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Sumi stares Swara and tells that she couldn’t believe that she has grown up. Swara asks her not to cry else she will also cry. Evil Ragini comes and says a bride has to cry according to the custom. She then says no one will cry, and then says I will make you cry, laughs. Sumi says you both are mad. Dadi asks Ragini to go to temple and come back. Ragini says Swara has to go and tells about their ancient custom. Dadi asks Ragini to go with Swara. Ragini tells Sumi that they are going and asks to do the arrangements. Sumi asks Swara to take care and come back soon. Swara hugs Dadi and goes.

Ragini and Swara reach the temple. Ragini asks her to take flowers from the shop and do the puja. She even takes her phone and looks on evilly. Psycho Ragini stares Swara. Swara takes the puja ingredients

and goes inside the temple to do the temple. The pandit ji asks her to drop the things in the river to complete the puja. Ragini hides seeing Swara going towards the river. Swara looks for Ragini and thinks to complete her puja first. She spots Ragini near the river on the bridge and asks why did you come here?

Ragini says I knew that you would come here, so I came here. She tells this life is strange. just have a look at this river, it is flowing peacefully and don’t know what it is taking with it. Swara says there is nothing in our control. Ragini says you shaped your life according to your wish. She says you have changed my life, with whom I was about to marry. Laksh is my first and last love, and you have snatched my destiny. She says I don’t have any authority on my life. Swara is shocked.

Ragini asks her to look at the flower in the river and says it is me, who is flowing without any direction. Swara says if you are against my marriage with Laksh, then I would have not agreed for this marriage. Ragini asks if she will refuse for the wedding. Swara says ofcourse, and says but you will never be able to live happily. She says she hide her feelings from everyone. She says Sanskar accepted his crime infront of you naa and says she was with him in the conspiracy. She says her life was good long before, but everything is complicated and she can’t change anything. She says she has decided to forget everything and make a new beginning.

Swara asks what you are saying? Ragini tells that she will die without Laksh, and says she doesn’t have any option left than this. She pushes Swara in the river, apologizing her repeatedly. Mad Ragini should kill herself. Swara gets drowned in the river and is flowed away with the running water. Evil Ragini shakes crocodile tears and apologizes asking her to forgive her. She says she don’t have any other option and looks at the poison bottle. She throws the flowers in the river and runs from there. She throws the plate somewhere and runs.

Laksh comes dressed up as a groom. Sujata tells Annapurna that Laksh has come. Annapurna does the aarti and asks Sujata to hold the thali. She is about to put tilak on horse, but it shouts signing something unusual will happen. Sujata tells it is inauspicious. Sujata asks Sanskar to make Laksh sit on the horse. Sanskar happily makes him do that. Laksh says he is happy as he is with him. He gets on the horse and stumbles because of the horse. Sanskar holds him and says he will never let him fall. Annapurna says Sanskar is my son, and asks Adarsh to break coconut. Durga Prasad calls beta to Sanskar and asks him to hurry up. Sanskar gets touched with his words and nods. Dadi asks the servant to hurry up with the arrangements.

Ragini comes home. Dadi says it is good that you both have come. Ragini says from where I should have come. Dadi says you went to temple with Swara. Ragini lies that she didn’t went to temple as Swara asked him to do house work. Dadi scolds Ragini for letting Swara go alone and tells Sumi that Swara didn’t come back till now. Ragini starts acting after saying white lie and pretends to call Swara, but her phone is switched off ( Ragini has swara’s phone with her). Shekhar goes to temple in search of Swara and asks the Pandit ji. The pandit ji tells that Swara came to him 1 and a half hour before and went near the river to put the flowers in the river. Shekhar goes there, but couldn’t fine anything. He calls Sumi and says she will reach home as she might be on the way. Sumi calls again on Swara’s number. Someone informs them that baraat have arrived. They get shocked.

