Swaragini 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara getting shocked hearing Kaveri. She says my Bade Papa can’t kill anyone. Kaveri says he said the same, but I saw him murdering that girl. Swara refuses to believe. Kaveri asks her to go, and says they do drama on stage, but supports truth only in real life. Swara says fine and asks about the girl. Kaveri says she shouted seeing the murder. Durga Prasad says I haven’t kill her and says may be it was because of my some mistake. A fb is shown, Durga Prasad runs away saying he haven’t killed her. She says I took his photo before he left. Swara asks about her relation with Ragini and Dadi. She says Ragini is her sister. Kaveri says Ragini looks innocent, but she is a good actor. Swara asks what happened then. Kaveri says she met Durga Prasad and blackmailed him. She

says she took 40 Lakhs to keep her mouth shut. Swara says then also you are…..Kaveri says don’t you want to listen the remaining story. Swara says yes. She says we were living different lives and says one day she landed in jail as she has done theft.

A fb is shown, Durga prasad gives papers to Inspector and says Ragini has signed on the papers and taking case back against Laksh. Dadi asks Ragini to control laksh and keep her eyes down infront of her. She says I will come and happens to see the photo mistakenly in which Durga Prasad is seen with injured girl. She looks at Kaveri and asks who are you. Kaveri says I am…..and asks her to know from the register of the police station. Dadi asks who are you and what is all this? She shows Durga Prasad and asks if he is the same man. Kaveri says yes. She says even your Dadi want to know the truth and promises to bail me out if I tell truth, and was reluctant to give money. She says I told her everything and gives the photos. She says then your Dadi called and invited me at your house. She says I have done what she asked me to do. I have sung the same song which I sung on the accident day. She says your sasur heard me and his voice gets stuck in his neck. She laughs and says he got nervous.

She says Ragini and Dadi are troubling Durga Prasad and have been blackmailing him since then. Swara says that’s why Durga Prasad got me signed on the papers, and says he is innocent. Kaveri says I have seen him doing the murder. Swara says he is innocent. Kaveri says he can’t prove himself innocent as all the proofs proving him killer is with me. Swara asks what did you say? She says your dadi and sister got happy seeing the proofs and says you still don’t believe me. She gets a call. She asks Swara to go. She attends the call and says she can’t come. Swara asks if everyone is fine? Kaveri says yes, and asks her to go. Swara coughs and asks for water. Kaveri goes to bring water. Swara writes the number from her phone. Kaveri gives her water. Swara drinks it and leaves.

Durga Prasad asks Ragini, how dare she to blacken Annapurna’s face. He says it is enough now, and we have bear enough. Ragini says your condition got worsened in the beginning only. Durga Prasad asks her to talk with respect and asks her not to forget her values. He says I have named my everything on your name and then also you are insulting us. He asks how can she insult her mum in law, when she has never raised her voice on her. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Durga Prasad asks her not to interfere. Dadi says so now you are raising your voice. Durga Prasad asks her to stop it and says he is not weak. He asks them not to test his patience by hurting Annapurna. He says he can bear his insult, but not of Annapurna’s insult. He says you checked Annapurna last night, and I have seen everything quietly. Ragini says I don’t want to bear your high tone. Dadi emotionally blackmails him and reminds of the girl’s murder. Durga Prasad says I haven’t killed her. Ragini asks him not to lie and says Kaveri saw you killing her, and she has many proofs against you. Durga Prasad says okay and asks her to go and complain to the police. He says he will fight the case, but will not bear her torture anymore. Ragini and Dadi are shocked.

Dadi asks have you thought about Annapurna? She might get another heart attack after you go to jail. Ragini asks him to come and show the photos to police. Laksh and Sanskar come there. Laksh asks Ragini, how dare she to insult Annapurna. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to handle them. Durga Prasad asks them to come and says nothing has happened to Annapurna. Ragini and Dadi are shakened as Durga Prasad threatened to rebel. Laksh asks Durga Prasad why he is taking Ragini’s side. Durga Prasad says I am bearing the punishment of the crime which I haven’t done. He says he is helpless for his family.

