Swaragini 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Sanskar to come with her, and asks Swara to play music and asks dancer to dance. Ragini looks for the butterfly tattoo girl. Nikhil comes to Ragini and asks if she knows about the folk dancer. Ragini asks about Swara. Nikhil says she is outside. Chirag comes there. Sujata gets happy seeing him, and asks him to stop there itself till she brings aarti. She does his aarti and welcomes him inside. Gayatri says he is our only son Chirag. Sujata introduces her family members. Gayatri says you came late, and I thought we have to cancel your engagement. Chirag says it is because of air traffic that he came late. Sujata calls Sanskar and introduces them to each other. Sujata says I told that she couldn’t get a guy like Chirag. Gayatri says for this, you need to give a

good upbringing and says he never does anything without her wish. She asks why you people are sad, and tells even Sanskar is nice and made those wedding planners do best arrangements. Ragini comes to Swara and tells about the butterfly tattoo woman. Swara says we will find her. Uttara is brought there.

Sujata says lets start the dance. Dancers dance on the song Dhol Baaje…Butterfly tattoo girl was among them. Gayatri makes dancer wear notes garland. Swara and Ragini look for the woman. Chirag and Uttara look at each other. Suddenly dancer slips and falls down. Swara and Ragini see butterfly tattoo on her hand. Ragini is shocked to see her. Even the woman is shocked. Ragini asks Swara to stay there and says I will go following her. Gayatri scolds Swara for her arrangement. Swara says that dancer fractured her foot, and calls her aunty. Gayatri scolds her and asks since when I became your aunty. She says I will teach you a lesson if my son’s function is stopped. Annapurna asks why you are getting angry. Gayatri says my guests can’t go sad. Chirag says it is okay mom. Gayatri asks him to keep quiet and gives 5 mins to Swara, else….Swara looks on. Ragini asks the dancer to stop and asks her to answer before going. She is about to escape, but Swara comes infront of her.

Swara asks her to tell truth and says from where you got Laksh’s phone. Woman says she is a thief, but she doesn’t know the person. Ragini says he is my husband Laksh Maheshwari. Swara asks her to tell the truth. Woman says she was going to perform in the function, and saw Laksh on road. She says she checked his breath and sees him breathing. She calls emergency number. She tells that he was alive. A fb is shown, Laksh is unconscious on road. Fb ends. Woman says Laksh was taken to the hospital by the car who had hit him. She says it was district hospital. Someone comes and asks Swara to come fast. Ragini calls hospital and enquire about Laksh. Nurse checks and says they have no patient by this name. Ragini looks at the woman.

Swara asks Ragini to go with Nikhil to the hospital with Laksh’s photo. Doctor informs Ragini that the person died 3 days ago, and they have done his last rites. Ragini is shocked and teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh God!!! Yeh log ek hi precap do dino’n se dikha rhe hn

    1. Absolutely right……… ye wala precap aur swara ki deewani mastani dance………

  2. Again d same precap ????? Am waiting for swara’s painful dance !!
    N i jus wanna kick this gayatri hard !!! Dumb head… idiot…. mad….. irritating…. stupid…. first of all swara should have called her paati(granma) not aunty…. irritating lady…. even parineeta din irritate me like this… i jus want a better guy for uttara…. waiting for tomo 🙂

  3. Eba

    Nehi yaar it’s for next week I’m sure 😛

  4. I known nikhil will start loving ragini and he ask swara to help him to get ragini . in previous episode nikhil made ragini smile so swara think he will keep ragini happy and she will talk to family about nikhil and ragini then laksh (namish) come in new avtar by seeing him ragini will be shocked and ask he about where he was since from months but he will ask who is she then ragini say she is his wife he refuses her and say he already married (with other women) …..
    I think this is the story they will show l

  5. It’s not lucky yaar the girl didn’t see where is taken lucky by that car doctor told about anyother one may be parineeta has hand in this

  6. Fairy

    Waitng waitng waitng for laksh!!!!?????

