Swaragini 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini asks Laksh to look at her once and tells if you goes from this room today, then I will never be able to take our relation forward. She asks him not to turn his face and go. She holds his face and tries to get closer. Laksh apologizes to her and says he is trying to forget Swara, but it is not happening. He says he needs some time. He tells I can lie to this world, but not from myself. He asks her to give some time and says he needs best friend now and not wife hoping she will understand. He promise to fufill his promise to give her wifey rights. Ragini’s plan fails to trap him and she gets disappointed. She tells I understand sadly. Shekhar asks have you gone mad? Sumi says I can understand, but please agree for Ragini. Shekhar agrees for Ragini’s betterment, and says if everything gets

well in Ragini’s life and Swara will stop doing further mistakes then I do agree. Sumi says Swara isn’t bad Shekhar. Dadi hears them and is shocked. She asks Shekhar, why did she come here? Dida warns Sumi saying you are doing a big mistake by trusting Shekhar again. Dadi tells Shekhar that you are doing a mistake again. Shekhar says he is doing this to bring happiness in Ragini’s life. He says Swara will go from her life and says she is his blood. Shekhar says we both care about our daughters. He says we are taking this step being parents and not someone’s children. Dadi says I will not let this happen and will broaden the gap with misunderstanding.

Dida calls Swara and tells that her parents have taken a decision. Swara dances on the bed and falls on Sanskar. Sanskar reminds him that she is on him. He asks are you fine? Swara says she is very happy as her parents have decided to unite. He shake hands with her. Swara thanks him. Sanskar asks who told you? Swara says Dida told me. She says they must have decided thinking about our fake marriage. She packs her stuff. Sanskar asks how can you go suddenly? Swara says she has exit plan. Sanskar asks what about Laksh? Swara tells I used to love him, and thought he will trust me, but I was wrong. She says if there is no trust then the relation is not worthy. She takes out chocolate and makes him eat it. She thanks him for the help, and says you are a true friend. She apologizes for waking him up in the night. Sanskar gets sad as she will go tomorrow. Swara tells him goodnight.

Ragini cries miserably in her room as her plan failed to get Laksh physically. Sanskar gets restless thinking about his Swara. Mat Jaa re plays……………………Laksh is sad and thinks about Swara. Just then Ragini’s phone rings. She picks it up and goes outside to talk. She asks if everything is alright? Dadi tells your papa and bengalan is getting united. Ragini says it is a good thing. Dadi tells Swara will stay at my house and will instigate Swara against you. She asks her to do something to stop uniting Sumi and Shekhar. Ragini agrees. Dadi tells tomorrow is Janmasthami puja and tells her something. Ragini says I will do as you say. Dadi says everything will be fine.

Ragini wakes up in the morning and gets Dadi’s call. She tells their door is closed. Dadi asks her to wake Swara up, else it will be late. Ragini says Krishna ji have to support me at the moment of Janmasthami (She tells as if she is a good soul and seeks God’s support), Swara comes out from bathroom and thanks the God. Sanskar asks what is your plan to leave the house. Swara says my parents will come and tell they have come to take me home. She says she will not return home, and then ask him to say in home that she is very bad. She says she will go to Mumbai for some days. She says your family will accept you seeing your pain. Sanskar asks what about you? Swara says I will be free from this fake marriage. Sanskar says you will become bad in everyone eyes. Swara says you will get closer to your family and they will love you even more. Sanskar says it is a very stupid idea, and this house will be closed for you for forever. Swara says it doesn’t matter and for whom I shall become good. Sanskar says for me. Swara looks on surprised.

Annapurna asks Swara and Ragini to do the puja. Ragini holds Swara’s hand and takes her out of the house with her stuff.

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  1. archana

    swasan scene is to good.. waiting for more swasan scenes… he feels bad when swara tells him that she is going to home with her parents.. superb… they bothfall in love.. sanskar started feel for swara but swara not at started..

  2. MooN

    Oh god colors u should stop this promo nonsense if u telecast that promo on friday then what the hell u playing whole week same promo really its irritatting :@

  3. Chekitha

    I think swara is doing right.she can become a great singer.at one ragini ‘s truth will reveal.at that time laksh thinks that he has done mistake.swara should become a famous singer.