Laksh comes to his room. Ragini asks him to come inside. Laksh keeps the black paint bowl on the table. Ragini takes out the wine and asks if he wants to drink with the bottle. Laksh throws the wine bottle on the bed. Ragini sees black paint in the bowl and asks Laksh what he is going to do. Laksh asks her to apply black paint on his face. Ragini is shocked. Laksh says I am guilty and asks her to punish him and spare his parents and family. Ragini throws the bowl, and says she will not get anything by punishing him. She says she feels at peace when she tortures his mum and makes him helpless. She says she can’t express her peace in words which she gets in torturing his family. Laksh smiles. Ragini asks are you smiling? Laksh says I was thinking atleast I have my family, but sadly you don’t have anyone. He asks her to clean her face as the black paint is still stuck on her face. Ragini says Swara has made me lose again, and says Durga Prasad threatened me and Laksh taunted me. She thinks to do something big to shut everyone’s mouth.

In the party, Ragini tells that she will unveil a big secret today. Kaveri sings in the party with Ragini. Swara tells Ragini that she will expose her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tara

    Not a bad episode
    frnzzzz happppppppyyyyy news ..
    Goodnews: Tejaswi ‘Ragini’ Prakash is not leaving the show Swaragini!Ragini AKA Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar to continue her journey on Colorslovable Swaragini! Read on… Indeed a good news for all the Ragini AKA Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar fans!

    The actress who was all set to quit the show Swaragini (Colors) seems to have changed her mind. While Tejaswi had already given a notice period during the start of this month (December), looks like things are changing now.

    Our source informs, “Tejaswi had decided to quit the show on the basis of her positive turned negative character. She was unhappy with the way her character was shaping up on the show. However, the makers are now working on her character and turning it positive. Yes, as shown in the current track, Namish Taneja AKA Lakshya has started falling in love with Ragini. The upcoming episodes might soon witness evil

    • Sree harini

      I was dying these many days to listen this news. Thank-you Tara for posting it. I can’t even express my happiness. I just watch this show for teju and varun.yipeee!! Happiness overloaded.

    • Tara

      My pleasure shuva, LlfNa, shree harini. Frnz.. u need not say me thanks.. v all share wateva info v know.. now v all became a gang. So no mension ???
      yes shuva vry happy news. LlfNa only gud news in recnt times nah ?. Same reaction shree. I was jumping wen I heard d news.

    • happy

      My god! I cann’t believe a man could fall in love with a person who is murderess, cunning, egoistic, unfaithful (towards her family who loves her), cruel (to torture her mother in law who always believed and showed love).

      • Tara

        Don’t know how they are going to justify their love track. May b aftr laksh saving her from kaveri..she may turn positive. Don’t know how.. but happy tejaswi is staying ??

    • Tara

      Guyzzz plzzzz clear my doubt
      BARC TRP (Week 51)
      Top 10 Serials Of the Week
      #1 Naagin: 5.8
      #2 Saath Nibhana Saathiya: 3.8
      #2 Sasural Simar Ka: 3.8
      #3 Kumkum Bhagya 3.5
      #4 Ye Hai Mohabbatein: 3.4
      #4 Diya Aur Baati Hum: 3.4
      #5 Jamai Raja: 3.0
      #6 Swaragini: 2.8
      #6 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: 2.8
      #7 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: 2.7
      #8 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: 2.6
      #8 Thapki Pyaar Ki: 2.6
      #9 Tashan-e-Ishq: 2.5
      #9 Balika Vadhu: 2.5
      #10 Suhani Si Ek Ladki: 2.2

      how SSK nd KKB are always in top. I have never seen a worstttt show like SSK nd draginggggggggg serial like KKB. How it always tops ??? Suhani si ek ladki is at bottom. Then how their pair is leading in telly votes ??? Plzzz clear my doubts

      • Sahima(fan of abhigya)

        Oh. Wow. Naagin is on the top of all. But qubool hAi is not there. And why tashan e ishq so down. It should be the 2nd.

  2. aashi

    Happy new year in advance to my whole swaragini family…specially Deepa,sindhuja,kritika,Riya maheen n sree Harini…..love u guyzz a lot……? ??…..hope this swaragini will turn good again soon.(my new year wish)..kidding…???……

    • angel

      noooo iits not true……according to the news sanskar will stay loyal to swara an kvita willmplay the role of a cameo means she will unite swasan.her role is brief yet strong

      • Sahima(fan of abhigya)

        Z it true angel? But some r telling that swara will sacrifice her love. Ohh. It’s getting so complicated. I don’t whom to believe. But angel what u r telling is true then I’m very happy for that. Hope it happens.

  3. aashi

    Well today’s episode is a bit better…i feel so rags is gng to be positive again….guys do u all feel the same??…n rest dont know about raglak…but they will focus on swasan love story…n first kavita will seperate them…after that she will realize sanky happiness lies in swara then she will unite them..or they will show swalak again if rags left the show…..

