Swaragini 2shots on current track (part-1)


Hello Hello Guys I’m back with Few shots

This os from on track of swaragini
Screen starts with leap of 6 Months
Maheswari mansion
All family members are talking about laksh hearing one voice from behind they all looked at the direction
All are shocked and same happy to see the person That’s non other than our laksh
Laksh: maa
Ap: laksh (with teary eyes)
Laksh walked towards the direction of ap but he passed her and fell on the feet of Sanky
Ap and all r shocked to see this
Sanky: lucky wt s this come on get lucky he holder laksh shoulders and forcefully made him stand
Laksh: I’m sry bhai I’m really sry I did wrong (crying tone)
Sanky: it’s okie lucky Jo hogaya so hogaya I’m happy u r back to us
Laksh took a packet from his pocket and kept in hands of lucky
Laksh:U were right bhai I’m wrong This s 2lacs bhai unearned it with in 2 weeks bhai it was my hard work and with talent bhai
if I would have done job na we both can easily get the money but I went in wrong path I’m sry bhai I’m ashamed myself thinking how I behaved with u and swara
I’m really sry bhai
Sanky: I said na lucky it okie of u r back na everything will be fine go near bade maa she was waiting for u long tym
He went and kept his hands on ap hands I Fulfilled my promise bade maa I found 2 weeks before maa but I want laksh to come Home with his own maa
That’s the reason lucky I acted has talking to someone but that msg is for u lucky now I’m lucky
Thanks bhai that’s y u said to do hard work now I got to know how much happy we will get money from our hard work I’m sry took wrong step bhai
Sanky: it okie lucky now stop this sry session
All hugged and blessed lucky he was searching for ragini ap said everything wt happen when he left
Listening this he sat with thud guilty can clearly shown in face
All went baadi to get swaragini to mm

At baadi
Ragini was going out she stopped seeing laksh she was shocked happy sad anger all mixed feelings is shown in her face she came near lucky and slapped him hard for leaving her
All shocked seeing her reaction
Immediately she hugged lucky and breakdown in his arms
Laksh: I’m sry ragini I’m really sry now come we will go to mm I came to take u
Ragini: I’m sry laksh I can’t come to mm
By the time shemish and swara was present there shocked listening ragini decision
Swara: ragini wt r u saying u where waiting for this day right now wt s this
Ragini: haa I’m waiting for this day but I won’t go to mm without u
Sanskar: who said swara won’t come to mm she will come I will take her to mm
Swara: becomes happy listening this but when she see into his eyes she can see only not anger not love she got to know that he was taking her to punish me and for There family
(I don’t want to drag this part )
All left to mm Sanskar is looking at swara with full anger

At night
Swara sitting silently near window after she entered into mm he didn’t even talk a single word to swara
Meantime Sanky entered into room
Seeing his swara was totally shocked bcoz he was fully drunken state he can’t even standing properly he was completely out of senses
He was about fell down
Swara:sanskar she immediately holded him
Sanky jerks her hand
Sanky:(anger) tay away from me swara Don’t u dare to come near me I allowed to mm only bcoz of lucky if u stay Baadi ur sister also won’t come to mm that’s y I allowed u so don’t make dream that I love u
I hate u Mrs maheswari I hate u from bottom of heart
Swara: okie Sanskar I will but plz let me help u u r not in a state to stand even properly
Sanky:(anger) he holds her shoulder tightly u r the responsible for my state I ashamed on my self to love u It was wrong step to marry u
I hate my self for this
Swara: ahhhhh Sanskar it paining I’m sry to leave u Sanskar but wt I can do u know about rag… She was not able to complete sentence bcoz Sanky smashed his lips on her
He was not Able to control his anger she just put his lips on her he bitten her lips Like an animal he was not at all in his senses even he was dng all this in alcohol effect her lips stated bleeding she was not even resisting him she was crying silently bcoz she thinks this was her punishment for her mistake soon he Left her he throws her on bed on come top of Her
He bitten her neck hardly
Swara: ahhh Sanskar plz don’t give this type of punishments
But he didn’t even listen to he was almost raping her soon she Felt heavy weight on her bcoz due to alcohol Sanskar went unconscious
Swara: I’m sry Sanskar plz don’t do this to me
She caressed his hair and made him sleep properly even she slept on his chest holding him through waist
Swara: it’s been 6 months Sanskar I want u r warm hug plz forgive me soon slept while crying

