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The Episode starts with Inspector coming to Baadi to enquire about the ring. Dadi blames Sumi and says your daughter were selling rings when you was taking care of your son. Inspector says it is your family matter, and says I will go. Dadi stops him and says I have no family. She says they have stolen my money. Sumi says this is my ring, given to me by my mum. Dadi says head of thieves have spoken and asks Inspector to arrest Swara, and says she is the one who is instigating my Ragini. Sumi says how can you do this, when Shekhar is not here. Inspector says we have to arrest her. Sumi says no. Inspector asks her to co operate. Ragini assures Swara that she will make everything fine. Dadi says nobody can save her now. Ragini says you have done what you wanted, but Swara is my sister and I will fulfill

my responsibility and bring her back home. She asks Sumi to take care of Chotu and says I will come. Swaragini plays……..

Ragini calls Laksh and informs him that Swara is arrested by the police. He is shocked. Swara tells Inspector that their way is wrong, but intention is right. She says we need money for our bade papa’s treatment. Ragini comes and says it is our Maa’s ring. Laksh and Sanskar come there. Laksh asks Inspector why he did he arrest her? Inspector says she has stolen ring. Swara apologizes to Sanskar. Sanskar says I am proud of you, as you can do anything to save our family. Laksh calls lawyer. Inspector says court is closed. She can’t get out on bail only after 2 days.

Ward boys gets Durga Prasad out of ICU. Annapurna asks why? They are asked to pay money. Parineeta calls Dadi and says she has made Durga Prasad as ghaat ka dhobi. She tells that Durga Prasad will think why he is alive. Dadi says even I have good news. She tells that Swara is in jail. Parineeta is happy and cuts the call. Doctor comes. Annapurna tells what ward boys had said. Doctor asks her to pay money first. Annapurna says my kids went to get money and fold hands. Parineeta comes and asks Annapurna what you are doing? She asks Doctor to take Durga Prasad to ICU back and says I will give money, he is my sasur, I can’t leave him in troubled times. Sujata says today you have proved that you love us, and we are one family. She asks her to forget everything and says we will forgive you. Parineeta says what you said that you will forgive us, and says you need my pity and charity. She says I am paying the bill so that I can take Annapurna and Durga Prasad home, being their elder bahu.

Annapurna and Sujata are shocked. Parineeta asks are you ready to come with me. Sujata asks have you gone mad? What nonsense? Doctor says if you don’t deposit money then hospital will file case against you. Parineeta says you don’t have time now, it is upto you to decide if you will risk Papa’s life or accept my condition. Sujata says you are so creep and snake in sleeve. She says my jiji will not go anywhere. Doctor pressurizes them to pay the bill. Sujata calls Sanskar and tells that Parineeta wants to take Annapurna and Durga Prasad home. Swara asks Sanskar and Laksh to go.

Ragini says I will be with Swara and asks them to go. Laksh and Sanskar reach hospital and Parineeta leaving. They come inside. Sujata tells Laksh and Sanskar that Parineeta deposited money in the hospital and took Annapurna and Durga Prasad inexchange of money. Sanskar asks why didn’t you stop them. Sujata cries and says I tried to stop them but they were forced to agree. Sanskar and Laksh look helplessly.

Ragini calls lawyer and asks him to find a way. She calls someone and insists to talk to Police SI. Inspector asks Ragini to go and says visiting hours is over. He eyes Swara. Ragini comes to SP Vishwas’s house, and tells constables that she wants to meet him. Constables ask her to go. Ragini shouts calling for help and says her sister is alone in the lock up without any lady constables. Some people gather and says her pleas is unheard. Constables ask her to go. Ragini looks on crying.

Adarsh tells Annapurna and Durga Prasad that their room is changed. Parineeta says as head of the house is us, now that room belongs to us. She takes them to store room and asks them to stay there. Later at the police station, Inspector comes to Swara’s lock up. SP refuses to help Ragini and asks her to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. that inspector is such a creep love swasanraglak

  2. muje ek bath samaj me nehi ai ki sanskar business to alag tha na pehle jab ragini pesa denese inkar kia tab sanskar ne pesa dia ur dp ne kaha ki ye accha hua tumhara business alag hea barna yebhi nehi bachta..toh ab kia hua? guys sab mr. india hogai ho kia no comments?

    1. they merged their companies later…

  3. Whether it is possible in one or two day they will discharge the patient in that condition?!…the stage drama is better than this

    Pari evil doings are rember the past one by one of the family member became villan to her own family

  4. Guys please give couple centric tracks. All the four r brilliant n awesome actors. Luv u teju u r a brilliant actress n an awesome person.N hope helly gets well soon she is a really cute n a brave girl.

  5. Feeling bad for swara???
    That inspector will try to molestate swara n swara will smartly save herself by him…she will push inspector then sanky n raglak will come…sanky slapped inspector…n today swasan scenes r just awesome??????really their intensity in emotional scenes us just cant explain….

  6. Adarsh ji why are you like this I hate you

  7. Mica

    It happened because they forgive parish and dadi for kidnapping and baby traficking toward chotu… why Shekar/sumi didn’t ask police to arrest them ?
    H.Hasan Mam, ty for update

  8. Mica

    Swaragini have another earring ? hmmmm…..
    How much deposit for heart attack patient in India ? their jewelry wasn’t enough for that ?

  9. Adardh youre son of a b*t*h. f**k off.

  10. Heltej

    Laksh and sanskar have one car! Ragini, ap and sujatha have mangtika… Swara and ragini have other earring… If they want they can their dresses too…. Great cvs… We viewers are great fools!
    Coming to episode… Everyone’s emotions were superb… Cvs started concentrating in both pairs… Equal hugs and scenes are getting!

  11. Poor swara c is arrested…nd da swasan scene ws rlly unpredictable..too emotional it ws…nd hatmg dadi md paris role..nd how cn durga prasad get discharged so soon in dis comdition??is it a jole for a heart attack patient to b discharged in 2 days nd directly frm icu..hahhahaha nice joke??

  12. So was that news fake that ragz will become pregnant in real after fake pregnancy n sumi will turn negative??? Swasan scene was amazing poor swara???pls save her ragini

  13. what a lovely swasan scene…. just loved it to the core… I love you swasan…. ????????????

  14. Loved SwaSan scene!!!??? Dadi and Pari!!!?? Hate them!!?? Poor Swara.?? But I know Sanskar and RagLak will save her from that police inspector.??

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