Swaragini 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini asks servant to keep the stuff in the room. Laksh comes flowing to the sea shore and gets unconscious. Some fisher men rescue him. Adarsh tries talking to Parineeta and she is angry with you. He says we sat in the last puja. Parineeta says I can’t forgive you and asks for some more time. Ragini asks Parineeta if everything is fine. Annapurna asks Ragini about Swara and says her mehendi has come. Sujata says Swara didn’t come, so we will make Adarsh and Parineeta do the puja. Annapurna says no, and says Swara and Sanskar will do the puja only. Swara comes home. Ragini asks where were you? She asks how is Maa? Swara recalls Ragini telling that she has kidnapped Sumi. Swara tells Maa is in Baadi. Annapurna asks why you didn’t bring her here. Ragini says Sumi is fine now and that’s why she

dropped her there. Parineeta asks her not to worry. Ragini asks Swara to get ready. Swara says it is not needed. Annapurna asks her to get ready. Ragini asks her to wear clothes which she kept in her room.

Ragini brings Swara downstairs after getting her downstairs, and tells you are very lucky to have mehendi for second time. She asks what shall I write? Swara says I don’t like to snatch someone’s love like you. She asks where is Maa? Ragini says she is my Maa also and is safe. Shekhar comes to know that Sumi went to Ragini’s house for Swara’s marriage. Shekhar says we shall not let this happen. Shekhar says if she marries Sanskar, then I will break my relation with Sumi and Swara for forever. Once Shekhar goes. Dadi comes to room and sees Sumi tied to a chair in her own house. She thinks what Ragini is making her to do. Ragini asks Swara to take care of her mehendi. Sujata says Swara knows it well. Ragini says your mehendi color will appear dark as Sanskar loves you. She says I talked to Annapurna and convinced her for bengali bridal attire. She asks her to get ready.

Laksh is brought to the same hospital where Swara was treated. The fishermen tells that he was found near the God’s idol. Sujata asks Sanskar to do something and says you can’t marry each other. Swara asks Sanskar, how everything will be fine? She asks if her mum is fine? Sanskar asks what did Laksh told? Swara says he didn’t believe me and says we are trapped. Sanskar apologizes. Swara says we will not get any solution. Sanskar holds her hand and tries to wipe her tears. He says I have right to wipe your tears as if is flowing because of me. He says I am sure that we will have a way out. In the morning, Swara wakes up and looks at her mehendi. Sanskar too wakes up and asks what did you tell Laksh. Swara wipes her hand. She says I told him half truth and asks him to find other half truth. Sanskar asks do you believe him. Swara says yes. Laksh gains consciousness at the hospital and says some fishermen brought me. Laksh asks how do you know my name? He recalls Sanskar calling this doctor home. Doctor says you didn’t believe me, but I am a real doctor. He tells you was also found at the same place by the fishermen where Swara was found. He tells Swara was in the same room, and says her name is in register. Laksh says he want to see the register. Swara says Laksh didn’t come till now. Sanskar says he might be finding truth. Swara says he will come after knowing the truth.

Doctor shows the register in which Swara’s name is written. He calls the fishermen’s wife who had rescued Swara, and she tells him everything. Laksh thinks Swara was saying right and they thought…..he gets teary eyes.

Ragini thinks if Laksh comes before their marriage, then she will be trap in her own conspiracy. Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini threatened to kill Sumi if she refuses to marry him. Sanskar says we shall inform Durga Prasad everything. Swara says Laksh will come and stop our wedding.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. tamizhfan

    Mostly written updates are read by those who don’t understand hindi. We watch these serials coz its all so interesting in every way like direction, culture, cinematography, richness etc.. so we request you to translate each and every line of the dialogue without leaving anything. Plzzz plzzzzzz translate even minute details of dialogues, each and every line. Don’t leave any line. Plz translate completely. Plzzzzzzzz.. this is our kind request. Plz plzzzzzzzz

    • happy

      True. We watch the episode but not understanding the accurate dialogue thats why we read the updates. Hence I too request to translate all dialogue not just saying nok-jok, all that happened, like that.