Next day
Sunrays fall on our couple Sanskar sleep got disturbed for this stupid Sunrays But he felt some weight on him she looked at the direction he saw his princess sleeping on his chest holding him tightly he smiles seeing him but soon he hits reality soon her eyes fall on her face he can clearly seen her tear marks on his face and her lips have blood stains she was looking pale
He makes her sleep properly on pillow went to inside the freshen up (remember guys He still loves her but anger is over powering than love)
After few min She slowly opens her eyes Search for Sanskar she heard sounds from washroom
Swara: (thinks) so my Sanskar woke up this early she smiles but soon reality hits her she becomes sad thinking how to convince him
Meantime Sanky comes out of the washroom
Swara see him both had painful eyelock Sanskar breaks warlock and moved towards wardrobe
Swara composes herself and went to freshen up
Soon swaragini comes down all r happy seeing their bahu returning home they took elders blessing but swara was giving only fake smile as if she was happy she doesn’t want them to know this
Days are passing but there no change in Sanky’s behaviour day by swara was becoming week seeing Sanskar
Sanskar was in state that she left me for her sister she choosed ragini more than him he was unable to digest but the truth even he can do any thing for his bro like swara.
Ragini seeing swara thought to comfrot Sanskar bcoz she can’t see her pain she was becoming week

One fine day
Swasan Room
Swara: plzzz Sanskar forgive me if u want u can more punishments but talk with me properly plz (tears in her eyes)
Sanskar: (He holds her shoulder and pinned her wall) ohhh the great Mrs swara Sanskar maheswari asking forgiveness that to her husband Mr maheswari whom she doesn’t even care for him Whom she left his husband for her sister.
U r feeling like this only for 1month Then wt about me the man who depends on his wife have to do his work on his own how would he feel
Where ever he go He feel Her presence only her presence wt he will do say swara answer me saying this he tighten his grip on his arms
But to his shock she can feel any movement in her soon he released the hands she feel unconscious
He was shocked to see her in this state he took her in arms
All family members are shocked to see her in that state
He said I’m taking her to hospital all members went their back
Sanskar was moving here and there restlessly Ragini was crying Holding laksh
Soon doctor comes out of the ward
All went near him
Sanskar: doctor how is she y she fell unconscious
Doctor: relax Mr maheswari she was stressed with something that’s y she was felling unconscious but take care of her if she fell again Its not good for her health anyways u ppl can see her
He left the place
All entered into ward Sanskar was having tears seeing her state he went near her he was feeling guilty for his behaviour
Soon he went near she was speaking something in Semiconscious
Swara: semiconsious state I’m sry Sanskar plzz forgive me I’m sry I’m sry
Hearing this ragsan went out of the room laksh followed her
Laksh: it okie ragini she will be fine don’t worry saying this she kept hand on his shoulder But she jerked his hand
Ragini: stay away from me laksh stay away from me only bcoz of u both swara was in this state (By the tym All family members came out of the ward) only bcoz of u both my sister was in this condition She holded laksh collar y do this y u left us only u both responsible for her state u both r brother right That blood relation then how u ppl get that low to kill urself haa u r that blind ki u r not even ready to see real face of adarsh and parinitha I hate u laksh I really hate bcoz of ur one stupid decision my sister state is like this
If u would have not leave now she would be living happily with her husband And u Sanskar
We u think of urself
U taunting her as if u r not at fault u both r main reason for separation wt u said she don’t have any value for ur both relation right then y the hell u accepted swara to return mm for the for ur brother( saying this she pushed laksh on Sanskar)
Sanskar: haa I allowed swara to mm bcoz of my brother I can do anything fo..
Ragini: (interpreted with shouting) exactly even my sister break relation with u for me bcoz she know that I will shatter in absence of laksh I may even kill myself If u did for ur then it’s right if my do samething it’s wrong in ur point of view am I right Mr Sanskar maheswari
Sanskar was shocked and was unable to say anything bcoz he was now able to think about swara point of view y she behaved like that now he was feeling guilty for his behavior towards his love
Ragini continued: no it’s not only u both even u ppl also wrong maa papa chacha chachi app sablog responsible ho
Ajj sirf aaplogoki vajese ajj swara e halath hai
All r shocked to see ragini this avthar ap was trying to cool her but she was in a state to listen anyone
Ap: ragini beta it’s not the run for all this swara needs ur support
Ragini: bas maa I know my sister needs me no need to remind me that
Ap: plz beta don’t talk like this
Ragini: tho Kya Karu maa if u ppl won’t trap in that adarsh na ajj e din be nahi aathi Haa manaki I was also in that but soon I saw the reality but never thought to say is their plan to us if u have tried once na may we both will came to know earlier about their plan But u didn’t do that U ppl did even tried for once to say the truth
She completely shattered she was just removing all frustration on all ah was equally guilty for swara state bcoz of she was in that state
Few min. Later
Swara gained conscious ragini went near her ask how she feeling now
Ragini: I’m sry swara this all bcoz of me if u have not left mm na may be u will be happy with ur love
Swara: nahi ragini u r not fault that my wish to left mm so don’t feel guilty for it acha chalo na ghar chelthe I was not feeling good here u know right I hate hospitals
Ragini: no way if doctor give permission to discharge then only we will leave
Swara: u r very bad ragini (cute pout)
Ragini: stop it drama I’m not fell for this okie now take rest I will come
All family members greeted her only Sanskar did entered into swara ward he was not having guts to face her in that state
Swara:(monologue) where r u Sanskar plz come once I know I was wrong plz Sanskar once come infront of me I’m dieing to see u.

