two slaps are not enough for the things she have done…

  12. Ye log toh epi bhaga rahe hai aajkal warna ek precap pure week dikhate the bt achha hai drama jaldi end hoga..aaj pehli baar mujhe us inspector ne khush kiya bt phirse wapas aagaya original position pe gadha kahika..soo gaya kya???Baby ne gun churali thok degi AP ko fir dp ka kya hoga??pehle hi uske expression aise hai jaise kya ho raha hai sb sar ke upar ja raha he is so confused..?kbse 2nd rp bana hua tha aaj dialogue mil hi gaya..waise kya plan kiya swaragini ne wahh ye toh police se aage nikal gaye..in idiots ko hatao jinko insaan or putle ke bich ka fark nai samjha wo kis kaam ke swaragini ko pura police Dept dedo koi crime krneki himmat nai karega..ek raat me 2 babies ka kaam tamam kr diya..swara is right Tanya baby is mentally sick usse mental hospital me bhejo..aagyi Bali ka bakara banne aur fas gayi..drame ko end jaldi karo swaragini ko saathiya na banaao cvs..

  13. When did that Kavya died???

  14. Wow nice episode teju and helly u rocked haha iam happy because that aunty got slap super namish

  15. MUST READ; plz stop blamming ragni without any reason.ppl alz hate d deeds not d person coz mistakes r common in human lyf lik sanskar,pragya.4me,if u apologise,regret,nd repaid thn its 4given.nd ragni changed slowly not lyk sanskar in 1day.thn crocodile tears,swara did it more than rag.coz ragz lv dead,thn y swara cryng these much?is it meaningful?nd dadi not only spoiling swaraz lyf ragz lyf 2oo.she lockd ragu whn she went 2 MM,blamed evn tried 2 slap hr bt shekar stoped.nd said that do hr mariage within 15 days without asking her permision.also rag is a mothrless girl who brought up by dadi.so the concern is natural as a old,concern,stubbern grand ma.i am nt jstifying her,bt she spoiling ragz lyf along wid swara

    1. But who blamed Ragini.. Didn’t see .someone blamed swara as mahan again..sorry am not a helly fan

  16. nd also it is swaraz plan ragini 2 put in jail.whn dadi lockd rag,swara came there nd advised that thr is 1way that ragni 2 b in jail in d place f sanskar.thn ragni take it as her own dcision.thn what is d logic in swaraz words that she dont ly ds all!! i am nt saying it as arguments,plz stop blaming coz f ur jealous on seeing raglak story nd raised trp.i am not telling 2 all bt d bashers.plz lift d veil.if u r a swasan fan thn cmnt only 4 thm,dnt bash raglak in it.coz we r not doing so.if u dnt lyk thn plz dnt cmnt on thm lyk shameless,egoist person.plz undrstand.dont gv d storyline as a reply coz i am regular viewer,so no need f it.i said it only 2 raglak bashers.if u r nt bashed thm,thn plz kindly ignore coz i am not said 2 u.

    1. y so serious ?? jus a serial … Jo aaj h aur kl nai hoga… jus relax nitya ji..

  17. The person who is doing the role of inspector will be benefited a lot in this show……hahahahahaah……all the time police has some work in it….always kidnapping…murdering….all this non sense happens and they come into play….lol….please show something good…not only cruel things….

  18. most dumb episode ever, i don’t know y i watch this serial anymore….

  19. What I hate today’s episode. Always Swara Mahan get all the credit…ragini was equally involved in the plan to trap Kavya but no Swara wants all the credit

    1. Wait karo swara ya luxji ko bachake mahaanta ka khitab rags ko bhi milega don’t worry..sbko chance milega..

  20. Shraddha Sharma

    Ohhh god… finally sach to bahar aaya…
    but sara credit sawara ko de diya ya mil gya… bichari ragini ne to kitna risk liya yahan tk jail bhi gyi but end me importance sawra le gyi…. and this was not good… dono ko importance milni chiye thi infact iss baar agr ragini nhi hoti to sach bahar hi nhi aata … to mere according to sara credit ragini ko milna chiye….

  21. Can ny1 plz explain me as to why kavya/tania is aftr laksh???wat did he do wat was his fault wch took tania to jail?

  22. Ragini is the root cause of everyone problems.she is such a psycho b*t*h.Glad swara got all the credit

  23. He please any body can tell me the sad song which was played in Swaragini at the time of laksh s last ritual was from which film or who sunged it please I wasnt to know it that song was nice

    1. kapoor and sons ka gana hai wo..

