Swaragini 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadi says this is Kundli’s game. Shekhar and Sumi can’t unite because of it. She says Pandit ji told this inauspicious thing. He told that if this relation gets fixed then one of them will die. Dida cries. Dadi asks her to get kundli checked by her Pandit. Sujata comes home and tells Annapurna that Laksh asked her to apologize to Parvati. She tells Durga Prasad that they shall talk to Laksh later. Durga Prasad says you are right, we shall call him home directly and asks Annapurna to call him. He says he will talk to him and make him understand. Sujata thinks why Durga Prasad is bending down for Laksh.

Other Pandit ji confirms that this marriage can’t happen. Dadi starts her acting. Ragini says what will happen now. Dida says marriage can’t happen now as two pandits have confirmed now.

Swara signs Laksh and says we shall show the kundlis to big pandit. Laksh says Acharya ji is a big saint and had solved all the problems. He says Acharya ji do some puja to clear the dosh in the kundli. Ragini understands his plan. Dadi asks Laksh to talk to pandit. Laksh asks Swara to give the kundlis to him, so that he can show it to Acharya ji. Ragini looks on.

Swara talks to Laksh and asks whether this is the right way to expose Dadi. I don’t want to expose her infront of everyone, but it is just that I wants her to realize her mistake. Sumi asks Ragini why you are upset? Ragini says Dadi kept Nirjala Vrath and saying that she will not eat until Acharya ji gives any solution. Sumi says she will come. They go to Dadi. Dadi says she won’t eat until Acharya ji suggest something. Dida asks her to eat something. Dadi refuses and says she will continue to do the jaap until everything gets well. Dida says she will not agree and goes. Swara looks on. Once they all leave. Dadi takes out plate from under the bed and eats the food. Swara comes and says Laksh will connect us with Acharya ji in 10 mins and asks her to clean her face. Laksh opens his laptop and says Acharya ji is in London. We have to talk on net.

Omi is on the other side and hired an artiste for Acharya ji’s role. Fake Acharya says he checked the kundlis. Dadi asks whether the kundli’s are matching. Acharya ji says no, your pandits said right, but I have a solution. Dadi is shocked. Dida says it is a good thing. Dadi says yes. She asks for a solution. Acharya asks her to do jaap of the mantra in the night and then next morning gives some money to the beggars in the temple. Sumi and Shekhar ask who shall do the jaap. Acharya says woman should do the jaap. They thank him. Omi asks fake Acharya, why he is over acting. He says he have to do. Dida hugs Sumi. Ragini says Acharya ji didn’t say us about charity things and ingredients. Laksh says he will call him. Ragini hugs Sumi. Shekhar asks Dadi to eat something now. She says okay and leaves. Ragini asks Swara, are you hiding something from me. Swara thinks I can’t say anything. She tells there is nothing to hide.

Swara asks Laksh to call Omi. Laksh gets someone’s call and is shocked. Durga Prasad is checking his watch and tells Adarsh to call Laksh again. Sujata says he has changed his heart. Durga Prasad is irked. Sujata says he is not ready to return home. Durga Prasad asks her not to call him. He says I am sure that he will come. I will wait for him. Swara comes to meet Laksh and asks why did you call me here. Laksh says nothing is fine in my life. Omi says he called you as he is having problem to get inside the house. Swara asks him to talk to his dad and make him agree. She says you can change your Papa as well.

Laksh says Shekhar uncle has also said that. Laksh asks don’t you hate him. Swara says no. She says everyone has different parameter of thinking. She says nothing is important than family and asks him to go back for his family. Laksh is confused. She keeps his hand on his heart and asks him to think about his family and happy moments spent together. Laksh closes his eyes and sees his childhood in a flashback. Swara says you can stay with them happily now. She asks him to imagine his future. Laksh imagines Swara in his house with sindoor and bengali attire as his wife. He opens his eyes and shouts stop.

Laksh tells Omi that he saw Swara. Omi says you have fallen in love with her. Laksh says what? Omi says if she turns then it means she loves you too.

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  1. Such a nice episode . Moments of swash was great and memorable.??????

  2. Wowwwww!!!! awsum SWALAK U ROCK

  3. precap is like DDLJ … so filmy….

  4. I AM REALLY FEELING VERY SAD bcos of ragini…bcos of laksh ragini life is spoiling. she loves him so much but his not understanding….even ragini she looks so cute….i love ragini…not swara…..i want laksh to marry ragini…or ragini should get better than laksh as her husband soon

    1. Come on. Raginis is a one sided love triggered by her upbringing ” love the guy family choose “. She does not know lucky . Just because of that it is not fair to insist lucky shoyld marry ragini! Ragini is not what lucky wish for as wife! I will callpeople who think lucky will love ragini after marriage dumb and impractical – it sumply does not happen that way – all it will cater to is a loveless marriage which i definitely dont think ragini deserves neither lucky.
      So it is better a new hero for ragini and swara and lucky marry!

      1. AP u r absolutely right

      2. HMMMM OK…i think lucky one of brother oly marry ragini..both sister will leave togaether in same home…..

  5. I don’t know why innocent people get trap like ishaani in meri aasqui tumse hi and simar and anandi i just feel sorry that inccocent people have to secrifice

  6. ragini heart wil break

  7. now lakshy has choosen swara…………….the begining of war,drama and separation between swaragini families for a long time……………..hope it wont be too long or it wil be boring

  8. hope history wont repeat it self

    1. history wil repeat…its predictable,i knew since long lakshy wil love swara n swara wil love him bac n it wil be the start of a very long war or sacrifieces btn the 2 sisters

  9. Either swra or rgini wd scrifce lksh fr hr sis

    1. I think do swara will sacrifice or she will hide her feelings

  10. nic episod…..lv u swara &lucky..hope history wont repeat

  11. Swara nd laksh awesome pair. …waiting for swalak moment s

  12. Hope Ragini understand Swara’s feelings 4 lakshya eventhough Swara will try to sacrifice her love 4 her sis.

  13. Whoo-hoo…..finally,laksh has fallen 4 swara……nw when is she gonna fall in ❤ with him? gosh……im becoming impatient……..

  14. This triangle love story is getting on my nerves!

  15. Poooor Ragini…….. But I don’t care…….I like swara & laksh more….?

  16. Poor Ragini…..better luck next time …..?

  17. Whoa ?…….somebody’s falling in love ❤…..ha….I loved it….?

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