Swaragini 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh promises to keep Swara happy all the life. Swara says don’t you think it is getting steady. She says your relation with Ragini had ended recently. Laksh says he is not in a hurry. Ragini says I am in a hurry. She asks Swara and Laksh not to wait when they love each other a lot. She talks about relations, as if she knows everything. Swara asks where are you going? Ragini says to take your marriage plan forward. Swara and Laksh looks on. Ragini tells Shekhar that they have to hurry up with Swara’s marriage. Dadi says she don’t want to say anything. She says everyone know that Laksh has chosen Swara, and feels it would be better if the marriage happens at the earliest before Laksh changes her plan. She says if you permit me, I will get Swara married grandly on behalf of Shobha. I never had any

grudges against her. Shekhar praises Ragini and says you made me proud today. He says this big change in you is because of Swara. Ragini says wherever I am today is because of Swara. Swara comes just then.

Laksh comes home. Utara teases him and asks do you want to marry? Laksh says he wants to marry. Utara teases him. Ragini teases Swara and says it is good that you agreed for marriage. She asks her to take everyone’s blessings and says you are going to be marwadi behen. She says I will change your life as you have changed mine. She asks her to take everyone’s blessings. Swara hugs Ragini. Ragini asks her to take everyone’s blessings. Swara says she will take blessings in her style. Ragini gets angry at heart. Dadi says it is good that you have accepted this marriage from heart. She says you have to move on in your life. Swara takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs her. Dadi blesses her and goes. She asks Shekhar to call Durga Prasad before going to hospital. Shekhar agrees and leaves. Swara hugs Sumi. Ragini sees them hugging. Sumi hugs them together. Durga Prasad talks to Shekhar on phone. He informs his family that Shekhar and family are coming to talk about the alliance.

Annapurna goes to room. Sujata says it is really a good news and asks him not to worry about Annapurna. Laksh asks what happened? Durga Prasad says nothing and sends Laksh to get some file. Sujata says don’t know what will happen if that bengalan come here. Durga Prasad says he will not hear anything against Swara and reminds her that Swara is her name. Dadi comes to meet Dida and tells that she gives her approval for Swara and Laksh’s marriage. She recalls their enmity and her words. She says she didn’t tell that deliberately. Shekhar comes there. Dadi asks Dida to get well and leaves.

Swara thinks everything is happen so fast. Ragini asks didn’t you want to marry him. She says you both are perfect for each other. She says I will train you to become marwadi bahu. She asks her to wear pallu and keeps her eyes down. Swara says she will not change herself. Ragini says a girl have to change her habits, everything after marriage. She says you have to win their heart. She tells you have to say bye to fish, as they are vegetarian. She says I will explain to you and make you like me. She asks her to wear clothes like hers. Swara goes to change her dress. Ragini take out Swara’s dress from ward robe and thinks she will thank me in the future. Swara wears the dress, and turns to see Ragini wearing her modern outfit. Swara is shocked, while Ragini smiles. Swaragini plays………………..

Durga Prasad says I don’t care if the community members didn’t attend Laksh’s wedding. He says he is sure that Swara will change herself according to their home. Ragini and Swara discuss about the attire. Ragini says she might marry him. Swara is shocked.

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