  2. anusha

    swaragini: ragini gets slapped by sharmistha. sharmistha asks ragini to tell everyone how shehas kidnapped her own mother. ragini’s evil plot has burst out today. sharmistha is punishing her to get the truth out, but ragini is tight lipped. ragini did not speak the truth. she got silent and cries. sharmistha get shocked when swara support’s ragini. sanskar asks swara to lose in the fight or prove her mum wrong to win ragini’s trust. swara had to prove her mum wrong infront of the family.

    • Guddu

      But why is swara supporting ragini. Isn’t that too much.
      If she says that she always supports the truth, then why doesn’t she support Sharmishtha.
      Swara, look girl. Be kind , but don’t support evil Ragini. She doesn’t deserve it.

  3. Reeta

    Sanskar and Swara are made for each other n destiny s bringing them together, Laksh has started realising that Swara was nt lieing n nw he will regret like anything,he will realise his mistake f nt waiting for Swara bt writers,please,we want Swasan,start their track asap…

    • rosy

      I know im glad he found out the truth and very much happy that he is regretting his action n behaviour towards swara and i wish she never forgive him and wish swashan marriage to happen and continue their love story

    • Shriya

      Yeah r8..bt isme ragini will win which i dnt want yar.. Laksh shd regret fr nt believing Swara.. Swara doesnt deserve him..SwaSan!!!!love u..

  4. Guddu

    I wish Lakshya comes on time. Evil winning every time is not good.
    This time Swara’s faith and love should win.

  5. angel

    That laksh part was good that he’s now getting to know that swara was telling the truth & also the precap was nice that swara is having faith on laksh that he’ll come to stop the wedding…..nice episode.

  6. Tarannum

    Good epi
    Now at least lakshy will not hate swara n trust her…
    Now it’s time to out the ragini truth in front of everyone…..
    So ragini be prepared…

  7. madhu

    Evn if Ragini wins….Swara is goin to get much better…than wht she was goin to het before….

    So jo hota hai acche k liye hota hai….

  8. i think d writers want to make swalak jodi wt d hell if it will happen dn i sure ds serial’s all members r dont know meaning of love,marriage,relation,trust,truth.they just know hw made fun of all ds thing,it really a worst serial dn all

  9. Cmon yaar jaldi bohat drag karein yeh writers pls want to c swasan married !!

    At last laksh got to no d truth !! Now wat can he do bcos he wont be able to stop d marriage nywa !!!!

  10. sanju

    slapgate drama on color’s swaragini::::
    it seems that drama is not in a mood to take a leavefrom rashmi sharma telefilm’s show swaragini(colors).
    after some dishoom dishoom fight sequence between the hero lakshya and goons, it’s time for some slaps.
    wondering who slapped whom?
    you will find out soon.
    a source shared with us, “as swara and sanskar will wait for lakshya to arrive at their wedding venue to stop the marriage, lakshya will not reach the place in time. sujatha’s attempt to halt the wedding will also go in vain, while sharmistha will reach the place to reveal ragini’s intentions.”
    and now come the much awaited slapgate drama.
    furious with her daughter’s action , sharmistha will go on a slapping spree, trying to make ragini confess the truth. joining hands with sharmistha will be few other members of maheshwari family , who will be favouring swara. while annapurna supports ragini…
    so, who will come to ragini’s resuce you think readers?
    well none other than swara will step in to aid her lil sis. yes, swara will tell others that ragini never lied. hence, she cannotbe the one behind all misdeeds.
    well, you believe it or not, swara by now has become a total pro in the game. she has some hidden motives behind helping her darling sister.
    want to know what is it?
    for that you have to come back to the site for next update.
    and when we contacted tejaswi, the lady mentioned ,”i guess ihave been slapped for around one hundranded and fifty times. but,it was fun shooting for the sequence(laugh).”
    well done spirited girl!!!

  11. jhanvi

    Nice epi.. Happy to see swara sanskar marriyng….. I think swara nd sanskar are made for each other…their love story will be amazing….

    Nd ya I also want to say smthng about laksh.. He loved swara soo much.. Bt if his love was true then y he didn’t trust swara ?? Y he

  12. shanaya

    feeling very bad for laksh…. bichara…..kaash yeh bhorasa pehele kiya hota…..toh itni taklif nahi…..use tears mai dekhke mujhe rona aata hai…..pata nahi usska reactions kya hoga jab woh swasan ko married dekhega…..kaash ki woh sabke samne rags ko thapad mare……

  13. jo

    please bring ragini truth out soon.. its nearly 2 months now.. please end rgini drama.. again provoking sujatha by her words bengali bahu… end ragini evil ness.. otherwise people will loss intreset in serial… and where is adarsh gf she came as negative role and blackmails him.. only in one episode they show her,,, where is she?? end this ragini track bring her truth out and show some love between swasan…. please cvs end this track.. how many days you will stress it ..? its boring now….

