Swaragini 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sahil seeing Swara and says look what Sanskar has done. Swara asks how do you know that I was with Sanskar. Sahil says he thought he is with her. Swara is surprised. Sahil says I won’t let you go and acts crazy. He says he searched for her in the jungle all night. Swara says you are not in your senses, pushes him and runs. Sanskar and Laksh hear Sahil’s voice and run behind them. Sahil asks Swara to stop. They reach near the cliff. Sahil catches her and holds her hand. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Sanskar and Laksh come there. Seeing them there, Sahil takes out gun and keeps at Swara’s head. He says Swara is just mine. Sanskar and Laksh ask them to leave her. Sahil says I will kill you. Sanskar asks him to leave Swara and kill him. Swara asks Sanskar to go and says Sahil

will kill you. Sanskar says let him kill me, but I will not let anything happen to you. Sahil says you was her past, but I am her present. Swara recalls asking Sanskar to shoot at Rajat. A fb is shown. Swara bites Sahil’s hand and runs calling Sanskar. She hugs him and faints. Laksh says Swara is fainted, we shall take her home. Sanskar asks where is Sahil? Laksh says he might have eloped. We will see him later. They bring Swara home. Doctor checks her and says she is fine. Ragini asks Swara to open her eyes.

Annapurna asks her not to worry. Sujata comforts Sanskar and says she will be fine. Laksh tells Durga Prasad that we should go out and Ragini to stay with her. Swara takes Sanskar’s name in unconscious state and then opens her eyes. She sees Sanskar and recalls all the happening when she lost her memory. She gets up from bed and runs to hug Sanskar tightly. Everyone is happy.

Swara apologizes to him cryingly. Sujata is happy. Swara apologizes to him, for accusing him and treating him badly. Sanskar says it is okay and asks her not to cry. Swara says I remember everything now. Ragini is very much happy and hugs her. Swara apologizes to Sujata and says you have cried because of me. Sujata says no and hugs her. She says she is very much happy today and kisses on her forehead asking her not to think about all that. Swara hugs Annapurna. Durga Prasad says this house life is back. Sujata says she wants us to go so that she can spend time with Sanskar. Utara says let them talk. Annapurna says we will come later and asks her to rest. Ragini calls Sumi and informs her that Swara got her memory back. Sumi is very much happy. Ragini says I am very happy and asks her to come and meet Swara. Sumi says okay. Shekhar asks what happened? Dadi asks what? Sumi says Ragini called and said that Swara got her memory. Dadi says it is a good news and goes to light lamp in temple. Sanskar makes Swara wear her mangalsutra. Main Tere Liye Duniya Chod Dun plays………………Swara is happy and stares him lovingly.

Sanskar also looks at her with love in his eyes while the song continues to play……………..Swara feels bad about the happenings. Sanskar says nobody can separate us. Swara says I can’t live without you and will die. Sanskar says no and kisses on her forehead. Swara hugs him and cries. She says I trusted Sahil and raised hand on you. Sanskar says he was taking advantage of your memory loss. Swara says I thought he is a good man, as he saved my life. Sanskar says his intention changed. Swara says you said right and says she wants to tell him something. Sujata comes, knocks on their door and asks them to come down fast. She says Parineeta went to her mayka and haven’t come till now. She says I am going to call Ragini and Laksh. Sanskar asks Swara to freshen up.

Ragini tells Laksh that she was thinking to tell Swara about her fake pregnancy. She says if she comes to know then she will feel bad. Laksh asks her to think again. Ragini says Swara is my sister and this baby is her sister or brother. Even Swara has the right to know, and she should know that I am acting for our mum and sibling. She says she might think me wrong. They see Sujata standing at door and is shocked.

Parineeta comes home and asks Swara, if she wants to throw someone else now. Swara slaps Parineeta and holds her responsible for the happenings. Parineeta says some truth is still hidden. Ragini gets tensed.

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  1. Avan

    Wow……2day I really loved the episode….I’m so happy…wide the tract now
    For the first time…. I really wanna thank CVS…becoz they have this scene in only 2days…… My sweet…handsome hunk will be back now…..

  2. Juggu


    |Registered Member

    Omg finally swara(bulbuh kanni) regained memory …..thank god no more restrictions fr swasan love plse cvs…..

  3. sapna

    thank god…memory drama’s done…now someone please get rid of this sahil…so swasan and raglak could have some peace…

    • anu

      no sahil will back… as pooja in mm he attacks on sanskar.. and try to seperate them… but this time he cant do…

  4. anu

    awesome episode.. swasan scenes are nice… helly , varun portrayed swasan super… we have to wait for next episode till monday as there is no swaragini tomorrw…. why colors do injusties.. starts episode late by 10min and trp drop … always now a days colors showing serials starts late.. this is main reason for trp drop… no one will get intrest by this late episodes….. please from no onwards dont show late episodes.. why 1hr episodes instead other episodes continue it with sunday 7pm only dont show, ssk,tpk,ikrs on sundays show 1hr episode and show regular episode on time… please cv’s listen to all..

    • Sumeeta


      |Registered Member

      Yes irregular timing is the main reason of less trp.todays episode is superb.precap is also superb.pari ko chata mara.i am happy.ab pari ragini ki piche aur sahill swara k piche para rahega

  5. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Thapad is famous in Swaragini… 😛
    I wish You could all well remember that in one episode where Raglak get Married by Love and family support. At the suhagrat of Raglak Sanky tries to gift Swara and Swara yells at him very funny and said that… What did U do for me all these days?? and only I have done so much for U get unite with You and You didn’t do anything….. 1st do something spl for me and ten Hissab barabar types…….. 😛
    Guys I want a strong and Bold Reply from Sanskaar this time who has to give a reply to Swara for her Yelling and Funniest Question…. 😛 ????