  7. that Gayarti irritates me she and ger son and her husband…seems like a pirates family…and who are you snake to compares your sin to Sanskaar really?
    and why everybody doesnt talk was Swara who made dancer fall or so?Now sujata cant say a word…i hate Uttara all her marriage are a disaster if she dont take that pirates next time she will marry a terrorist for godness sake
    precap is blurry again…tomorrow Swara will dance and will be humiliated by Gayarti then Sanskar wil….be Sanskar…our sanskaar…waiting for tomorrow patiently

  8. Jasmine shaikh

    If they don’t want to show the part of precap in the nxt epi then whats the use of precap
    Jst to make people watch it with more curiosity
    By the way 2nd to cmnt

  9. I think nikil will fall 4 ragini only n then lucky will make his entry(donno just guessing) but I badly want this to happen….

  10. Hemanshi

    soooo boring episode…..no intense swasan…………..just that stupid ragini and her laksh…..laksh’s entry will show only raglak track not swasan track…..then what about the swasan fans???????/
    …………………………its ok we swasan fans will also show that if swasan is there trp is there and if not then no trp……..huhhhh

    1. Fairy

      Did u reallly watched d episode!!!i mean dahh!!dere is intense swasn sce…i mean wenever dey look at eo it bcomes an intense one nly! N m nt a swasan fan so if i could feel dat den y dnt u???n now adays episodes r full of swasan scenes nly!!! Still u r complaining,bt its okay coz everyone has dere own opinion…i wouldnt have replied u if u had jst shared ur views ..but but but u commented on my ragini…!!!n dat provoked me….frst of all dere r nly lill scene of ragini n about laksh …oh god even a blind man cn say dat dere is no laksh scene sinnce soo mny daysss…v r seeing nly lill jhalak of him (jst a lill) ….bt u even u have prob. In dat also!!!! N how cn u say dat dey”ll show nly raglak track after laksh returns????r u d writer??? N for ur kind info.. Cvs always have shown more swasan rather den raglak…so try to b happpy dear.,dat u r soo lucky to have sooo many swasan scene…n plz dont dare to call my ragini nythng!!! Wtever she is or she”ll b …we would always love her….she ws she is n she wl b evrythng to me….so plz wtch before u post nythng about her!!!.

    2. w e are not as lucky as u. writers can’t get good thoughts like you dear. Don’t worry about raglak scenes.I am raglak fan , I believe these writers also swasan fans they only consider your swasan only. They will complete that missing,pain track in one episode. Just bear for one episode after that completely swasan track. But I am very excited for that episode of raglak.

    3. How many scenes do you want??? Everyday you are getting. One day you don’t get a scene you start complaining. Think about us!!!!! Raglak have never really got an intense scene, ALONE!! Whenever there is a raglak scene, the next scene is always about swasan. Yes, laksh’s entry will show a raglak track but don’t worry the writers won’t forget swasan at any cost. Till date they have always shown swasan. And remember you are watching Swaragini not swasan so Ragini will be there even if you think that she is stupid.

    4. How many scenes do you want??? Everyday you are getting. One day you don’t get a scene you start complaining. Think about us!!!!! Raglak have never really got an intense scene, ALONE!! Whenever there is a raglak scene, the next scene is always about swasan. Yes, laksh’s entry will show a raglak track but don’t worry the writers won’t forget swasan at any cost. Till date they have always shown swasan. And remember you are watching Swaragini not swasan so Ragini will be there even if you think that she is stupid.

    5. Anonymous (raglak)

      All that made me write this comment is..u said epi is full of stupid ragini and laksh……if u want I will send u d link of episode…plzzzz do watch it Again and again….there r swasan scenes…..I agree with fairy….in their love hate saga every face off of swasan is intense…..me, who never bothers abt swasan can c d intensity nd I am loving swasan scenes….. And u r saying there aren’t any…..seriously…stop complaining and enjoy ur couple track dear…..