  14. jhanvi

    Nice epi.. Happy to see swara sanskar marriyng….. I think swara nd sanskar are made for each other…their love story will be amazing….

    Nd ya I also want to say smthng about laksh.. He loved swara soo much.. Bt if his love was true then y he didn’t trust swara ?? Y he was trusting ragini blindly.. If he trust swara he should try to find d truth instead of blaming swara… BT he couldn’t do that.. Nd hurts swara soo much.. So I think he dsnt dsrv partner like swara….nd sanskar is really a nice guy nd loves swara soo much… He will be proved better than laksh…

    Nd if u r talking abt bad winning ..no I think truth is winning bcoz ragini’s truth has come out… Nd now laksh knew every thing abt her soo if she think she has won… It’s her mistake nd swara will get more love from sanskar..

    • That is exactly my point. If laksh loved swara then why didn’t he believe her!!! So that wasn’t true love cuz true love makes with trust, which laksh doesn’t do on swara. So laksh doesn’t deserve swara. And another thing is sanskar is helping swara and he loves swara soo much and they are getting married so I think swara is made for sanskar. And now laksh can’t get swara cuz he is already married with ragini. So waiting for swasan’s unite.

  15. at last laksh came to know about the truth.But sad he cant stop the marriage of swara and sanskar.laksh will become late and the marriage will be complted.And he also think he also think that their is nothing wrong in ragini.As swara got married to his own brother sanskar now laksh will try to stay with ragini……. so sad we can’t see swara and laksh together again….

  16. R

    Yeah ragini might b thinking that she won laksh and she can b hpy frn nw
    Bt she doesn’t knw dt hell is waiting for her
    Ragini is goin to hell now

  17. MeH

    now wat will hapn to sharmishta-shekhar relationship. .?! for which swara got into this fake mrg…bt hppy that laksh is realising the truth & SwaSan is going to get married. …..

  18. juveriya khan

    true yll now plzz bring the truth of ragini…now its getting irritating to me……end dis track now n let swara should fall in luv wid sanskaar

  19. dipu

    So..it seems smthing bettr going to hppn ds tym…i hate laksh nd sekhar…after finding Raginis truth it will b nice to see him regretting nd suffering..and we all want swara nd sanskrs marriage….he is better dn ds dumb laksh…

  20. Matendo pharida

    what goes around cms around and what goes up must cm down. swara reached home when Lackshy had already married Ragini. so it will be e same thing to happen to him. Lakshy should bear e pain of losing swara. Though i would wish swara to be w Lakshy

  21. swara should get marry to snaskar and lakh should know the truth now….and ab swara ko sans ke saath khoosh hona chayiye and as laksh knows the truth of ragini than wo swara ko dekhkar hashe jalega

  22. rosy

    Every1 is tlng dat nw rags truth wl b out bt swara only said da half truth n not da fact dat rags pushd/attemptd to MURDER swara…wat abt rags giving drug on her toothpaste nd making da fake video…
    Swara nd sanskar shdnt b seperated as
    UTTARAN SHD NOT REPEAT( Iccha’s 1st husband died and den veer again married her )
    this plot shdnt b repeated….not a single person shd die…not evn rags as if she dies serial wud end bt my point is

  23. Swasan fan

    Exactly,marriage s nt a child’s play,don’t separate SwasanSwasan,punish Ragini,make her repent n repent bt Tejasvi s a good actress,turn her to positive after punishing her,bt start Swasan love track soon…

  24. Mona (ash)

    I just really don’t understand. These much days laksh didn’t believe one word said by our dr shona and now suddenly he believes her. it is really unbelievable. If this much small proofs are only needed then truth would have come out a lot before na

  25. Ramya

    in Swaragini the four main leads will do four things daily
    Swara always crying and watching ragini angrily
    Ragini always closes and opens the doors and threatens or cries daily
    Laksh face will b in surprise or sad mood always
    Sanskaar kicks or throws something