  4. AdiHaan

    Omg yes! I love these SwaSan scenes are so cute, Sanskar is falling in love with Swara and hopefully she will too, love them together

  5. aliya

    Guys vo scene type kr do plz.. what happens when dida cls swara! Meine pure episod me bs ye scene hi nhi dekha when she falls on sanskar!?


    Sanskar swara jodi rocks. Poor sanskar cannot realise his feelings.when will he reveal to swara.waiting for drama then. That fool laksh will regret , even worse. Ha ha

  7. Anitha

    Swara nd Ragini both r awesome bt as Ragini is blind folded in love for laksh…..she became evil nd please end dis track sooner..bcoz sis relation is very beautiful relation so…make thing normal b/w swaragini……nd swara sanskar track should b full on……waiting for those episode luv u swasan luckrag?

  8. Kat

    OMG!!!! Today’s epi was simply WOW!!!!!!!!!! Sanskaar has fallen for Swara. He was staring at Swara’s sleeping form like a lost puppy!!!!! So cute!!!!! I think his last words to Swara, “to be good for him”, it just slipped out of his mouth!!!!!! Any way, idiotic Lucky’s gonna be too late now!!!!!!!! ??????

  9. rosy

    Uuhh cant see sanskar lyk dis…he is mesmerized by swara’s belief,her actions,her determinatn,her practicality….moreovr he cud sumhow relate swara wid his 1st love kavita….
    1way dida is happen to see sumi n shekhar unitng,,,,n another way dadi is ploting…howevr swara wants to go to mumbai n nt stay in her house….howevr im finding it doubtful of how swara wud fall for sanskar….she is too good,,she doesnt wana trouble sanskar wid a fake marriage aftr her goal is reachd…she is thnkng dat sanskar shd get da love wich he did nt get frm his family….
    Im egarly waiting 4 da development of feelngs for sanskar in swara’s heart…

  10. riya

    please please please unite swara and sanskar…. they r absolutely fantastic pair….. oh superb expression varun…. expecting more lovely scenes of swasan.. and writers pls don’t drag these plot.. pls reveal the truth of ragini… can’t c the victory of ragini….. may be sanskar will marry swara… its my wish…. pls do it…

  11. nira

    hp cvs gv us more swasan scene lyk dis i hvnt wtchd d epi bt d written update made me sooo happyyy i ws in a bad mood bt it lightened up my mood

  12. Honest

    Omg! Swara is very bright & practical.. LOVEEEEE HER! She realizes laksh isn’t worth her time! Just hope things work out with sanskar! They both deserve a second chance at happiness! I’d LOVEEEEE to see swasan romance… It’d be so cute if he proposed to her.. & they have a nicer wedding than Laksh & ragini!!

  13. iss ek serial ne sabhi movies ki jhalak dikha di……kuch kuch hota hai = luv trio of swaragini and laksh…….dushman = bangalan and marwaran……mera badla = sanskaar’s revenge……jodi breakers = sanskaar and ragini…….hamari adhuri kahani = swalak and sheshar’s incomplete luv story…….brothers = laksh aur sanskaar ki ladai…… mohabbatein = obviously itne sarey mohabbatein hai…….aur ab toh student of d year bhi = swara – laksh and sanskaar ka trio……matlab yaar ye kya ho raha hai serial hai ya koi bumper sale k kuch bhi pasand aye toh utha lo……. Still I loved Swasan moments

  14. luv u swasan & plz writers make ds story strong by reveal this ragini’s truth and plz dont make fun of marriage,all pairs r so good so dont separate them

  15. Salome

    Sbs today’s segment when swasan will be thrown out of house they will make tent in garden and will stay der to keep eye on b***h rags so funny kitne bure din aane wale hai swasan ke ghar se bhar rahna hoga poor swasan bt i wish ASAP u will show rags real face tab ghar ke andar jake rahna aur rags ko uus tent mai rahne dana utne sympathy usko dikhye gay

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