    2. Saathi Re song from kapoor and sons movie

  24. oh plz what trp did raglak contributed too?even when they got tp consumate their marriage trp was still below 3.even namish n teju couldnt even win an award that is to tell u how much of lousy horrible actors they are.cvs ruined themselves by making tagini redeemed after all the shit she did

    1. plz undstand that awards not dcide who is bst.rivanya is bst,bt didnt got an award.gpa awards only in d basics f votes inwhich we can vote more than 100tyms by using 1ID.nd also ragini in -ve on raglak story,d real lovstory began nw nd raglak not in nomination coz laksh nly faked wid his love.thr is no proper track!

  25. trp increased now coz f raglak.on raglak hot romantic scne as ragz drm trp in 1st position.plz check it.bt on swasan helicopter romance trp down to 9th position!!see the facts

    1. Dear at the time of swasan date on that day specially trp ws 3.3..n it ws high nly on dat time bcz trp used to be so low during dat month bcz of massi drama..n cavity track..agn dey started massi n cavity planning n Swasan forced misunderstanding n trp went down agn..ha mana ki GPA me multiple voting tha..bt previous all poles on Twitter fb tellechakkar polls whr nly single vote is allowed n Swasan won all that polls.. ishra,abhigya jaise couples ko haraya tha.. ha agr gpa multiple voting tha toh teju fans ko bhi vote krna chahiye tha nobody stopped dem na..helly fans voted her frm multiple ids n she won..n its a fair result..trp ws high dat time wen ders swasan mrg n rags truth revelation n trp ws 4.4..teju is fab actress we all know dat..n she got nominated for negative role it means she is fantastic as vamp isn’t she??..aur rahi baat Rivanya ki toh colors ke fb page pe jaake dekho Rivanya post ko kitne likes hai aur Swasan post ko kitne likes hai pata chal jayega ..swasan selfie gt 100000 likes in a single day aur kya proof chahiye popularity ka..n previous post gt max likes..soo chill n enjoy d show..SwaSan raglak both r nice..

    2. Well how do you know trp went up becoz of raglak

  26. nd tejaswi got nomination on d most popular award on tv,that is in ITA awards bt which helly not.teju did evn a -ve role,bt she is in d nomination f bst actrs category!it proves she is such a versatile actor!aamir khan nvr got any film fair award,r u thnk that he is a horrible actor?

    1. how can teju be a vetsatile actress when she won no awards?it means she is average jus like the rest who won nothing n the versatile actress is the one who won the award like helly.Aamir Khan is a league of his own with many fans unlike Teju.Fact is Teju cant act otherwise she would have won at least one award or tie but she didnt.but carry on giving her false praise.she still a horrible pathetic actress

  27. I don’t understand how some people can criticize Swara. I mean being good also is a bad thing? Seriously? the same kind of treatment is not given to another serial leads. May be she also should play a helpless female and take all the pain dished out by others without fighting back, then she will be sympathized.
    The makers have turned Ragini negative because they want to give equal importance to Swara and Ragini. But as Tejaswini didn’t want to do a negative character anymore, now you have two positive leads. so once Ragini might get importance and once Swara. both can’t have equal importance at the same time. In all of this, Sanskar is the one who is most effected. His importance and role got reduced once Ragini became positive. now it is like every other serial where the female protagonists do everything and the males are just dummies

    1. I totally agree with you.

    2. Hi isha well said I totally agree with you ?

  28. guys anybody watched new promo atlast cvs r using there brains by giving importance to ragini….ragini will save swara from kavya…kavya was about to stab swara when ragini cums in bn them n ragini got stabbed..

    1. swara ko stab ?? wasn’t it laksh..? sanskaar mai aha princess ko bachane ..?

    2. who cares bout ragini she is a blasted criminal who should be rotting in jail

  29. the third life of laksh…..

  30. new drama episode

  31. nice episode

    1. i agree

  32. how can i watch swaragini? there is no full episode of swaragini on youtube?

    1. you can watch it on desitvbox.com

  33. Really swasan fans are crazy and selfish I’m not swasan or raglak fan but still this is what comes mind after seeing all comments really yuckk they are not lease bother about that they only want money and success and why this crazy swasanians are fighting for their success really horrible raglak bashing swasan swasan bashing raglak this is what is filled in all comments really this show is spreading hatred between people only for trp and this useless people are fighting for swasan I mean grow up guys stop fighting please

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