  26. arnesh

    laksh shld b punished for his misdeeds……but y swara….she loved laksh from the core of her heart….if swasan marriage happens then she will lose everything….she can nvr forget her 1st love….as a result it will destroy or scatter 3 lives LAKSH,SWARA,SANSKAR

  27. arnesh

    just lukin lyk same story as of UTTARAN……RAGINI ( TAPASYA )…..ICHCHA ( SWARA )……VEER ( LAKSH )…….VANSH (SANSKAR )……& ofcourse RAGINI’S DADI ( TAPASYA’S NANI )

    • Shut up idk y ppl like u comment here when they don’t even kno story line get it straight theres a big difference b/w swaragini n ur uttaran OK….!!!!!just stop comparing it

  28. swalaksh

    laksh should get a second chance.remember that sanskaar revenge was the root cause of all this problems,even he needs to be punished.want swara and laksh togrther forever

    • ?minnie?

      Yes dear even v too want that only
      V means : I, anu, kat, strawberry, gayathri there was one more sry I forgot her name but on tu only v want swalak back

    • Kat

      Yeah Swalaksh v want the same too. After all Laksh too is a human being. Every human commits mistakes and they should be given a second chance like Swara gave to Sanskaar. Swalak should be together!!!!!! Swaragini is nothing without Swalak!!!!!!??????

  29. Kat

    Laksh’s face when he got to know at last that Swara was always telling the truth!!!!!!!!!!! He is already regretting his words & actions!!!!

  30. Reeta

    Sanskar and Swara were bound by destiny n they should nt be separated,Laksh loved Swara but nw seeing proof he s trusting her,Sanskar has mend his ways n is loving Swara widot expecting anything, Swara may take time to forget her first love,bt SanskaR’s nature will surely make her fall for him

  31. amrit

    Omg don’t tell me swasan will be separated. No yaar laksh doesn’t deserve swara. Want swasan very cute pair.

  32. Aanchal Raj

    Oh God!! Really can’t believe that the story writers are fooling us lyk anythng! Earlier sanskar and ragini and then ragini alone made so many evil plans and succeeded, but now sanskar is not able to do anythng even when swara, sharmishtha, dida, sujatha are supporting him, till now they did not succeed in revealing ragini’s truth. Moreover, the biggest bluff was how come ragini move sharmishtha from store room to her dadi’s house and nobody saw her. She’s got so much strength that alone she was able to do all this. What yrrr, viewers r not dat stupid!!!
    Writers, this dragging of the plot is only helpng u lower the trp.

  33. jhanvi

    Ya right ….nobody can forget first love easily.. BT I THINK TRUE LOVE IS IMPORTANT NOT FIRST LOVE….
    If ur first love didn’t trust u, even didn’t try to find d truth… I think at least once laksh should try to blv swara nd try to understand her.. That she is not lying BT no he didn’t try once .nd if u r saying swara will be punished after that.. No relations should be from both sides not one..nd ya sanskar also did very wrong BT immediately he realize his mistakes nd also tried his best to corrects his mistakes… He did everything what he can do…. BT laksh always want proofs for swara ‘s truth…. If u r continuing saying d truth nd one who loves u didn’t blv u ….u think he needs a second chance….??? Not only once BT many times Nd many chances were there for laksh BT he didn’t get d chance.. So it’s his mistake ..many times swara nd sanskar tried to prove him that he was doing wrong BT he never listen them.. I can understand that he couldn’t trust sanskar bcoz he ddi very wrong in past BT what abt swara..??? Y he never trust her once… He got many chances to blv swara BT he didn’t do that… Nd still do u think laksh should be given one more chance.. ???

    • Jhanvi he trusted her many times OK MANY TIMES so u can’t say he didn’t trusted her… and later on he was manipulated badly… and don’t forget it’s cuz of sanskaar only swara is suffering…… otherwise SWALAK could have been together right now but never mind cuz SWALAK LOVE EACH OTHER TRUELY N THEY WILL BE TOGETHER SOON…..

    • ADELE( Anu)

      U r wrong dear……..laksh had trusted swara many tyms…….remember b4 wen ragini said that swara has a habit of drinking….n all……he didn’t trust rags n he went to swara instead n cleared it with her……….not only this but many tyms……….until that day wen their marriage was about to take place……….n he heard that swara had ran away…..he got completely broken n then he started disbelieving her…….