  4. Neha

    Hey whats going on today dp in full action thank god he is innocent otherwise I thought that CVS are upto now ruining his character but relieved and yes I think sanskar has got his genes from bade papa as he surely reflects him as CALM BUT POWERFUL love sanky aka varun today I liked dp actions surely sanskar is a resemblance of dp

  5. rosy

    Now it wl b a tough time for sanky…hoping best for swasan….laksh insult rags everyday n torture her mentally…

  6. Rags wealth has gone to dat silly head of hers.i think dat she should be removed 4rom d show unless viewers will hate her 4 real.
    Besides HAPPY NEW YR GUYS.

  7. Rags wealth has gone to dat silly head of hers.i think dat she should be removed 4rom d show unless viewers will hate her 4 real.hate sankat;luv swasan.(pls let dem b 2gedar)

  8. I liked both swalak and swasan bt swasan mre eventhough swasan gonna b paired I dnt knw why I can’t see ragini wid laksh . . . . no offence guys it’s just my thought I dnt hate ragini bt I can’t imagine her wid either laksh or sanskaar and I dnt hate her too its confusing

      • xxx

        FJ who wrote one of the ff said yesterday that telly updates are not accepting some of the ff’s and they gonna do it after 4th jan…

        Am not sure.. but i think it was for that ff or it was for all of the ff’s.

  9. akku

    sbb be dikhaya gaya ki swara ki divorce sanskar huva to kavitha sanskar se shaadi karna chahthi hum . ye bath vo sab ke samne kaha.. sanskar was shocked when swara accepts this and she will play jodi makers for them..

    yee sab kya hai.. hope sanskar surf swara ko shaadi kare.. I sure yesa nahi huva is serial koyi nahi dekhega especially me..

  10. Adithi

    Hey guys FF can’t be posted till January 4. The team is not accepting due to new year holidays.

    This episode seems little good after long time. Hope Kavita will play positive.

  11. needhi

    Hi shuva, neha,rids,nil
    HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.May god bless u all and shower love , prosperity,good health and happiness on u all♥♥♥♥♥♥.May this year become the most memorable year of life.May god help u in achieving whatever u desire for.

  12. I think that d upcmng trk ll b lyk kavita ll ask sanskar 2 marry hr bt sanskar ll b unwilling 2 do so obviously coz now he loves swara. N swara ll think dat sanskars happiness resides in kavita n she ll try 2 gt dm married. N @tlast swara ll gt married 2 sanskar. Poor swara jb uski shaadi honi hoti h to ho nhi pati (in case of laksh) aur kabhi achanak se ho jati h( wid sanskar ) aur lagta h ki is baar bhi uski shaadi achanak se hi hogi. Jis shaadi ke sare functions usne enjoy kiye wo Hui hi nhi aur Jo Hui uske functions usne enjoy nhi kiye.OMG!!! Way a tragedy.

  13. Neha

    Hi shuva, rids, nik, needhi and all guys today is the last day of 2015 I wish with the ending of this year all our sorrows end and give a way to New dreams and new hopes with the powers to fulfill it

  14. If agn swasan marriage hpns dn I ll pray to god n wrtrs too dat lt hr enjoy hr hldi , mhndi, sangeet………….so dat we swasan fans can also enjoy.

  15. bhuvi

    Hey guys watsup ???? N eager to watch kavitha entry… V know that its tough test for swasan.. But they ll over come it… Its common twist that bring dead alive… But still I wanna watch it… Becoz it gonna b self realization… How much they love n miss each other… Especially sanskar… Though he got his first love but still he won’t feel happy to b with her… This ll make him to realize he is n he ll always love swara oly… N even I wanna njoy swasan all marriage function sangeet mehndi engagement haldi… Not like changing bride last min of marriage…

  16. Guyz a really good news
    Indeed a good news for all the Ragini AKA Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar fans!

    The actress who was all set to quit the show Swaragini (Colors) seems to have changed her mind. While Tejaswi had already given a notice period during the start of this month (December), looks like things are changing now.

    Our source informs, “Tejaswi had decided to quit the show on the basis of her positive turned negative character. She was unhappy with the way her character was shaping up on the show. However, the makers are now working on her character and turning it positive. Yes, as shown in the current track, Namish Taneja AKA Lakshya has started falling in love with Ragini. The upcoming episodes might soon witness evil Ragini turning totally positive.”

