Swaragini 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh promises to keep Swara happy all the life. Swara says don’t you think it is getting steady. She says your relation with Ragini had ended recently. Laksh says he is not in a hurry. Ragini says I am in a hurry. She asks Swara and Laksh not to wait when they love each other a lot. She talks about relations, as if she knows everything. Swara asks where are you going? Ragini says to take your marriage plan forward. Swara and Laksh looks on. Ragini tells Shekhar that they have to hurry up with Swara’s marriage. Dadi says she don’t want to say anything. She says everyone know that Laksh has chosen Swara, and feels it would be better if the marriage happens at the earliest before Laksh changes her plan. She says if you permit me, I will get Swara married grandly on behalf of Shobha. I never had any

grudges against her. Shekhar praises Ragini and says you made me proud today. He says this big change in you is because of Swara. Ragini says wherever I am today is because of Swara. Swara comes just then.

Laksh comes home. Utara teases him and asks do you want to marry? Laksh says he wants to marry. Utara teases him. Ragini teases Swara and says it is good that you agreed for marriage. She asks her to take everyone’s blessings and says you are going to be marwadi behen. She says I will change your life as you have changed mine. She asks her to take everyone’s blessings. Swara hugs Ragini. Ragini asks her to take everyone’s blessings. Swara says she will take blessings in her style. Ragini gets angry at heart. Dadi says it is good that you have accepted this marriage from heart. She says you have to move on in your life. Swara takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs her. Dadi blesses her and goes. She asks Shekhar to call Durga Prasad before going to hospital. Shekhar agrees and leaves. Swara hugs Sumi. Ragini sees them hugging. Sumi hugs them together. Durga Prasad talks to Shekhar on phone. He informs his family that Shekhar and family are coming to talk about the alliance.

Annapurna goes to room. Sujata says it is really a good news and asks him not to worry about Annapurna. Laksh asks what happened? Durga Prasad says nothing and sends Laksh to get some file. Sujata says don’t know what will happen if that bengalan come here. Durga Prasad says he will not hear anything against Swara and reminds her that Swara is her name. Dadi comes to meet Dida and tells that she gives her approval for Swara and Laksh’s marriage. She recalls their enmity and her words. She says she didn’t tell that deliberately. Shekhar comes there. Dadi asks Dida to get well and leaves.

Swara thinks everything is happen so fast. Ragini asks didn’t you want to marry him. She says you both are perfect for each other. She says I will train you to become marwadi bahu. She asks her to wear pallu and keeps her eyes down. Swara says she will not change herself. Ragini says a girl have to change her habits, everything after marriage. She says you have to win their heart. She tells you have to say bye to fish, as they are vegetarian. She says I will explain to you and make you like me. She asks her to wear clothes like hers. Swara goes to change her dress. Ragini take out Swara’s dress from ward robe and thinks she will thank me in the future. Swara wears the dress, and turns to see Ragini wearing her modern outfit. Swara is shocked, while Ragini smiles. Swaragini plays………………..

Durga Prasad says I don’t care if the community members didn’t attend Laksh’s wedding. He says he is sure that Swara will change herself according to their home. Ragini and Swara discuss about the attire. Ragini says she might marry him. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Dreamer ?

    Thank you for the update MA ? Ragini…please change ? This negative role doesn’t suit you at all ? I really miss the sweet ole’ Ragini ?

    – Dreamer ?

  2. Kat

    I’m the 6th!!!!!!!! ??? Any way, did u guyz read the spoilers alert???? Swara is gonna be the nobel idiot again. She is trying to act bad in front of Laksh. I really hate that Ragini. She has become a total nut case plus a jerk!!!!!

  3. Vb

    Swaragini’s spoiler:
    Ragini ,swara,laksh will go to pub to spent time.rags wil tell laksh about swara’s likes to help him(actually acting).swara understands rags inclination towards laksh she will act to be drunk and dance with other guys in the pub laksh will try to cntrl swara but she will be out of cntrl.laksh cntrls his anger and goes out.rags wants to show swara is not greater than her and swara also wants to show rags is greater than her to laksh.