      N sanskar is the root coz of all this…..if he didn’t come in between,then today swalak wud be together…..

    • Even I want to see them together and m sure they will be together….. it will take time but they will be together soon afterall its TRUE LOVE HOW THEY WILL SAY THEY HAVE MOVED ON BUT THEY CANNOT CUZ IT TRUE LOVE.

      • Archies

        Laksh and Swara are not going to be together as she will not destroy her sister’s life and moreover she herself said that marriage is a pure thing so maybe she will try to work things out with Sanskar…. And by the way Laksh never had to undergo any pain for Swara like Sanskar… He has to face both hers and his familys anger…….he is a good guy even when he wanted to hurt Laksh by hurting Swara he was sad for what Swara was going through.. her saved her life and has been there to support her and give her strength to fight…. his love is unconditional and much stronger than Laksh and he himself said that he don’t want to forcefully marry Swara he is happy with his one-sided love…

  34. mysterious

    nyc episode …I guess swara is going to use ragini’s plan… as ragini supports her in front of all n plots for her secretly same swara is going to do ..n she is starting her game plan by supporting ragini agnst her mom…

  35. mysterious

    n I agree wid jhanvi …laksh don’t deserve a second chance …… even after swara n sanskar giving proofs abt swaras innonce he always supported ragini who nly had one defensing statement ” yeh jhoot hai maine kuch nahi kiya” n no other proof idiot laksh

  36. jo

    now shomi came mm house and ragini ko tappad maraa… but at the same time why did kidnapped her mother and how she can do with this to her mother……and she told about that swasan’s fake marriage and she said to annapurna that they are doing this to ragini truth come out… but what happen?? shomi said about swasan fake marriage.. and now is the family again doubt on them??? what will swasan do now? kya family again doubt on swasan?

    • Archies

      Sanskar will tell Swara that she has two options here either to accept defeat and leave or to prove her mother wrong and stay here to prove her innocence…..So Swara will support
      Ragini then they showed another scene where she is crying in her room saying she did wrong to her mother and Sanskar tries to console her and ask her to take rest and find a solution to end their problems but then again she will make him angry by saying that this is what you wanted so you will not understand what i’m going through…an angry Sanskar will again hold he tight and tell her that she should know that when you love someone you will not be able to stay happy seeing your love in pain and that he himself didn’t want to marry her forcefully but it was the situation and that he was going to say the truth to all but it was her who stopped him and that if he could he would bring back the smile on her face like before……then again she cries and falls on his chest then he will console her saying even gods envy you now because you made such a big sacrifice for your parents and didn’t even take a second to think about your own life…. that much i saw in an update…….

  37. nashu

    I too want laksh and swara together….
    Its true ki laksh swara ko blv ni kr raha that lekin koi ye bhi to Sochi na ki jb yeh SB shuru hua tb se shadi tk laksh swara me side pe hi tha hamesha ushko support kiya BT at last jb shadi me esa drama kiya ragini be toh ushke pas koi option hi ni tha ragini ka blv krne me alawa and use bhi bht taklif hui h aur abhi bhi itna much hone me bad bhi WO swara she pyar krta h bhale hi ni jatata same se so me yhi cahati hun ki swara aur laksh fir se sath ajaye

  38. Thum log kuch bhi chahe…par swasan is not going to be united coz swara is made for laksh and rangini for sanskaar.koi chahe na chahe har serial me esa hi hota hai and am sure ee drama atlast swalak and ragsan hi banalengi??

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Ragsan kabhi nhi ho paayga dear…..
      Coz sanskar can never even think of that!!! Rags ne samskar ke dil mei itni naffrat pedaa ki hair ki swara bhi usse nhi basal sakti……….isse achcha toh WO akele hi reh lega lekin ragini we kabhi shaadi nhi karega…….n moreover, WO swara she pyar Marta hai…….so ragini toh kya……WO kissi ko bhi apne dil mei jagah nhi de paayega……….never!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Ragsan kabhi bhi nhi ho sakta hai……
      Coz sanskar ab ragini se itni naffrat karta hai ki swara bhi usse nhi manaa sakti!!! N moreover sanskar swara se pyaar karta hai………so ragini toh kya! Wo kissi k saath bhi khush nhi reh paayega……

  39. Dis ragini thng iz getting dragged too mch….Cnt c dis ragini olwyzz win & wnt to c swalak unite soon…plzz end dis ragini chapter…enough of c’ing hr evilness!!! �

  40. Plzz gt laksh n swara bck together cnt c dem apart….if laksh doesn’t deserve swara, plzz giv swara atleast sanskaar he deserves her mo dan laksh…enough of dis chase it’s getting vry mch dragged…if ragini’s truth doesn’t cm out fast audience vil loose interest in d show n stop c’ing it…so plzzz fo god sake bring d ragini truth az soon as possible… N unite laksh n swara wnt to c swalak love story

  41. Did nt knw dat ragini’s character iz so mch evil dat nly to gt laksh she cn fall so mch dat she cn kidnap hr own mother… Wt kind of a character does dis ragini hv… Plzz end dis ragini chapter soon… It’s olmst gttng 2 mnths derzz nly evil’s win…audience olso wnts to swara win so plzz let swara win hr battle foreva n unite ht parents

  42. ADELE( Anu)

    After I watched today’s episode, I was crying………laksh’s expressions…….his pain……..his feeling of guilt………??

    At last he got to know that swara was not lying……….!! Hope he gets to know that his wife needs some mental operation n needs to be hospitalized…… N that too in jail!!!!

    N whatever the writers show………n whatever u all think…….but swalak is gonna unite…….ANYHOW!!!

    N according to the updates, swara is gonna take ragini’s side na………
    I know itz shona’s plan!!! Yes….it is her plan only…..,….coz swara can never think of leaving her mother n taking side of a person who has always betrayed her!!!!
    Hope to see something good…

    • Hey Anu !! I hope u dont mind me calling u Anu !! Seriosly yaar I jus love ur cmnts !!

      Hey did u watch Sbb on aajtak !! Bcos I saw dat ragini n laksh were having very cozy n romantic scenes yaar but I think it was a dream of ragini …….wat do u think…….. ?????

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Hi Mandy! Thank you!! I too think it is ragini’s dream…….coz now that laksh knows that swara is innocent,he can never think of falling wid rags…………

    • Anuuuuu sweetie just see down yaar its our sherni only… she’s back!!! Yeyyyyy!!!!!anuuu yaar pls come fast….!!!!! M soooo damm happy ????ik even u will be damm happy after seeing it…. come fast

      Let me post this comment

    • Guest

      Apparently no one gets to knw the truth even after all this. So don know wat s going to happen. I saw a video of swaea crying tat they lost again nd ragini s truth has not come out

    • Guest

      And lakshya thinks swara s not wrong but he also believes ragini s not wrong too. So he decides to accept her now tat swara nd sanskaar are married. I knew they were going to spoil it. I m bored of this drama now

  43. laara

    i still want swalak together.
    ragini should be thrown away frm swalak’s life or unite ragini and sanskaar.

    it is better if ragini get one hit frm swara and lose her memory.then to go mad realizing her wrong deeds….sanskaar should take care of her and she ll be alright.then they both should fall 4 eachother.

    but it wont happen

    • Liyaaaaaaaaa oh shit is it really u!!! OMG shit m seeing ur comment after song…. hope u remember me??? Our group I jus changed my user name u guess me OK…. by my dp u will kno…. BTW how are u sweetie??? I hope u are good… uk what today I asked ur pinky n my punky bout u and I saw ur comment…… m sooo damm happy?????

      Pls let me post this comment

      • laara

        actually m confused dr.r u prads?r u saisha?….any way m missing u both a lot.

        plz let me also post this comment

      • laara

        pradsssss…..is that u dr?hey u know,i was always asking abt u to others.one day u disappeared na then i thought u forgot me.

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Prads! Yess dear!!!! M too veryyyyy happy lyk u!!!!
        But sweetie,u wud get this happiness yesterday only if u wud be able to access ur mails…..
        U know dear,yesterday only liya sent us all mail………n u were not there…………….?????
        Yaarrrr plz na……make ur new mail id fast na……….then we all can talk……..!!! Pleaseeeee pradss!!

      • ADELE( Anu)

        Coz I juz can’t bear da fact that we all sisters r talking n u r not there……….pleaseee dear!!???

      • ?minnie?

        Yes sheri ita prads only.. …and never ever think that I will ever forget u ??or anyone among our group….. it will happen when swasan will be together and v kno it will not happen ever so never say… love u loads sisy

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Liyaaaa thanks for coming cutieeee!!
      See…..how happy ur sisters are!!!! Specially prads!!!???
      N obvio me too!!!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Mujhe toh kissi ne reply hi nhi kiya…….!!!??