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      ahahaha, your comment trigger me to rerun swaragini 8th april 2016…. and you are sooo rite, sanskar should give reply to swara question lol.
      omg omg… i can’t stop watching that episode again and again..
      based on that episode, it cleared that swasan and raglak have different romantic’s style.

  6. aaha

    Nice episode please color’s tv swaragini ka ripit telicast evening m bhi plzz my friends koi mujhe support kro mujhe eve m free time milta h m is sirial ko miss ni krna chahti hu update M bhi mja aata h pr jo mja telicast m h wo update m nhi I request u all plzzzzz

  7. mahjabeen

    Hurrayyyy…my swasan is bck…but hell wrh dat pari.. M soo appy as swasan bck tgthr..???

  8. kee

    hate u cvs always injustice to raglak !!!!! i hope god gives u some brain ha
    sory to say but really u people are hopeless we expected raglak track after this but u
    i ll just stop it guys i have no mode to write and swasan rocks hate cvs from core for the injustice towards raglak

    • ayisha

      Trp decreased in this weak again hope cvs will change this track.and our raglak track will come soon

  9. Haritha

    Hate tha makers of swaragini…..u people will get 1st prize for doing injustice to lead roles…concentrate on raglak yar!!

  10. kee

    i to agree always injustice enough of swasan story give them some romantic scenes
    and please just concentrate only on raglak as their story needs to be justified and shaped correctly so please raglak raglak raglak okkkk

  11. Fairy

    Nce episode…bt plz show some raglak scenes also yaar. dere is nooo proper raglak track…plz plz plzzzz its a humble request plzzzz…show some good n romantic story on raglak..i jst watch dis serial for ragini n since so many days dere is no proper ragini or raglak scenes…so plz do smthng cvs plz..we r requestng u since soooo many times bt u r nt at all payng attention to any raglak fan’s request…nw wt v cn do ..v r feelng lyk hopelessss…it feels lyk 4 u v r existng or nt..hope so soon v would b able to see cvs dng justice to raglak…

  12. Meera

    You guys are absolutely correct.no proper raglak track till now.we want raglak means don’t include remaining family drama just cute nok-jhok plz it’s a request try to make it true.l am especially watching this only for ragini ( teju) plz plz plz .don’t be arrogant by ignoring our raglak fans.

  13. Meera

    Hope after this drama definitely CVS will give proper raglak track if not it is better to us guys stop watching show.

  14. Mica


    |Registered Member

    omg.. i hate this feeling, got butterfly in my stomach again to watch swasan ..yippiiieeeee.
    and raglak ‘s private conversation scene is good, i know that raglak romance rather flat than swasan’s, but we can’t forget that raglak is conservatif couple.

  15. pari

    wt an episode…i lvd alot…tankz cvs for unite swasan…lvd yedtrdayz epi…atlast got yo see swasan hug aftrt along time….lvd it….no epi tdy…why ???why dey not telecast swaragini for ashoka….whn kasam mahaepi gng on dey yelecst krishnadasi @11.00 like dat why dey cant shw swaragini…swara look like a kid whn she straightn her hair… nt soo matured..lukng like a cute doll….she luk pretty without makeup

  16. deepu

    omg….today i’m dead…our swasan killed this episode….not only this episode…..this whole week vahe did awesome job….truly best actors…

    now pls give swasan romance n raglak track….

    why colors is so partial to swaragini…friday y no swaragini…..will miss my swasan 3 days….pls cvs dont do this to us….u r not even giving us on time…so trps r decreasing…

  17. A

    Wow!!! Amazing episode!! Love u SwaSan so much!!! <3 But I agree with RagLak fans coz as much we SwaSanians love our SwaSan, they also love their RagLak. 🙂 So for me, both the couples should get equal chances. These days, SwaSan were shown together, but there was only hatred BTW them, specially for Swara. So now that Swara got her memory back, want some romantic scenes BTW them. :* And not only between SwaSans, also some romantic scenes between RagLaks. 😉

  18. A

    Finally Swara’s memory is back and SwaSan r together. 🙂 Love u soooo muchhh SwaSan!!! <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sahil go to hell!! :/

  19. anonymous

    for god’s sake..plz CV’s don’t do such injustice.like seriously …..can’t u see the reality………..if u can’t do justice for raglak who the hell asked u to keep the title as swaRAGINI………..please there is not only swasan but raglak also…………Hope one day u will give proper raglak track…I mean only raglak track without involving family drama………………..

    coming to episode it is nice……Swara’s memory is back ,thank god they didn’t drag it………..WAITING FOR PROPER RAGLAK TRACK

  20. nitya

    Aah finally swasan r reunited thanks CVS, even I feel trp calculation is wrong as star plus serials come all the seven days week

  21. juhi

    I am very very very very very happpy finaly swasan
    And you guys are wright about raglak
    Please cvs give more scenes of raglak



    |Registered Member

    Now due to sawra confront of parineeta, ragini’s truth will be out, which will create prblm for her and her family….
    Sometimes i hate lead pair, due them other lead pair fall in prblms….

  23. namish_tejswai

    pls cv kabhi raglak fan ko bhi koi track de do . pta nahi expressionless sahil show se kab bahar hoga. issne pure show ko kinara dikha diya itni low trp.

  24. juhi

    Swaragini ki trp 8 se 7 pe agai hai
    Memoryloss tarck end hote hi show 8 se 7 pe to a gaya
    Guys please can anyone tell me ki varun kapoor ka birthday kab hota hai ???????? Please….

  25. Neha

    Awesome episode…now I can’t wait for next episode…so excited …and happy to see swara varun together… The Best couple… I request colortv pls provide the evening repeat episode

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