  4. annah(anu)

    Huhh!! Nothing to comment! All is going against our wish……..now laksh will misunderstand swara n rags will take this chance!!?

  5. rosy

    Rags aap toh sanskar se bhi bada khiladi nikli….y i feel dat rags k sath laksha ki hi shadi hogi nd sanskar wud marry our swara…i wud die if this happens…writers dnt make my thnkng right plz plz

  6. ?pradishma?

    I think that rags will come to kno that swara is sacrificing her love for her sister and she will repent or laksh will come to kno about swara’s weird behavior…… hope that laksh will understand rags real evil intentions….. swara ur heart is pure…. luv u

  7. Ammu

    Ragini, change yaar. U are beautiful, u are good, u will get someone who will love u ever and better than laksh. Lots of love ragini

    • ♥Aditi♥

      Awww poor ammu do u think that rags will get better than laksh…. haha pathetic joke ha….. she is so fatty and her cheeks e like potato…. not even soft but hard…. I wish I could kill her…..

    • ♥Aditi♥

      And u also showed ur true colors by supporting prads…. so what if I used fake name….I jus want to be popular like prads anu and u also want to be popular so u r going on kyy even if u don’t watch the show which is against the rule and ask to anu if anyone breaks the rule then what happens and prads also knows what happened with anu… she left kyy cuz real team warned her not to comment on serial u don’t watch

  8. y should i support u when u were rude? yes i supported prads, i would hv supported u 2 if sum1 said anything 2 u widout any reason, n i watch kyy now, i dont wana be popular u go c sum psychiatrist

    • annah(anu)

      See urself Sara, u were d one who brought her here na!!! I told u soooo many tyms that animals donn understand anything…..but u…………

      Anyways she has not seen my other side till now…………wen I am angry, no one can control me!!!!!!! Now she will have to repent for hurting me….u got that?????

  9. annah(anu)

    Prads, plz forgive me dear…….I was an idiot to make frnz wid a donkey!!! Sorry yarrrr!!!!?

    • annah(anu)

      Sara, tumhe meri kasam hai yarrr….. Mujhe apni friend maanti ho toh mat jaao…..plzz

    • ?pradishma?

      Sara stop it no need of sorry and no need of going from here v won’t let u go….. v

    • annah(anu)

      Y r u going then??? U r not afraid of her……in fact no one is afraid of her…..then y shud v go??? V will make her go

    • ?pradishma?

      No yaar I will cum here also….. u have whole right…. and no one can take it away from u….. don’t do that…. never step back

  10. i wont go but i will also not leave aditi, she is saying dat i showed my true colors by supporting prads, she is not a leader i will do whtever she wants, y should i support her when she is wrong

    • ?pradishma?

      Sara she will have to repent for this…. its my promise….. she will ask from u to forgive her….

    • ?pradishma?

      No need of asking for forgiveness anu…. u did what u thought right… its totally fine…..

    • ?pradishma?

      No need yaar u didn’t did any mistake…..u jus did what was right and to forgive someone is not a wrong thing na…..forgiveness doesn’t change the past but it does enlarge the future and u did the same….. now she will pay for this in a very creul worst and embarrassing way…..

  11. annah(anu)

    No sara….donn ask for forgiveness dear………wat prads said was ryt…….n u r elder than me……n elders shud neva ask for forgiveness…….

  12. Adina (aditi ki maa)

    Aagaye kamini gharpe chalo aab mein jate hu…. bye…. aaj use iss ?????maar milege…. ??

  13. Ria

    I think the writers want to show that what is true sister spirit…….shame on Ragini…….. Swara is sacrificing her love for Ragini and Ragini just dont care…… She is in a mad race of getting her love……. What is the fun of being traditional when we do not follow it ……. I hope the story turns that Ragini realises her mistake and help Swalak unite from heart…….any ways Ragini and Swara both are beautiful…..