      Plz lemme post this!!

  44. Nikki

    just want <3 swalak together <3 ! they r such a cute couple … but i don't hate swasan too its just that swalak is a much moooore cuuuuutttttter couple <3 than swasan in my view …..
    no offense !

  45. swaggy

    I love u Ragini….what a acting mahn….best n best….cute girl….laksh forgive her ya plz…she is damn cute

  46. Just wanna c laksh & swara 2gthr ……..Can’t c lucky’s pain …. his tears…. Swalaksh………Nothing else…….. Their love ws trur love na yrrrrrr…….

  47. Just wanna c laksh & swara 2gthr ……..Can’t c lucky’s pain …. his tears…. Swalaksh………Nothing else…….. Their love ws true love na yrrrrrr…….

    • ?minnie?

      There was nai there is TRUE LOVE B/W SWALAK V ALL KNO and hopefully they will be together no matter what

      • Archies

        minne its not True love its First love…… and if u saw yesterdays epi then you would have noticed that she said her feelings for Laksh in past tense……and Ragini is Swara’s sister no matter what she does Swara won’t destroy her sisters life…..

      • ?minnie?

        Archies it TRUE LOVE and yes o saw yesterday day’s epi but by saying its over will not be over there’s a hope for me that SWALAK will be together m not saying after swasan so called wedding it will happen but it will happen after some time u just wait and watch coz ITS SWALAK FOREVER n Ik hope always wins…… ik shona won’t destroy her so called sis life but she won’t even let her win in her evil mission……hope for the best fingers crossed

    • ADELE( Anu)

      But Archies………it does not mean that shona can’t do anything……..u remember how she spoke wen ragini was applying mehendi on swara’s hand………juz see her anger towards ragini!!!!
      I strongly believe that swalak is gonna unite!!!

  48. Saloni

    Swara and laksh should be united in this serial.True Love should Win.
    Otherwise this serial would become a crap like most of the other serials.

  49. amu

    Laksh did very wrong in past with swara… I also think he shld trust once at least swara BT he didn’t do that…

    I also think he dsnt dsrv swara…… Nd now sawsan are married nd also laksh is aso married…… Sooooooo swasan is.a nice cpl.. Swara never going to back to laksh she had also said that she did not cm here to break his mrg.. I don’t think swara will break his own sis. Mrg…..

    Nd ya agree sanskr’s love for swara is unconstitutional love soooo I think it’s btr thn laksh’s…sanskar even didn’t want to marry her without her permtin…. Soooo it’s a great love nd he only dsrvs swara….

    Guys I m not against laksh….. Swalak was my fvrt jodi…. BT now I think swara shld not return to laksh ….

    • ?minnie?

      Don’t feel offended but do u think u were ever a TRUE SWALAKHOLIC??? I guess no cuz if u were na then u wouldn’t have said it……

  50. rrr

    I want swara n sanskaar married…they both r nice pair …dont seprate them..first finish marriage,then they both start love..idiot laksh n devil ragini s gud pair…pls dont seprate them also..

  51. Reeta

    Hope Swasan won’t be separated,ah,it s all up to the writers,trp s high now,being a Swasan fan really wish to c them together….

  52. guyz today i saw in sbs segment dat rags ko uski galthi ki ehsas ho gayi nd she ask swara to forgive her nd all…nd swara forgive rag……..bt i dnt knw its her(rags)new plan???

    i wish dis will happen nd two sisters unite again….we want dat swaragini to back. not swara nd ragini…show ka naam swaragini he yaar. yeh bhoolna math…..aur swasan nd raglak unite…its really sad to swalak will nt happen bt kya karoom?????swara do nt let to destroy her sisters life so i thnk it will be swasan nd raglak
    pls end dis raginis track as soon as possible….nd by the way where is uttara????she ws not seen in many episodes

    sujatha pls accept swara as ur bahu…she is so damn cute yaar nd ur son lvs our shona…lv u swara…ummahhhhhhh

  53. Reeta

    Marriage s nt fun,in real life,love failures do occur,bt putting Sindoor ,then kidnapping drama ,dat too twice followed by marriage with rituals,bt yea,daily soaps requires all these plots to develop stiry,m watching this cos i love Swasan pair,being a Swasan fan,I just wish their marriage survives….