Shekhar informs everyone that Swara is missing. Sanskar confronts Ragini and asks if she is behind her missing status. He threatens to tell her truth to everyone and rushes out. Before he could say anything, Ragini tells that Sanskar is not mad, but is just acting. He is all fine. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar is shocked to see Ragini’s back stabbing him after he supported her all the while.

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  1. I wish swara n sanskaar will married…bcoz their chemistry s so nice to watch in future…very gud pair…swara n laksh s not that much gud to see..change the pair ..ragini s gud with laksh…make pair swara n sans & rag n laksh…Bcoz ragini also gud once upon a time…she is cheat by laksh….she also have rights to enjoy…her deeds are bad to win laksh….2 heroines r gud ..hero s sanskaar….not laksh…better swara pair with sans…

  2. yessss u r right writers Jo kar rahe hain thik hai and story me twist to aana hi chahiye and I will never stop watching this serial

  3. yessss u r right writers Jo kar rahe hain thik hai and story me twist to aana hi chahiye and I will never stop watching this serial

  4. Plz dont make swasan plz……alws u show swalak nd now ranlak…..plz
    in indian tv serial always bad win on good….dont spoil my best serial….i luv lakshwa,,,,,,,,

  5. Change the title of show to swara…….remove ragini…as
    She is villian of show…i just hate this serial firstly they show swara nd laksh now they r showing swara nd sanskar ..wat is this stupidity……….rags nither deserve laksh nor sanskar…she is witch…

  6. Ragini is a great devil 4 swra if laksh marry with ragini then ragini will succes in her evil plans she is dezerv punish then swra marry with sanskar and both swra and sanskar tell every thing about ragini to all family and that time is 4 her punishment laksh break his relation with her and swra’s family kick out ragini from their house this is her punishment that she got laksh he is not her

  7. Rags is so cheap

  8. Rajkumari Irina

    Ragini will mke crocodile tear to act as innocent in front of evryone to win laksh…after knowing sanskaar is not mad by whole family…sanskaar will keep searching swara wit the help of swara photo on his phone by asking to evryone in the road…and swara will come back soon but b4 she arrives at their house laksh and ragini will marraige at mandap and wen laksh came to know swara innocent he will heart break dat he will nevr evr get his most lover gf swara n after Ragini gain his evil plan she marraige to laksh but she will nevr evr not hppy married life even she win laksh but will more get pain as she desrve wt she did on her own sis may be she get laksh but laksh heart will always be on swara even he married to ragini…he did so bcoz may be he doesn’t hav other option in absence of swara for his most happy wedding day and the arrangement of two family doesnt want to break n ofcourse the liar game of ragini mke trust evryone… But sanskaar will win our sonu heart and he will always trust swara coz he already know dat sanskaar know swara is a good girl…!!

  9. Rags i hate u

  10. I think lucky will ask ragini to prove her innocence and she will marry sanskar ( I think dida entry will be there)
    swara will end up wid lucky only for sure…..

  11. nice episode though.
    I think dp knows sanskar truth the way he was looking at him so sure

  12. if ragini get married to laksh then it will be uttaran part 2 I don’t want to see another serial like uttaran plzzzzź

  13. swara should be saved & truth of ragini should be revealed!!

  14. Swara and laksh ku marriage aana nallarukum. .let’s hope for best!!

  15. Plz rags go away

  16. Ragini is full of evil

  17. fan of the show

    behan hi behan ki dushman h such a common track…
    boringg track…
    and ragini act so innocent..
    how could they do this..

    Comment edited: Too many smileys removed.

  18. Ragini is a black dhaba on the name of sister…… Swara said that she can do anything for ragini then y rags did this……the shocking announcement that laksh will make would be that he wants to marry ragini……rads plan succesfull……..then dida will wake from coma and tell rags truth to everyone……written in spoilers

  19. Im ok with swasan but rags does not desreves laksh

  20. Ragini laksh shud marry

  21. Hate u rags

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