  14. Isha

    Swara u r looking so pretty in suit.it was wow….I think tum pe to saari dresses achi lagegi….Saree b……literally yr tum bhut achi lag rhi thi……

  15. prabha

    tellyupdates…are u there, cant u read how comments are coming some from constant commenters here.. if u want to keep readers, first remove the threee from here, atleast let them learn ways..terrible reading here…dont sideline them, do consider we all people and remove them

    • ?pradishma?

      V don’t give a damm what u bashers think…. if u have so much problem theb don’t come to comments section or don’t come to tu only…. no will mind if u go from here and who r u to tell us that v should learn this time its warning next time I will abuse better be in ur limits

  16. annah(anu)

    @ prabha, sorry but its allowed to chat here!! Not only here ppl chat on all pages…

  17. ?pradishma?

    Really …..uff people like u don’t kno whole reason and they come here bashing as if its thier private property….. god pls give these kind of people some sense

  18. prabha

    sara, not all here coming without knowing..mind ur language..its public forum..not ur prvate property..

    i replied ,ok then why saying people comng here withoput knowing..we doesnt comment ,t does not means we are not reading here..we too visit daily and see whats happening

    • ?pradishma?

      Mind u tone it shows what kind of women us are….. be in ur limits…. don’t tell us what to do u fool

    • annah(anu)

      Its OK prabha…..she said that cuz u hurted us by saying that get “d three out of here”

  19. prabha

    hey foolish pradishma..do u have sense ..here sara nd annah how sweetly explained..are u mad ..use proper words..before praying god to give sense to others,pray for urself

    • ?pradishma?

      I will take that as a compliment and I can’t be sweet with cheapos like u also who don’t kno to mind their own business…. and u talked rudely ok and I repay bad with worst….. don’t tell me praying or not …last chance to u back off when I will start speaking I will really insult u badly I have frustration of aditi which I will take on u badly. Ok so be ib ur small limits like u

  20. wht did i say dat u r saying me dis prabha? i only said dat i wasn’t abusing any1 wht is ur prb? it is also not ur private property apni zabaan ko lagaam do

  21. prabha

    i am taking complaint against sara and annah…they are behaving maturedly..
    but kindly make that other girl not to fight and teach her how to message…we are fed up of her fightng attitude and usage of words

    • annah(anu)

      Stop it prabha…plzzzz…… She said that cuz u told tu to get d three out of here……that’s y she said this….please forgive us

    • ?pradishma?

      Really then get lost from here and if u r fed up na u can surely die I will help u in that

  22. prabha

    yei dirty pradishma…hell with u…using words fool..sorry annah and sara, i am just stopping comments but that idiot in every single comment using words like fool and senseless….tewach that girl how to talk

  23. prabha

    ok annah,sara …thanks for ur understanding.. took back complaint..hope u too will understand me..

    • ?pradishma?

      ANd nothing will happen if u took back or not cuz u were jus saying and I also kno how to complain….. better get lost interrupter

      • prabha

        shut uop u dirty b*t*h..all will complaint and tellyupdates will know who the hell is fighter here..again dont use slangs..i also have a limt

  24. prabha

    dirty grl..what u ll insult me badly if i dont go..that shows how u are,….as said others are fine, u r problem creator of this site..tellyupdates teach this grl what u are please..and u sayng u will help me die..chee ..dirty disgusting …what a human are you…

    • ?pradishma?

      WhT she said ok…v didn’t did any mistake that cheap has to understand her place

    • annah(anu)

      Pradsss plzzzz fget it na!!!! Already that Aditi is a big problem for us………..v have to handle her also…….please calm down dear

  25. ?pradishma?

    ANd this prabha is a fake …..she is also the one from yesterday sara see the dp….

  26. ?pradishma?

    Ok anu and sara I will ignore that b*t*h… let’s talk about something else….. if she comes then i will think… she is a poor mental patient who came here to beg for her treatment….

