Hi Guys actually I’m new here. So first I know many of you don’t know me. My name is malika.. I have read many ff in telly update on swaragini. I just want to share it with you. Because Tanya I remember you once upon a time you had write an analysis.

Truly speaking now a days analysis is rare . I love raglak because they are very cute and I like to see them together. I love swasan because they are like made for each other. Just love them wow. ……. I really live their ff.

Whenever I read raglak ff there is always love, romance, separation. I just love it. Swasan ff is omg. Lot’s of thing like emotional scene , love scene, friendship many more. I a big big fan of swasan and raglak.

The writers which ff I read a lot : teja

And many more. I really appreciate those work. Their writing skill is just wow, marvellous and outstanding. Love story, friendship story I really love to read. I salute all writers and I encourage them to write more so that they can entertain us. Many twists and turn haha…… I have read in most story.

Hay guys an important message. , you all decide. :: do I write an ff or os. Please tell me

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  1. A ff pls di.

    1. Malika

      Raglak or swasan. Please tell me.

  2. Plz do write an os showing more swaragini bond…….pairs ur wish

    1. Malika

      OK milky your wish my command. Thank you ssoooo much for commenting.

  3. Kakali

    Dii u took my name… uhhuuuhhuuu u made me cry… thnk u… but there r sooo many wonderful writers… ohhoooo !!!! crying….

    n u should write ff on my SWASAN… then we can meet always… *wink….

    n m damn angry with u… *angry pout..

    1. Malika

      Don’t cry yr because you have made me cry in your ff. Last part. OK I will see how many would like you swasan ff.

      1. Malika

        I mean to say let’s see how many will vote for swasan ff

  4. Anjali di please write a ff on Raglak…Pleaseeeeeeee..

    1. Malika

      Choti okkkkk I will see. Thank you soo much for your comments . I will see how many will like raglak. I have already decided the story .

  5. Sally_blr

    You are really the sweetest person I have met. Glad you like my writing. I would love to read whatever you write.
    *******************teddy hug*************************
    Keep rocking and keep smiling

    1. Malika

      And I’m very lucky to have a friend like you. I just want to give you a hug. Nooooooo please tell me swasan ff or raglak ff or an os

      1. Sally_blr

        A Raglak ff. As it is your fav couple.

      2. Malika

        Okkk cook….. Let see

  6. di whare were i cant find u anywhere and ya thank u for liking my story and please write ff on swasan and i love u di

    1. Malika

      Love you toooo choti. What do you mean by can’t find you. I’m here. And yes thank you soon much for commenting. Let see.

  7. Raglak or ragsan ff

    1. Malika

      Thank you sooo much for commenting dear. Let see. I will keep your suggestions in mind. Keep smiling dear

  8. Teja

    Thanks ???? baadi but mei abhi bhi apse naraz hu angry poutt.. but I want u should write raglak os with their cute little baby boy u know first time demanding like this from u and this is my right bczz u r my baadi and I have a good news for you soon I m going to give raglak a baby? really a big teddy hug and don’t dare to reply me thanxx bcz no sorry no thanku u r so sweet luv u from corner of my heart ??? hihi luv u plzz write an os fro raglak diiiiii

  9. Malika

    Chotiii really you will give raglak a baby. Well I will not give you rain sandal hah…. In fact rain flower. Why are you upset why ???? Your di is holding her ears. Mee too same I want to give you a hug. Ok let see. Yes you are right you have full right. You know what I thought you would give me a good news. ????????????

  10. Malika

    Two vote for writing os , two vote for wring swasan ff and three vote for raglak. Comment more , and more.

  11. Hmm dear pls write ff on swasan☺☺

    1. Malika

      Ok mahjabeen now three vote for swasan. Thank you soo much for commenting . Keep smile dear

  12. Kakali

    Dii u read my chappy ?? but i didn’t get ur comment…

    1. Malika

      Because just now I have comment on your ff. You are very bad. You made your di cry. Aaaaah

  13. Heltej

    Write an os on swaragini… Showing sister’s bond(which cvs lack to show) with ur fav couple ??

    1. Malika

      Ok heltej. Thanks you soon much for the comments I will keep you suggestions in mine. So three votes for writing os

    2. Malika

      Isorry I mean to say that I will keep your suggestions in mind

  14. Astha

    Omg……. Di u mentioned my name……. Love u ? di. U r reason for my smile now. Os…… Ff is better. Abt pair….. Ur choice but u know my fav. I’m waiting for ur writing. Congrats ? once again di. ?? ? ? ? ?

    1. Malika

      So what you are my favourite writer also. Yes I know yr fav. Thank you soo much astra for you comment really. Keep smiling like this.