    As they say… Love can change anything and anyone, likely is to happen with the good turned evil Ragini, who would be soon turning nice again!

    When contacted Tejaswi she said, “If my character turns positive, then I have no reason to quit the show and would happily continue my journey throughout. My only reason behind quitting the show was dissatisfaction with the way my character was shaping up. I would love to be a part of this show for longer time.”

    And so would your fans, who would love to see you throughout the show, Tejaswi!

    Are you guys happy with the developments, do share with us!

  17. Hi cherry , rupshika, bhuvi , nik , tara , aashi , akku , surbhi , annanya , sindhuja , angel n sree harani…
    A very hapy new year… n loads of love..

  18. nik

    Hiiiii….Shuva, neha, needhi, Tara, cherry,bhuvi, rids, rupsikha n all odr mmbrs of dis gang .Ya a good news( about Teju….) at d end of 2015. Bt sorry 2 say 2016 strtng ll b a bitter 1 fr SWASAN offcourse coz of dat b****y kavita . why did she recovered from coma???? btr she agn goes in2 dat state.

    • neha

      yeah nik if kavita creates problem then surely its not good but I read somewhere that her character would be an emotional one and on finding that sanskar’s happiness lies in swara she will make them together but I think this will take a long time but again for swasan we will tolerate this and yeah one more thing kavita will enter from today’s epi so don’t miss it dears

    • Tara

      Hiiii nik.. yeah dear. One ond only satisfying news now is tejaswi’s. Ya dear have to bear their separation for somemore time ?? hope they don’t turn kavita to negative like they did with ragini. Writers shud not forget tey introduced her role only for short time

  19. Guyzz do u remember saba’s group on fb?? Fiction lovers??
    We can post ff on that till 4 jan.
    And frm 4th we can copy paste the same..
    Plzz do this..
    N tell to everyone.

  20. arch

    metro masti:
    swaragini latest: kavita to create problems in swara sanskaar love.
    color’s show swaragini has created quite a buzz amid the viewers with twisting the already intresting storyline and superb acting of the characters swara(helly shah), sanskaar(varun kapoor), lakshya(namish taneja), ragini(tejaswi prakash wayangakar).
    it is seen that to defeat ragini’s motive of blackmailing durga prasad to capture entire maheshwari property swara brings kavita back.
    kavita is none other than sanskaar’s previous love who was believed to be killed by durga prasad.
    swara clears the myth by bringing in kavita, showing that she is alive and blowing ragini’s plan. however swara will later have to face another problem soon as kavita is back in sanskaar’s life.
    though sanskaar loves swara. kavita will now become hindrance in swara and sanskar’s love.
    “kavita will be seen getting POSSESSIVE of sanskar while swara will feel emotionally hurt.”
    let’s see how swara gets back her love.

  21. arch

    the news in this article said that soon laksh and ragini fall in love and ragini become positive and kavita negative ragini helps and supporting swara to get back her love sanskar… how much this news is correct i dont know about kavita negative but happy that ragini now going to +ve…
    metro masti:
    tejaswi prakash wayangankar to continue to be ragini in swaragini:
    it is a rejoicing news for the fans and followers of color’s show swaragini and diehard fans of ragini aka tejaswi as she is not quitting the show.
    as reported earlier tejaswi had quite the show swaragini and was serving her notice period.
    the reason cited by tejaswi for her exit was the way her character ragini being shaped up in to an negative one.
    however as per the latest news tejaswi has changed her mind as the creative team of swaragini is working on turning ragini’s character in to positve one.
    soon the new entry kavita will turn negative while ragini will turn positive as lakshya(namish taneja) and ragini(tejaswi) will fall in love with each other.
    ragini will be seen supporting swara(helly shah) to get her love sanskar back.
    tejaswi prakah wayangankar too has confirmed the above and said the news..

  22. aashi

    Kavitha will ask sanskaar for marriage…n swara will be broken down….guyz I want that swara back who was modern and fun loving….in this attire she looks a bit dull;;!!!!! Bt swasan forever ? ? ?❤?????

  23. superman

    I dnt get it I mean how can laksh fall in love with a girl jisne uske fsmily ka hadd se jyaada insult kiya…. Doesnt he have any value for his family???

  24. rosy

    Writers are changing rags character lyk pple change clothes…!!!!!
    Moreover laksh jst cant fall for rags as rags is torturing every1 she is really unworthy of any1’s love….we undrstnd the fact dat if rags suddenly changes there has to b another villain to run the show so let it b kavita….however i dont knw y ram,adarsh,parineeta hav any dialogue…??
    Why to keep such characters who dont hav anythng to do….