  54. Appy

    dear writer pls change the story. real lyf main aisa nehi hota. ye show hai ya koi puzzle game? agar swara aur laksh ko alag hi karna tha to sath mai dikhaya kyu? aur ragini ko bure banaya bhi to sanskar ne. aur usise swara ki shadi? thats not fair. agar laksh swara ko deserv nhi krta to sanskr bhi nhi krta. i hate sanskr & ragini. un dono k wajah se ye cute jodi alag ho gaye. plss plss swara aur laksh ko reunite karo aur dono evil ko hatao. such a boring show. laksh & swara truely love each other.

  55. kirti

    Guyz i juz wanna know dat how many of us r swasan fans n hw many swalak fans???? Plz do tell me plz plz plz

  56. Archies

    good news guys Ragini is going to turn positive they showed in sbs segment when she comes to Swara who is sleeping in her room (badi not Sanskars room) and Ragini will ask her to accept Laksh back as they never had a husband wife relation and he still loves her but Swara will reject the proposal saying he is Ragini’s husband and she cannot see him any other way now….. she is still wearing mangalsutra and sindoor but she is in badi wonder what happ and where Sanskar is and how come they are all in badi i mean Ragini and Swara in Ragini’s house…..

    • Guest

      Yaaay I saw a segment too… Finally ragini s truth s out. But swara seems unlikely to accept lakshya. I don’t think that is going to happen soon. I hope it happens though

  57. Ramya

    I dnt believe in this true love or first love
    Yes swaras Frst love is laksh Bt nw he is rags husband.how can she marry him again?
    Already sanskaar put sindoor on her so he is her husband.
    In donho ko Saath rehna hey yaa nahi vo decide karenge
    Jo go Gaya so go Gaya ub swra ko Ek nayi zindagi shuru karna chahiye

  58. Appy

    if swalak gonna be happen, then i vlwatch this show again. yipppiiiieeee… & yaah thr hv no boundry in btwn true love.. both marriage was a fake marriage. they cant b united. only swalak plssss…….

  59. Appy

    dont do the married seen in btwn swara & sanskar. love to see swara with lakss.. plsss do this 4 us. we want win the true love. not a adjustbl couple..

  60. jhanvi

    Life will gives u exactly what u dsrv nd u need not what u want always….

    Life me hamesha sabko sab kuchh nahi milta ….kabhi kabhi hame lagta hai ki bhot galat ho raha hai nd hamne sab kuchh kho diya… Lekin waqt k chalte hame pata chalta hai ki jo hua achha hi hua….

    I always truly believe that ” Everything Happens For A Reason. “…. Nd u shld move on ur life…. For ur nd everyone’s happiness…

  61. MeH

    I was a SwaLak fan…..bt kyaa karoo…haalaath mujhe SwaSan fan bana diya…..so its SwaSan. ………am die hrd SwaSan fan now…!!!! juz luv dem….mmuaaahhh

  62. rishita

    ragini should be thrown away frm swalak’s life or unite ragini and sanskaar…….I just want swalak together

  63. I like swasan!!! They look better together n their chemistry is far better than that swalak!!! Sanskar loves swarm unditionally. N swara trusts him despisite she says whatever!!! I hope she starts loving him soon !!!

  64. Guest

    Hey no swalak uniting for a long time. Now they ll get married. Swara nd sanskaar nd then they ll together plan with lakshya s help to get ragini s truth out. Lakshya reaches after marriage.

  65. Guest

    Unfortunately there r three twists coming up. One is sanskar swara get married as lakshya reaches late.
    Second sumi fully slaps ragini lik million times. 🙂
    Third is lakshya nd sanskar plan fight in which lakshya is stabbed wth knife in front of ragini nd swara. :p

  66. Guest

    There s difference between first love nd true love. Common swara nd lakshya r frst love so t s tough to forget. But if t was true love t wu hv been tough to break . right… I don knw whom to support. I jus knw tat evil ragini shud not get lakshya. Tat s t

  67. Nizz

    pls STP dz …olwz Vic fo ragini…v fanz wanna ragini trowng out fo her actvtz agnst swara…v wanna c swaras smyl frm heart. plsss plsss….xpoz ol d true

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.