she saw Sanskar entering the room but he didn’t utter a word She felt bad soon composes herself
Sanskar:(monologue) I’m sry swara I didn’t even think once y u did this I was just sticked to my word that u left me I will Again gain ur trust on me recover soon princess u prince is waiting for ur forgiveness
( swara don’t about ragini behavior outside the ward and ragini asked them not tell swara bcoz she can’t bear against her family)
Soon doctor discharged swara ask them to take care of her keep her always happy
At mm
Sanskar was about to swara took swara in his arms bcoz of her weakness but ragini stopped and said no need Sanskar I can take care of my sister saying this she helped swara to walk till the room swara was confused for ragini behavior She thought may be she was angry for Sanskar behaviour On me before but I know he loves me only me.
Ragini place swara on the bed and ask her take rest I will come with dinner Swara nodes
Sanskar was standing out of the room by his head down
Swara: soon she saw Sanskar she tried to get up from the bed but 2 Hands stopped her that was non other than laksh not Sanskar?
Laksh: I’m sry swara if I would have believe u both na now u won’t be in this state I’m really sry swara forgive me for my sin swara
Swara: it’s okie laksh now everything is fine laksh so don’t be sad and if u want forgiveness then I want to become masi soon then I will forgive u
Laksh: smiles not even he was blushing but reality Hits him how ragini scolded him but composes himself and thinks I will get ur forgiveness ragini and automatically I will get forgiveness from swara too
Swara: laksh wt r u thinking
Laksh:ntg now u take rest I will meet u tomorrow
Meantime ragini enters seeing sanlak she gave angry look to both of them
She feeds swara and gives her tablets she makes her sleep and Gave warning to Sanskar don’t disturb her with cold voice
Soon she left to her room she went near swara hold her hand and sat beside her he caressed her hair Pecked her forehead
Sanskar: (talk to sleep I go swara)y u love me this much swara.swara u remember I promised u that I will treat u like princes but I failed swara only bcoz of me u r in this state. But now I promise u no no I don’t promise u bcoz prom mise hora hai so I swear now I will never leave ur hand swara no princes My princes he smiles with tears from tomorrow ur prince will be for u 24/7 again I’m saying u swara Im really say ra I don’t know why happen that word u will left me is unbearable swara I can’t even imagine my life without plz from now onwards u should not leave me and i will not leave u Okie now chalo gudnight princes from tomarrow onwards I won’t give u tym to sleep bcoz I want to become father of ur child princes smiles and kissed on her forehead
He slept on other side of the bed
On other hand
Raglak room
Ragini entered the room laksh notice this and tried to talk to her but she didn’t give any chance to him so took pillow and bed sheet
Laksh: I’m sry ragu where r u gng with pillow and bed sheet Plz rag…
Ragini: don’t Think that much laksh take this and sleep on couch
Laksh: ? ragu plz but ragini slept covering comfront
He to slept on couch with pout face
Next day
Sunrays Falls on our cute couple
Sanskar woke up 1st and smiles seeing his love sleeping peacefully on his chest he makes her sleep properly on pillow without disturbing her sleep he pecks on her forehead and lips
