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The Episode starts with Swara getting shocked hearing Kaveri. She says my Bade Papa can’t kill anyone. Kaveri says he said the same, but I saw him murdering that girl. Swara refuses to believe. Kaveri asks her to go, and says they do drama on stage, but supports truth only in real life. Swara says fine and asks about the girl. Kaveri says she shouted seeing the murder. Durga Prasad says I haven’t kill her and says may be it was because of my some mistake. A fb is shown, Durga Prasad runs away saying he haven’t killed her. She says I took his photo before he left. Swara asks about her relation with Ragini and Dadi. She says Ragini is her sister. Kaveri says Ragini looks innocent, but she is a good actor. Swara asks what happened then. Kaveri says she met Durga Prasad and blackmailed him. She

says she took 40 Lakhs to keep her mouth shut. Swara says then also you are…..Kaveri says don’t you want to listen the remaining story. Swara says yes. She says we were living different lives and says one day she landed in jail as she has done theft.

A fb is shown, Durga prasad gives papers to Inspector and says Ragini has signed on the papers and taking case back against Laksh. Dadi asks Ragini to control laksh and keep her eyes down infront of her. She says I will come and happens to see the photo mistakenly in which Durga Prasad is seen with injured girl. She looks at Kaveri and asks who are you. Kaveri says I am…..and asks her to know from the register of the police station. Dadi asks who are you and what is all this? She shows Durga Prasad and asks if he is the same man. Kaveri says yes. She says even your Dadi want to know the truth and promises to bail me out if I tell truth, and was reluctant to give money. She says I told her everything and gives the photos. She says then your Dadi called and invited me at your house. She says I have done what she asked me to do. I have sung the same song which I sung on the accident day. She says your sasur heard me and his voice gets stuck in his neck. She laughs and says he got nervous.

She says Ragini and Dadi are troubling Durga Prasad and have been blackmailing him since then. Swara says that’s why Durga Prasad got me signed on the papers, and says he is innocent. Kaveri says I have seen him doing the murder. Swara says he is innocent. Kaveri says he can’t prove himself innocent as all the proofs proving him killer is with me. Swara asks what did you say? She says your dadi and sister got happy seeing the proofs and says you still don’t believe me. She gets a call. She asks Swara to go. She attends the call and says she can’t come. Swara asks if everyone is fine? Kaveri says yes, and asks her to go. Swara coughs and asks for water. Kaveri goes to bring water. Swara writes the number from her phone. Kaveri gives her water. Swara drinks it and leaves.

Durga Prasad asks Ragini, how dare she to blacken Annapurna’s face. He says it is enough now, and we have bear enough. Ragini says your condition got worsened in the beginning only. Durga Prasad asks her to talk with respect and asks her not to forget her values. He says I have named my everything on your name and then also you are insulting us. He asks how can she insult her mum in law, when she has never raised her voice on her. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Durga Prasad asks her not to interfere. Dadi says so now you are raising your voice. Durga Prasad asks her to stop it and says he is not weak. He asks them not to test his patience by hurting Annapurna. He says he can bear his insult, but not of Annapurna’s insult. He says you checked Annapurna last night, and I have seen everything quietly. Ragini says I don’t want to bear your high tone. Dadi emotionally blackmails him and reminds of the girl’s murder. Durga Prasad says I haven’t killed her. Ragini asks him not to lie and says Kaveri saw you killing her, and she has many proofs against you. Durga Prasad says okay and asks her to go and complain to the police. He says he will fight the case, but will not bear her torture anymore. Ragini and Dadi are shocked.

Dadi asks have you thought about Annapurna? She might get another heart attack after you go to jail. Ragini asks him to come and show the photos to police. Laksh and Sanskar come there. Laksh asks Ragini, how dare she to insult Annapurna. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to handle them. Durga Prasad asks them to come and says nothing has happened to Annapurna. Ragini and Dadi are shakened as Durga Prasad threatened to rebel. Laksh asks Durga Prasad why he is taking Ragini’s side. Durga Prasad says I am bearing the punishment of the crime which I haven’t done. He says he is helpless for his family.

Laksh comes to his room. Ragini asks him to come inside. Laksh keeps the black paint bowl on the table. Ragini takes out the wine and asks if he wants to drink with the bottle. Laksh throws the wine bottle on the bed. Ragini sees black paint in the bowl and asks Laksh what he is going to do. Laksh asks her to apply black paint on his face. Ragini is shocked. Laksh says I am guilty and asks her to punish him and spare his parents and family. Ragini throws the bowl, and says she will not get anything by punishing him. She says she feels at peace when she tortures his mum and makes him helpless. She says she can’t express her peace in words which she gets in torturing his family. Laksh smiles. Ragini asks are you smiling? Laksh says I was thinking atleast I have my family, but sadly you don’t have anyone. He asks her to clean her face as the black paint is still stuck on her face. Ragini says Swara has made me lose again, and says Durga Prasad threatened me and Laksh taunted me. She thinks to do something big to shut everyone’s mouth.

In the party, Ragini tells that she will unveil a big secret today. Kaveri sings in the party with Ragini. Swara tells Ragini that she will expose her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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