  25. Guys im jumping wid joy really im sooooo happy sat tejaswi is staying back and ya i wanna c d love story of swasan and raglak
    Pls guys post ff on any oder sites if u can plsssssss and give us d link

  26. Hiiiii…neha,I don’t think dat kavitas entry ll b in 2days episode . De ll dfntly drag it n probably it ll b either in 2 morrows episode or on Mondays episode.

    • Tara

      Ya I too think d same. Swara have to go to hosp, see her etc etc. . If it comes aftr kavita’s entry as FB also… party, dance, ragini hitting sanskar, kaveri dance.. etc etc.. it ll b tmr or mon

  27. neha

    hello friends I heard that laksh gonna fall for ragini well swasan ka pata nahi yahan ek nayi love story suru hone wali h what say guys are you excited

  28. Hi guys
    Hi you all swaragini and Swasan fans. How are you all? OK this massage is for all the swaragin fans and for all my Swasan gang members. So here it goes.
    My wishes for you, great start for Jan, Love for Feb, peace for March, No worries for April, fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, happiness for Dec. Have a lucky and wonderful 2016!
    Happy new years guys

  29. bhuvi

    Hey… Nik.. I wanna see old swara… The one who play with kids n do prank n playing guitar n roaming in cycle n important one is always smiling…n bored of this attire…she looks very pretty in old ones…

  30. Happy New year Sandra….well I guess 2016 will have even more twists …so all of you keep enjoying swaraghini..Swasan forever more. ….

  31. New spoiler
    Kavita (Nikita Sharma) wants to getting marriage with Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) leaving Swara (Helly Shah) shocked in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara (Helly Shah) who unaware the truth feels now Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) will be failed to blackmail Durgaprasad.

    But Swara herself gets shocked to see the girl who brought is none other than Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) ex-love Kavita.

    Kavita is sad knowing about Swara and Sanskaar are married but she soon is happy knowing about their divorce.

    Without thinking a second, Kavita gives a big shock to Swara when she asks Sanskaar’s hand for marriage.

    Swara goes away from Sanskaar’s life for Kavita

    Kavita tells them that she does not remember anything except Sanskaar.

    Kavita hugs Swara for uniting her with Sanskaar.

    Both Swara and Sanskaar are shattered over Kavita proposal but Swara decided to move out from Sanskaar’s life as she assumes Sanskaar doe slove her now.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  32. Ihateragini

    Wow I have never seen a more crappier tv show…but there’s something about the high pitch drama that keeps us hooked

  33. prit

    Hai guys i m new here. But did u see d precap? Ragini looks stunning in that black dress…luv u swasan..plz unite them..

  34. needhi

    Kavitas entry irritated me to d core but now i am looking forward to it.With her entry , flood of emotions will come.On hand sanky who has moved on in life and now truly loves
    our saviour swara will try to pretend in front of kavita of not loving swara because he knows kavita deserves him but his eyes r going to betray him and kavita will witness the thruth that sansky lost his heart to swara and now he has nothing to give her,
    through his eyes.On the hand , saviour swara will try to sacrifice her love as she will think that sanky loves kavita more than her.She will be shattered .She is going to die each and every second and has to bear the pain of loosing sanskaar to kavita.We have always seen a tough side of swara recovering from every pain but now we r going to witness completely heart broken swara ,who has no remedy to cure her pain.We have seen sanky living with the fear of loosing swara.Now its time for swara to go through the same pain .In short,jealosy,love ,care,fear of loosing someone , loyalty,betray etc. are going to be depicted beautufully through swasan.eagerly waiting for it.Happy New Year to all my swaragini friends.
    Swasan forever♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

    • bhuvi

      S needhi… Yo r rite… Swara ll break completely… I can’t even imagine…Dunno how we swasan fans gonna bear this…

  35. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    Oh my god. So much bad is gng to happen in swasan’s life. I can’t bear this. But this was to happen. And I have to accept it. When everything is in its place. Then why the writers r separating two lovers. But happy to know about raglak.

  36. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    Hey guys. I had wrote the next episode of my ff on contact us but they didn’t update it. I can’t understand why??? Plz. Can anyone tell me that why they didn’t update it.

  37. atiya

    guys i think someone has stopped this sight so dat no one can post any more ff in dis but guys plz make another page na atleast i need todays episode

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