      And for ur info…..there is no laksh since 3 weeks……at the end of the day it is swaragini…..so u will get to c more of swara or Raagini…. Than swasan or raglak
      PS..plz never ever say my ragu as stupid

  11. Mica

    thank you H.Hasan mam for update…
    no wonder that they have no information about Laksh, i guess they didn’t found Laksh ID card as his wallet didn’t on him, or his HP.
    well about Chirag, i wish no matter how reckless his parent are, he is good person, since i really feel bad for Sanskar, i can’t imagine how his feeling to know his sister suffering…
    huh! i dunno what Swara said to this cruella de vil about sanskar hold her hand.. any one can tell me please ? did she say that Sanskar complain about her arrangement or what ?

    aaww, the moment when Sanskar stared Swara, i saw Swara sad yet shy…uugghh! what the couple!

    1. dear mika
      swara said that they were a problem in the arragement and Sir(means Sanskaar) gets angry and we are trying to find a solution..Cruella answered they are low society people they have the right to do wrong…
      I hate all that family specially her son it is like mount Everest on feet…Sujata Annapurna all of them i hate them why accepting our Swara to be humiliated egoiste people

      1. Mica

        thank youi babe!.. huh1 this cruellaaaaaa…
        aaww Swara, no matter what, you prefer to humiliate yourself than blame your husband.. ahem ahem..

      2. it is Swara after all….ahem ahem

    2. MAHIRA

      I don’ know but I don’t like that Chirag, kind of those thinking that because they have diploma they are super charming prince who deserves dowry pffff.. And really like that nikhil , I loved his reaction about sanskar misbehavior with swara as even angry he didn’t try to play a hero, protective with his friend but respecting her wish to interfere… So why not make him marry this poor uttara. Generally swara gives her trust to good persons, like she asked him to go with ragini.. Just hope that he’ll not try to love ragini too!

  12. Same precap!!!! Not surprising……afterall they have been showing this for over a week……cv’s don’t take advantage of our interest……….

    Ugh! The guy Sujatha found for Uttara….isn’t half as handsome as the Maheshwari boys( Sanskar n Laksh….)….did any1 notice???? He has a space between his teeth in his upper jaw………moreover I couldn’t find any spark between them………..there is a certain spark between swasan and raglak……but I missed it here…..moreover he looks nasty…….is he going to turn into a -ve character in future ?????? How dare that Gayathri order around in Maheswari house???? I wonder y Dp didn’t stop her…..cant they understand that that family is no good for Uttara?????? I hate the way she thinks of herself……is she a queen ? or what???? I feel like spanking her left right left right until I’m satisfied……then I’ll kick her around like a football ⚽…………

    Mica, is Abhimanyu gong to be a person who is similar to Laksh”??? I mean like Jaggi in SNS???? Namish confirmed his role…….so is it gong to b like SNS???? Ahem died n Jaggi who has the same face came……..is it going to be like that????? I hope not…….I can’t imagine such a thing………..will Swara’s dance rake place of n the next???? Any guess????? Is that Gayathri’s sin going to be -ve ????? What a name! Chirag !!!! I felt like yuck when I saw him……chee……..

    1. Mica

      Namish Taneja is back in Swaragini (Colors and Rashmi Sharma Productions)!

      Amidst rumours that he is contemplating to quit the show, the young lad will soon be back. The dashing actor was missing from the daily after it took a leap of six months.

      His tweet had given enough fodder to the media to start speculating that the actor is not happy with the way his character is shaping and is planning to bid goodbye. Here check the ‘accused’ tweet.

      Putting rest to all rumours, Namish affirmed, “For me Swaragini is my priority and I have not quit the show.”

      Sharing details of his comeback, a source revealed, “Namish will be back in Swaragini in a new avatar. Lakshya will be shown dead and the actor will enter as a new character Abhimanyu, who would be Lakshya’s doppelganger. However, it is not yet clear, whether Lakshya would be actually dead or is hiding his real identity.”