      1. Malika

        Sorry I mean astha

  15. Fairy

    Anji dear thnx a lotzzzzzz yaaar for mentioning my name wid such awesome writers.!!! I nver even imagined to get my name in list where pavani di is also dere…hahh!!its reallly lyk a wonderful dream to me…hehehhe thnku soooooooooooooooo very much for making me sooooo happpy…god bless u sweetypie.

    N plz plz write ff on …………..

    Ofcourse raglak!!! πŸ˜› ….(u know na m crazy fan of tejaswi ,so i would obiously chose raglak nly)

    Keep rockng n stay blessed dear πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ love u a lotzzz!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Malika

      Omg I didn’t thought that you would comments . Seeing you after a long time. Big thanks to you my dear. I want to pull your cheeks. Haha…. Ok cool. … So four votes from raglak. I’m very happy to see you. Keep smiling and God bless you dear

      1. Fairy

        Yaa dear as tomorrow is sunday(i love sunday hahahaha :P) so m totally free today πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ n as i opened TU ,I found ur analysis…it really made me sooo happpy DAT I CNT EVEN TELL U…so again thnx a lotzzz. Yaar…waitng for ur ff …… πŸ˜‰ lotz of love to u <3 N dear m sendng u my cheeks through PM so dat u cn pull dem hahahhaha πŸ˜€ …

    2. Astha

      i too want pull my dentist cheeks.

      1. Malika

        Haha.. Astha and I will pull your cheeks. I wrote this analysis last night and this evening is published . I thought it got deleted but I was shock to see it.

      2. Fairy

        Hahahaha k doll i”ll send my cheeks to u also πŸ˜› bt after dat me n anjili bth wl pull ur cheeks hehehehe… πŸ˜€ …missed u yaar doll.. love u sweetypie πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      3. Malika

        Ok cool now haha… ????????

  16. Balaji

    i want ff. pairs ur wish sissy.

    1. Malika

      Bala……. Omg you comment sissy. Love you. Noooooo please tell me your favourite pairs. Please. …….

      1. Balaji


      2. Malika

        Ok eleven vote for raglak. Balaji thank you soo much

  17. raglak ff

    1. Malika

      Okkk j so five vote for raglak. Thank you soo much for commenting.

  18. Plz write Raglak ff dear

    1. Malika

      Thanks for your beautiful comments. Let see now six vote for raglak. Keep smiling and stay bless

  19. Joyful Jessica

    plz do a Os showing swaragini bond n raglak love

    1. Malika

      Ok Jessica. Thanks for your beautiful comments. So three vote for os. Keep smiling and stay blessed. ?

      1. Hey plss do read my FF also
        “Tujhse hi”

        And write a FF on SwaSan…
        Plss read my ff…
        That’s on SwaSan and RagLak

      2. Malika

        Hey shrinjal I have heard this name before. And now four votes for swasan. Thank for your beautiful comments.

      3. Malika

        Hey shrinjal please read this Please. I really want to read your ff. What to tap on the search box to read your ff. Please tell me

  20. Deesh

    Malika! Sorry yaar! I am late. Could u write a ff on raglak please?? all the best!! Wishing u luck for your new ff. πŸ™‚

    1. Malika

      Nooo not at all deesh. Ok now eight vote for raglak. Thank you so much for your beautiful and loving comments . Update your ff now. And keep smiling and stay bless

  21. Malika

    So seven vote for raglak. Thanks ashi for your lovely comments. Keep smiling. Dear. ????

  22. Iwaniya

    raglak…. how is wedding preparation going?

    1. Malika

      Omg di thank you soooo much. The date is postponed and it will be on 19 October. So nine vote for raglak. Wow I’m surprised di . I didn’t expect that you would comment on my swaragini analysis. Love you di.

      1. Ohh please read my FF also

  23. I think should Raglak…. Many swasan fiction , other pair there….less Raglak …they r actual cute pair but many one pairing with sanskar…os is also less on Raglak… Recently read astra os raglak new baby loved it..

    1. Malika

      Oooh paru yes you are absolutely right. I will keep your suggestions in mind. Thank you soo much for commenting. Keep smiling and stay bless dear.

  24. AMkideewani

    Dear write a ff?

    1. Malika

      Raglak or swasan. Crazy girl love you. I’m a big fan of yours. Tell me

      1. AMkideewani

        Thanks dear love you too❀️❀️❀️ And I’m a fan of yours
        I don’t mind any, eventhought I’m not a Swasan and Raglak fan

      2. Malika

        Haha. ….. Ok dear your wish my command. ?❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  25. Teja

    Malika didi jyada mat Sochi how will I give u good news .??? Aur jaldi se update kro varna jiju ke pas jayegi apki shikayat ??? mere pas mere jiju h apke pas kya h lol!!???

  26. Meghs

    Write ff pairs ur wish i like both raglak n swasan

    1. Malika

      Ok dear your wish my command. Thank you for commenting . Keep smiling and stay blessed.