Feeling his touch smiles in sleep
Sanskar: good morning princess.He went to freshen up
After sometime she woke up and search for Sanskar but she didt find him she feels sad and try to get up from the bed but before she kept her feet on ground someone lifted her in arms
She was shocked to see the person (I know now ur guess will be right yes that is our hero) he took her washroom
Sanskar: swara don’t lock door from inside I Will lock it from out when u want come out cl me
Swara: still she was in shock she simple noded her head
After sometym swara called and asked her to open the door
When she stepped out again he took her in arms and placed on the bed
Swara: Plz Sanskar I know u can’t forgive me so plz don’t do this again I will get habituated
Sanskar:then get habituated princes
Swara shocked to listen the word princes from his mouth
Soon he left the room to get bf for swara
On other hand
Raglak room
Raglak were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace( don’t Get confuse at midnight lucky is not getting sleep so get and saw ragini sleeping peacefully so he joined to sleep peacefully ?)
Sunrays falls on ragini slowly she opened her eyes felt some grip on her waist she saw lucky hand on her waist she smiled seeing but soon reality hets her she frees herself on his grip without disturbing his sleep she went washroom to freshen up
Laksh woke up after sometime she saw ragini is not there beside him He smiles bcoz she didn’t get angry on him for his act
Laksh:(monologue) I know ragini u love me soon much now its my duty to show how much I love u my dear Ragu smiles
Soon both get ready and get down ragini took bf for swara
Before she go near her Sanskar was already feeding food for her
She Wining smile to them bcoz even she know how much Sanskar love swara but he has realise y swara took Decision of supporting her sister
Swasan room
Sanskar was feeding her carefully Swara just eating like an Statue bcoz she was not able believe wts happening with her still she was in shock
Sanskar: swara (filled with so much love) I want to ask u something will u give me
Swara: with his she came to senses) ha Sanskar u can ask wt ever u want
Sanskar smiles and took her down in his arms swara was confused
Sanskar calls all family members to present in hall
All where present there soon
Sanskar: Swara I’m asking infront of all family members bade Papa, bade maa, mom and dad
I want divorce swara
All family members are shocked to listen this ragini was more shocked bcoz she thought now Sanskar will accept her sister but she was wrong she was asking divorce from her

Swara was shocked by the word divorce With in a second she holded his collar and draged him so close to her face y u want divorce, y r u doing this I won’t ask all these kind of Sanskar I will give u I know I can’t fulfill my duty but if u want me to divorce u I will
I don’t want to hurt u more but I have a request plz Sanskar fulfil this thinking that it’s my last wish
Once can I hug for the last time saying this she hugged him more tightly she was crying in his arms
Screen freezes on hugging position of swasan

Wow finally I wrote 1st shot u know guys I’m trying to write this from 1 weeks Finally I completed I’m so happy with ur comments I will be more happy ?
Okie okie now bye I will catch with another shot
Bye bye ?

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