    • prabha

      yeah, i see u begging n streets gettng fcuked by beggars..enuf.. go get treatment for ur psycho problem punda magale

  27. prabha

    mad sara and pradishma…go u both see urself in mirrrors..u can see cheapos there..what u people think..whoever talk against u are fake and whoever ask u to talk politely are friends of others..
    tellyuodates cant u see whats happening here..
    these people unless are here every thread will spoil and u be quite watching themm

  28. ?pradishma?

    SAra u kno her parents left her na cuz she is syco so her condition is very bad …..do u have change so that v will throw some money on her treatment

  29. annah(anu)


  30. ?pradishma?

    Wow u showed what u parents taught u
    And I kno u will reply….. and it will show how ur upbringing was….. I will not fall at ur third class level

  31. prabha

    pradishma thevidichi..u said i dont have parents so i am abusing u ..also sara and anu dot stop me..see that dirty dogs comment..yei pradishma,.u dont have father so ll talk of parents only…nee thevidichi alle, achana kittilla….only f u have one can identify na..again u see

  32. annah(anu)

    Prabha, u showed ur true colors!!! Sara….n prads….I have a 1 rupee note………let’s contribute….three rupees will be ebuf I think!!?

  33. prabha

    sally i know u r staying in others home.also u ll gve clothes because u need not clothes na..what b*t*h u think..always saying everyone bigger ..are u both from billgates and ambani family…hope ur parents letting u begg in nght to collect for living…come here and do ur pro business

    • ?pradishma?

      YEs v r from rich family but be in ur limits cuz I haven’t crossed yet nd when I will cross na then it will be worst be in ur limits ….

  34. prabha the witch: one upon a time there was a witch, dark face, small height, dirty hair, yellow teeth, if u wake up in the middle of the night, dont look at her, she hates it

    • ?pradishma?

      ??????Lol…. yep v will fall unconscious if v will see her…. our beauty sleep will get disturbed

  35. ?pradishma?

    SAra she crossed it now it’s my turn I am really very much angry now sry anu and sara I didn’t wanted to use that word again but I had to…..

    • prabha

      endhu punda cheiyyum nee maire..u three will cross limits,call others shameless,senselsss, beggars and then will act as f u r good…fakers..f**kers..thevdichi…kudumbam motham thendi thevidichi nadakkugayaano..

      whther only u or ur whole family is pro for eating and getting money/

      great when n 8th standard itself u are using this much slangs means , u would have got several men

  36. ?pradishma?


  37. prabha

    hahaha…pod poori..dont talk of god…go roam around naked , none will come even then…so u will have to sleep hungry..vaa thevidichi sara,i ll give u….thevidichigalae

    • prabha

      yei thevdichi..u got insulted di mucdachi….
      thevidichi..poori nari nadakkunna pundachi..ninakkadi naari insult

  38. annah(anu)

    Juz shut up ur shitty mouth prabha!!! Wen v talked nycly wid u, u showed ur dirty tongue to us……now its our turn….prads…..m scared dear….cuz I neva saw a witch who roams in day light also…….oh goshh save me!!!????

    • prabha

      vaadi munda..dont come alone..bring ur mumma too di thevidichi..because u will get everything and lott of f**kers for u….thats why u roam nude for gettng f**kers….pudachi/////
      in eight itself this much experience in f**king…oh nee maatram alla, motha kudumbamum thevidichi galaanalle

  39. u made me angry u did insult of my God, i m in fast n God will listen to me even if i curse u, i wish Allah waste ur life, n u dont get anything besides insult, world spit on u n u die soon

    • prabha

      we can se,..u pray for god..and we will see,,if in fast then sterday u wudnt have insulted someone who said u not abuse when fastng..haha..dont use god’s name to hise ur tehvidichi tharam ..mundachi

  40. annah(anu)

    Prabha……m sorry for u dear…..u donn have a tongue to speak na dear…..I think god took it from u cuz u donn deserve it

      • ?pradishma?