  27. Malika

    Wow jiju ki chamchi haha….. I will write tomorrow. That too long chappy. Which good news I’m exciting. Lol. ……. Choti have patient. May be tomorrow or on Monday. ……

  28. Ragz_teju

    Thanks a lot dear… it means a lot.. its your support that makes to write more.. thats so sweet you mentioned my name though its not my real name. …??
    and I will be Happy to read your ff or os.. pairs please you choose it dear on whom you feel comfort in writing swasan or raglak we will definitely read it… keep smiling…….
    stay blessed ??

    1. Malika

      Gosh!! No thanks ok. I’m very happy to see your comments. I was just going to start my new ff. Awww soo sweet of you dear. . I always love your ff as im a following fan of yours. Really by our comments mean a lot. Thank you soo much. Keep smiling and stay bless

      1. Ragz_teju

        thats so sweet of you… I am so Happy and feel blessed.. it means a lot….

      2. Malika

        Ok cool. ?

  29. Akshata

    Hi Malika, hope you are doing well, this is the first time we are interacting. i always read your comments on raglak ff. so i knew you well and you are a sweet heart.
    hmm my vote goes to raglak. keep smiling dear πŸ˜€

    1. Malika

      So twelve votes for raglak. Awwww yes first time we are interacting. Thank you sssoooooo Mich for your beautiful and lovely comments. You made my day. I will do my dear don’t worry.

  30. Fats

    I’ve read stories from several of those writers too. Telly Updates has such talented writers, everyone’s work amazes me. And my vote goes to RagLak ? xx

    1. Malika

      Yes fats you are right. I will keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you soo much for commenting. ?? keep smiling and stay blessed

  31. Crystal

    Finally Malika I am commenting….. Thank you for writing my name as your favourite writer….. I am very happy baby… Thanks for supporting me ….. I need swasan and raglak pairs…. OS or FF totally your wish and never get angry on me …. Love you… Stay happy and blessed ??????

    1. Malika

      Nooo I will never get angry on my fv writer. You are the first one whom I commented first in tu when I dream my silent that time you were writing love me like you do. Yes finally you are commenting. Im very happy. You bring a smile on my face. Ok I will keep your suggestion in mind. Love you toooo. Keep smiling and stay blessed

      1. Malika

        I mean when I broke my silent

      2. Kakali

        Diii whom marriage u r talking about ?? is it urs ??

      3. Malika

        Yes. Yes it’s me. And kakali I have write two ff one for raglak and other for your swasan. Do comments. I write only the intro. Both are the same same story

      4. Kakali

        Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!! Diiiiiii ur marriiaaagggeeee !!!ΒΏΒΏΒΏΒΏΒΏΒΏ!!! n u didn’t even bother to inform me….. i hateeee u hattteee uuu hatteee uuuu…. huhhhhhhhhhhhh….

      5. Malika

        Please choti don’t hate me. Yes I didn’t inform you and many people also. I thought to give you a surprise but it is flop. Please please pleeeeeasse don’t hate me because it hurts. Ssssoooo sorry. See your di is holding her ears * innocence face *.

      6. Kakali

        Diii it hurts me alsooo… !!!

        don’t doo that ever … otherwise it’s promise i’ll not talk to for d whole lif…

        when is ur marriage di ?

      7. Malika

        19 October .now no emotional scene. Okkk

  32. Hey Di…You can write ff…Can we be friends?

    1. Malika

      Haha…… Of course. Thank you soo much for your comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. Choti.

      1. How sweet you are…..Love u till infinity…I feel so glad when someone call me choti

      2. Malika

        And I’m happy to have a cute choti. Raglak ff is published do comments if you like it.

      3. I will surely read Di…BTW I have heard that you are going to marry means you are very old to me…I am 11 and going to 12 on 19 October….Only 17 days are remaining for my birthday….I am so much excited….Well I also write a ff..Am I Yours- A Swasan Fanfic. I have written Intro, Chapter 1 and 2…I will be glad if you will comment and read my ff Di…

      4. Malika

        Omg 19 October I will marry and that day is your birthday wow. I would love to read your ff. Did it published or not.

  33. Astra

    Hai dear…. Thanku so much for mentioning my name…. I’m feeling very happy….. U write ff or os ur wish yar…. But plz msg me when u post it…. Ok…..

    1. Malika

      Aaaaaah astra I misses you yr. I have write an ff in fact two. One is raglak and another is swasan with same story. Thank you soo much for your comments. I’m very happy to see your reply. You made me day. Updates tour ff yr I’m waiting. Keep smiling and stay bless

      1. Astra

        What is the name of that ff yar…

      2. Malika

        I have email you just check.

  34. want to c a swasan ff from u

  35. Malika

    Mona already posted. Swasan ff. Read it

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