      When quizzed about his re-entry, Namish said, “I will soon start shooting for the series, but as of now I cannot reveal further details.”
      from Tellychakkar..then about laksh is Abhimanyu i dunno …
      but i will surely hate it, i don’t want Ragini to move on…wish Abhimanyu is laksh himself…

      1. Aasthu

        ya same here………..

  13. Silent_writer

    Claping yayyyyy dancer falls its swara fault only great ms. Witch first dadi now thi uttara mil huhhhh wanna see precap as soon w8ingggggg???

  14. A.xx

    yaar he can’t be dead maybe they confused him with someone else or Lucky told them he wants everyone to think he is dead or someone took him as he had a blank memory,,,I DON’T REALLY KNOW BUT ALL I KNOW IS THAT HE CAN’T BE DEAD.XX

  15. I think nikil will fall for ragini n then lucky will be back!!!!(just guessing)but i badly want this to happen!!!!

  16. Sally_V

    Just hate this gayatri hope sujatha too realizes how greedy gayatri is ..
    Must say ragini is looking so pretty ?? swara too ? Waiting eagerly for laksh’s entry ???

  17. Thank you H.Hasan so much.
    Unfortunately Swara always blamed…sacrifice her self….I hope she Will get something in return.
    Sujatta was..is…Will be selfish…stupid.
    Guyatra or whoever she is…..a snake..a vampire….foolish…
    Sanskar what is going to happen to you?
    You’ve a messy life.
    Swara I really don’t know what the he’ll are thinking of ….ur causing pain to Sanskar&u.

  18. Mahjabeen

    Thanks H.hasan mam fr da updates…waitng fr my swaru’s dance performance??

  19. I am solo excited for the upcoming track!!!!I shuld say nikil is sooo cute!!!with whom is he peired with??can sm1 help me . i am watching sr after long time.

  20. I also waiting laksh and chirag mom is stupid why she is blaming swara for dancer I hope swasan jaldi ek ho jaye aur nikhil aur ragini undono ko eek kare laksh bhi jaldi aa jaye

  21. wt z tz yaar???always i mean ALWAYS one or the other will blame,accuse swara.everytym she will be a victim.cvs are you doing this to gain sympathy from the viewers?if so tn lemme tell u,we r tired f giving sympathy to her cz its been more than hundred time swara has bcm victim.every new entry will have prob with swara n swara will always be grt,she’ll forgiv n suffer silently.swara z also just another typical bahu of television.nothing new in her character.fed up with tz drama.show smthng new.i was liking her character bt nw a days hating it.its too much tez days.everytym she being a victim n ppl blaming her for every silly reason n she being grt.cm’on yaar tats hilarious!!!

  22. MAHIRA

    So sad with yesterday episode, my poor Swara, it’s so hurting to be insulted and can’t repost.. Swara who stopped dadi’s ma hand trying to slap her because she considered that she didn’t any wrong thing is accepting that snake woman insults peacefully!!
    I’m not upset with sanskar (I think he is also blaming her for the awful
    But, it’s that Maheshwari family who makes me mad!!!!… God.. How can they be so selfish, even her decision to go with ragini is about their son laksh… After all sacrifices she did for them (including going against her husband’s will just to save their a** …) She acted like a perfect bahu till now but they don’t deserve her.. Annapurna doesn’t talk to Sanskar too but isn’t able to stop that sujatta .. And where the hell has gone durga prassad Maheshwari the powerful man… He becomes a Shekar!!!
    About laksh I hope abhimaniu will be real laksh, can’t imagine all that obsessional love from ragini can be for an other one just because he’s a look alike.
    Waiting for Swara’s dance!

  23. if they bring any double of laksh i will be very angry laksh can hide hiscidentity but no double

  24. Scooby

    Hasan wr is today update..waiting for u..
    Atleast anyone give me d review aftr 1st brk…
    @mica @ kakali @praku..
    precap swasan photo alone i saw ♥♥♥♥

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