        Don’t u have guts grandma….. u r such a coward that u use ur language to abuse us…… v also have different languages in which v can abuse u

  41. prabha

    annah, who donbt have tongue..senseless girl..i went quite and accepted..who strated abuses..so am replying..u know everything and dont blame me ok

    • annah(anu)

      Shut upp u bastard!!!! Donn open ur dirty mouth…..yes I know everything dats y m saying……juz get lost!! Shitty blo*dy hippoo

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes u too saw that….. wow yaar I also….. are its non other than prabha vabha who eats raw human

  42. ?pradishma?

    Lets leave guys let this witch f**k herself….. sara u go for ur namaz and anu ria lets come after some time she don’t have work but have a lot

  43. prabha

    yes tellyupdates,..with these thevidichs here u wont get new readers..u three barking b*t*hes are roaming nus=de for f**k and amount..no one will give..get lost f**kers…

    • ?pradishma?

      U can use that link or download emoji wala keyboard I use go keyboard with sakura flowers design….. they provide emoji also

  44. annah(anu)

    No shanaya…..u remember v talked on saath nibhana saathiya page…….u r elder to me…..I think u r sum wat 17 years old……m I ryt???

  45. annah(anu)

    Bang!bang! Raat bhar, baat kar, tu mere saath chall……..

    Doorrr we chala hai jaadu jaane kyuuuuuuu!!!!!!???

  46. annah(anu)

    Tu, tu, tu, tu meri ri ri ri, main tera ra ra hone lagaaaa……main main main
    Main tera ra ra tu meri ri ri hone lagii?

  47. annah(anu)

    Aaj…..desi romance ho zaraa…….aaj….angrezi dance ho Zara…aaj peeyenge all through d nyt….all through d nyt, all through d all through d….all through d nyt

  48. annah(anu)

    Paan mei pudeena dekha,naag ka nagina dekha, chikni chameli Dekhi, chikna kamina dekha………..

    Badtmeez dil….badtmeez dil….badtmeez dil mane na mane na

  49. annah(anu)

    There liye hi toh signal tod taad ke……aaya dilliwalli girlfriend chod chad ke

  50. annah(anu)

    Balam picjkaari Jo tune mujhe maari toh seedhi saadhi chori sharaabi hogayi……haan jeans pehenke Jo tune Mara thumka…..toh laddoo padosan ki bhabhi hogayi

  51. annah(anu)

    Re kabira……man jaa….re fukiiraaa maan ja…..aaja, tujhko pukaare merit parchayiyaan

  52. jhudi teri palko me miljaye mje panha, palke jhudi aansu bhari rehjaye mere nishaan, toote dil ki mt kr tu fikar mere humnawa, pyr du tujhko is kadar rehjaye mere nishaan, mere nishaaaaaan, mere nishaaaan, mere nishaaan, mere nishaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  53. annah(anu)

    Yeah duniyaaan yeh duniyan pittal di….. Yeah duniya pittal di….oh baby doll misone di….. Oh baby doll misonedi

  54. ?pradishma?

    Pehle kabhi na tune mujhe gam diya fhir mujhe kyun tanha kardiya…… guzare the jo lamhe pyar k Hamesha tujhe apna mann k toh fhir tune badli kyun adda yeh kyun kiya…. kabhi jo badal ☁ barse main dekhu tujhe aakhe bhar k tu lage mujhe pehle baarish☔ ki dua……

  55. annah(anu)

    Attake matke jhatke marre hai tu aaj shola ko hatkumaare hai tu aasman pe hai ………

    Go go go govinda!!

  56. matlabi hoja zara matlabi dunia ki sunta h kiun, khudki b sun le kabhi, kuch baat galat bhi hojaye kuch der ye dil b khojaye, befikar dharkane is trha se chalein shoor goonje yahan se wahan 😀

  57. ?pradishma?

    Yeh raatein ? ab nahi dhadkte din bhi…. sasein nahi lete ab toh aajao mere soniya….. tere bin… na bhi lage jia tere bin ab tu aa jao mere piya tere bin tere bin… tere bin

  58. annah(anu)

    Pall….do pall…..ki yeh kyun…..hai zindagi……iss pyar ko hai….sadiyaan kafi nhi………toh khuda se maanglu….mohlat main ek nhi…..rehna hai bass yaha….an door tijhse janna nhi……..Jo tu mera humdard hai…

  59. ?pradishma?

    Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
    Rishtey yeh suro se banati
    Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
    Ek dhup[ chanchal hai
    Ek chandani
    Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
    Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
    Suro se saji hai swara
    Rago se rachi hai ragini
    Swaragini swaragini
    Swaragini swaragini
    Swaragini swaragini

  60. ?pradishma?

    Haaaa aaaaa ooooo ooo aaaa
    Na jaane yeh vaar do har jeet bhi haar do keemat ho koi tujhe beintehaa pyar doo x2
    Saare hade maine ab maine tod de tum mere aasama mere zameen bagaye ha hasi baan gaye haa nami baan gaye tum mere aasama mere zammen ban gaye…..

    • ?pradishma?

      Na tere bina lagta ji…. tu ki jaane pyar mera main karu intezar…. tera tu dil toh yun jaan mere….jaan mere….. jaan mere…

  61. ?pradishma?

    MAin rang sharbaton ka tu meethe ghat ka pani mujhe khud mein ghol de toh mere aara mat banjaye…. main rang sharbaton ka tu meethe ghaat ka pani…..

    • ?pradishma?

      Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai… in aakho se haar asu mujko churana hai mujko churana hai…..

  62. annah(anu)

    Ishq ki dhoonii….. Rozz jalaaye…uthtaa dhuaa ko…..Kaiser jalaaye……ooo….ankhiyan….Kare jee hazzori… ..manage hai Teri manzoori……

    Mann mast magan mann mast magan bass tera naam dohraaye…

  63. ?pradishma?

    Kaise batau tujhe k ? mera kya keh raha ha rahe na alfaz ye jo hai apne darmiyan….

  64. annah(anu)

    Heyy prads…….it was sooo NYC……no haters…..no irritators…….soo silent n peaceful!!

  65. annah(anu)

    Aasan nhi yahan ashiq ho Jana…..palkon pe kaaton ko sajaana…
    Aashiq ko multi hai gham ki sou gaate…..sabko na milta yeah khazaana

  66. sruthi

    Hi my dear sisters anu n pradi….

    A question today :
    Wats ur favourite song in hindi

    Me : baarish tumhi ho batein ye kabhi na samjhawan… almos all arijit songs and shreya ghoshal

    Who is ur fav singer ? Male n female???

    • ?pradishma?

      hi sis !!
      All songs r favorite cuz it’s my life… currently m listening manchala and saibo a lot and fav singers shereya ghoshal… arjit singh and few more

  67. sruthi

    Oh u guys are commenting all the songs… thank u so much… all r my fav songs… i didnt saw it first..

    Ya best song ever is hamdard…
    Jo tu mera hamdard…

  68. sruthi

    Pradi anu sara n all my frnds…
    Dont talk to these idiots.. they dont deserve our talks… daily they ll come n abuse us.. if u leave they ll leave… so pls dont fight frnzzz… i will talk only with our frnds…
    N pradi dont take serious if manoj or any idiot comes ….. u know na if we put a stone in mud it ll make our shirt dirt….

    Like that think n leave themm…

    Sry if i hurt u….

  69. ?pradishma?

    Sry vidya yesterday couldn’t come to class cuz there was lot of sanskrit hw so i switched off my moblie but I saw what u taught today

  70. sruthi

    If we r reading only we will get tension.. if u see a person abusing in first…. leave them…
    We know abt who we are ??? If they say like that it is not the meaning that we r like that..
    sry sry if it hurts u all….

    Hi anu sis. HW r u ? Ysterday u said u r not feeling well .. today ?

  71. ??

    Ragini change ur self to old one he will never love pls be how u were before that look doesn’t suits u dear btw hi vidya

  72. Ammu

    @tellyupdates.. even now she is calling sivam mentally sick..gayathri ji thanks u took time to prove how fighter she is..

    @tellyupdates..my complaint against pradishma.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.